Shoeless soccer player PT.1

Author – Shoelessguy7

“Dylan, go put your stuff in the locker room while I track down the registrar Mrs. Hess. Meet me back here in a few minutes” Alan instructed. “Alright” Dylan replied. On the way there he saw his team mates going outside to get warmed up. His friend Cody said “I almost thought you weren’t going to make it.” “Just in time” Dylan said with a relived voice. He opened the door to the empty boy’s locker room and put his bag down on one of the benches. The opposing teams always utilize the girl’s locker room right next door during game events.
Since the locker room was empty, Dylan pulled all of his equipment out of his bag too have it ready after getting checked in. As he exited the room, he walked past 3 of the opposing team’s players. They all were a bit bigger than him and one of them shot him a menacing glance as they crossed paths. Even still Dylan was not intimidated and hurried back to the registration room. He started to get a little worried and impatient as it took nearly 10 minutes before Coach Alan returned with Mrs. Hess. She looked him over, stamped the official roster book and said, “you’re good to go.” Dylan responded with “Thank you mam”, as he was instructed to say. Coach Alan than said that the previous game finished early and their game would begin very soon. “Hurry, get your stuff on then meet us on the main field” he told Dylan. Dylan ran back to the locker and began to get dressed. He took off his team shirt and put on his jersey, slid his slides off and stuffed them in his bag. He pulled on his chin guards and reached for his cleats when froze in shock. … His cleats were on the floor where he had left them, but now with no shoelaces in them. Wha? Who could of, he thought? None of his team mates would have done this, would they? But they were all outside already anyway he figured. Wait, he realized. Those 3 opposing team’s players that he had past just outside the locker room, could one of them have done this? Dylan checked some of the bags of his team mates that were next to his hoping to find his laces or perhaps a pair of sneakers that someone wore to the field that he could borrow the laces out of. Sadly he found neither when panic started to set in. After a minute or two of standing there like a statue he remembered that he needed to hurry. There was no choice but to slip on his now very loose cleats and hope for the best. He wasn’t 3 steps toward the door when his cleats began to flop off the back of his feet. Looking down at his laceless cleats he thought, this probably isn’t gonna work, but I have to give it try. Dylan set himself up as if he was about to kick the ball. As soon as he kicked his cleat flew right off his foot and hit the locker room door. He let out a discouraged sigh then kicked his other cleat to where the first one had gone. He walked over in his green socked feet to pick up his cleats when he spied his coach’s bag on the bench by the door. He thought for a second when an idea sparked in his head. Hey, maybe I can tape up my cleats. He quickly rushed over and searched the side pockets of the bag. He almost let out a cheer when his hand came across a roll of tape, but when he pulled it out he saw that the roll was almost empty. “Ok, ok” he said. “I just have to use it sparingly.” There was just enough tape to go around each of his cleats once. That will have to due he thought, and ran out to the field with his cleats somewhat secure on his feet.

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