Passed out with your shoes on

Author – Greg

I was at a party recently and I couldn’t help myself from steeling a pair of shoes. It all started when I got there when I saw a young boy dipping in his loafers on a near by couch with some buddy’s. It was a huge house party so I was virtually invisible. A lot was going on and a lot of people were drunk or on drugs . I sat there hanging back and jus watching kus I wasn’t expecting much at first. I usually like to watch girls shoeplay but he had very sheer blue socks. I wanted him to slip out all the way out of his shoes when dipping but i don’t think he felt comfortable enough to slip out of them al the way . He was partying pretty hard and I saw him nocking shots back. His high water slacks made his shoeplay and  heel pops an easy sight to see . He obviously couldn’t keep his shoes all the way on. After about an hour I jus waited and I noticed him getting to drunk or drowsy kus a couple of his buddy’s got up off the couch and asked if he was ok. There was Atleast 50 or 60 people there and it was crowded so as soon as his buddy’s leave he starts to stretch out on the couch . I couldn’t believe it . Before I knew it he had passed out! Right there a few feet Infrnt of me with his feet up and shoes on. It was so tempting I couldn’t resist. I waited a few more moments and I saw some other kid come up and reach in his pocket like he was looking for something. He picked out the passed out kids phone and walked off. No one said much so I assume he either knew him or no one care much. I tested the waters and walked over to him sleeping. I say down on the arm of the couch with his feet right behind me . I slowly peered back and decided to try ! I slowly and descreetly peeled off his left loafer untill his shoe was completely off his foot. I could tell His socked foot was sweaty and his soles were quite dirty . I couldn’t turn back now . I stuffed the loafer in my jacket and slowly slid the other off revealing his toes. His right sock was torn and i couldn’t wait for him to get up and be seen at the party in his stocking feet. I put the other loafer in my jacket and got up . After a few minutes some girl came and woke him up . She was amused by his stocking feet. He was beyond embarrassed and looked around everywhere. The floor of the house was wood floor and it was soaked from beer pong and peoples drinks being spilled and knocked over . He got off the couch and made his way to the front door to leave and I could jus see his socks getting dirty as he left. It was a sight to see and now I have his loafers. I’ll never forget that night 


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