Author – BB

A true and shame story… 

We were on a cruise, 

The last night of the cruise you were supposed to take out of your bedroom your luggage at exactly 9PM, so they could arrange the disembarkation the following day. You only need to leave a compete set of clothes for the latest day. 

My girlfriend and I were arguing about something the exactly same night. I was so mad, And we got off the cabin still disusing something. When we got to the bar, she told me you were not wearing any shoes. I was wearing some Adidas sport pink socks because they were the only clean left. At the moment, I was mad, dint’t care, so I told her I was fine. She even told me are you sure you keep a pair of shoes for the disembarkation, and I said YES! 

We took some drinks at the bar and forgot about the incident. That night the ship were presenting a movie premier I want to see and told her to get off the bar, back to the stateroom to fill the paperwork for the disembarkation, so I could get the movies on time. 

We got to the stateroom, and I was sure that my sneakers were there. My girlfriend got into the restroom, and I start looking for my shoes to go to the move… And they were gone… 

I started to look frenetically everywhere, and they were not there. 

Some how I put them on the suitcase, and I will find them the next day at the port… 

When my girlfriend realized, she took a big simile and told me what are going to do? 

I told her I would go to the store and buy a pair of flip flops, and then go to the movies. I got the stores, and they were closed… 

So there was nothing to do… 

I went to the movies shoeless, wearing Nike PINK socks, only thinking about the disembarkation shoeless…. 

After the movies, I went to the bar expecting no one looked at my feet. 

I meet some girls at the bar, and they realized that I have Nike’s sport PINK socks… yes they were my last pair… On my defense … they were less expensive than the black ones…. 

They really got fun out of the situation… 

Suddenly one of them told us to go for a smoke, She told me hey you pink socks go with us… 

After a couple of drinks I got back to my room shoeless… 

Expecting the following day to disembark in PINK socks…. 

My girlfriend told me, look what I found a pair of shoes… I was so relief… 


I will get it back …

Tomorrow we’re going on a cruise again. She has the suitcase packed… 

But… She will only find … 

-A pair of converse a left red and a right white, 

– A pair of running sneakers one orange and one red without laces, 

– Formal shoes … gone… 

And the socks… mismatched pairs … Yellow… Red… Green… 

And the Rest of the underwear …   

Stitch Failure

Author – Leon

Last autumn I had to go to London for an interview so I dressed smartly and wore my favourite  loafers. They were far from new but still good looking. I went for the interview, which was over very quickly, then went to an art gallery for an hour or so then decided to go to Dulwich gallery which was a train ride away, Walking to the station I could feel that my right shoe seemed to be a bit loose. On the train I took it off and looked at it and found that the stitching of the part that goes over the instep had started to come undone. When I got to Dulwich I looked for a shoe repair shop, but the owner didn’t have any machine to do stitching. I was already imagining it coming undone and the loafer falling off, and as I walked to the art gallery it did come more undone. I got to the gallery and started to look around and I was already having difficulty keeping my shoe on. Afterwards I went to have something to eat and by this time the whole of the side of my loafer was coming undone. On the way to get the train back to the centre of London I lost my shoe a couple of times and had to pick it up and carry it. When I got to the centre I didn’t think it a good idea to walk around with one shoe missing so I put it on again and had a few more ‘losings’. I was so fed up with this that when it came off and fell between the train and the platform I decided to abandon it. I got an instant thrill as I got on the train with only one shoe and realized that this was what I really wanted all along. I spent the rest of the evening walking around London with only a left black shoe and a light grey sock and a bulge in my pants! 

