Stolen at the swimming pool

Author – Lovetoshoeswap

A few days had passed since I had swapped clothes with the stranger at the party and I gained a slightly worn pair of high top vans. It was a usual Friday and as is my custom I go to the local swimming pool for my exercise and I thought it would be a good idea to wear the vans. The pool was particularly busy this Friday which was unusual but it didn’t bother me too much. What did bother me was the group of loud and rowdy teens using the pool. I had hoped that they would leave shortly after I arrived but they stayed for a while (much to my annoyance). After my swim I went to leave and the group of teens followed me shortly afterwards. I was just about fully dressed I only had the shoes to put on when I heard one of the teens asking for his shoes. My guess is that one of his friends hid his shoes leaving him in his socks, I waited in my changing cubicle to see what would happen to the young lad and his friends said “why don’t you take them vans sticking out of that cubicle “. Before I could react the teen had grabbed the shoes and done a runner leaving me without any shoes. I was fuming but thought his shoes might be somewhere nearby. I looked high and low for them but to no avail so I had to leave the pool shoeless which annoyed me even more. Sadly I never seen the group after so I had managed to lose the pair of vans I swapped only a few days earlier.  Just my luck 2 pairs of shoes lost within a week.

Drunk swap

Author – Lovetoshoeswap

One weekend a mate of mine told me about a party that a friend of his was throwing and said that we should go to it. I thought too myself why not I could do with a night out. I asked my mate what kind of dress code the party was to which he told me it was casual, so I put on my favourite pair of jeans, a superdry t-shirt and hoodie , a pair of black sports socks and my blue Adidas copas lashed myself in aftershave and headed out for the party. When we arrived at the party it was well under way and full of drunken party guests. After a while I got properly drunk myself and ended up speaking to a guy  who was a similar size to myself wearing a dark blue hoodie, white t shirt and tracksuit bottoms and a pair of black and white checkered hi top vans. In my drunkenness I decided that I wanted to wear his clothes so I asked him if he was up for swapping clothes and shoes. To my surprise he agreed and with that we headed off to find somewhere to swap our stuff. As we started to undress he asked to get my boxer shorts too so I thought what the hell it would be fun, as I slipped myself into his clothes I got a great sense of joy knowing that someone else was wearing my clothes and shoes. We headed back through to the party to continue our drinking. As I mingled with the other partygoers I overheard the guy who was wearing my stuff speaking to someone who complimented him on his clothes to which he thanked them and told them that belonged to him. Upon hearing this I questioned him about getting my stuff back after the party was over to which he told me he was going to be keeping my stuff as he found them comfortable. He then proceeded to leave the party and take off like a bat out of hell up the road. I tried to catch him up but lost him shortly after leaving the house. I was fuming that I never got my stuff back but I slowly started feeling better as his clothes and shoes were quite good quality stuff so it’s not all bad. My mate then decided to head home so I left with him and crashed out in my bed in a drunken stupor still wearing this guys stuff. I awoke the next day feeling really hungover and surprised to see I was wearing, I then felt somewhat bittersweet about the previous night’s actions but decided to keep wearing his stuff as I was starting to quite like it.

