The bowling shox

Author – Jonathan

My friends and I always liked to find the hottest new kicks but being from not so well off families we had to find ways to obtain what we wanted.  We wanted it to be fun and at the same time stick it to the ones who could afford those sweet we sat around the living room one day thinking of ways to do this.  My friend Roy thought about lifting from gym locker rooms like Gold’s gym. Andy thought about breaking into high school gym lockers. I said how about places were people typically take their shoes off. My friend Tommy mentioned those arcades where they leave shoes in cubbies to play around. We thought about it and said it was probably young kids shoes and we didn’t want that.  We sat quietly for awhile when Roy suddenly yelled out our town was a bowling alley frequented by many guys our age and with not much to do in town this place was popular on the weekends.  We decided to make this our first hit. We went on Friday night to check out the scene and there was a lot of people there, private parties, people playing the arcade, etc. Our mission that night was to just check out the place, find the exits, check out the clientele, and determine what kind of shoes they have. That night after we got back to Roy’s house we mentioned all that we saw. This place happened to have 2 easy exits, few cameras, and the seats were positioned where it was easy to grab shoes from underneath.  Andy witnessed a few teens and young adults wearing the latest Nikes and Jordans, we made our plan to go back on Saturday, split up, get what we could and meet back at Roy’s house. We got there around 8 pm Saturday night and what luck they were doing that disco bowling which made it even easier to grab, since it was so dark. My three friends went about their business. I looked across the alley and I saw a group of guys and girls  probably on their dates. I walked by to see what they had. I saw a pair of flats, sandals, new balance. Boots, and a pair of Nike shox. The only interesting pair there were the shox and luckily it was between the side seat and where you pick up  the bowling ball from the rack. I snuck down pretending to look for a ball when I snatched those Nikes and stuffed them into my jacket. I quickly got out of there with the thrill still causing my heart to pump fast.  I thought I was fast in there but I was the last one to get back to Roy’s.  Tommy and Andy both said they chickened out and left 5 minutes after arriving,  Roy threw down on the table a beatup pair of Reebok. What the hell we all said.I got nervous and picked up the closest thing. It was a men’s sz 8 which was way too small and they were ugly too. I threw the Nikes I grabbed and they were in awe. It was a nice pair of Nike shox sz 12 in great condition and what was even better was the money stuffed into the right shoe.  A nice pair of shoes and 25 bucks. This was our first grabs as a team. This was many years ago and we have moved apart since then but I’ll always remember our first.

Party pickup X 4

Author – Jonathan

Ever love it when people have parties but don’t allow footwear into their homes? Well I found such a place and they were having what looked like an awesome party. I didn’t know them but still a shame that I wasn’t invited.  Anyhow I saw a couple of guys wearing nice kicks to this party and having to leave them outside. It was 9 pm and maybe 7 pairs were out. Some guys and some girls but it was way too early to be sneaky. I came back around 11 pm and there were almost 20 pairs stacked nice and neat out there.  I noticed no one outside and music blaring so I approached cautiously. One only has moments to make the grab. I eyed a pair of brown Nike skate shoes to be in my size, a pair of hi-top white converse which also looked to be my size, and a pair of Osiris that definitely weren’t my size but I love Osiris and wanted them. I was finally about to leave when I noticed the shoes from one of the guys I saw earlier just sitting there looking sweet.  As I went to grab them I saw that they were Adidas hi tops in all black and they looked to be my size. As soon as I reached for that last pair I booked home as fast as I could. I can only imagine what those drunkards were saying and doing when they realized that they would have to go home without shoes. Haha. Now I get to enjoy them as much as they did. 🙂 

Zara Free Shoes

Author – Sean Miller

So I went window shopping in Zara , I had a bad day and no money, nearly depressed. I wanted some ripped jeans, so I went to Zara, as usual. I was watching some trousers, when I saw some red Nike Cortez ! I was like”” No it’s impossible”” so I went to it discreetly , and yes it was !!! So I opened my bag, I bend over , and I put them in my bag. I ran out of the store, because I thought I was followed, but no, no one came after me. And I’m wearing them, so confortable….

