YouTube library meetup

Author – shoelover

I was on YouTube one day as I was finishing posting a video, I received quite a few emails of people who want to steal my shoes and socks so I saw one particular email and decided to write back to them. His name was John and he said that he would love to meet up at a library so he can steal my shoes and socks. I told him I’m excited to meet so we made plans to go to a library on this particular day. I head into the library in a hoodie jeans white socks and black Nike Air max. I walk inside the quiet library and no one was downstairs in the quiet area. I sit in one of the study carrels by myself and there was no sign of John. I messaged him asking him where he was and he said he was watching me Now with the study carrels you can’t see the person on the other side but there is a opening under it where if you are lucky you can find an opportunity to steal some unattended sneakers. I suddenly hear creaking footsteps coming in my direction and someone sat on the opposite side of me because I could see someone wearing 2 black loafers under the table. I waited to see what would happen if I extended my feet out in this person’s footspace. Next thing I know I feel someone touching my shoelaces. I felt my sneakers becoming very very loose. I felt something go around my ankles but I thought it was the person’s foot playing with me. I take a peek of what was going on underneath the table and I see an older man in his 50s tying my legs together with my shoelaces! This man took apart my sneakers so fast I didn’t even feel him take the shoelaces off. I then feel him pull off my sneakers and my white socks were now in full display and my feet also smelled up the place so I’m sure he had a good whiff of them. Next thing I feel is his nose and tongue smelling and licking my white socked feet. I got a little more excited so then I did a lot of sock play even if my ankles were tied to see what happens next. I feel him strip my socks off at this point and he then started tickling me even harder. I tried so hard to control my laughter in the library but it was unbearable. So then I think he gave me a break to calm myself down from laughing. I look back under the table and I see him throw my sneakers and socks in a bag and he bolted out of the library. And I was left barefooted and ankle tied for anyone else to tickle my feet. If you want to meet up with me and live in New York area email me and let me know if you want to steal my shoes and socks too 🙂

The charity shop

Author – Unlucky Lad

With very little money I needed a suit for a job interview, my mum suggested I visit a charity shop. So I went alone not wanting my mates knowing I was buying second hand clothes.
A bell above the door rung as I entered the small shop with just an old lady behind a counter. In my white tee, grey Superdry joggers and white Nike Air Max 90 trainers I wasn’t your average charity shop customer. I found a dark grey suit and tried on the jacket, as it fitted well I wanted to try on the trousers too. An empty room upstairs was used as a fitting room, inside was a chair and full length mirror. I kicked of my Nikes and replaced my joggers with the suit trousers. They fitted well, but the length looked wrong whilst wearing my trainers, so i went back downstairs wearing the suit and asked about shoes. ‘Don’t you look smart’ said the old lady as she pointed to a small selection of mens shoes by the the window. Nothing in my size but I found a pair of black loafers in a size 8, I kicked off my size 9 trainers and squeezed my feet into the loafers. Without a mirror in the shop I quickly went back upstairs to recheck the trousers with shoes. As I climbed the stairs I heard the bell above the door ring, I felt relieved to be upstairs away from any other customers as I didn’t want anyone to see me. The trousers fitted well wearing the loafers. As I got changed I could hear a voice ask ‘How much for the shoes?’ and the old lady replied ‘All shoes are £5 a pair’. ‘Bargain’ replied the customer. My new suit was a bargain too I thought. I put on my joggers and suddenly realised my Nikes where still downstairs. I got a big thrill knowing my unguarded trainers where in the shop below. When the customer left i hurried downstairs in my socked feet carrying the suit and loafers. ‘Any good?’ asked the old lady. ‘Shoes are too small’ I replied as I put the loafers back. I got a cold sweat as I discovered my Nikes where not where I had left them. I scrambled on the floor in my socked feet searching for them. I asked the old lady if she had moved them, she hadn’t but said she had just sold some white sports shoes. ‘You sold my trainers, you sold my fucking shoes for £5’ I said in despair realising I was now without any footwear in the centre of town. She was embarrassed by her mistake and offered me any pair from the shop to replace them. I told her none of them would fit. Her only advice was for me to go find the guy who bought them as he had left carrying my trainers in his hands as he no bag to put them in.
I apologised for swearing as I ran out of the shop into the busy street shoeless. As I searched for him my face was beaming red with embarrassment as people stared and my white socks where getting very dirty. I didn’t have enough money to buy a new suit, never mind replacing my trainers. If I could not find him I would have to get the bus home in my socked feet.

