My teacher

Author – A student

So today started off like a normal school day. I got up, got a shower, got dressed and then got on the bus. Today I was wearing a white sweatshirt, ripped jeans, and white high top Air Force Ones. When I got to my locker I got my binder and then went to talk with my friends in the hallway. Then at the last minute we all went to class. When I got to first period which was math I realized I did not have a pencil. I then asked the teacher if I could borrow a pencil and she said yes if I give a collateral. I asked what collateral. She then said I can borrow a pencil if I give her one of my shoes. I said fine and bent down and started to untie my right shoe. After that I then slipped off my right shoe revealing my white nike sock. I then could start to smell my shoe. I then handed her my shoe and she then placed it in her desk. I then sat down in my seat and started to work on my assignment. When class was over I asked my teacher if I could borrow her pencil for the rest of the day since none of my other teachers would let me borrow pencils. She said sure but your shoe stays here. I then walked out of the class room with one shoe and a sock. When I got to my next class the teacher asked me where my shoe was. I told him that my math teacher took it. He then just shook his head and then started to teach. Then after that class I went to my next class. After I walked in and sat down I took a glance at the bottom of my sock. It was slightly dirty but I did not really care. After class was over I went to lunch. All my friends asked where my shoe was and I told them that my math teacher took it for a pencil. They all laughed. After lunch I finished my last 4 classes and walked back into my math teachers room to get my shoe back. When I walked in I handed her the pencil and she then pulled out a shoe. But it was someone else’s shoe. Then she pulled out another and she said is this your shoe? I told her no it is a white high top. She said no there are no white high tops. I said well you better find my shoe. She said I don’t know where it went and she then said sorry. I then walked out of the classroom and got on the bus. I then looked at the bottom of my sock and it was full of dirt and hairs. Thanks to my teacher I have nothing to wear but socks on my right foot. Comment if this has happened to you guys.

Delayed revenge

Author – Lucas

Me and my mate Harry heard that our old school was getting demolished so we got a bus one evening to go take one last look at the old place. It was ten years since we attended the school and we wanted to go inside and look around. The place was derelict and protected by a high fence. We walked the fence perimeter looking for access when a security guard appeared. “Well if it isn’t Harry and Lucas” he said. We didn’t recognise him. “It’s me Nev, we where in year 10 together” he said. He was now a 6ft bearded giant far from his wirery schoolboy frame of years ago. We explained our presence, “Come back in an hour when everyone has gone, there’s a gate from the field at the rear” he said before walking off.
Over a beer in a nearby pub we reminisced about our school days and how we picked on Nev the ‘nerdy kid’ who was now a security guard built like a brick outhouse. A few beers later we walked across the field, the bottom of our trainers where getting muddy. Nev locked the gate after we entered. Inside the building we stumbled over some copper piping strewn across the floor, “Can you just stack that piping next to the door lads, it’s getting dark and we don’t want to fall over it on the way out” he asked. We gathered up all the copper and placed it by the door. As we explored we started to remember our teachers and their nicknames we gave them. In the sports hall, Harry laughed “Superman would of confiscated our shoes for just wearing them in here” referring to our old P.E. teacher who looked like Clark Kent as he pointed to our muddy shoe prints we had just put on the gym floor. Inside the main building we climbed the stairs and walked along the corridor, I recognised the classroom used for detention and said “We managed to avoid this place”. Nev replied “Yes, but at my expense, I spent too much time in socked feet in that room because of you two”. Harry laughed but Nev reminded us both that we bullied him into taking the blame for everything. As we walked inside Nev closed the door and said menacingly “Time you two experienced my humiliation” He took off his jacket revealling his rather muscular arms and chest. “You’re getting detention” he said flexing his muscles as he demanded we both sit on the empty classroom floor, we told him we where leaving. “Even if you both think you can take me on and get out the door I’ll just call the police” he said. “Trespassing isn’t a crime” I said. He replied “But burglary is, your fingerprints are all over that copper piping that you placed by the exit and your shoe prints are all over the sports hall, you’ll get caught” With a smug grin he again told us to sit on the floor. “Detention or a night in the police cells and a criminal record”. Harry looked at me, I said we where just kids back then. He leaned against the closed door and got out his phone “Police it is then”. I reluctantly sat on the dirty floor quickly followed by Harry. Nev put back on his jacket, his muscle flexing intimidation had worked, he said “Now you’ve accepted your detention I need to confiscate your property so empty your pockets”. Harry protested but Nev intimidated him by pretending to take off his jacket showing his chest. We took out our phones and wallets, Nev placed them in his pockets.
Then with a big smile on his face he said “Detention also means shoe confiscation” This time I protested “You’ve made your point, we’re all adults here, give us back our stuff, it’s not school, it’s not detention and I’m not taking off my shoes”. I stood up, Nev squared up to me, his huge frame was intimidating. “You are in a school, you wanted to be here, you are getting detention so take off your fucking shoes” he shouted. I sat back down and pulled off my new black/burgandy New Balance 500 trainers as Harry took off his grey Adidas Originals LA trainers. “Now cross your legs and put your hands on your head” he said as he picked up our shoes “Now you know how humiliated I felt all those years ago sat shoeless on that floor after being bullied into taking your punishment”. Harry attempted some empathy as he said “As a grown man having my shoes confiscated and sitting on this cold floor in socked feet with hands on my head like a naughty schoolboy is probably more embarrassing and humiliating”. Nev looked down at Harry’s black socked feet, pleased with his humiliation. Nev said he’d wanted his revenge on us both for years and couldn’t believe his luck when we both appeared earlier this evening.
Nev then said he needed to leave us to go do his job of security checking the building. He again warned us not to leave even in our socked feet as he’d still call the police. He left with our phones and wallets in his pockets and carrying our shoes. I must admit I got excited watching someone walk off with my trainers leaving me in my socks, perhaps I should of gotten detention at school afterall. It didn’t last long as reality kicked in realising I was now shoeless.
I stared at my white socks and told Harry “What if he doesn’t really work here and he’s just robbed us, how long do we wait to find out”
We are two shoeless men, stranded or trapped in a derelict school not knowing if we had been robbed or being punished.
It was now dark outside and inside the empty classroom, we had no phone, no money and no shoes!
Do we stay or leave?
What would happen?
What would you do?

