The food stand in the park

Author – Jman

Shelly and Angela were at the food stand at the park. As as usual they were in their socks. Shelly had blue and white patterned socks and Angela had blueish purple socks on. As they were sitting there Justin walked by wearing work boots as he had just gotten off work. Shelly and Angela invited him to sit down at the table with him. They mentioned that they had new socks that they were showing off that day. Justin said to them, “You’re in your socks.” Angela replied, “That’s right. We don’t wear shoes.” Angela looked at Justin’s boots and said, “Those boots must feel miserable. They look like they weigh a ton and your feet must be roasting in them.” The more Angela talked, the more Justin realized how uncomfortable his boots were. “Why don’t you take them off,” said Shelly. Justin was not sure about that but Angela and Shelly convinced him that the boots needed to come off.

Justin then began to unlace his boots. Angela then said, “Let me help you” and she unlaced his left boot and removed it from his foot while Justin removed his right boot revealing solid white socks. The three of them visited for a while. The food stand manager called Justin up to get his food order that was now ready. He reached for his boots but Angela grabbed them and said, “Just go up there in your socks.” Justin agreed and left the table. While he was gone Shelly put his boots into her bag.

“Let’s go.” Shelly said, “We got the boots.” But Angela wanted to stay and visit some more with Justin and so Shelly left with the boots but Angela remained. Justin returned to the table with his food. Angela explained that Shelly had to leave and then said, “Isn’t it fun to walk around in your socks?” Justin said that at first he was not sure but is glad that he took off his boots. After a while Justin was getting ready to leave and could not find his boots. “Where are my boots?” he asked. Angela replied, “What do you need them for?” You’re right,” Justin replied. Both of them left the park in their socks hoping they might see each other again.

Tit for tat

Author – Fred

I’m a thirty year old lad studying in a college. In school i once had to forfeit my shoes for a couple of hours. I was nine years old then, and the sports teacher blew a fuse during a lesson and made half the class take off our shoes, so we had to finish off the lesson and the rest of the day in socks. I was wearing grey socks then. At the time it hardly mattered – there were often a couple of kids walking around school in socks, and it hardly bothered me.

Later in life I became more itno it, and in high school I often found oppurtunities tot kae off other kids shoes – if i saw a freind who had wrestled to the ground or things like that. Occasionally people took revenge but it was normally indoors and always my shoes back afterwards.

Now that i’m in college i sometimes walk around in socks a bit, but i still have an attraction to other people’s shoes. In the last couple of hours in the afternoon we spend time together studying in the study hall, and there is a fella next to me, he’s at least ten years younger than me, and this really conscientious guy, comes on time, sits doing what he is supposed to be doing. anyway, i pay attention, i realize that he wears grey socks and solid shoes,, and they really remind me os school – we had this grey school uniform, so virtually everyone wore grey socks – and i like them.
I ask him one day where there from, really hoping he’ll take them off, and he looks at me like i’m wierd and makes out he doesn’t know, maybe clarks.
Anyway, i like them, so next time i need new shoes i buy myself such a pair, and i am enjoying them, i also make a point of leaving them lying around on the floor next to us, but he takes little notice – in fact he gives an inferiority complex.

There’s this six footer Afro American guy who sits in front of us, and one day he makes a comment about my shoes on the floor, and i tell him that i’m really trying to get Benjamin to do the same, so he tells me that i should come with him that night after college and follow Benjamin onto his train.
We follow Benjamin onto his train, and Jason takes a table and calls us over. Benjamin is the kind of serious guy who always keeps to himself, but he comes over, and then starts taking out his textbook. After a fe minutes, Jason grabs Benjamin’s feet and pushes them onto my lap. He doesn’t really resist – it would have been useless anyway – and i pick open his double knotted shoelaces and take his shoes off his feet. I actually found it really enjoyable to have an adult’s feet on my lap and to take off their shoes. Benjamin looks as if he kind of amused, and he moves his grey socked feet onto the floor, while i passed the shoes to Jason.

After about twenty minutes which he spends looking at his textbooks
he asks for his shoes. Eventually telling us thta it is almost his stop. Jason keeps on telling him to froget, he won’t be getting them back tonight and when his stop comes, with no choice he gets off the train in socks.

After he goes we get off the next and take another train back, i have to pay for Jason’s ticket – but it was more than worth it. On the train back i try on benjamin’s shoes. they are in much better conditon than mine – he obviously looks after tehm much better than i do. they were also half a size too big, but they were still comfortable. Jason is probably three or four sizes bigger, but in the end he took the shoes.

