YouTube library meetup

Author – shoelover

I was on YouTube one day as I was finishing posting a video, I received quite a few emails of people who want to steal my shoes and socks so I saw one particular email and decided to write back to them. His name was John and he said that he would love to meet up at a library so he can steal my shoes and socks. I told him I’m excited to meet so we made plans to go to a library on this particular day. I head into the library in a hoodie jeans white socks and black Nike Air max. I walk inside the quiet library and no one was downstairs in the quiet area. I sit in one of the study carrels by myself and there was no sign of John. I messaged him asking him where he was and he said he was watching me Now with the study carrels you can’t see the person on the other side but there is a opening under it where if you are lucky you can find an opportunity to steal some unattended sneakers. I suddenly hear creaking footsteps coming in my direction and someone sat on the opposite side of me because I could see someone wearing 2 black loafers under the table. I waited to see what would happen if I extended my feet out in this person’s footspace. Next thing I know I feel someone touching my shoelaces. I felt my sneakers becoming very very loose. I felt something go around my ankles but I thought it was the person’s foot playing with me. I take a peek of what was going on underneath the table and I see an older man in his 50s tying my legs together with my shoelaces! This man took apart my sneakers so fast I didn’t even feel him take the shoelaces off. I then feel him pull off my sneakers and my white socks were now in full display and my feet also smelled up the place so I’m sure he had a good whiff of them. Next thing I feel is his nose and tongue smelling and licking my white socked feet. I got a little more excited so then I did a lot of sock play even if my ankles were tied to see what happens next. I feel him strip my socks off at this point and he then started tickling me even harder. I tried so hard to control my laughter in the library but it was unbearable. So then I think he gave me a break to calm myself down from laughing. I look back under the table and I see him throw my sneakers and socks in a bag and he bolted out of the library. And I was left barefooted and ankle tied for anyone else to tickle my feet. If you want to meet up with me and live in New York area email me and let me know if you want to steal my shoes and socks too 🙂

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