I need them back

Author – Whitesocksguy

I was messing about with some mates in a park 3 or 4 miles from home, we had been there most of the day and decided to head home, we were not all going in the same direction but Pete and I were so we headed off together. We had been walking only a few minutes and were at the end of the park when 3 guys older than us came up and demanded our money, we didnt have much so they took our watches and phones as well, they were not happy with that and wanted more,m we had nothing left. One of the guys demanded our shoes as well and reluctantly we handed them over. My converse were well worn but Petes Nikes were almost new he complained a lot but they still took them leaving us no choice but to walk home in our socks. We were both wearing white socks but by the time we had walked 3 or 4 miles they were no longer white. Not a good end to the day.


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