The next morning i made a point of looking out for Benjamin, – we are studying different subjects and no where near each other – to my surprise he was wearing a pair of slip ons – probably also clarks, highly polished with thin soles, real dress shoes. It didn’t look like they were brand new. I told Jason and we were both disappointed.

That afternoon he was there when i came, and he acted really nonchalant later he asked me – as if discussing the weather – where his “other” shoes were. I told him to speak to jason.

This went on for a couple of days, until jason told him that he gives us his other shoes for 24 hours and walks around in his socks he’ll return both pairs. He then said that he is not going to risk giving us another pair unless he receives collateral. I told jason that we should just figure out hos to tke the next pair, but jason turned on me and told Benjamin that he’ll give my shoes. i flatly refused.
the next day i was walking through the lobby when Jason cornered me. It took him a second to grab my hands from behind and get me onto the floor, then he lifted my legs till my feet where probably four feet in the air, and i heard him tell Benjamin to help himself. Before i knew my shoes were off my feet, – i keep my laces loosely tied and slip my feet in and out so it is quite easy . Next thing i knew Jason pulled off my socks.
Eventually he let me go, and i had to walk on the freezing marble floor to fetch my socks, while Benjamin had disappeared with my shoes.
That afternoon Benjamin sat next – still acting nonchalant – and i realised he had made sure to wear black socks that day. less obvious. He acted nonchalant, but i realized that he didn’t leave his place, in fact at the end of the day he waited on his place until virtually everyone had gone.
Jason and I followed him to the station – me feeling remarkably conspicuous in my grey socks. As soon as he came to the station he slipped into the restrooms, and i realsied he had been too embarrassed to go all afternoon.
I came back to my parents home in socks, Dad didn’t seem to notice, and i found my sneakers. I made sure not to wear them in college the next day and at the end of the next day Benjamin returned me my shoes.
It wasn’t much fun, but i guessed it served me right.

The great shoe robbery

Author – Mickey

The bar was crowded, full of football supporters, their team had just got through to the semi finals of the Competition. Brian sat next to two young guys who where not celebrating. “Guess it’s not your team then” he said. “No, our team got knocked out in the early stages” said one of them. Brian introduced himself, Archie and Franky where two 20 year old locals. “United always win, these supporters like to show off thinking they’re the best in their smart trainers and gold chains, where they all get their money from I don’t know” said Archie. Franky agreed as he looked down at his worn Adidas Sambas. “Guess you dislike them” said Brian. “Hate them all with a passion, United scum, couple of our mates got robbed a few months back by some of them, even took their trainers they walked for miles in their socks.” said Archie. Brian smiled and said “Good job I don’t support them, you might take revenge and steal my Nikes”. The guys laughed looking at his black footwear “Nice trainers. Revenge on them would be sweet” said Franky.
The beer flowed and Brian mentioned the stolen trainers again. Archie said “I really want to knock the smug smiles of their faces by stealing their fucking shoes”. Brian said he had a great plan and took their phone numbers and said he would contact them in a few weeks, nearer to the semi final.
Brian had got a minibus and advertised spare seats to the football ground, all seats had been sold and all Archie and Franky had to do was to meet Brian beforehand “Make sure you fit in, wear smart gear and decent trainers” he told them.
On the day Brian met the two guys, as they got inside the minibus Brian said “nice trainers” as he looked at Archies new black/grey AirMax Plus trainers. “Thanks, I borrowed a lot of money to buy them”. Brian again said “nice trainers, take them off” he was now waving a hand gun at both guys. “You can take off yours too” he said to Franky who was wearing a pair of blue Adidas Classics. Both guys took off their shoes, giving Brian a look of disgust and anger at being betrayed. “Now get out” he shouted. Both guys stepped out of the minibus onto the pavement in their white crew socks.
Brian drove off as the stranded shoeless pair shouted “Fucking United scum”.

RJs new Janoskis

Author – Jonathan

So here is another story for my fans. You see, there is a great guy and this great guy helped create this very site that we all share and love. Without his dedication to the sites upkeep we wouldn’t have stories of people losing shoes, stealing them, or creating fantasy stories. So this story is dedicated to this guy that started it all, RJ.

