First time

Author – Benj

So, I just found this site. I was searching for the things that led me here because it looks like I’m kind of stuck missing a shoe for a while and I’m not really sure how to handle it.

I was taking the train to work this morning, but it was the first time I’d ever tried to use the subway during morning rush hour and I didn’t realize how busy it would be. Someone stepped on the back of my shoe, just a Nike Flex-Contour sneaker, and it fell off. I got off the train to get it back but I couldn’t see it anywhere; I thought it had fallen all the way down onto the track. I decided to wait and try to get it back somehow after the train left, but when it did my shoe was still nowhere to be found. I couldn’t be late to work, so I just bit the bullet and took a cab.

Work was humiliating all day. A few customers even asked what happened, but most just gave me a pity look. Thankfully my coworker gave me a lift home so I wouldn’t have to take the subway wearing one shoe, but it’s only now that I’m home that I realized how much trouble I’m in.

I just recently moved to a big city (I won’t say which, but a really big city) to start my first semester at a new university. I have no family here and they don’t have a lot of money, but this school offered me a scholarship for tuition and housing in the dorms so I pretty much had to come. I only brought what I could easily pack, so I only brought one casual pair of everyday shoes. So now I only have this one shoe in my dorm. I have no flip flops or slippers or dress shoes yet. I do have a job at a (insert brand here) coffee shop, but since I just started it will be a few weeks before I get my first paycheck, which I need because that stupid cab I took to work depleted me. I could tell my family, but I just moved here and I don’t want to tell them I screwed up already.

Anyway, there’s nothing I can do about it right now, so I better get ready to go back to work tomorrow with only one shoe. I hate that my shoe is black with a white sole, so no matter what color sock I wear it will be obvious.

Not so fancy dress

Author – Leon

When I was 14 My brother and I entered a ‘fancy dress’ competition which was organised as part of our towns celebrations of getting it’s charter in the middle ages. I was dressing as a safari white hunter. I had borrowed a wide brimmed hat and had painted a band of cloth to look like leopard skin and put it around the hat. I had a sand coloured safari jacket and shorts and knee length white socks, but I was stumped for shoes. I only had sandals and my old scruffy school shoes. After asking around I borrowed a pair of heavy dark brown brogues. The snag was that they were much too big. I put paper in the toes, but they were still difficult to walk in.
The day of the parade of entrants came and we all assembled. There were about forty entrants and we all had to parade round the local sports field. As most of the entrants were youngsters we were very well controlled by the stewards. As we were walking round the field I was having difficulty keeping the shoes on and when a girl behind me stepped on mt heel I just walked out of my shoe. In panic I tried to stop and retrieve it but a steward told me to get back in line and carry on! I wasn’t happy but I did walk on when the steward said he would get my shoe for me. I didn’t see him again! We were lined up and the judges examined us and asked us questions about our choice of costume. When they got to me one asked what was the significance of the one shoe, and I had to tell him that I had lost it. I went bright red and I felt something moving down below. I was awarded second prize and had to go up onto the improvised stage to collect my prize. I felt so embarrassed walking up onto the stage with one shoe missing in front of hundreds of people. When I came down I realised that I had a significant bulge in my shorts, which my brother found very amusing!!
After that I just wanted to lose a shoe again; it felt so exciting. And that is what started me on my shoe losing career, which is on-going.

Shoeless job interview

Author – Jman

James was on his way to interview for a job at one of the most prestigious computer firms in the city. There were several applicants that wanted the few positions that were being offered. James arrived at the CEO’s office and sat in the waiting room with the other applicants. One by one each was called in for his interview. As the interviews went on and James waited for his turn to go in, he noticed that the applicants went into the office wearing shoes but came out in their stocking feet. A few left the office wearing shoes and left the building but most were in their socks and sat back down in the waiting room in their shoeless feet.

It was finally James turn to be interviewed. As he walked into the room, he noticed two tables with pairs of shoes on them. James was told to sit down and take off his shoes and put them on the interviewer’s desk. James asked why he had to do this. The boss said that he liked to interview people with their shoes off because it makes them more relaxed and they speak more honestly and he gets a better picture of their true selves. James figured that made sense so he took off his black dress shoes and placed them on the desk.

The boss then said to James, “After you are finished with the interview, you will be asked to place your shoes on one of these two tables. On table contains the shoes of those who have been hired and the other table contains the shoes of those who will not be hired. Only I know which is which. After I have done all the interviews, the table containing the shoes of those who have not been hired will be cleared and the shoes on it will be thrown away. I will then call everyone in to the office and those who have been hired will come in and retrieve their shoes.” James replied, “So those who are not hired will lose their shoes?” “Correct,” the boss said, “We have so many applicants that are clearly not qualified or do not interview seriously because they really do not want a job but have to apply for one to meet requirements. Therefore anyone who is serious about working hear and confident in his qualifications and abilities is willing to risk losing his shoes If you want to withdraw your application, you can put your shoes on and leave. Otherwise we will begin the interview.”