The estate

Author – Peter and Sam

Sam advertised his new Vans skate shoes size 43 for sale on line and soon got a text message showing interest, a couple of pics were exchanged and the lad agreed to buy them if Sam would deliver them a price of £30 was agreed, we were not busy so agreed to take them round that evening. When the text came through with the address it was on a local council estate, somewhere we would not normally go but Sam needed the cash and said he would go asking if I would go with him, why not would not take more than a couple of hours there and back. We found the address and knocked the door,  The lad we were expecting answered the door and let us in, asking us to take off our shoes as we came in.  He tried the Vans on and they were a good fit so he was happy to buy them and – surprisingly – he never tried to barter us down. Sam put the three crisp £10 motes in his pocket and we said our goodbyes and left slipping our shoes on at the door, We set off to walk back the first half hour or so would be through the estate. As we rounded a corner we were met by a group of 5 or 6, all younger than us, and we were forced to stop, as we did so three more lads on bikes rode up behind us to block our exit. As the group were stood round us the lad we had we had sold the Vans to who was called Naz arrived grinning. One lad asked if we lived there and we obviously said no telling them the area in which we did live. Another lad asked if we had paid the tax to pass through – what tax we asked, whatever we decide it is, lets start with easy stuff phones watches cash. Sam handed over the £30 from his pocket along with his phone and the lad gave it to Naz, obviously the whole thing had been a set up from the start. I handed over my £20 cash and my watch as I did not have a phone with me. The youngest lad, Ben, was told to check our pockets which he did very eagerly both our hoodies and trackies, he found nothing else worth taking. Not much of a haul lads is it, Naz said we should hand over our trainers too to make it worth the trouble. Ben crouched down and took my white Classics leaving me standing there in white no show socks. Sam took off his own trainers and handed them to Ben leaving him in his white sports socks. That’s about it lads not much else worth having, a lad at the back started chanting socks socks socks and soon everyone joined in. Naz was laughing loudly but said he did not want our socks he wanted our hoodies, the chant changed and Ben’s help was engaged to assist us, I was wearing a t shirt under the hoodie but Sam had just thrown the hoodie on last minute so he was stripped to the waist. The chant of socks socks socks started again and this time we knew there was only one way out, we took our socks off and stood there barefoot. You had better run guys while you can and ringing in our ears as we ran was the chant losers losers losers. We sure were.

The Shoe Salesman

Author – Eric

My best pal Joe runs a bar on the edge of town, busy in the evenings but during the daytime it’s empty. Sometimes the occasional traveller calls in for a bar meal. I worked night shift at a local factory and spent most afternoons here playing pool with Joe.
One quiet afternoon we where playing pool when a guy walked in and ordered some food and drink. Joe went to prepare the guys order.
‘Wanna a game’ asked the guy.
‘I’m a mean player’ I  joked.
The guy introduced himself as John ‘I’m Eric’ I said.
‘Well then Eric let’s make it interesting’ he said placing $5 on the table. Feeling confident I placed $5 on top of his. I won, then the next game too. He complimented my pool skills. He eat his lunch then offered to play one last game and put $50 on the table.
‘I have only got the $10 I won earlier’ I said. 
‘Those sneakers you’re wearing should cover the bet’ he said.
‘My Nikes are worth more than $50’ i told him.
‘OK’  he said as he picked up his money ‘A confident player would have their eyes on the prize and not what they would lose’ he continued.
‘I’m confident but the bet needs to be equal, another $20, my sneaks against $70’ I told him, he agreed and we shook hands. Easy money I thought as I winked at Joe standing behind the bar.
He smiled, looked down at my feet and told me to take them off.
‘You haven’t won yet’ I said
‘All wagers to be placed on the table’ he said placing his money down.
‘One game of pool in your socks ain’t gonna hurt’ said Joe. I told the guy I changed my mind.
‘Too late, we shook on it, they ain’t your shoes anymore unless you win, so take them off’ he said. I was stunned realising that the shoes on my feet suddenly didn’t belong to me. I took them off and looked at my socks, bright red with green frogs. They had been my last clean pair. Both Joe and John laughed as I explained I’d not done my laundry. My face was as red as my socks as I placed my Nikes on the table,  John stuffed his $70 in one of my sneakers. I’d never played in my socks before, that small height adjustment made a big difference with my performance. My confidence went totally as two guys walked in staring at my socked feet. My opponent didn’t have to try very hard as I quickly lost the game and my sneakers.
I sat shoeless at the bar, ‘You not gonna try and win your shoes back’ said one of the new guys. John suggested that he could play to win them back for me. ‘If you win, he gets his shoes and you get the $70, you just need to match the bet’ he said looking down at the guys footwear. He was wearing a pair of worn high top Vans, his pals sneakers  weren’t much better either, worn Adidas Sambas. ‘Both pairs of shoes would match the cash but not the Nikes’ he said. He looked at Joe who was stood behind the bar ‘What you wearing?’ Joe said keep me out of it. ‘It’s my only chance to get my sneaks back’ I  pleaded with Joe who shook his head but pulled off a shoe anyway and lifted it above the bar, he was holding a worn black TN, enough to match my shoes.
‘If you win you get to keep your sneakers and the money, I’ve only seen one of you play so you have the advantage as to who plays against me, if you agree then place your sneakers on the table’. The two guys liked the idea of winning $70 however Joe was hesitant but eventually agreed providing he played, afterall he had the most to lose. The two guys pulled of their sneaks placing them on the table next to my Nikes, Joe came from behind the bar still wearing one shoe, he took it off and placed his TN’s on the table. The two guys sat next to me at the bar in their white socked feet. Joe confidently did the break and walked around the table in his black socked feet. John failed to pocket anything giving Joe the advantage and he started clearing the table.I was confident my sneaks would be back on my feet very soon. However with one stripe to pocket he managed to snooker himself allowing John to clear most of his balls. With one ball each Joe hit the cue ball too hard causing it to angle of the cushion and pocketed the black ball losing the game by default. ‘God damn it’ he shouted. John smiled sympathetically ‘You where over confident with that last shot’ he said asking Joe for a plastic sack to put all the sneakers in. John scored a round of drinks as a consolation, we watched our shoes disappear into the sack.
John told us he was a travelling shoe salesman, Joe asked if he could buy back his TN’s as he had a long shift ahead of him working the bar. John told him he couldn’t afford them as he makes big bucks selling mens used sneakers online. ‘You won’t get much for my old Vans’ said one of the other guys. John smiled ‘There’s certain websites that pay bigger bucks for mens worn sneakers, the more trashed the better especially when there’s a story behind them’ he said. ‘It’s been a good day sourcing new stock for my business’ he said picking up the sack with our shoes inside.
We all sat in our socked feet watching John leave the bar with our sneakers. I had several blocks to walk in my colorful socks.