Clogs at a carnival

Author – Stephen

hi, I love to ‘play’ with my shoes, slipping them off at the cinema, bars, office, just everywhere. the risk, that they might disappear is very thrilling. but I’m very ‘foot shy’! if it really would happen, I would die of shame! I love the imagination, when I’m sitting somewhere in my socks. last week we had carnival in some areas, so I took the train to one city and booked a hotel near the center. I disguised as a fisherman with a blue/white striped shirt and wooden clogs. I did not take other shoes with me, so it would be even more thrilling, when I dared to slip off my clogs. I arrived on satureday and if it really would happen, the shops were closed on sunday. On the ride I already got funny looks, because clogs were not the best choice. we had chilly days. When I arrived at the main station the streets were crowded. I quickly got to my hotel, left my coat at my room and went off. I didn’t plan to stay outside for long. I went to the first bar near my hotel but it was to crowded and they didn’t let more people in. so I walked down some streets until I found one, were I entered. It was also very crowded. somehow I managed to get a place at the bar and ordered a beer. I was jammed. no way to move. but it also was perfect to secretly slip one of my clogs off. nobody would notice. I put my socked foot on my shoed foot and left the abandoned clog in front of my feet. I had white thin sneaker socks, so there was a little risk, someone would look down and notice my shoeless bright white foot. but nothing happened and after a while I slipped back into my clog. after some more beers I got bolder. I carefully slipped one clog off again and put my foot on it. then clog number two. now I stood on my clogs! this way they couldn’t get kicked away and I was in the crowded pub in my stocking feet! I imagined my clogs were gone. sometimes I noticed some guys looking down. did they notice my little ‘game’? before something happened, I wanted to get my clogs back on. and I had my first problem! standing on my clogs, I had pressed the leather down and couldn’t get my toes in! and I couldn’t get down, to open it with my hand. I was squeezed between all the guys. Now I got nervous and hectically tried to get my toes back into my clogs. then something happened I hadn’t thought of! people around me started to dance and push each other around! I had no chance! I was pushed away from my place … and my shoes! suddenly I found myself some feet away from the bar desk and it was immediately filled up with other guys. desperately I tried to get back, but I’m not the biggest. It was useless! people started to look at me, because I was the only one not dancing, trying to find a way to the bar. I heard “haha, he lost his shoes”! “look at him! no shoes” and laughter! it took an eternity before I was back at my place … no clogs!!! oh no! they were gone! kicked away! frantically I scanned the floor. omg! where were my shoes??? I stood in a crowded pub, in white socks! I was the laughing stock! I felt my face blushing! helpless and near panic I stood on tip toes, not knowing what to do. “hey dude, where’re your shoes?” “hehe! cute socks!” surrounded and squeezed in by dozens of carneval revellers, who enjoyed my shoeless predicament! I had no choice. I fled the scene and hopped out into the crowded streets in my white socks! I tip toed around, not knowing how to get to my hotel. I was lost … in a foreign city … no shoes … no coat … not enough money for a cab. even if I had money … I couldn’t remember the name of the hote!!!

Amazing coincidence 

Author – Kevin

This sounds very strange but I swear it is true.

A few years ago I was living in the northern suburbs of Sydney, about nine miles out of the city. I didn’t drive and the bus service wasn’t very good so I sometimes hitched a lift down the Pacific Highway if I was going out for the evening. As I have always had a thing about losing shoes sometimes when I got picked up I would let my left shoe fall into the gutter as I got in the car. The driver never seemed to notice. Then I would spend the evening in the city, go for a drink or go to the movies, with one shoe which gave me a thrill. Then I would hitch a lift back up to where I left my shoe and pick it up.

One night I was late going home and walking up the Highway, one shoe on, one shoe missing, when a police car pulled up. The officer asked where I had been, where I was going etc. Then told me to get in the car. Not wanting any trouble I got in and the driver took off up the road and did a u turn and headed back towards North Sydney. He turned off the Highway into a street with older houses and stopped. One officer got out and went to a house and came back a few minutes later and told me to get out and go with him. I was embarrassed because I only had the one black shoe and a light blue sock on my left foot. I  was taken to the house where a man looked me over, looked at my odd feet and spoke to the officer. “No that’s not him” he said. I was told to get back into the car. After a while the officer came back and explained. The man and his wife had returned home to find two young guys in their house. When they entered the guys made a dash for it pushing past them, but the man tackled the last one and pulled him to the floor and tried to hold on to his feet but he struggled free but left   his shoe in the mans hands. I just happened to be walking up the highway just a mile or so away wearing one shoe!! The officer apologised for delaying me and asked where I lived. I told him and they drove me home. The problem was that my left shoe was sitting up on the Highway several miles away. I went to get it the next morning. It was still there but had been almost destroyed; it must have been run over by trucks or buses. It was a write off!    

Stormy Weather

Author – Leon

I had been at the cinema and had had some fun with my shoes. I always take them off in the dark and hope that they will be kicked away and I will have to look for them. One was moved some rows of seats in front and took a little while to find. One of the staff saw me looking and asked if I had lost something. I felt embarrassed telling him that I’d lost my shoe! Anyway I found it and left the building. It was raining heavily and I had to cross a busy road to get to the bus stop. Dodging the traffic I ran across the road and as I got nearly to the other side I made a leap for the footpath and my left shoe came off and rolled. I landed on the footpath and looked round for my trainer but couldn’t see it in the road. Just a few feet away was the opening of a storm drain and I guess thats where my shoe went. I could hear the water pouring into it and it seemed to be deep so there was no hope of finding my shoe. I walked to the bus stop and got the next bus home. By this time my white sock was sopping wet and dirty and as I got on the bus several young guys made comments. When I got off the bus the young guys got off too and one of them said, very loudly “Youve lost your shoe” for all the people waiting to get on the bus to hear. I said it was embarrassing and he said that it wasn’t bad to lose a shoe; he said that one night he had been out with friends and on the train home they had stripped him and thrown his clothes out of the train window. He got off the train and walked home in his briefs and socks! So I guess losing a shoe isn’t so bad after all.