School interview

Author – Jman

This is an interview done at shoe loss middle school

Reporter: This school looks just like any other school. There are classrooms, cafeteria, gym and library. Yet, this school has something that many schools do not have: a shoe store. We asked the principal about this. I notice that your school has a shoe store in it. How did that come about?

Principal: It has to do with out discipline policy. When students break the rules instead of giving lines or detentions we take their shoes and sell them to raise money to get things not covered in the budget. It all started about 15 years ago. We had a problem with students wearing street shoes on the gym floor. Students were told again and again to take off their shoes before going into the gym and they kept going on the floor with shoes on so one day the coach told those on the gym floor to take off their shoes and give them to him. We then made the rule that those who walk on the gym floor with street shoes would have to forfeit them over to the school. We then needed to figure out what to do with the forfeited shoes. We decided to auction them off and use the proceeds to pay to repair the damage to the gym floor. Due to the success of the auction we started doing shoe confiscations for violations of other rules. We felt that having students having to lose something was an effective punishment and rather than paying a teacher to supervise detention we could actually make money by selling the forfeited shoes.

Reporter: What to the parents feel about this policy

Principal: There have been some who do not like it. Our hope is that students and parents will get tired of always having to buy new shoes and so the students will start to follow the rules.

Reporter: We also wanted to know what the students felt about having to lose their shoes.

(The reporter goes into the hallways and notices several students in their socks and goes up to talk to some of them. He comes up to a girl named Leanne. She is wearing solid pink socks.)

Reporter: I see you lost your shoes, what happened?

Leanne: I was late for class and had to give up my brown flats.

Reporter: Do you think that was fair?

Leanne: Yes, I deserved to lose my shoes. I should not have been late for class. In fact I even told the teacher to have a nice day as I gave her my shoes.

(Next the reporter comes to Andrew, Caleb and Daniel. Andrew has white socks and Caleb has black socks and Daniel has brown socks.)

Reporter: I see you also lost your shoes.

Andrew: Yes, we lost them for talking and giggling in class, my white tennis shoes and their brown deck shoes.

Reporter: How did it feel to lose your shoes?

