Football match

Author – Mikaela

A few days ago I went to watch a Euro football game with a friend, I was wearing my white Nike trainers very loose with thin white socks, sports shorts and football jersey. I took a seat, it was very crowded, I started slipping the worn shoes on and off my feet and doing some shoeplay. After a while I took them off and just sat there in socks. 

I got up to go to the restroom during the half time break and I looked for my Nike sneakers but when I found them under my chair someone had cut my laces and my sneakers became even looser than they already were when I took them off. I suspected my friend but did not say anything. I decided that if I wore the loose shoes and struggled through the crowd to go to the restroom I would end up stepping out of them and losing my sneakers so I left them under my chair with my friend and went in my white socked feet.

When I came back I found both my shoes and my friend missing, I knew it was a bad choice to leave my sneakers with my friend.

After the game I went to my friend’s house in socks to try and get my shoes back. He was waiting for me, smiling and I asked him for my sneakers but he said he did not have any shoes with him except his own. After I asked again he said okay okay I have them but I put them in a bush somewhere and you have to go find them so I went and dug around the bushes near his house for some time but I could not find my sneakers and I had to go home in my socks since my friend’s sneakers were all not my size. My friend apologised for losing the sneakers and offered to buy me a new pair but I decided not to leave my shoes unattended around him again.


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