My speciality

Author – Al Wunshu

Since I was a little boy I have been fascinated by the Idea of losing a shoe; I guess Cinderella has a lot to answer for! When I was fourteen I was going on a paper round with a friend on his bike. We finished the round and were going home. I was riding with him on his bike when, going downhill his brake cable broke and we couldn’t stop. We crashed into a lorry, which was cornering on the wrong side of the road. We were both catapulted off the bike and landed in the road.  His shirt was torn and he had a nasty gash in his arm; I wasn’t hurt but my pants were torn and my right shoe was missing. The police and ambulance were called and we were taken off to the small local hospital, me still without a shoe. Despite the embarrassment of having my right buttock exposed through the rip in my pants I felt very excited having only one shoe and I was looking forward to leaving the hospital and going home wearing only the one shoe. But then one of the policemen who had been at the scene came in with my right shoe. I felt very disappointed. The shoe had been found in a garden near the accident. 

After this I started slipping one shoe off in all sorts of places, I guess hoping that someone would move it or even steal it. I used to go to a club and the quickest way home was to cut across the park. I would take one shoe off and keep it under my coat and pretend that I had lost it. But this wasn’t good enough. One night I hid my right shoe and went for a walk with one shoe and a white sock. I got some odd looks, but I found it very exciting. When I got back to collect my shoe it wasn’t there; someone had taken it. So for the first time I had really lost my shoe. I had a very arousing walk home, and found it so great that I started to ‘lose’ shoes on purpose, usually very much in public. I devised ways of losing a shoe in a place where I could get it back. The favorite thing was to let it fall between the platform and the train, then travel for maybe three or four stops before going back to see if I could get it back. Station staff were very good. But things can go wrong. One evening in London I did this on the underground, but when I got a staff member to get it for me it wasn’t there. He said it must have got caught up on the train and gone off with it. So there I was in the centre of London, on my way to a concert, with only one shoe. That was not planned; but it was very exciting. I went to the concert, then had to travel 70 miles home by train with one black loafer and one white sock. I was aroused most of the journey!


At the movies

This is a fantasy story, but loosely based on true events. 😜

A friend and I went to the movies. We got there pretty early so we’re waiting for the trailers to start and there weren’t many people in the screen we were in. He was wearing some lo top converse and I was wearing some lo DC’s.

We were just messing around and I realised that his converse would fit through the gap between the seats on the floor. He wore them pretty loose so I managed to surprise him by hooking my foot round his heel and getting his converse off. Before he could react I had pushed it through the gap in the seats. It fell down the step into the row infront which was currently empty.

I started laughing and, as I was laughing, he reached down and grabbed my foot, pulling off my DC. I tried to grab ur but the threw it over the seats so it was now also in the row infront.

Whilst we were messing about seeing who was gonna go get our shoes, we noticed 2 guys heading up the row infront of us. The trailers had started by now so the screen was semi dark. They sat right in front of us.

We looked at each other. There was no way we were getting our shoes before the end of the movie. I was hoping they wouldn’t see them in the semi darkness but we couldn’t be sure. My friends converse was under the seat but my DC would be right in the middle of the row.

The movie started and we were sat there in one shoe each. To get more comfy, I put my leg up so it was resting on my other leg. After a few minutes, my friend grabbed my DC off my foot and kept it next to him. 

I was now sat in my white socks and couldn’t doll anything to get my DC back as the movie was on. Then my friend said he needed the toilet. As I saw him leave I realised he had my DC on one foot and his converse in the other.

Whilst he was gone I realised the rather large drink I had bought was making me need to pee as well so I waited till he got back and asked him for my shoe as I needed to pee. He replied by saying, ” you get my converse, I’ll give you your shoe”. There was no way I was getting his converse during the movie and I really needed to pee so I had to go in my socks. 

I picked the wrong timing as when I got to the toilet, I realised another movie had just finished and there were loads of people. I managed to get into a stall without too many people noticing my shoeless dilemma. I could feel the slightly damp floor seeping into the material of my socks and quickly left keeping my head down and got back to my seat.

The rest of the movie happened and it finally finished. My feet were getting cold and I couldn’t wait to get back into my dcs. I’d kept an eye on the guys in front and they didn’t seem to have noticed the shoes in their row.

The film ended. We sat and waited for the guys infront to leave, and most of the other people so we didn’t get too many weird looks. They left.

I asked my friend for my shoe and he just smiled at me. ” where’s my shoe” I asked. He just smiled and said, “while you were in the toilet, I pushed it through the gap in the seats to the row infront.” he started laughing. I smiled and stood up.

I climbed over the row to find my dcs. They weren’t there. I searched under the seats but they weren’t there. I found a converse, but it wash my friends. It was lo but white, my friends was black. I laughed and threw it at him, “there you go” I said. He looked really annoyed but put started to put on the mismatched converse.

I was still screwed, but I thought I’d check the row infront. I spotted something. I jumped over the row and found a pair of shoes, but they weren’t mine. They were a beaten up pair of DC court graffix. They were once white but weren’t now. The guys must have been skaters because the laces had been tied together and the sides were all scuffed. I had nothing else to do so I slid my foot into one. It was slightly damp, felt pretty loose and I could feel the guys foot indent in the sole. My dcs were pretty new but the ones I now had on my feet really weren’t. 

My friend and I left the theatre but didn’t see the guys, or our shoes again.