The great shoe robbery

Author – Mickey

The bar was crowded, full of football supporters, their team had just got through to the semi finals of the Competition. Brian sat next to two young guys who where not celebrating. “Guess it’s not your team then” he said. “No, our team got knocked out in the early stages” said one of them. Brian introduced himself, Archie and Franky where two 20 year old locals. “United always win, these supporters like to show off thinking they’re the best in their smart trainers and gold chains, where they all get their money from I don’t know” said Archie. Franky agreed as he looked down at his worn Adidas Sambas. “Guess you dislike them” said Brian. “Hate them all with a passion, United scum, couple of our mates got robbed a few months back by some of them, even took their trainers they walked for miles in their socks.” said Archie. Brian smiled and said “Good job I don’t support them, you might take revenge and steal my Nikes”. The guys laughed looking at his black footwear “Nice trainers. Revenge on them would be sweet” said Franky.
The beer flowed and Brian mentioned the stolen trainers again. Archie said “I really want to knock the smug smiles of their faces by stealing their fucking shoes”. Brian said he had a great plan and took their phone numbers and said he would contact them in a few weeks, nearer to the semi final.
Brian had got a minibus and advertised spare seats to the football ground, all seats had been sold and all Archie and Franky had to do was to meet Brian beforehand “Make sure you fit in, wear smart gear and decent trainers” he told them.
On the day Brian met the two guys, as they got inside the minibus Brian said “nice trainers” as he looked at Archies new black/grey AirMax Plus trainers. “Thanks, I borrowed a lot of money to buy them”. Brian again said “nice trainers, take them off” he was now waving a hand gun at both guys. “You can take off yours too” he said to Franky who was wearing a pair of blue Adidas Classics. Both guys took off their shoes, giving Brian a look of disgust and anger at being betrayed. “Now get out” he shouted. Both guys stepped out of the minibus onto the pavement in their white crew socks.
Brian drove off as the stranded shoeless pair shouted “Fucking United scum”.

