Lost off stage

Author – Leon

I was interested in the story by Andrej about losing his ballet shoe during a dance performance and it reminded me of a similar incident when I was a member of a drama group. We were doing Shakespeares “Merchant of Venice” and I was playing a young servant. In one scene I had to run round and round the stage round the other actors. Our costumes were hired from a London company and it isn’t always possible to get exact fitting things. My Elizabethan court shoes were at least a size too big and although I had stuffed paper in the toes were still loose. 

One night, in front of about two hundred people, as I ran along the front of the stage, my left shoe came off and disappeared over the edge of the stage. There was no way I could get it back so I had to do the rest of the play with only a right shoe. The absence of a shoe was emphasized by the tights I was wearing. For the curtain call I abandoned  the right shoe as well! It is the only time that I have been seen with only one shoe by so many people at once.

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