Sneaking out of school

Author – AJ

A bar room brawl erupted, everyone got arrested including me, wrong time, wrong place. Taken to jail in handcuffs was scary having never been arrested before. All my stuff got confiscated and I was taken to a cell where they stripped me of my Adidas trainers leaving me standing in my socked feet as they locked me inside. I walked around the cell in my socked feet, having my shoes confiscated brought back memories of my teenage years at school when me and my best mate Glen regularly sneaked out of school after registration. We often went to the seafront arcades to have some fun. Our absence went unnoticed until one day a fire drill and register check caught us out, we got punished with detention. A few weeks later we where caught sneaking out again and given more detention. We where warned that preventative measures would be used if we absconded again. One warm sunny day we did sneak out again but we got caught at the school gates. In the Headteachers office we expected to get more detention until the headteacher said “Take off your shoes”. We couldn’t be trusted anymore, so to prevent us from leaving the building during school hours our shoes would be confiscated. With great reluctance and embarrassment we took off our shoes and handed them over. We walked to our first lesson in our socks, being late everyone noticed that we where missing our shoes, the class where laughing, my embarrassment was overwhelming, as if I was naked. This shoe confiscation punishment was new, so two 16 year old boys walking around in their socks became the talk of the school. Every day having to give up our shoes, every lesson in socked feet, every lunchtime avoiding our feet getting stood on as we queued for food. It was humiliating but we became quite infamous. At the end of each day we had to wait outside the Headteachers office to retrieve our shoes. Standing shoeless in the corridor became a pain as the younger kids deliberately walked by for their own amusement just to see us older students standing in our socks. As teenagers, trying to act cool was never going to happen being without shoes. Our punishment lasted til the end of that term. We didn’t sneak out again. After spending the night in the cells I was released without charge. My property and trainers where returned. As I put on my shoes I thought no matter what age you are, young or old, you can still get your shoes confiscated.

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