Library guy

Author – Sawyer

I was ask to tell this story never wrote a story but here we go.
We had to write a report for my social studies class and only use books no internet, so I decided to go to are local public library after I found we had one. I had never been to a library other than school it was way different. There were mostly adults with little kids and old people, a few teens, mostly girls and few boys, I told the librarian what I was doing and ask how, she explained to me How it worked and then explained I couldn’t take any books because I needed a library card. She showed me where the books I needed were and I started looking I guess it was obvious I was lost. This guy about my age walked up and ask was this my first time in here. I said yes, He ask if I wanted help. I was kind of glad. I told him what my book report was about. He pointed at a book on the bottom shelf and said get that one. I reached for the book on the bottom shelf and noticed he only had one shoe, a left black and red Nike, and on his right foot he had a solid white ankle sock. I could tell he was kind of trying to hind his foot but it was hard with a black and red shoe and a white sock so I just acted like I didn’t notice but I did. I thought maybe he had been playing with them and just left his right shoe at the table he was sitting at. We got three books and went to the table as we walked to the table, I looked under the table there was no shoe. We sit down and worked on my report for about a hour. I dropped my pen and bend down to get it and he tried to hind his foot I looked all around for his shoe. He said I have to go but we could meet again if you need help. I told him I would be back on Monday after school. He got up and headed to the door as he walked away I could see the bottom of his sock was so dirty you could tell he had been walking around without his shoe. After he walked outside I walked to the door and he was getting on his bike and still missing his shoe. I never did ask him about it but wish I had it was my first time to every see anyone my age in public missing a shoe.