Once upon a time, long, long ago in a galaxy not so distant from ours,…… Oh fudge I’ll just get to the story lol. I decided to ask my good buddy, if I was able to obtain a pair of kicks for him. Which ones would he want? He wanted a pair of Nikes Janoskies sz 12. Well I promised that if I found a pair it would be his. Well it so happens that I obtained a pair for him.
There are many guys who visit my gym and sometimes they change while they are there. I noticed this one guy entering the gym while I was on the crosstrainer wearing what appeared to be a pair of Nikes Janoskies. Now I had to look up that shoe when RJ told me he liked them since I’ve never seen one before. Well this guy had a bag with him and he sat on the bench and put his Janoskies in the bag and placed a white pair of Nikes on. I was like shit this is my opportunity for some fun. There was about 4 other people in the gym and I decided to take his bag. I went into the bathroom to make a quick video segment for my friend. I left the bathroom and managed to grab a shot of this guy’s legs and Nikes in my video and I walked around towards the bench. After a few seconds, I grabbed them and booked it. In the video I made, I rushed to the opposite end of the Street before I looked in the bag. Yep I was correct, a pair of Nikes Janoskies and what luck sz. 12 these definitely have been worn a little bit. Unfortunately my phone died before I was try them on. Aggghh cheap phones.

So he asked me tonight what was his surprise. He somewhat saw them in another picture I posted but here you go. A stolen pair of Janoskies for the coolest guy on the web. Send pictures once you put them on……

Now on to my next adventure 🙂

Dance your shoes off – part 2

Author – Jman

Angela and Shelly came home from the dance. As one enters their apartment there are shelves filled with guys’ shoes. They took Gerald, Charles and Roberts shoes out of their bag and put them on the shelf to add to their collection and then took pictures of the shoes post on line in order to sell the shoes.

As they were placing the shoes on the shelf Shelly said, “When are these guys going to learn not to leave their shoes on the floor where everyone could trip over them?” Angela said, “Yes, we have to get those shoes off the floor to keep people safe.”

The next evening Shelly was standing outside of a bar shoeless. James came walking buy and Shelly stopped him. She said, “I need to talk to someone inside the bar but I can’t go in because they won;’t let me in without shoes on. Can I borrow yours to wear inside?” James said “Sure,” and took off his white Nikes revealing white low cut athletic socks. He gave his shoes to Shelly. She put them on and went into the bar and disappeared from James’ sight.

It was about an hour later and Shelly had not come back out with his tennis shoes. James wanted to go in to find Shelly and his shoes but he could not go in because he did not have shoes on. He realized he would have to wait for the bar to close and for Shelly to come out. Yet, when everybody left the building Shelly was no where to be found. It seems that she and his shoes had disappeared.

Converse camping capers

Author – Jonathan

So, I do not like cocky guys. Nothing like a guy being a jerk in everything he does. This past weekend I decided to go camping. It is a campground far from civilization but had a few amenities such as porty potties and 3 showers. I brought with me a nice large tent and a few pairs of kicks, Nikes, Osiris, and a pair of DCs. Not too many people around me and nice peace and quiet. That was until this jackass in one of those big pickups came roaring in, reving up his engine. I exited my tent to see what all the ruckus was. My initial anger left when he got out of his truck, a young guy with dirty blond hair exited wearing from top to bottom, an AC/DC shirt, blue jeans, and teal Converse. Out of the passenger side his girlfriend and a mean looking dog exited. They decided to set up camp not too far from me. Here is where things got worse. Not only would the dog bark at everything but this guy had the nerve to tell people it was his dogs vacation too. Day 2 arrived and 2 of the 3 showers went down for maintenance. The notice said that from 8 am until 5 Pm only one shower would be operational and to conserve the hot water appropriately. I saw no line so I gathered my things up for a shower and started walking there. While I was walking this guy sped around me and reached the shower ahead of me. (Strike 1). He proceeded to jump in the shower, leaving his clothes behind including the converse. Did he take five minutes, ten? No he took 15 minutes. He got out and when I went in the water was freezing. I was like what the hell and get this, he then said as he finished getting dressed, oh yeah I used all the hot water. (Strike 2). Later on that evening he decided he would get into a big yelling match with his girlfriend over the dog eating the last piece of steak. Apparently the girlfriend was suppose to be watching the dog while the food was being cooked. That did not happen and as some meat was done including the last steak and placed on the prep table, that dog managed to get a hold of it. Later that night he was in a drunken stuper still comp!aining about his lost steak. The final straw was when he took the last roll of toilet paper out of the porty potties to clean up a spill. I did not know at the time and well I had to use the restroom. I’ll let you figure out what happened but needless to say that was (strike 3). Ever since he got out of his car, I noticed how sweet his Converse looked and in my favorite color. Ever since stike 3 I decided I am going to pay him back by taking them. Day 3 All 3 showers we’re back up and running and I took my shower early. I kept my eye on when he was going to go. He went at noon and I was not too far behind him with my shower bag. 2 showers we’re in use including the one this guy was in. On the changing bench was a ladies bra, flip flops, shorts, pink and orange towel, a changing bag, and sunglasses. So obviously the one shower was being used by a woman. Also on the changing bench was a black shower bag, undershirt, jeans, and that is all I saw at the time. I was like dam, where the heck did his shoes go. I realized quickly that it was hidden underneath his jeans and bag. So while that guy was taking his hot shower, I put my new kicks into my bag and booked it. I had time before he got out to head back to my tent and carefully check out my new Converse. They were a little small compared to what I normally wear and it was obvious that he wore them sockless. I also saw doodling on them and his name “Tony”. These look so sweet. So here I am waiting to see what would happen, out of nervousness and excitement. He came out pissed to high hell. Yelling to everyone who took my shoes?!!! Most people camping nearby just shrugged or ignored him completely. Tony went back to his camp and asked his girlfriend if she knew anything. Apparently this was all he had and after cursing for half an hour he decided he had enough and started packing. An hour later they all got back in their truck and left….. If I had known that is all it would have taken I would have done it sooner. So there I was relaxing in my tent, peace and quiet again with my new sexy Converse for another few days. Thanks “Tony” I’ll take good care of “MY” new shoes. 🙂