James then did the interview in his solid black socks. He was then told to place his shoes on the appropriate table. James then returned to the waiting room and joined the other sock footed applicants. After everyone was interviewed, the boss called everyone into his office. One table still had shoes on it and the other had been cleared of shoes. The boss said to all the applicants, “If your shoes are on this table, you have been hired. You may pick up your shoes and show them to the personal manager and you will get your offices and assignments. Those of you who have not been hired. Your shoes have been thrown away and you will not get them back.” James shoes were among the shoes thrown away.

The new hires then started their jobs while those not hired left the building in their socks.

Shoe fallen down a cliff

Author – Andrew86

Today me and a friend of mine decided to go for a walk on a little mount near home, we thought that some activity would be good for us after eating a lot during the Christmas days. It was a beautiful day, quite warm considering the wintertime. Going up to the top of the mount on the ground there were several leaves fallen during autumn, a little damp due to the dew and the rain that has fallen in recent days. At a certain point, the path became narrow and on the right there was a steep slope. In fact, there was a protective barrier along the path. Since the path was narrow, I walked ahead and my friend followed behind me. Suddenly my friend accidentally steps on my right foot and I lose my grey vans, exposing my black and grey striped sock. As if that was not enough, my friend hit my shoe and, not even having the time to react, the shoe flew down the cliff. My friend started laughing but it wasn’t a very funny situation for me. Retrieving the shoe was impossible! He found it amusing and he also took a couple of photo. Unfortunately, the way to go home was still so long, nearly an hour of walking. I had to walk with only one shoe and a sock that got completely wet along the way. Luckily there were not many people on the path, we only met a couple of tourists who looked curiously at my poor dirty sock.

Shoes sucked off

Author – Lucylex

I went to a concert the other night and needless to say it was packed because of the holidays. I had to travel into the city and I rode the metro in. I was playing with my loose loafers the whole ride there. They slip on and off so easily and it’s tempting just to rest my feet out of my shoes sometimes. I made it into the city and made it to the venue where the show was and the place was filled from back to front. I made my way in and realized I was going to be struggling to move around in such a place and I was getting afraid someone might step on the back off my shoes or I would do that to someone else. I slowly fit myself into a nice area semi up front and watched as the show started. It was a rock show and people were starting to get roudy. People were bumping me and I was losing my balance and getting pushed around, not to mention the floors were sooo sticky every step I took it felt like I was stepping out of my shoes. It got so uncomfortable I was just going to make my way back to the bar when I got pushed and fully lost my balance stepping into a couple other people. I felt someone step on my left heel and my socked foot popped out of my shoe. I caught my balance but the flow of people pushed me towards the back of the venue and I slowly made it toward the bar. I realized I had lost my loafer in the scuffle and didn’t see it anywhere!! I scanned the floor as best I could but it was pitch black practically and I had been pushed to the back. My exposed white sock was getting Dirty and damp from the sticky venue floor and i was freaking out now that I couldn’t find my other shoe. I didn’t want to look anyone in the face but I could feel some stares coming from people walking by. I gave up trying to find my loafer and made my way to the bathroom area. Some girls made remarks about my Cinderella state and I could tel they were wondering what happened to my shoe saying things like “uh oh looks like someone got there shoe snagged” and laughing. I was ready to leave but I had taken the metro and it was going to be a long ride home with an exposed stocking foot.