Police seizure pt1

Author – Shoetaker

The three university students had been drinking and eating in the big city and where now heading back to the railway station. Their route to the station was blocked, it was sealed off with police tape.
‘A crime scene, we’ll have to go a different way’ said Mike.
‘No time’ said Dezzy ‘We’ll miss our train’
Nick was unsure, but he had no choice as his mates ducked under the police tape. ‘Stop’ shouted a voice. As they reached the other side of the cordoned off area a policeman stopped them. A guy wearing a disposable white suit caught up to them and accused them of contaminating his crime scene. A bank security truck had been robbed and red dye from a stolen cashbox had been activated spreading across the street and they had just ran through it leaving their shoe prints. Dezzy didn’t like the guys tone as he shouted at them, he wasn’t much older than him. ‘Well it wasn’t us as we’ve just got here’ he said ‘Just ignore our prints’. His mates laughed annoying the CSI guy further. Their beer drinking bravado was kicking in. The guy threatened to arrest them for obstruction.. Dezzy retorted ‘Your not a real copper, your just a jumped up civilian worker so fuck off’. The CSI was now angry with Dezzy’s attitude as he looked down at the students trainers. ‘I cannot ignore your shoe prints but I can eliminate them from the enquiry’ he said. Dezzy grinned and said sarcastically ‘There you go, no damage done’. The CSI smiled back and said ‘To do so I’m going to have to seize your shoes, they’re now evidence in my crime scene’.
The policeman said ‘He has the authority to do so’. They looked down at their footwear, their smiles disappearing instantly from their once smug faces. The CSI wished they could be arrested but seizing their shoes pleased him. Dezzy protested but the copper threatened to arrest them if they failed to hand over their footwear.
Dezzy kicked off his white Nikes revealing thin white trainer socks below his skinny jeans. He wasn’t impressed to see the red dye all over the soles of his fairly new trainers. Nick took off his brown New Balance trainers leaving him standing in black socks. Mike was left standing in black socks after removing his black Nikes. The onlookers attention had now moved from the crime scene to the three young men being stripped of their footwear causing them greater embarrassment.
The young CSI took great pleasure bagging each of their shoes individually, sealing each bag made it official, their trainers now belonged to him, albeit temporarily.
‘You best quickly give the constable your details and get to where your going as it’s forecast for rain soon’ he said smiling as he looked down at their socked feet. ‘I’ll knock that smug smile of yer face..’ said Darryl being interrupted by the copper with another threat of arrest. They watched their bagged shoes being thrown into his van, locking them inside. Dezzy became more infuriated to be told it could take several months to get their trainers back.
They hurried to the railway station, a struggle without any shoes on their feet. They knew they’d missed their train and would have to stand on the cold concrete platform for the last train of the day to their destination, it would be full, standing room only, awkward without any shoes on your feet. Other passengers where curiously looking at them, especially Dezzy in his skinny jeans and rather filthy white trainer socks. Not a look he wanted everyone to see. Nick said to Dezzy that if he hadn’t been smart with the guy he may not of taken their shoes. Being University students they couldn’t afford to buy new trainers so would have to wear their old scuffy trainers until there seized shoes where returned.
To be continued.

Friends mum steals my shoes

Author – Lovetoshoeswap

This happened to me back when I was in high school so it was a few years ago

I went to visit my friend dennis who lived a mile or so away on a small farm. I had decided to walk as the weather was pretty good and it wasn’t far too his house, since he lived on a farm I wore a pair of slightly worn out Adidas sambas as not to wreck any of my good shoes. After I got to Dennis’s house he suggested that we could go outside and wander around his family’s farm but noticed I only had a pair of trainers on. He thought it would be best if I got a pair of wellie boots as where we were planning on going was through a swampy part, I said I couldn’t be bothered going back to my house to get my wellies so dennis asked what shoe size I wore, I told him I wore size 4 which was a bit of a problem as he wore size 7. He then remembered that his mum wore size 4 and I could borrow her pair. We went to look for his mums pair but couldn’t find them then Dennis remembered that his mum was out working on the farm and probably had them on so we went and found his mum on her way back to the house and asked her if she would let me borrow her wellies. “if I give your friend my wellies what am I going to wear, I’ll need them to get back to the house”, I said she could wear my sambas to get back then when me and Dennis were done outside I could get them back when I go back home. She reluctantly agreed and we swapped footwear then me and Dennis went on our way. A while later we go back to the house to play some games on his PlayStation and I take off his mums wellies. After a little while it’s time for me to head back home and when I go to find my friends mum I notice she is still wearing my shoes so I ask for them back but she tells me that she likes them as they are very comfy on her feet, I ask her several times but she keeps telling me no so I have no choice but to walk back home with no shoes on which is rather embarrassing but I couldn’t help but feeling a little bit turned on by my friends mum wearing my shoes as she was quite good looking.

Pool Jordans

Author – Jonathan

So what is one of my favorite grabs? This is a question I was just asked. Was it my first pair? My first shoplifted pair? My most stressful pair? Well I will tell ya. It was the day I grabbed a pair of Jordans from an unsuspecting 20 year old by the pool at a job I worked at. Nothing beats working the pool deck and seeing guys in sneakers. Taking them off and going into the pool. Everyday I would try and find ways to make off with kicks. Of course without getting caught as I worked there. I was lucky twice. The first time it was two pairs of shoes, one Nike the other under armour. Socks were also inside them. Unfortunately I didn’t see who they belonged too and that may be a story for another time. There were days that guys would wear Nike shox, Jordans and I’ve even seen a few Yeezys laying around. One guy was sleeping in the lounge chair and I probably could have grabbed his yeezys but I decided not to risk it. Now for the Jordans….

