Shoe Repair

Author – Airmax

“I was visiting a friend a while ago, and while stepping into his home, my right shoe catches the doorstep. I didn’t fall over, but it ripped the front half of my sole from my shoe.
He lives right over some shops, and a shoemaker. He offered to bring it there quickly, and i could wait inside. He was back in a minute without my shoe.
It would be done by the end of the day. He has a no shoe rule in the house, so i wouldn’t be wearing them anyway.
We turned on the playstation, and by the time we were done playing, it was allready far too late to pick up my shoe and i was kind of fucked. My friend has far smaller shoes then me, and all stores where i could have bought new shoes were allso closed by now.
I was wearing black shoes with white socks, imagine how that looks with one shoe missing. Still i think it’s better then going outside in socks, no shoes at all.
My friend picked up my missing shoe the next day, and it took me about a week to get it back myself.


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