When your mate gets set up

Author – Chinka Lad

The night before my mate went to buy some weed and my mate almost got set up for his Tn’s and almost robbed.

My mate call me the next day and goes the lad who tried to set me up last night is at the mall and is wearing a red Tommy Hilfiger jacket and just brought brand new Airmaxes in like alright I’m on my way now I’ll call u when I’m there.

I called my friend when I was there and he showed me to where the lad was and I confronted the lad Oi! heard u tried to rob my mate last night the lad goes nah I didn’t I’m like bull shit don’t lie to me.

He goes yeah I did try to rob ur mate for his cash and his tns, I grabbed him by his jacket put him against the wall and said take off your Airmaxes right now before I bash the shit out of you while he was taking off his airmaxes I grabbed the JD sport bag where he brought his airmaxes from and his old shoes were in there and I snatched his navy blue Lacoste hat off his head.

I asked the lad what kicks did he wear down to the mall to buy the airmaxes he replies tns I’m like what size are both ur tns and airmaxes he goes size 10 I reply mad my size.

He’s now taken off his brand new airmaxes he just brought and is now in his white Tommy Hilfiger socks I say to him take off your tommy socks too and put them in your airmaxes, he slowly takes em off his feet and puts them in his airmaxes then I grab his airmaxes and put them in the jd sport bag.

I tell the lad to take off his red tommy higher jacket and hand it over and once he unzipped his tommy jacket I see a gold watch and I go take off your watch too cunt and he removes his watch off his wrist and hand its over along with his red Tommy Hilfiger jacket.

I say to the lad if I hear about you trying to set up people again you won’t be so lucky.

I put in his $600 Gold Guess watch and put on his tommy jacket and Lacoste hat I took off my tns and Nike socks and put them in my tns and slipped on the lads white tommy socks and slipped on his brand new airmaxes on my feet and put my tns and my Nike socks in the jd sport bag in front of the lad who I just rolled for trying to set up my mate and told him to f* off and he walked off barefoot.


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