So there I am working the pool deck in more ways than one when I spotted a shirt and a cell phone with a pair of shoes underneath the table. No one was around. It’s right smack in the middle of everyone so I could only admire from afar. It was also 4 in the afternoon and plenty of light. I went to take a break and at 630 pm I was back outside and the stuff was still there. Nightly pool activities were going on so I couldn’t do anything. I did however at this time see a guy come over, dry himself a little, look at the phone on the table. I knew that was all his stuff. This guy was in his early 20s, toned, light brown Hispanic guy. My heart sank cause I figured he was getting ready to leave… I was wrong because shortly later he went back into the pool. Now I know who it was so I could keep an eye on him. My shift ended at 8 and it was dark out at that time. I went back out to see if it was still there. He must of moved his shirt and phone closer to the edge of the pool but the shoes were still there. I eyed him throwing a football to two other guys in the water. It also started drizzling a little so the pool deck wasn’t too busy. I knew it was now or never so i grabbed a towel, quickly wrapped up the shoes and booked it to my car. As soon as I got in I opened up my prize, I was so stoked to find out it was a pair of Jordans in my size. Which is a sz 12. No socks included but I didn’t care. I ripped off my work kicks and placed his umm I meant to say my new Jordans onto my feet. You know once again especially if your staying in a hotel you should have flip-flops on not sneakers. This was a lesson for him. Lol

The next day my coworker asked me if I had heard what had happened the night before? I pretended to be clueless. he said that a guest had his shoes taken after the nightly activities. I questioned it and he said that when the guest got out of the pool at 11 which is closing time his Jordans were not where he had left them. Lost and found was checked and nothing. This guy was pissed. The hotel gave him a 20 dollar food vocher and one free night for the inconveniences. The next day I saw him again, this time eating at the pool bar. He had on no name brand shoes that looked like they were falling apart. He was talking with his friends at the table and I heard a few key words so I decided to listen in. Apparently the Jordans were the only pair he had brought with him and that he was actually wearing his friends shoes which was a half a size too small. He couldn’t understand why a guest would spend all this money to stay there only to steal his shoes. Lol guess I was in the clear since I wasn’t a guest. I finally decided to be really bold and approached him. Told him I overheard his conversation and sorry for his loss lol. What kind of shoes are they? So I can keep a lookout for them. He said Jordans. I then asked more about them such as condition etc. He said they are white and red and says Jordan on the tongue and that he had them for about 6 months. Ok if I see them I’ll get them to lost and found. Make sure to check on your last day on property.

.Do you think he ever got them back? Heck no lol they are on my feet as I’m writing this true story out. Here are the pics….. I hope you enjoyed 🙂 I know I sure did….

Me in your stories

Author – lovetoshoeswap

Train Theif by shoelover

I was taking the train home one day when on came this guy wearing white socks jeans a t shirt and a pair of adidas ultra boost . as soon as i seen the shoes I knew i had to have them. after a while he started to play with his shoes which was something I enjoyed very much. After a while of watching I suggested to him that he should be careful where he leaves his shoes as someone may take them (which was what I was planning on doing)and he replied that no one ever does this. I decided to get closer and ask him a few questions about his socks and shoe size. when he told me he wore size 10 i knew they would be a bit too big for me as I wear size 9 shoes. as the train came to my stop I said my goodbyes and went to leave but as I did he slid his feet out of his shoes again so in the heat of the moment I grabbed them while he was looking the other way and left the train as quick as I could. I turned to see where he was and seen him standing at the door of the train knowing there was nothing he could do as he was shoe less. once I got home I slid my feet into his shoes with a great sense of delight as I was successful in getting what i wanted but also felt a little bad for leaving the guy without his shoes.