Stalker stole my shoes and socks

Author – Shoelover

So I was sent an email by one of my followers to go to their apartment after he found out about my fantasies to get tied up and be in a shoeless state. I didn’t even know the guy but I gave him a chance. He also knows that I love walking around in my white sneaker socks so he said he wanted to have some fun with me. I felt like a part of me shouldn’t go and be around a stranger but I couldn’t let this exciting opportunity bypass. So I took the train and a bus to his apartment and I found his place. He texted me his number and said that the door was open. So I walk right in and I saw no one in the apartment. I got really spooked and I decided to wait for him on the sofa. I kicked off my sneakers and wriggled my toes while I waited. Then I saw the guy, he must have been 20 years older than me and had a devilish smile when he gazed at my long slender feet on the table. “Ah I see you made yourself comfortable my dear”, I slowly got a bit nervous because I then saw him sit next to me crawling his fingers up my leg. He said “Aw look at your poor tired feet, let me rub them for you”, I nodded nervously not knowing where it is going. So he took my socked feet and rubbed them, then he stripped me of my socks and tickled my feet. I couldn’t stop laughing and giggling. Then he was about to take my jeans off and I screamed “NOOO”. I ran away from him but he then whipped out rope and said “I haven’t tied you up yet!” I ran as fast as I could not realizing that I left both my socks and sneakers in his apartment. I was then running in the street and headed towards the train only to have people give me weird looks of why I was not wearing shoes or socks.


My School experience

Author – pardes boy

when i was boy in school in london, shoe confiscation was used a punishment for almost everything, talking back, coming late to school, running in the corridor ….

I was one of the first boys it happened to, i was in sixth grade when a new principal came, and he introduced the punishment, and shortly after he came, he called a boy from a yunger class and me to the office and took away our shoes for a day.

The school unifrom was basically grey, and although socks were not officailly included, virtually everyone wore grey socks.

When he took our shoes i was in tears, i had t to go to the classroom in my grey socks, and for recess we had to go outdoors, and i was stuck in socks the whole day.

he gradually started doing it more and more, until there was often a third of the class walking round in socks, by which stage it was much less embarrasing, and i even remeber boys playing soccer without their shoes.

For PE you were expected to particiapate fully in your socked feet, climbng ropes etc … the same applied to boys who had forgotten their sneakers at home.

It happened to me a second time on a wednesday, which was pe day, but by then i was more used to it, and that week there were so many of us without shoes that the teacher didn’t bother with the wallbars and ropes.

Eventually the parents and governors made the principal stop this punishment, saying it was abusive. [he was eventually forced out by government inspectors.]

Later, in high school boys would often wrestle each other to the floor, and then pull off the shoes. by this stage i started to find it exciting, and i often started wrestling with other boys knowing that one of us would end up in our socks.

Flying out

Author – David

 Last autumn I was feeling a bit down in the dumps so I booked myself a holiday in Cyprus, flying out from London Heathrow. I traveled to London by train, then got the tube train to the airport. I had to change lines and there was some delay on the last line and things were running a bit late. When the train came in there was a crush to get on and someone stepped on my heel and my shoe came off and fell down the side of the platform. I was already a bit late but I had to let the train go and try to get my shoe back. An employee looked along the track but said that there was no shoe there; maybe it went off with the train! I stood on the platform with sand coloured socks and one, left, dark brown shoe. I got the next train and dashed to the check in where they told me that the last call had been made and I should run. One of the staff came with me and hurried me through security, then I ran for what seemed like miles and got to the gate and onto the plane. The door was closed behind me and I was shown to my seat by a male flight attendant who said loudly “Have you lost your shoe?” So half the passengers knew

I arrived in Cyprus on a Saturday evening. No shops open until Monday! So I stayed around the hotel. Then on Monday morning I walked into the town wearing the left shoe and went to a shoe shop. The owner was amused that I had walked there with one shoe, and was surprised that I wanted to keep the odd shoe. I brought it back with me and have kept it as a reminder of a stressful but exciting trip. I sometimes wear just the one for fun!

