Delivery boy fun

Author – Charlie

I work as a delivery boy for a pizza place in a pretty large city and I use my bike to deliver. For the most part it’s really fun and pretty easy going. There was one busy Friday night though that I’ll never forget. It was almost the end of my shift and I was working late that night. It was almost 2am and I had one last delivery to an apartment building in somewhat a seedy part of town. I deliver all over and I really wasn’t worried about it as I’m used to some of the more bad parts of the city from living here for so long. When I was pulling up to the building I noticed the front doors to the complex were closed and locked shut. I had to get buzzed in and I didn’t know the number of the person I was delivering to, only the apartment number inside on the 3rd floor. Usually I would call the store back and ask them for the number but since this was my last delivery for the night the store closed shortly after I left to take this pizza so I wouldn’t be able to get anyone on the phone even if I called. I looked around the side of the building walking my bike around and clacking in my loose loafers. I noticed a fire door someone was taking trash out of and after they went back in and before the door closed I caught it and started to walk in. I wasnt exactly sure if the main doors were locked for the night or if I could get in or out of those from the inside and I wasn’t sure if I let this fire door close I would be able to get out this way with out setting an alarm off so I tried to find something to prop the door open while I ran to the 3rd floor to drop this pizza off. Sadly there was nothing and I hated the fact of leaving my bike out in the open by a door that looked like it was somewhat frequently used. I really shouldn’t have worried so much but I did and I thought well since I’m already leaving my bike here and I’m only gonna be a few minutes, let me slip one of my loafers off and leave it propped in the door to keep it from closing all the way. I had a really bad feeling but the pizza was getting cold the more I stood there and thought about it. Finally my socked foot just slid out of my leather loafer and before I thought about it anymore my stocking foot was touching the cold concrete and I left my errant shoe in the door way. I walked inside the building and it was dead quiet and the sound of my other loafer clacking was making some noise so I slipped that one off to and left it a corner by the fire door for safe keeping. Now fully in my white stocking feet I patted around the hard floors looking for the elevator. I could not find one and came across the stair well that I took up. As I was walking up and got to the 3rd floor I heard a door below me open from the second floor and some girls voices. I was worried they were going down to the ground level and exiting the building by the fire door I just came into and left my shoes and bike at! I quickly rushed tip toeing in my stocking feet to the door of the person I was delivering the pizza to. I rang the door bell so quick and waited for them to come. Finally an older man answered and got a kick out of his delivery boy showing up in his socks! I was so embarrassed I really didn’t know what to say. He chuckled and gave me an extra tip because he thought I lost my shoes somewhere or got mugged for them. I didn’t explain much only because I needed to get back down stairs. After he closed the door I practically sprinted in my socks to the stair well almost slipping on the slippery concrete floor just to bolt down those stairs and get back to my shoes and bike. I finally reached the bottom floor only to find the 3 girls I heard in the stair well at the fire door looking at my bike and shoe in the door. My heart dropped and one of them saw me coming down the hall way approaching them. I’m not sure if they saw me in my socks or if they just weren’t sure who I was and knew they looked up to something but as soon as the others saw me they all started laughing. I started to power walk a bit faster down the hallway toward them when I heard one say, “hurry pick those shoes up and grab the bike”! I was really scared now and started to walk faster. One of the girls unwedged the loafer keeping the fire door open while the other picked up my loafer they had noticed in the corner by the door I left unattended. The 3rd one was already outside on my bike and before I could I get close enough to stop them they hurried out the door laughing and cracking up saying “looks like these are ours now” holding my shoes and “finders keepers loser!”. My heart dropped and I couldn’t believe I was really getting mugged for my bike and my shoes. I sprinted towards the door they just went through and when my socked feet touched the warm summer pavement the door behind me closed and locked shut and there was no sign of those girls. They must’ve sprinted somewhere with my shoes and bike! I never saw those girls or my belongings again and had a long walk home in my socks.

3 thoughts on “Delivery boy fun

  1. of course it’s not nice they stole your shoes intentionally! but I like the idea, to sneak around stairwells in stocking feet, risking that your abandoned shoes might disappear. It happened to me a few times, when people found my shoes and took them, without knowing I nervously was hiding somewhere at the upper floors, desperately hoping, they wouldn’t take my shoes! 😉


  2. Why would someone take your shoe & bike even in a cold night not sure, this doesn’t look fun to me, may be I am too old to take it as fun. Buy a pair of best loafers for boy ( or cheap Crocs. You did a great job by keeping your commitment of delivery, blessings.


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