The charity shop

Author – Unlucky Lad

With very little money I needed a suit for a job interview, my mum suggested I visit a charity shop. So I went alone not wanting my mates knowing I was buying second hand clothes.
A bell above the door rung as I entered the small shop with just an old lady behind a counter. In my white tee, grey Superdry joggers and white Nike Air Max 90 trainers I wasn’t your average charity shop customer. I found a dark grey suit and tried on the jacket, as it fitted well I wanted to try on the trousers too. An empty room upstairs was used as a fitting room, inside was a chair and full length mirror. I kicked of my Nikes and replaced my joggers with the suit trousers. They fitted well, but the length looked wrong whilst wearing my trainers, so i went back downstairs wearing the suit and asked about shoes. ‘Don’t you look smart’ said the old lady as she pointed to a small selection of mens shoes by the the window. Nothing in my size but I found a pair of black loafers in a size 8, I kicked off my size 9 trainers and squeezed my feet into the loafers. Without a mirror in the shop I quickly went back upstairs to recheck the trousers with shoes. As I climbed the stairs I heard the bell above the door ring, I felt relieved to be upstairs away from any other customers as I didn’t want anyone to see me. The trousers fitted well wearing the loafers. As I got changed I could hear a voice ask ‘How much for the shoes?’ and the old lady replied ‘All shoes are £5 a pair’. ‘Bargain’ replied the customer. My new suit was a bargain too I thought. I put on my joggers and suddenly realised my Nikes where still downstairs. I got a big thrill knowing my unguarded trainers where in the shop below. When the customer left i hurried downstairs in my socked feet carrying the suit and loafers. ‘Any good?’ asked the old lady. ‘Shoes are too small’ I replied as I put the loafers back. I got a cold sweat as I discovered my Nikes where not where I had left them. I scrambled on the floor in my socked feet searching for them. I asked the old lady if she had moved them, she hadn’t but said she had just sold some white sports shoes. ‘You sold my trainers, you sold my fucking shoes for £5’ I said in despair realising I was now without any footwear in the centre of town. She was embarrassed by her mistake and offered me any pair from the shop to replace them. I told her none of them would fit. Her only advice was for me to go find the guy who bought them as he had left carrying my trainers in his hands as he no bag to put them in.
I apologised for swearing as I ran out of the shop into the busy street shoeless. As I searched for him my face was beaming red with embarrassment as people stared and my white socks where getting very dirty. I didn’t have enough money to buy a new suit, never mind replacing my trainers. If I could not find him I would have to get the bus home in my socked feet.

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