The sneaker set up pt.2

Author – jman

Tracy left Miss Parkers’ classroom in red socks with pink hearts on them, figuring how she could get Caleb in trouble. Tracy got her opportunity the next day. Tracy and Caleb ran into each other as they were walking to school. Tracy suggested that they stop for coffee and donuts on the way and so they went into a coffee shop and sat down placing their backpacks on the table. Caleb went up to get two hot drinks while Tracy stayed at the table. While Caleb was not looking, Tracy sneaked into his backpack and took out his homework for the day. After they had their drinks they went on to school.

Once class started, Miss Parker asked for the homework. Caleb reached into his backpack to get out his homework but it was not there. Miss Parker came to Caleb’s desk and demanded his homework. “I don’t seem to have it. I swear I did it and put it in my bag.” Caleb replied. “Then give me your shoes and since this is the third strike, they are no longer your shoes.” Caleb was frustrated as he had been so careful to not get a third strike. This time when he takes off his shoes, he would not be getting them back. Sighing, he reached down and undid the laces and handed the shoe to Miss Parker. He watched sadly in his socked feet as they were carried into the distance and tossed in the black box marked “shoe jail.”

After class, Tracy went up to Miss Parker and asked for her shoes back according to the agreement they had. “What shoes?” Miss Parker replied.

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