Unlucky lad in the library

Author – Omar

I was in the library scouting out people playing with their shoes and giving sock shows and happened to see a young boy in the corner sitting at one of the booths that had a connected foot space to the booth on the other side. As far as I knew no one was on the other side and this boy was playing with his shoes ALOT. They didn’t stay on his feet for more then a few seconds at a time lol. The more he played with them they would fall a bit father away and one of the times they fell out of reach of his feet. Showing his little thin white socks off to the whole library. I’m guessing I wasn’t the only one watching because someone came from the other side of the room out of the poor boys line of sight and sat on the other side of the booth. The poor boys loafers had fallen right in to the other sides foot space and the new guy who sat down practically kicked the errant loafers lingering under his side of the booth. The new guy who sat down didn’t waist any time and slowly slid the loafers completely over to him using his own feet and slowly picked them up and put them in a plastic bag he pulled out of his jacket pocket. He quickly got up and pushed his chair in walking away from the booth and leaving the poor boy on the other side in his stocking feet. I was getting excited just watching the situation transpire. I watched where the guy went after he walked off with his loafers. At the entrance of the library He met up with his friend and they were laughing over holding his loafers. They left and headed toward the buss stop. The poor boy sat there for atleast another half hour before realizing he was left there in his stocking feet. He had to go home in his little white socks to. His face was bright red when he realized someone nicked his shoes while he was sitting there. Panicking frantically looking under the table like they were there and he just wasn’t seeing them lol. It was exciting. He finally packed up his stuff and started walking out. One of the librarians asked why he was leaving in his socks and he asked if anyone had turned shoes in, obviously no one had and the Librarian couldn’t help but smile and giggle at his little white socks. He ended up leaving in them. I honestly couldn’t believe I had actually witnessed that.

15 thoughts on “Unlucky lad in the library

  1. sounds very exciting.I always find myself very tempted to try and steal someones shoes when I see them playing with their shoes and wear them


  2. One day I went to my school library’s reading room. There were only a few other kids, three or four girls and one boy, younger than me. He had been sitting at the table near end of the room. I took a place near the window, and sat down. I started to work, but at some point, that boy stood up and walked over to the librarian. Accidentally I looked in that direction and I noticed that he had only one shoe, the right one, and on the left foot he had only a gray sock with black toes and heel. He asked the librarian about something, than went to the rack, which she pointed out to him, he chose a book and returned to his table. I saw that he often glanced down at his feet and was clearly embarrassed. I began to discreetly observe the boy. I could see that his missing shoe is not under his table. First, he had his shoeless foot flat on the floor, then put it on that shod one.
    After about twenty minutes, that boy stood up from the table, picked up his backpack, gathered books from countertop and went to give them back to the librarian. He again put his left, shoeless foot on the other one, looking down. The librarian gave him his card and that boy left out.

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