Author – RJ

This happened a few years ago.
Me and my friend were down on the beach and were just messing around. There weren’t many people around as it was out of season and pretty cold. I was wearing some Osiris Bronx and he had some some black Airwalks on.

My friend decided to start digging a hole so I helped and soon we had a pretty sizeable pit dug between us.

“Why don’t I bury you in it?” I suggested and he was well up for it, so he slid off his air walks and socks and jumped into the hole. I started pushing the sand in around his legs and soon he was stuck up above his knees. I took my opportunity and grabbed one of his Airwalks and dropped a bit of sand in them. He was like “No, stop” but could do nothing about it. I continued pushing san into his shoe until the top was just visible. By this point he had escaped the sand pit and pushed me out the way to start digging up his shoe. he emptied the sand out and put it back on.

“Now its your turn” he said and started digging the hole again. I knew he would get revenge and was intrigued to see what he would do. So, when the hole was big enough, I pulled off my bronx and black socks and jumped into the hole. He had gone a bit deeper this time so I was up to mid thigh when the hole was filled in. He then rounded on my Bronx, which I was in no position to protect, and grabbed one. He started digging another hole whilst I “struggled” to escape the sand. He then placed my Osiris into the hold and I couldn’t see the top of it. I started to panic a little as I didn’t want to not be able to find it again, but he started piling sand into the hole and my shoe, pushing it right up into the toe. He was smoothing the top of my Osiris’ grave by the time I was just getting out and I had no clue where exactly where my shoe was.

It took me about 15mins of digging whilst my friend just laughed as I struggled to find my shoe. Eventually I hit the top of it and dug it out, emptied the copious amounts of sand out of it and we headed off.

Part of me was pleased I found it, but I was excited I might not find it, anyhow, this was about 4 years ago, and I still find some sand in it every once in a while :p