Vanishing Vans

Author – Roger

A very long day at work, having started with leaving home at 6am and by 8pm I was at last heading home on the bus, in this case a rattly old single decker. There were half a dozen people on the bus so I sat at the back where there was no one around. I kicked off my Vans stretched out and after a while I dozed off, eventually the rattling of the bus woke me up and a jerky stop woke me up fully, looking out of the window I realised to my dismay that I had passed my stop and I was in the next small town 2 miles from home .Looking round for my shoes I realised they had vanished, I looked under all the seats but there was no sign of them, someone must have crept up and stolen them. At the next bus stop I got up ran to the front of the bus and dived off before the driver could check my ticket, so there I was 2 miles from home in my socks. There were no shops open of course at this time there was little option but to walk. 2 miles does not sound too far its only 40 minutes or so normally but I have never had to do it without shoes on. At the start it was easy as I was at the side of a road with good footpaths but part way along the footpath ended so I was waking at the edge of the actual road which was much stonier and I had to watch out for glass in the road. A few people noticed I was in socks and beeped their horns adding to my lack of pleasure. By the time I got home there were holes in my dark grey socks and they were fit for the bin. Not a good day.

First time in one shoe

Author – Takemyshoes65

So, this is the story of the first time I lost my shoes. The library at my university has no cameras so you really need to be careful with your stuff. One day, I was tucked in to one of the pods and writing my assignment. As usual, I kicked off my shoes and tucked them under the desk. Being a shoe swiper myself, I’m pretty aware of my surroundings but these desks are slightly different than what I’m used to as they’re completely blocked off and the divider is a lot taller. However, underneath there is a gap on either side of the divider that people can reach through. I was wearing Size 8 Vans at the time, low cut.After an hour or so of studying, I had a class so I reached for my shoes, with my feet, and I couldn’t feel one of them. Instant panic went through my nerves and I pushed my chair back to confirm my horror. One shoe. I was angry at myself because I thought I was untouchable but low and behold, someone managed to swipe my shoe. I have to be honest, I was also very excited and turned on but I was sweating with panic. I packed up my stuff and headed to the door, trying desperately to avoid being seen. Yes I got a few funny looks but it wasn’t too bad. The worst part came when I went to the toilet, because I was really needing to go. I walked in and immediately stood in a puddle of what I assume was pee. I felt sick to be honest.I didn’t bother telling the staff because that would be a tad hypocritical of myself. As I mentioned earlier, I had a class. I really had to go because we had reading Quizzes that counted as coursework. I slipped in a few minutes late to avoid people and sit near the back. I think a few people saw me but no one has mentioned it so far.Afterwards I headed home. Luckily I got a lift from my girlfriend. Thankfully no one I know saw me but I nevertheless was utterly embarrassed. As I said, this isn’t the only time this has happened, although it’s the only time someone has stolen a shoe, and quite frankly I love it. The photos below are real. I took them because, despite my panic, It was a dream come true.

