A long walk home

Author – Sambas Lad

Me and a mate had been out with mates in town and the time sort of passed without us noticing, my mate, Steve, looked at his watch and nudged me, yelling “we will have to rush to catch that last bus I don’t fancy the 5 miles walk home if we miss it”. W raced through town Steve’s size 10 Dr Martens thudding on the pavement, as we rounded the last corner we were just in time to see our bus puling away into the distance. Oh hell that means we are walking and so we set off with little entheusiasm.
It was not long before we were out of the town and walking down country lanes, we were both rather nervous of hitch hiking and kept our hands in our pockets. After 10 or so minutes a car pulled up and three lads piled out, leaving one in the driver’s seat. They seemed quite friendly and asked where we were heading and we told them, “that’s a long walk “ one lad said and it seemed to set them all off giggling, anyway, the older lad said, he was about 17 and a bit scruffy, “what have you got that is worth having ? wallets phones come on hand them over”. The group were crowding round in a threatening manner so we did as we were told thinking it would get rid of them. One lad asked Steve what size his DMs were, 10s replied Steve, Hand them over now, said the lad gripping Steve’s arm forcing him to bend over. Steve bent down and slowly unlaced his boots, still reluctant to take them off. “NOW” yelled the lad right in Steve’s face, the other lads were laughing at Steve’s plight as he handed over the boots standing there at the side of the road in his white footie socks. I had scruffy size 7 Sambas on so I guessed I was safe.
Two lads turned to me yelling “come on idiot get those trainers off”, I handed over my Sambas quickly leaving me in red sports socks. We were both frightened that the lads would want to continue this game but were saved by the bell when the lad in the car’s mobile rang and he beeped the horn to hurry them along, they all piled in the car with the parting comment “enjoy your walk “
Steve and I looked at each other and set off walking the lane in the direction of home. Our socks soon became muddy as we walked along and the road was not the most comfortable surface to be walking without our shoes. It was over an hour before we got to the outskirts of our village and though we were now on smoother pavements there were more streetlights and the risk of being seen was much greater. There was not much traffic and for a while we were not seen as we headed to Steve’s house – the plan was to borrow a pair of his brother’s shoes to get me home in.
As we turned into Steve’s estate a small group of lads were hanging about all a couple of years younger than us. When they saw our muddy socked feet they asked what happened and we told them and they could not stop laughing. We ran off to Steve’s house and I borrowed a pair of his brother’s shoes to go home, first throwing my trashed socks in the rubbish bin.
A night we will both remember for all the wrong reasons.

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