Big shots 2

Author – Cheyenne

On day three I got up and got dressed for school hoping the kid would bring my boot like he said.
I guess I should explain here that I go to a private school that is very lenient on dress code and that’s why the school hasn’t said anything we technically don’t even have a dress code
I get to school go to the gymnasium and wait for the kid to get there, that same girl walks up and sit down and has a friend with her and said see I told you he was cute I turned bright red her friend said what about the other stuff you told me.  she reached down and grabbed my right ankle and lifted my socked foot up and then reach down and grab my left ankle and lifted my booted foot up and said See I told you he was weird. The boy that stole my boot walked up and sat down.  I wanted to ask him if he brought my boot but didn’t want to ask in front of the girls, we all sat there and talked until the bell rang.  After they left I ask him if he brought my boot he said no he forgot he was sorry.  At lunch the girls came over and sat down with me and the new girl asked if I lost my boot are did someone steal it or maybe my foot was hurt.  The hot girl looks at her and said he likes being different she asked me is that true I said I guess, the whole time thinking I want my boot back and I’m going to be in so much trouble if I don’t get it back.  I couldn’t think of anything else to say and she just looked at me like I was a weird. 
On day four I get up and got dressed got to the front door and put my one boot on open the front door and it was raining my mom walk up and said I don’t know what this new style is you have going but I running late we will talk to night but you better not get your sock wet.  I literally hopped to the bus and when I got to school I hopped inside went to the gymnasium as normal and the girls were already there  so was the kid I walked over and sat down the a hot girl said let me see your foot so I put it in her lap and she touch my stock and ask how  did you keep it dry I looked at her and said I hop she died laughing and  she started tickling my foot i thought I was gonna die thinking this is almost worth it did I say she is hot because she is.  Her friend had to go to class early so she walked her to class.  I looked at the kid that had my boot and said I really need my boot back.  He looked at me and said sorry but I’m like those girls I like the way you look without a boot I like seeing your socked foot but I’ll bring it back Monday if you don’t ask again today is Thursday.  Fifth period Today was a free period and they’re all three in my class we were sitting talking and the girls ask me if I had a right boot that kid was sitting there so I just looked  down and said no.Hoping the kid didn’t say anything
More later if I don’t get it back this sucks


2 responses to “Big shots 2

  1. Just wondering this boot thing is on going is that the type stoty u want if not its ok just so you know it sucks he won't give it back lol


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