Shoes stolen from college

Author – Sneakerstealer

Back when I was in college I loved going to parties to check out all the awesome shoes the guys would wear. I would be pretty bold checking out their feet and shoes since most were pretty intoxicated and wouldn’t even notice. There’s been multiple times where I’ve walked away with prizes too. One such time goes as follows.

My second year of college started off with a bang. The first week of school is usually prime time for stealing guys shoes since the weather is still nice and almost all the guys are busy getting drunk and enjoying their college experience. The first Friday night of the school year and almost every frat house was having a party. I like showing up once a party is in full swing. At that point everyone is pretty drunk and you can just walk right on in without anyone saying anything. The first party I get to and already I see a bunch of guys drunk off their asses in the front yard. None of them were wearing any shoes I was interested in so I paid them no mind. Once I got inside though it was a whole different ballgame. Walking through the entryway I see this tall brown haired guy with his girlfriend, both pretty wasted. He was about 6’1, average build, brownish eyes. Overall he was pretty normal looking except for his hot ass shoes. He was wearing black hi top Supras, instant turn on for me. Not gunna lie I stared for a good minute before I could even think straight. I knew I had to have his shoes. Listening in to their conversation his girlfriend really wanted to leave (something about another party) and he wanted to stay. She was practically begging to go, almost dragging him out the door. I was getting prepared to follow when he stopped her and told her he’s staying but she can go if she wanted to. Now as you can imagine I was thrilled, makes my job easier if he’s alone. She got pretty mad and I could tell she really wanted him to come with her but she eventually kissed him and left. Score! Now, here’s where my job begins. How do I get this hottie out of his shoes? He seemed like a nice guy but approaching him with conversation really wasn’t my style. I prefer to remain anonymous so that any questions asked won’t involve me. After about 20 minutes and a few more drinks he headed toward the living room where the beer pong tournament was going on. As you can imagine I was getting pretty worried I wouldn’t be able to grab his shoes but my luck turned around when he started talking to some party goers who were sliding down the hardwood floor in the hallway in their socks. They convinced him to try it so he took off his supras and left them by the couch where the rest of them did. Fuck I was so damn excited you have no idea! I sat on the couch pretty close to the collection of shoes and pretended to watch the beer pong tournament. He slid a couple times before falling and spilling the rest of his drink. He started laughing and heading toward the kitchen to grab a new one when I realized my moment had come. As soon as he was out of eyesight I casually got up and pretended to stumble a bit in the direction of his shoes. My left hand landed perfectly on both his supras while my right hand landed on a pair of classic vans (another pair I had my eye on, shorter guy with blond hair) so I grabbed them both and wrapped my hoodie around them. Looking around, nobody seemed to notice so I made my way toward the door. Now, you’d think I would just book it and leave but no, I like to know how they react to loosing their shoes so I threw both of my new prizes in the neighbors bushes and walked back into the house. As I walked into the kitchen to get another drink I see the guy with the supras still in the kitchen while the guy with the vans was back in the living room. I got myself a drink and hear some random girl at the party ask a group of people if they’ve seen any vans around. I got excited and listened in closer. Apparently he had gone back for his shoes almost immediately after I took them (close call) and he couldn’t find them anywhere. Supra guy said there where shoes by the couch and she said they looked there. As she moved onto asking another group of people, supra guy walked back into the living room and stopped in his tracks as he noticed his shoes gone too. He started freaking out looking all around the couch and under the beer pong table but to no avail. He started cussing and started asking people around the room if they’d seen his shoes. The tournament was pretty loud though so nobody really cared or knew. At that point I decided to take my leave and claim my new prizes. Leaving the house I started walking toward the bushes I hid both their shoes in and quickly nabbed them and walked away. Once I was a good distance away I looked at my prizes. The supras were size 12.5 and were decently worn in, some wear on the bottom and the insoles, and they smelled heavenly. The vans were also pretty worn in and size 9.5, didn’t smell as good but still had a good scent to them. Trust me when I say I still to this day have fun with both their shoes. 😉

I never heard anything else happen with that party, so I knew I was in the clear. I’ve got other stories too, I will continue to post if people are interested. Thanks for reading!!