Shoeless soccer player PT.2

Author – Shoelessguy7

The game was maybe 60 seconds from starting. Coach Alan said with a raised voice “Dylan, there you are! Quick, get to your position.” Dylan didn’t want anything to prevent him from getting in the game, so in a spit second decision he decided not to say anything about his predicament and made his way over to his position. The Referee blew his whistle and the game began. After a few minutes of play, Dylan had been up and down the field several times. He could see the tape on his left Adidas cleat was starting to detach, but he knew there wasn’t anything he could do about it, so he did his best to ignore it. One of Dylan’s team mates passed the ball over to him, but immediately afterwards one of his opponents was right next to him. The opposing player stepped on Dylan’s right cleat tearing some of the tape from top it. As he did this, Dylan briefly lost his balance giving his opponent the chance to steal the ball. After regaining his balance he turned around to see his opponent was already 15 yards down the field. Just ahead however were 3 defenders ready to steal the ball back. Dylan knew his team mates abilities so he decided to take a chance and headed toward his opponents goal instead. His confidence in his team mates was rewarded as they were able to get it back and the ball was then passed to Cody who dribbled the ball up to mid-field. Dylan noticed a weak point in the opposing team’s defense and raised his hand to try and grab Cody’s attention. Right at that moment at almost the same time, the tape on Dylan’s left cleat came all the way off and the tape on his right cleat ripped completely. All the sudden Dylan felt his cleats become very loose again. He looked down at his cleats as a natural reaction, and then almost jumped when he looked up to see Cody passing the ball directly toward him. While moving up to receive the ball Dylan ran right out of his cleats. Even so he received the ball cleanly and pushed down the field in socks. He maneuvered around a defending opponent and kicked the ball aiming for the upper right corner of the goal. The ball hit the bottom of the cross bar and slammed down at the back of the goal. The crowd cheered and roared for 10 seconds straight. Cody ran up to Dylan and gave him a strong high five. “How did you do that” Cody questioned. “You just scored a shoeless goal!” With a big smile on his face Dylan said, “who needs cleats, right?” “Show off,” Cody responded and gave Dylan a friendly shove with his shoulder. Dylan ran back to pick up his cleats, one in each hand, then headed back to the sideline where his coach was motioning him to come over. “What goal Dylan,” Coach Alan praised, “but what happened to your cleats?” Dylan finally was able to explain what had happened. “It could have been one of those 3” Coach Alan agreed, “but the question is what to do now? I guess I’ll have to sit you out the rest of the game.” “Please don’t do that coach” Dylan begged while slipping on his cleats. “Not after I was made part of the first team. Maybe I can sub in at goalie instead. I’ve played there before and won’t have to run around as much.” “Well I know you earned your promotion; after all I gave it to you,” answered Coach Alan. “Hey Brandon, come over here.” The goalie Brandon jogged over and agreed to swap. “Sure,” he said. “It gives me the chance to play another position.” “Alright, then go,” Coach Alan instructed. “Yes,” Dylan said with a silent victory motion and jogged over to the goalie’s position with his cleats again flopping off his feet. The 2 teams once again began kicking the ball up and down the field. A few times his opponents got close, but his defenders pushed them back each time. As he moved around his cleats slid on and off feet. There’s no way I can keep these on he thought, and then glanced around to see if anyone was looking in his direction. With no one seemingly focused on him, Dylan turned to face his goal then flicked his cleats over to the side of the goal post. He turned back to refocus on the game now defending his goal in socks. The game continued with both teams struggling back and forth. Dylan saved a few goals here and there but finally the game concluded with a score of 1 – 0. He was proud that his shoeless goal was the only score of the game. Dylan and his team ran from one side of the field to the other celebrating. He almost forgot that his cleats were still at the back of the goal so he ran back over to collect them. As he was walking off the field with his cleats in his left hand one of the opposing team’s players came up to him. It was the same boy that had shot him the menacing glance outside the locker room. “I guess it was pointless to take these. You were the only one to score a goal and you didn’t even need them.” The boy reached into his pocket and pulled out Dylan’s missing shoelaces. He tossed them on the ground then ran off before Dylan could respond. Seeing what had happened Cody walked up behind Dylan and said, “It figures it would be Jason. My cousin goes to his school and she says he tries to play dirty and is a big cheater.” Dylan picked up his laces, walked over and placed them in Cody’s hand. Cody gave Dylan a confused look, “aren’t you going to put these back in” he asked. “I don’t know” Dylan replied. “I kind of had a lot of fun without them, and well, like Jason said. I was the only one to score a goal and I didn’t even need them.” “Show off” Cody said again. Giving his friend another shove they both ran off to continue celebrating with the team.

Escape house pt.5

Author – Irsocks

Alex was the last to come out into the main room in the house. He noticed that he was not the only one who had lost something. He noticed Evan standing in one Vans sneaker and one sock. He smiled realizing that Evan had came into the house that way. RJ stood shoeless in his. socks. Jon stood in one sock and one bare foot. None of them were happy to have beat each room. They didn’t feel so bad about themselves when they saw Alex walking toward them bare foot with no shoes or socks. They were ready to leave and get their lost footwear back. Now that all of them were there, they could finish this. RJ read the card, “Congratulations on defeating the rooms. You solved the clues. Now as you leave this place, to get back what you have lost, you must leave in this order. Place your keys in the locks in this order and your items will be waiting for you on the other side”. They were no longer in the mood for more riddles or clues. They wanted to collect their footwear and go home. This had been a bad idea. They wanted to deliver a beat down to whomever sent them the free invite. They were determined to get out and get their stuff. They decided that it did not matter in what order they got out; they were going to get their footwear regardless. They placed their keys in the locks and turned them. A door slid open near them and they walked out. Evan screamed, “WAIT!”, but it was too late. The door slid shut behind them. They were outside on the front porch. Their sneakers and socks were nowhere to be found. They beat on the door demanding their stuff be returned. No one responded. There were no windows they could break out to get back in the house. They had no choice but to leave shoeless and sockless. What an experience. They asked Evan why he screamed wait. He said he had an idea as to the order the card was talking about. He moved everyone in order as to what they had lost… Evan one shoe, RJ both shoes, Jon both shoes and a sock, and Alex both shoes and both socks. As they walked home, Evan was the only one with a grin on his face. He was already use to walking with only one shoe since they always took his sneaker. Now they knew how he felt. What a sight it was to see four guys walking down the street each of them missing something. There was one guy with one sneaker, another in only socks, still another in one sock and one bare foot, and one guy with two bare feet.