Andrew: It was fun. I have lost five pairs of shoes so far this year and I plan on losing more. In fact I act up on purpose so I will lose my shoes. I think I have the record for most shoes lost in this school.

Caleb: That’s right. In fact Andrew convinced my to come to class late with him one day so we would lose our shoes together. At first I didn’t want to lose my shoes but once I lost them I wanted to do that again and now I lost a second pair.

Reporter: Doesn’t it bother you to have to keep spending money on shoes?

Andrew: Not really. I come from a family that can afford it.

Caleb: Losing shoes and having to go around in my socks makes buying shoes again and again worth it.

(Reporter sees Alex who is wearing black socks with red toe and heel.)

Reporter: How did you lose your shoes?

Alex: I left my homework at home and had to give up some red and black tennis shoes. I hated it because they were my favorite pair.

Reporter: Do you think that it is fair?

Alex: No. You do the slightest thing here and they take your shoes.

Reporter: One lesson that you learn at this school. If you break the rules make sure you have cheep shoes and clean socks with no holes.

“I’m sure you understand that I would prefer not to have to do this”

Author – Derek

“Derek”, a boy from a younger class poked his head round the door into the third form’s classroom. “Derek, Mr. Hunter would like to see you”
It was Derek’s first year in this private school. His father had started a new job with a large company, and the company were corporate sponsors of a large private school, so Derek’s tuition had for the school had been a part of the renumeration package. And it was very different from his previous school. In his previous school the boys had worn whatever they wanted, normally wearing jeans and sneakers while this school had uniform black blazers and trousers – basically a suit – with a blue or white shirt and matching tie, with school shoes. Although Derek had found it a bit uncomfortable at first – especially the footwear – he was starting to enjoy walking around like a businessman.
Derek went along to Mr. Hunter’s office. This too was a far cry from his previous school experience. While his previous headmaster was a red faced surly fellow, full of sarcastic insults and rude monikers, Mr. Hunter was a soft spoken fellow.
“Derek,” Mr. Hunter asked “Please bring your sports kit.”
Derek wasn’t sure what was happening, but he went to fetch the kit nonetheless. Did Mr. hunter suspect that he was keeping something wrong in his kit?
He returned to the office, where he was told to put his kit in the corner. “Now bring a chair round here.” Instructed Mr. Hunter.
Derek did as told and sat down next to the headmaster – a far cry from his previous school where the headmaster had always screamed at them from over the desk.
Mr. Hunter opened a ledger, where he showed Derek the black marks against him, patiently telling showing him which teachers’ homework he had missed, when he had come late etc… Derek nodded. He knew the rules. Eight black marks and he would be given rubbish duty.
But he was surprised at what was coming. Mr. Hunter opened another ledger, pointed to a line and told Derek to read it out loud.
Derek read. “If a pupil is assigned rubbish duty a third time in one term, he shall do it without footwear. His footwear will be returned to him at the end of the following school day.” Derek felt his face go white. In his previous school he had lost his sneakers a couple of times, but for relatively short amounts of time. Now he was talking about a whole day, plus cleaning up the schoolyard.
Mr. Hunter asked Derek to lift his feet. To his amazement Mr. hunter undid his laces and then put Derek’s black socked feet on his lap. Derek felt himself grow hot and cold as the headmaster did this.
“I’m sure you understand that I would prefer not to have to do this” Mr. hunter said. “it is probably more difficult for me than it is for you” Derek doubted it but he was grateful for the sympathy. Then Mr. Hunter continued “thankfully it is already December so I assume this will be the only time I have to do it this term.” Derek blushed, realizing that the headmaster had politely told him that he was the only pupil to have received twenty four black marks since September.