The sneaky midnight shoe theif

Author – GS42

So, here’s a story of my time whilst I was working in France.

The hotel come school activity centre I worked at operated a strict no-shoes policy inside for all children. This meant that just after the reception desk, at the bottom of the grand staircase leading to all the hotel rooms, stood a wall to wall shoe rack, 3ft high, spanning all 3 walls inside the main staircase.
Now, I happened to work as a Night Porter here, which meant I was often the only person awake for the entire night. It also happened that this place, for whatever reason, lacked any form of CCTV.
Now, there were a quite often nights where work was very quiet and easy going, as everything I would usually deal with on a night had already been sorted within the first hour or so of my shift, meaning I had a good 7 hours entirely to myself to do nothing.
I’ve always had an interest in shoes and trainers, especially when they’ve belonged to somebody else prior. So, on quiet nights, I’d often go and admire the hundreds of pairs of trainers that were on offer. Usually, the offerings were fairly worn out, tatty old affairs, more often than not far too small for my UK size 9 (US 10) feet. On occasion though, we’d have groups of teenagers staying. This is where things usually got more interesting. On the weeks where there were older groups, there were once again, many pairs of battered old trainers, that had clearly been loved to within an inch of their lives, however there were also quite often some very smart, relatively new pairs left there for the world to see.
So, when I knew the coast was clear, I would go and browse the offerings with great intent, before selecting a few pairs to sample. I would then head away to somewhere secluded in the hotel and try out my samples. More often than not, I found that they either didn’t really suit me, or that, once I’d tried them myself, they weren’t really to my liking for whatever reason. These samples would then be replaced back on the racks, taking great care to ensure they were left exactly as they were found.
Sometimes, whilst browsing the shoe racks, I’d find some interesting samples, who, for whatever reason, had decided they also needed to remove their socks and leave them either in their shoes, or thrown in a ball on the floor somewhere around the shoe racks. So, these pairs were also taken for testing, along with the socks, and tried for fit. The shoes were then usually returned exactly to where they were before, just like the other pairs, however the socks never made it back. Whenever I found a pair of socks in or around the shoes, after trying them on, I’d put my pair of socks back on over the top, just to hide them away, then I’d continue to wear them for the rest of the shift as if they were my own. Of course, come the end of the shift, I couldn’t think of anything more than clocking off and running away for the night, completely forgetting I was still wearing the socks I’d found earlier in the night. Throughout the time I worked there, I must have collected well in excess of 100, maybe even 200, pairs of socks from all over the globe, much to my excitement.
Now, on other occasions, after sampling the shoes, I would take a liking to them, and so I would stash them away for the night in an area nobody else would either think to go, or be easily able to get to. They were then left there for a day to a couple of days, before I’d return to collect them from their hiding point and take them back to my room. In my room, I’d learned entirely by accident, there happened to be a hidden storage compartment that it was clear nobody knew about. The place in question happened to be the floor of the built-in wardrobe in the room. For some reason, when it was installed, the floor of the wardrobe was never secured down, leaving it able to be lifted up with ease, and providing a massive storage space underneath which worked just perfectly to store my new found treats.
Over the space of 6 months, I’d scored a good 15 – 20 pairs of ‘new’ trainers, varying from Nike, to Osiris, to Adidas, to Vans, as well as a few others in between.
Now, there was one group in particular who sticks in my mind better than all others. This was a group of teenage boys, who were staying with us for 4 nights. Now, usually I wouldn’t have noticed anything different, however it happened that one of the boys had somehow broken his right leg, and was stuck in a long leg cast, generally being pushed around in his wheelchair by his friends. He was mostly incapable of walking, but he did still get around from time to time with a pair of crutches. Wherever he went outside, he would wear either his purple Nike High Top, a brand new looking black Vans High Top, or his red Nike Janoski on his left foot, along with a cushioned trainer sock to cover his right foot. To be fair to him, it was getting late into October, and was quite cold out. Even though he was generally in a wheelchair, meaning his shoe was perfectly clean, he was not exempt from the rule of no shoes indoors. This meant, he too was required to leave his shoe downstairs by the door and move around inside shoeless. One thing I had noticed about this guy was, whenever he removed his shoe, for some reason he always removed both of his socks.
