Dream lost

Author – Shoelossfan

For starters this happened in a recent dream I had last night so not everything is remembered to the best of my ability.

So in the dream I was walking into a movie theater to meet up with two friends i have made on my new autism group (I recently joined on RL), as we were meeting up to go to the movies and just enjoy ourselves with a good film. After greeting one another and getting our tickets along with refreshments we head into the theater and start to settle in.

The opening trailers started to play and I was getting relaxed in my seat although a little bored by some of the ads so I start to slip off on my right blue Nike sneaker and start to dangle my shoe in the air while resting my right leg on the right knee, completely exposing my black socked sole with a blue heel. After a minute or two a better ad came on and during it my shoe slipped free from my blue socked toes and fell to the floor, though I didn’t hear it hit the ground because it was a loud scene.

Knowing my right socked foot was completely exposed and a little nervous I brought my foot down and started to hide it behind my left foot, though the girl who was sitting on my left side must had seen the shoe by her foot or something as when I looked over to her feet just as the movie was about the start I saw that she had trapped my shoe under her chair with her sneaker clad feet between me and it. I was a little embarrassed but tried to keep my cool and rubbed my socked foot against my still shod one in a bit of nervousness.


As the film continued to slowly started to play with my left sneaker since for whatever reason my left foot is looser in my shoes than my right, and I think the girl saw me doing this as she looked down and giggled since my left blue socked heel was a little exposed.

But around the midway point when there was some boring scene, I felt something start to tug on my left sneaker which I had slipped my foot back into though the heel was crushed down. and what I saw was the girls black right sneaker clad foot was pulling my foot towards her, thinking she just wanted to be playful I played along and let her pull my foot, though while she did I felt my left shoe slip off.

At this point I was really nervous since I didn’t know wat to do, but with one good tug she pulled my left sneaker off completely and set it beside my other sneaker, leaving me in my black sock feet’s with blue toes and heels and incredibly embarrassed as I rubbed my feet together.


Later as the credits rolled and the lights came the guy of the group Nate said he had to get up to use the bathroom and left me and the girl alone to wait for the end of credits scene. While I sat there ignoring all the names that worked on the feature I turned to the girl and whispered to her. “Say can I have my shoes back?”

“I don’t know do you want them back?” The girl whispered back with a little tease in her tone as I was completely red hearing that, But I soon said to her in a worried tone. “Please my mom will get really upset if I don’t have them.”

At which point he girl just smiled and slipped the left shoe back towards me using her feet, but not before taking out a not from her bag and putting it inside the sole of the shoe, which I only noticed when I started to put the shoe back on and find her number inside, I blushed but then my heart sank as I saw her pick up my right shoe by the laces and hear her say to me. “by the way I’m Emily and you really have some cute socks, I think you should show them off more.”

“Ah well thanks.” I blushed feeling completely crushed on as I watched the girl zip up her tote bag before she got up to leave leaving me one shod as my dream ended and I woke up.

12 thoughts on “Dream lost

  1. cinemas are a perfect place, to secretly slip off your shoes. I love to drop my shoes under the seat in front of me, which mostly is a step lower, so I have no chance to get them back without help. the whole movie I hope the person sitting there, doesn’t feel my shoes, while crossing the feet under the seat. you never know how he will react … 😉


    • the last time we went to the cinema to see Crawl and there was this guy sitting behind us and I guess he was shoe playing are something because his shoe hit my foot I felt him filling around for his shoe but it must have been just out of his reach I reached down and picked it up and put it in a backpack I don’t have any ideals who the pack belonged to. After the movie, we just sit there and the guy started looking for his shoe and finally, he walked out wearing his left black Nike and just a white no show sock. About an hour later I saw him with his friends walking around the mall still missing his shoe. I don’t think he really cared


  2. Cool story! Thanks for sharing. The Cinema I used to go to had a gap under the seat in front which got smaller the further back the row was. We got there late to see a film and had to sit near the back. I still played around with my converse but thought I would not touch the girl in front. Wrong! I took my right shoe off and left it under the seat in front to remove a bit of popcorn from my sock but when i felt for it again it was gone. I panicked a while then thought it maybe just out of reach so I tried to fish around with my left shoe half on my foot. I then felt something firm pushing my foot and a second later I was shoeless! She was then messing about nearher own feet and I was sure she was putting my shoes on! (I have quite small feet) I spent the movie shoeless and nervous but excited. When the lights came up I waited to see what happened but they just sat there for ages. My girlfriend wanted to go so I had to ask if she had seen my shoes. She said oh yes I thought I felt something! And then grabbed both my shoes from her bag and handed them to me. I wish they had just got up and gone straight after the movie and took my shoes. Maybe another time. 😊

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