Stealing Drunk Scallys TNs

Author – Jakey B

 while out one night clubbing i went to the toilets and used a cubicle i couldnt help but notice a pair of slightly well worn nike tns in blue just popping under the stall. I looked over the top and seen this young scally lad about 19 or 20 years old passed out. Seizing this oppurtuinity i reached under the stall and took them both off noticing his nicely worn black cartoon socks which i wanted as well so slipped them off and into my pocket i kicked off my reebok classics and slipped into these sweaty size 10s nike tns i kicked my reebok classics under the the cubicle and left the club straight home to play with these stinking tns  

Trying to steal a college lads Nikes

Author – Jakey B

While at collage there was this new lad who had trashed all blue nike shox and i wanted them so bad so when everyone was on lunch i sneaked back into the lab where i sniffed them and this made me want them more so i put them in a bag and hid them in an  empty locker after lunch he came back going mad took him about an hour but he found them much to my disapointment and from there on he always took them with him until another lad joined us wearing nike tns … that story is for another time though 😉

Loose sneakers at carnival

Author – Aron

Once I was at a carnival and there I saw a kid wearing very loose white Nike sneakers with light grey socks, his shoes were quite worn and they kept slipping off his feet as he walked… I wanted to see if he would eventually lose them or step out of them so I followed this guy around and because I liked seeing his socked feet slipping in and out of his shoes. To my delight, he had to take his shoes off to play one of the carnival games, so I took that opportunity to slip my own loose sneakers off and put his on as he was occupied and not paying attention to his shoes. The sneakers were a size 9 which was my size so I decided to take my shoes off and keep them in my pack, then wear his sneakers and pretend they were mine. I hid behind a nearby pillar as the boy and his friends came back to find his shoes gone, he panicked as he went around searching for them in his light grey socks. Eventually I saw him leave with his friends in his socks and as he passed me I saw that his socks were dirty and it excited me a lot to think that I was wearing this guy’s shoes and he didn’t notice.

I still have the sneakers and I wear them occasionally, they are really comfortable.

Passed out with your shoes on

Author – Greg

I was at a party recently and I couldn’t help myself from steeling a pair of shoes. It all started when I got there when I saw a young boy dipping in his loafers on a near by couch with some buddy’s. It was a huge house party so I was virtually invisible. A lot was going on and a lot of people were drunk or on drugs . I sat there hanging back and jus watching kus I wasn’t expecting much at first. I usually like to watch girls shoeplay but he had very sheer blue socks. I wanted him to slip out all the way out of his shoes when dipping but i don’t think he felt comfortable enough to slip out of them al the way . He was partying pretty hard and I saw him nocking shots back. His high water slacks made his shoeplay and  heel pops an easy sight to see . He obviously couldn’t keep his shoes all the way on. After about an hour I jus waited and I noticed him getting to drunk or drowsy kus a couple of his buddy’s got up off the couch and asked if he was ok. There was Atleast 50 or 60 people there and it was crowded so as soon as his buddy’s leave he starts to stretch out on the couch . I couldn’t believe it . Before I knew it he had passed out! Right there a few feet Infrnt of me with his feet up and shoes on. It was so tempting I couldn’t resist. I waited a few more moments and I saw some other kid come up and reach in his pocket like he was looking for something. He picked out the passed out kids phone and walked off. No one said much so I assume he either knew him or no one care much. I tested the waters and walked over to him sleeping. I say down on the arm of the couch with his feet right behind me . I slowly peered back and decided to try ! I slowly and descreetly peeled off his left loafer untill his shoe was completely off his foot. I could tell His socked foot was sweaty and his soles were quite dirty . I couldn’t turn back now . I stuffed the loafer in my jacket and slowly slid the other off revealing his toes. His right sock was torn and i couldn’t wait for him to get up and be seen at the party in his stocking feet. I put the other loafer in my jacket and got up . After a few minutes some girl came and woke him up . She was amused by his stocking feet. He was beyond embarrassed and looked around everywhere. The floor of the house was wood floor and it was soaked from beer pong and peoples drinks being spilled and knocked over . He got off the couch and made his way to the front door to leave and I could jus see his socks getting dirty as he left. It was a sight to see and now I have his loafers. I’ll never forget that night