Sneaks Bet

Author – Kevin

I was at my friend’s house yesterday to play a racing game on his computer. After some time he said we can play a competition. I said okay are we going to play for something? Or just for the honor? He said no we can bet something and he looked at me and I looked around in his room. He asked me if I had some cash on me and I said no not a penny. He was like mmmmhhh… okay then we go for something else. He looked at me again and then he said we can bet our sneakers. I looked at his sneakers and said why, my feet are smaller than yours you won’t fit in my shoes? He said no but I could sell them or just keep them as a trophy. I laughed and said okay it’s a bet and at the same time I was hoping I would win. We went for two out of three. The first game  we played was victory for me but the second was his. Now we both had to play to win. After a few minutes I made a little mistake and he won the third game. He laughed at me and said okay take them off they’re mine now. I felt reluctant about it because I had to cycle home in my white socks. But a bet is a bet I thought and I started untying my sneakers. My friend was only laughing and said for fun come on hurry up. I finally took off my sneakers and handed them over. My friend looked at them and said those are a nice pair of sneakers and I said yes they are. I asked him for a revanche but he said no I don’t think so. We talked about the game for a little while untill it was time for me to go home. I reached for my sneaks but he grabbed them first and said laughing, no you lost them. I felt cold and warm at the same time because I had to cycle through two towns, his and mine. I grabbed myself together and went home. There were several people on my way that looked at me. I felt embarrassed first but after a few minutes I didn’t care that much anymore. Actually it felt nice to be in socks….


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