Loose sneakers at carnival

Author – Aron

Once I was at a carnival and there I saw a kid wearing very loose white Nike sneakers with light grey socks, his shoes were quite worn and they kept slipping off his feet as he walked… I wanted to see if he would eventually lose them or step out of them so I followed this guy around and because I liked seeing his socked feet slipping in and out of his shoes. To my delight, he had to take his shoes off to play one of the carnival games, so I took that opportunity to slip my own loose sneakers off and put his on as he was occupied and not paying attention to his shoes. The sneakers were a size 9 which was my size so I decided to take my shoes off and keep them in my pack, then wear his sneakers and pretend they were mine. I hid behind a nearby pillar as the boy and his friends came back to find his shoes gone, he panicked as he went around searching for them in his light grey socks. Eventually I saw him leave with his friends in his socks and as he passed me I saw that his socks were dirty and it excited me a lot to think that I was wearing this guy’s shoes and he didn’t notice.

I still have the sneakers and I wear them occasionally, they are really comfortable.


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