School fun

Author – Sockedboy 

 Yesterday at school I was walking between rooms with my class. We had to go 2 floors up to another room to follow lessons. When we were almost at the first floor one of the guys thought it would be funny to take a shoe off my foot. I almost fell on the stairs as he took it off. When I turned around he was already downstairs trying to throw my shoe up on a ledge at the wall. This would not be such a problem if it was not so high. I think it is about 10 feet. At the third throw he managed to get it up there. Everybody was laughing because I could not reach it. I tried to throw my backpack but it was not a success. Then one guy said come on I’ll help you. He foulded his hands together so I could step up and reach it but half way up I lost my balance and fell down. He held on to my foot and of course that was the one with the shoe still on. Then this other guy shouted take that one too. I struggled but it was no use, he pulled it off my foot and threw it up the stairs to this guy. He ran off with it and now I stood there in my socked feet. There was no time anymore to try and get my shoe down. I had no other choice but going to class without shoes. I had to spend the rest of the day in socks. By the end of the day I retrieved my shoes at the janitor’s office. 


Author – Dennis 

 Just before New Year I was in the city one evening and went to have a coffee and something to eat. The place I chose was very busy so I went to the room upstairs. There was a group of young lads sitting at a table close to the top of the spiral staircase. One of them was wearing a pair of old worn loafers and had his legs crossed and was balancing  his right loafer on the end of his toes. The temptation was too much for me! As I passed him I knocked his shoe with my leg and it fell off. Not only did it fall off but it bounced and fell down the stair well to the ground floor. He was not pleased! I offered to go and get it , but he said he would do it himself, but said he would not go down the iron stairs in his socked foot and asked what size shoe I had. I told him 7. Then he asked for my right loafer. I gave it to him and he put it on and went down the stairs. When he returned he was wearing his own right shoe and didn’t have mine. He said that I could pick it up on my way out. So I got my eats and coffee and had it without a right shoe. While I was eating the group of lads left making fun of my missing shoe, so a lot of people saw me. When I was ready to leave I went down stairs to find my loafer, but couldn’t see it anywhere. I asked if anyone had found it but was told no. So one of my dreams came true; I had to get home with only one shoe. It was a strange feeling being in a busy place not properly dressed!  A strange but very exciting feeling! I must try to find a way of losing a shoe in public again; it was so sexy! 

All tied up

Author – Shoelover 

 So I was in the library one day and I was sitting in a cubby where you can see the person in front of you’s feet and sneakers if you wanted to snag their shoes hehe. I decided to be adventurous and kick off my new navy blue Avon sneakers with bright yellow laces. They really capture your eye’s attention and I thought it would be exciting to scoot them over to the person in front of me’s space. I was hoping he would steal my sneakers so every so often I would glance down the space to see if they were still there. To my surprise I saw him pack his stuff and then he noticed my sneakers laying in front of him. I saw him grab them and he then tied the laces together. I was confused why he would go through this trouble to tie my sneakers together and then I saw him leave. I looked to see if they were still there and thankfully they were there but I couldn’t get the knots out!hehe I decided to walk in my white socks because I couldn’t deal with the hassle of untying my sneakers. 

Walk of shame

Author – Jman

This year the new PE teacher implemented a new policy regarding those who came to class without their PE kit and shoes.  They would have to spend the class period walking around the gym with their shoes off.

The headmaster felt that this would also be a good way to spend a detention so detentions were held in the gym and for one hour after school “bad kids” would be in the gym padding around in their socks.  This became known as the “walk of shame.”

Needless to say, a friend and I got detentions for talking in class.  I was embarrassed about getting a detention since this was my first one.  My friend had gotten several detentions before.  He said that it was not the worst thing that could happen.  He did suggest that I wear two pairs of socks to the detention for extra cushioning when walking.  So I did.

The time came for the detention.  We waited outside the gym changing room.  When the door was unlocked we went inside.  we sat down and began to unlace our shoes.  We took off our shoes and left them under the bench and we proceeded into the gym in our stocking feet and sat down.

The detention supervisor then told us to begin walking.  We walked around the gym with our shoes off.  It was not that bad on the feet.

When the detention was over, we proceeded to go to the changing rooms to get our shoes.  However, we were not able to get them back.  There was a ball game that night and the visiting team had placed their equipment in the locker room.  It was explained to us that once the visiting team was there, no one was allowed in.  We replied that we just wanted to get our shoes.  That did not matter.  We were told that we would have to wait until after the game and everyone had left before we could go in there to get our shoes.

We attended the game in our socks and received lots of comments and questions about not having shoes on.  After enough of this we decided to go into the changing room during the game when no one was looking to get our shoes.  

We left the changing room, we were caught coming out and were asked why we were in there.  We explained that we needed to get our shoes.  We were told that no one could go in the changing room while the opposing team was there because if something of theirs was stolen, we could get blamed for it.

The next day we were called into the head master’s office for breaking the rules.  He told us to take off our shoes and he put them on the shelf.  We would get them back after serving another detention.