Derek returned to the classroom shoeless. The corridors were tiled and were cold, if not uncomfortable. The classroom was carpeted with carpet tile, which were abrasive rather than comfortable, but above all Derek felt he would die from humiliation.
It was almost the end of the schoolday and after a short while the bell rang. Derek remained seated for a few minutes, hoping that less people would notice his socks. After a few minutes when he felt confident that there would be less pupils in the corridors, he rose and went to the janitor’s room.
The janitor, a jolly fellow known as Mike was expecting him. “Ooh, we’re in socks today,” he said playfully pressing his heavy boots onto Derek’s toes. “Such fun” He handed Derek a broom and followed him to the classroom.
Derek knew the procedure. First he lifted all the chairs onto the desk then he swept the floor, and then vacuumed. Then he swept the corridors, leaving them for Mike to mop. Finally time to do the schoolyard. With little choice he walked out onto the gravel, feeling every pebble through his black socks. Wearing gloves he collected all the wrappers and put them into garbage bags, then he fetched the raked and gathered the leaves. Finally finished he returned to Mike.
He then left the school grounds and walked to the nearby tube station, where he had to travel a couple of stops to get home. He felt embarrassed of the passengers, although there were only a few, and incongruous in his expensive suit without shoes. He alighted the train at his stop, secretly praying that he wouldn’t meet any boys from his previous school. They had anyway started acting a bit like bullies, and mike was scared of what might happe if they would meet him without shoes. Thankfully he met no one.
He wandered into his home, acting innocent. Thankfully his father wasn’t around, and his mother was in the kitchen, and she didn’t notice him until he came in to the kitchen, so she was sure that he had simply taken his shoes off when he came in.
His mother told him that she was going to visit an aunt of hers, but Derek excused himself as having too much homework. Since homework was very important to his mother – especially due to the massive gap between his previous school and his present one, – she didn’t press the issue, and Derek remained home by himself.

The following morning he made sure to arrive early in school, reckoning that that way he could get to his desk without anyone noticing his socks. He survived the first two periods and recess, and a short while into the third period he received a message to go to Mr. Hunter’s office again. He felt his heart thumping, although he knew that he had done nothing wrong since yesterday.
He came to the office where he found Mr. Hunter in his normal soft spoken mood. After telling Derek to bring a chiar round next to him, he said “Mike said that you did a mighty good job yesterday.” He asked for his feet. “I hope you feet survived their ordeal.” He said, before reaching for Derek’s shoes and putting them on. He told Derek to tie his laces, and then commented “Nice pair of shoes you have there.” He paused a minute and then added, “you are such a good boy, it’s a pity such things have to happen.” For everyone’s sake try to keep out of trouble.”

Derek’s shoes:

Sneaking out of school

Author – AJ

A bar room brawl erupted, everyone got arrested including me, wrong time, wrong place. Taken to jail in handcuffs was scary having never been arrested before. All my stuff got confiscated and I was taken to a cell where they stripped me of my Adidas trainers leaving me standing in my socked feet as they locked me inside. I walked around the cell in my socked feet, having my shoes confiscated brought back memories of my teenage years at school when me and my best mate Glen regularly sneaked out of school after registration. We often went to the seafront arcades to have some fun. Our absence went unnoticed until one day a fire drill and register check caught us out, we got punished with detention. A few weeks later we where caught sneaking out again and given more detention. We where warned that preventative measures would be used if we absconded again. One warm sunny day we did sneak out again but we got caught at the school gates. In the Headteachers office we expected to get more detention until the headteacher said “Take off your shoes”. We couldn’t be trusted anymore, so to prevent us from leaving the building during school hours our shoes would be confiscated. With great reluctance and embarrassment we took off our shoes and handed them over. We walked to our first lesson in our socks, being late everyone noticed that we where missing our shoes, the class where laughing, my embarrassment was overwhelming, as if I was naked. This shoe confiscation punishment was new, so two 16 year old boys walking around in their socks became the talk of the school. Every day having to give up our shoes, every lesson in socked feet, every lunchtime avoiding our feet getting stood on as we queued for food. It was humiliating but we became quite infamous. At the end of each day we had to wait outside the Headteachers office to retrieve our shoes. Standing shoeless in the corridor became a pain as the younger kids deliberately walked by for their own amusement just to see us older students standing in our socks. As teenagers, trying to act cool was never going to happen being without shoes. Our punishment lasted til the end of that term. We didn’t sneak out again. After spending the night in the cells I was released without charge. My property and trainers where returned. As I put on my shoes I thought no matter what age you are, young or old, you can still get your shoes confiscated.