For the entire time he was there, I was always done with my required work very early into the shift, so each night I would go and investigate whatever shoe he had left, as well as his socks. It just so happened that he too was a size 9 shoe, and they fit me absolutely perfectly. His socks were also amazing, always soft and plush, occasionally slightly sweaty from the day’s activities. The socks, naturally, were always tried on, and as before, forgotten about and kept by me. It also just so happened that one of his friends was also a size 9 shoe, and had left a great pair of well worn, but still very neat blue Adidas Gazelle trainers on the rack. These were also tested, and then stored away in my secret collection, along with the white and red Bonds trainer socks he’d so carefully placed inside his shoes.
On the 3rd day of their stay, I’d noticed that broken leg guy hadn’t bothered to wear his shoe at all, choosing to be pushed around in his chair wearing just his socks on his feet. I assume it was because, for once, it happened to be nice weather outside, and he decided his non casted foot was too warm. I’ll never quite know why he did it. I had only noticed this, as he happened to be wearing bright orange Polo Ralph Lauren trainer socks, which stood out very bright against his purple leg cast.
That night, having completed my workload, I went to again investigate the shoe racks, and noticed to my surprise, that he had once again left his pair of socks from the day downstairs. So, naturally, I tried them on, and upon realising how nice they were, put my own socks over and carried on with my shift. That night though, I decided I would become a lot more daring than just taking his sweet socks. I decided, for some unknown reason, that I would take all 3 of his left shoes that had remained on the rack downstairs, knowing that they would be leaving that morning, and would likely have no time to attempt to find them. Having stashed away his shoes, I thought I’d best leave him something in return, and so instead took my own pair of socks from my feet, and carefully placed them back where his shoes had once sat. I then stuck my shoes on, still wearing his beautiful orange trainer socks, and carried on my shift as if nothing ever happened.
The morning came, and I saw the guy, sat in his wheelchair in the reception, looking very confused. He came over and said to me that his shoes were missing, and he couldn’t understand where they might have gone. I explained to him that I too was unsure what may have happened but would ensure I passed the issue onto management for them to look into. Whilst I was talking to him, I did however, notice that he clearly didn’t have any other socks to wear, and in place of his shoes, he had chosen to put on my pair of socks I’d left for him during the night. For the rest of the morning, I saw him from time to time, wheeling around with his mates, wearing only my socks on his feet, complaining to his friends that someone had stitched him up, and they’d better admit who had done it. Just before I headed back to my room to sleep ready for my next shift, I noticed the group getting back on their coach to leave. The guy in question was still wearing only my pair of socks on his feet, obviously having no other option available to him to resolve his lack of shoes.
The next night, having completed my work, I sloped off and collected my new winnings of 3 left Nike trainers, all of which were amazingly comfortable, and headed back to my room to stash them away with my other ‘new’ pairs. Come to think, I don’t think I ever did report his missing shoes to management…
Still to this day, I wear his amazing socks (they were always some nice, fairly new, branded cushioned trainer socks), and his left shoes. His red Janoski soon became my new favourite, which is by far and away still the comfiest shoe I own, even though it’s now considerably more worn. I’d love to know quite what he’d done to that shoe to make it just so comfortable, but sadly I know I’ll never find out the secret. I still frequently wear the left shoes from all the other pairs of shoes I collected whilst working there, nearly 10 years on (If you don’t know why I only wear the left ones, read my previous story). In fact, I’ve barely purchased new shoes since working there, as I’ve had so many to choose from at any given moment. I don’t think I’ll ever forget this guy, and just how cute he looked wearing my extremely well worn, sweaty socks, paired with the lack of a left shoe, whilst hopping out to his coach on his crutches to leave, knowing he was likely never going to see his shoes again.

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