Visiting the castle wearing the wrong shoes

Author – Andrzej

It had happened to me almost a year ago, when I was in Cracow during the summer holidays. Of course, we went to visit the royal castle on Wawel Hill. The day was hot (August), and when after seeing the Armoury and the Royal Representative Chambers it turned out that there are still free (!) tickets to the Tower, only a few of us wanted to use them. Among them there was also me. The stairs leading to the top of the tower were wooden, steep and with gaps between the steps. All five of us wore sandals. Well, almost. I had leather backles Birkenstock sandals . They fitted my feet well, but this time I had a bad accident: when I climbed the stairs to the highest level of the tower, I hooked up with arch of my my right foot to step and just lost my sandal, which fell down somewhere and I lost sight of it. The stairs were narrow, there were still a lot of people climbing upstairs behind me, so I couldn’t turn back. I had to climb higher, wearing only one sandal, with my right foot completely bare. I heard laughter and voices “Look, he lost his sandal”. All four of my friends were climbing in front of me. When I finally got upstairs, they saw what had happened – that I only had one sandal – and they also started laughing at me. The worst part was that I didn’t know where my lost sandal had fallen and how I would find it. I was even afraid that I would have to come back wearing one sandal all the time. Limping a little bit, I walked up to the window in my only sandal and looked outside. I put my bare foot on the top of my left one. It wer a wonderful view through the window of the tower, although it was narrow – a view of the Hill and a part of the area. But an unlucky accident with my sandal spoiled my pleasure a bit. Someone at the back said loudly that a strange Cinderella came to Wawel Castle – he is a boy, till midnight far away and not at the ball, and the princess is also not there, which caused new laughter. I was ashamed. I went up to the stairs and started going down, looking for my lost sandal. Unfortunately, I went all the way down to the bottom and still one of my feet were bare . The stone floor (upper levels had wooden floor) was unpleasantly cold and I stood on my left, shod foot, only with toes of my other foot touching the floor. I didn’t know what to do, because my sandal was still not found, and it couldn’t fall lower than here. I looked around again, standing there without one sandal, completely helpless. Fortunately, not many of the people entering the tower looked down, so most of them didn’t notice my bare foot. And those who were coming down behind me were already laughted, I guess, because I rarely heard mockery of me or giggles. I wanted to go to the exit because I was convinced that my sandal was lost for good, but I barely took a few steps, when a redheaded girl, about my age, approached me and said it was probably mine. I looked at her hand and noticed that she had actually found my sandal! She explained that it almost hit her head, but she lifted her shoe off the floor and decided to wait for someone to lost it before she went upstairs herself. I started to thank her and apologize, but she just smiled, gave me back my shoe and she went up the stairs. So I put my sandal back on my foot. Now I decided to wait. When that redheaded girl appeared again at the bottom of the tower, I approached her. I thanked her again and asked if I could invite her for ice cream as a thank-you for finding my sandal. She started laughing and said she wasn’t looking for anything, that my sandal “found” her, but she agreed. It turned out that Karolina (Caroline) – that’s her name – lives not far from me, in Sopot.

One thought on “Visiting the castle wearing the wrong shoes

  1. I was a vitness of similiar accident, also in Cracow, but while climbing the tower of St. Mary’s Church. When the parents with their two sons, twins, climbed to the top of the tower, one of the boys lost his tennis shoe. And this shoe fell all the way down.


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