New to the bench

Author – Jman

Andrew started giggling in class and the teacher summoned him to the bench in the front of the classroom. (When students break the rules, they have to give up their shoes and forfeit them over to the school. Offenders are summoned to a bench in the front of the classroom where they have to sit down and take off their shoes and put their shoes in a black box marked “shoe jail.” When the “shoe jail” is full, the forfeited shoes are auctioned off and the proceeds go for school supplies.) Andrew took his seat on the bench and took of his white converse all stars revealing plain white socks. He then held what were about to be his former shoes within nose range of the teacher and placed them in the black box. The teacher said to him, “How many pairs is this?” “Four,” Andrew replied. The sock-footed student then made his way back to his seat.

When class was over Caleb came up to Andrew and said, “You seem to lose your shoes allot.” “It’s fun,” Andrew replied, “the first time I lost my shoes I was somewhat upset but once I lost them, I liked spending the rest of the day in my socks and I wanted to repeat that experience. Besides I can always afford to buy new shoes. You should try losing your shoes sometime.” Caleb was not sure about this. Andrew said to him, “Why don’t we both come to class late together tomorrow.” Caleb was still not sure about this but Andrew convinced him to go along with losing his shoes.

The next morning Andrew came to school with white low top tennis shoes with a green stripe. These shoes were somewhat worn but still in good condition. Caleb came to school wearing brown deck shoes. When the bell rang Andrew and Caleb stayed behind. Two minutes after the bell Andrew and Caleb proceeded to class. Caleb looked down at his shoes and sighed knowing the fate that awaited his shoes once he walked into the classroom. As Andrew and Caleb walked into the classroom, the teacher said, “Nice that you could join us boys, have a seat on the bench. Andrew, you show Caleb what to do.” Andrew sat down and took off his tennis shoes revealing white socks with a green line across the toes. Caleb took of his shoes, revealing blackish-brown socks. Both of them put their shoes in the “shoe jail” and headed to their seats. Andrew was content to lose his shoes once again and Caleb actually liked the experience of losing his shoes and wanted to do it again.

It was a couple days later in class and Caleb and Andrew where throwing a history book at each other. Eventually, their friend Daniel got involved in the action. Daniel was someone that was easily swayed by others. Caleb, Andrew and Daniel were summoned to the bench. All three took of their shoes and placed them in the box. Caleb and Andrew then welcomed Daniel into the “shoe losing” club. All three looked forward to losing their shoes again.

The Dentist Pt2 – My Grandmother

Author – Speedy’s friend

After my embarrassing incident at the dentist, we returned home. I had no more footwear, but i switched to black socks, which were less obvious.

On the Friday, we drove to spend the weekend with my grandmother. she lives in this cavernous house in the middle of the country, and she is a really pleasant person – a change from the way that my mother was treating me.
We arrived there and my father parked really near, i helped with the suitcases, hoping that my grandmother wasn’t paying attention to my black socks. Supper tooked place in her kitchen, a massive room with a paved stone floor, so it wasn’t so comfortabe, but after supper we went to the lounge, where she has a fake fireplace, under the TV, and carpet which you really sink into, so it was really comfy. she anyway doesn’t let wear shoes on her carpets and rugs, so we were all shoeless.
Suddenly she asked me “What happened to your shoes”
Dad looked somewhat uncomfortable, and my brother snickered, but Mom answered firmly”he lost them as a school punishment”
“you don’t say” gasped my grandmother. “i wouldn’t believe such a thing”

To cut a long story short, she insisted that she was taking me the next day to buy new shoes. After establishing that the store was open, she took me along. Mom always buys shoes online, so it was a new experience for me. The salesperson an obvious friend of grandma, with a head full of white hair, put my foot on some sort of tablet and drew round with a wand, deciding what size i was.
She then brought a beautiful pair of shoes, patent leather, two seams from the front Grandma whipped out a credit card, and paid at least three times from mom always spends.

On Tuesday we returned to school, i felt really dapper with a freshly pressed white shirt and my new shoes. I made sure to take them off before the school gate, knowing that Miss macallan would take them if she would realise. I spent the day in socks, reading in the library during recess.
For some reason detention was “cancelled” so i didn’t get my shoes back until Wednesday.

Meanwhile, my brother had really enjoyed the whole story, so on Thursday night i slipped out two pieces of homework from his school bag. Since Miss Macallan is his form mistress, he ended up with a double detention, and she took his trainers too, so he spent the weekend shoeless. It was great fun for me, especially as Mom took us shopping on /saturday. Serves him right.