Big shot 3

Author – Cheyenne

Day five I got up and got dressed as always put my left boot on and today a white sock I had been wearing black because it wasn’t as noticeable but all my black socks where in the washing machine last night I remembered I had a pair of Adidas addisage super cloud slides I had got for Christmas a couple years ago so I started looking for them and of all things I could only find the right one.  So I have a left boot and right Adidas sport sandal so I was trying to decide if I should go to school wearing my left boot and my right sports sandal. I never wore the sports sandals much because I always walked out of them I guess it’s a redneck thing.  I’ve finally decided a sandal was better than the socked foot as I was getting ready to leave my mom said I don’t know what this is all about but if you’ve lost your boot you better be ready to come up with the money are due without.
I just look at her and said yes ma’am she laughed and said kids and their phases.  I get to school walked into the gymnasium wearing my boot and sports sandal a little bit later the two girls came up and sat down the hot girl reach down and lifted my leg and said what is this and slid the sports sandal off my foot then she lifted my other foot and said well you got one of them right and smiled.  A little bit later the kid that stole my boot came up and sit down. After the girls left, I ask him can I please have my boot back.
He looked straight at me and said that I like the way you look without your boot.  I’m not sure how to take that.  So I went on to class except today my white sock and sports sandal stuck out and everybody started giving me a hard time.  At the end of the day I seen the kid that stole my boot again and told him if he didn’t bring it back on Monday like he said there was going to be a problem.  He said I gave your boot to that hot girl that likes you.  It being Friday I tried to find her after school be couldn’t find her it’s going to be a long week end.  I go to a private school so I don’t see my normal friends during the week so none of them know I only have one boot.
I post again if any kind lets me vent lol


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