Stuck shoe

Author – Ken

I had a crazy experience once when I was walking home from work. I work at a desk job all day so my walks are my core excersise for the day so I always try and make an adventure out of it haha. On this particular day I was walking home a little later then normal and wanted to get home quick to relax. It had been the longest day it felt. I could either take the long way or cut through an apartment complex that was private property. I try to keep my head down because it’s a small complex and unless u live there security can be a real dick and call the cops and report u for trespassing. I decided to cut through there and take my chances. It’s not the shortest walk but it definitely beats going the long way . I made it about half way and decided to stop for a ciggerrette. I leaned forward on a railing overlooking a parking lot. I knew I probably shouldn’t be there long but I needed a break. I rested and propped my foot up on the railing inbetween two bars. It’s was a tight fit for my foot but the squeeze practically massaged my foot. My feet were aching from the walk. I kept my foot propped there and kept smoking when I heard a keys and a Walky talky. I knew instantly security was a around and was not tryin to stick around . I really wasn’t sure what direction it was coming from but before I could move I realized I had wedged my foot into the bars in the railing that I couldn’t pull my foot out; Atleast not with out leaving my shoe Behind. I heard security coming closer and I started to panic. I threw my ciggerrette and tryed my hardest to pull my foot out with out compromising my shoe. I tryed and tryed and new I had to try something different. The Keys were so close i practically thought security was right behind me. I finally jus tore my foot out of my shoe; leaving it still stuck in the railing. I picked up my back pack and looked down at my bare tan nylon socked foot. I hated the thought of leaving my shoe behind because I didn’t kno if I was going to get it back. My socked foot was practically soaked in sweat from the walk but the breeze felt good on the soul of my foot. I quickly patted down the hallway and stopped around a corner and waited until the security guard appeared. He realized someone had been there when he saw my shoe stuck. He looked around and I hid my self the best I could and prayed he wouldn’t take it back with him. He called something in but I couldn’t hear him from where I was. I waited a couple more seconds and he knelt down and un pryed my shoe from the railing bars and held it. He looked around as if trying to see if anyone was around to claim it. He looked at the shoe one last time and walked off around the corner clenching my shoe as he went. I felt so stupid leaving my shoe behind and now I had to walk Atleast 2.5 miles home in my thin nylon sock . I slowly crept out from behind the wall I was hiding behind and tryed to see where he went but he had gotten out of sight and no sign of my shoe. At this point I had come to terms I wasn’t gonna get my shoe back and continued home. I ended up walking back along the street and still taking a last cut through the woods all while missing my shoe. My nylon sock was ruined and torn by the Time i got home. I wonder Wat  the security guard ended up doing with my shoe ?


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