The sneaker set up of.1

Author – jman

(This takes place at “Shoe Loss Middle School” on Deviant Art)

It was Caleb’s first day at the new school. His first hour class was social studies with Miss Parker. He came into the class and sat down as the bell rang. About three minutes into the class Jason, Thad and Kimberly walked in. Upon entering the room they took off their shoes and put them on the teacher’s desk. Jason and Thad had white high top sneakers and Kimberly has black maryjanes. All three were wearing solid white socks. After the class was over, Caleb asked the three why they put their shoes on the teacher’s desk. Thad explained that when we break the school rules, we have to give the teacher our shoes. “Do you get them back?” Caleb asked. Jason replied, “We get them back at the end of the day. If we break the rules a second time during the week, they keep them for three days and we have to go home in our socks. If we break the rules a third time during the week, our shoes are forfeited and we do not get them back.” “That’s interesting,” Caleb replied. Caleb like the idea of having his shoes taken away and wanted to lose his shoes just like the other three. It would be no big deal because he would get them back at the end of the day.

The next day Caleb came in late for class. He took off his blue and gold converse and set them on the teacher’s desk. At the end of the school day he came back to Miss Parkers’ room to retrieve his shoes. Miss Parker warned him that the next time he was late the shoes would be kept for three days. The next day Caleb was late again and lost his shoes for three days. Caleb liked going around the school in his socks and did not mind his shoes being taken away. He knew that he was okay and long as he did not get a third strike and he was very careful not to break the rules a third time during the week.

The next Monday Caleb was late for school again and had to give up his shoes for the day. He was late again on Tuesday and lost his shoes for three days. With Caleb being late allot Miss Parker thought and hoped that Caleb would get that third strike so she could keep his shoes for good. (Shoes that are forfeited are sold and the proceeds to to the teacher who confiscated the shoes in order to buy supplies for their classroom. Caleb’s blue and white high tops could be sold at a good price.) But Caleb never got the third strike.

Caleb’s being late on Monday and Tuesday went on week after week. Miss was getting frustrated that she could not take possession of Caleb’s tennis shoes. It was Thursday of that week and Tracy forgot her homework. This was her third strike this week and Miss Parker demanded her shoes. Tracy plead with her to not take her shoes because this was her only pair but Miss Parker remind her that rules are rules.

After class Miss Parker took Tracy aside. She pointed Tracy to Caleb’s blue and white sneakers. “She said I have been trying to get these shoes but Caleb never seems to pick up his third strike. If you can somehow get him to get a third strike this week, I will give you your shoes back.” Tracy said, “You have a deal.”

4 thoughts on “The sneaker set up of.1

  1. First off wow this took me by complete surprise and I think without even talking to me you figured out that miss Parker has a shoe fetish (she’s not alone, I mean hell the town has a cult that destory’s shoes.) Anyway I look forward to future parts of this, and feel free to include other characters like Alex, Penelope and Natalie


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