Train Theif

Author – Shoelover

I was coming home from my friend’s house and I was wearing my adidas Ultra Boost white socks jeans and a T-shirt. I like to shoe play a lot and apparently so did the guy across from me because he gave me a smirk and a wink when I plopped my shoes on the floor exposing my white sock soles on the bench seat across from me. I knew he wanted my shoes because he stared intensely at them, so I wiggled my toes in my socks to see what he would do. He was getting very antsy and said to me that I better be careful where I leave my shoes because someone might take them. I replied saying it’s okay I always do this and no one ever takes them. He smirked again and got up, moved closer to me and started asking me what shoe size I wear and how long I’ve been wearing my socks with my sneakers. So I told him I’m a size 10 or 10.5 depending on the shoe and that I wore these socks for a couple days straight. He got a bit of a thrill so I slid my feet out of my sneakers again out of habit and he said that it was nice meeting me and before I knew it he scooped up my sneakers the second I turned my head away from him and he ran off the train with my sneakers without me noticing. I couldn’t believe my eyes and I ran off the train trying to find the thief and I was left stranded in my socks. I felt excited but also sad too because they were my favorite sneakers. Contact me if you are in the New York area and want to steal my sneakers! 😊

Unlucky commuter

Author – Wunshu

I had been in London to discuss plans for a new school in one of the London buroughs. I was finished by five and decided that while I was in town I would treat myself to a concert on the South Bank. All went well but I had to hurry to get a train home to Brighton. I got on the train and made myself comfortable, slipping off my loafers. After a while I needed to go to the toilet so I put my shoes on and walked down the aisle to find the toilet. As I entered the next carriage I saw a guy flaked out in a corner seat. He had taken his jacket off and loosened his tie and, best of all, he’d kicked off his loafers. They were smart, expensive looking black ones and one was laying half in the aisle. I started to get turned on looking at his feet in light grey socks. I went to the toilet and on the way back noticed that the guy hadn’t moved. I kicked his loafer gently towards the door to the next carriage, then through the door towards my seat. When I got there I picked it up and examined it. It was Spanish, by Castellano, and I had to try it on! It fitted perfectly! How could I give it back to its owner?
I kept it with me, and when the train got to Brighton I walked through the aisle and the guy was looking very agitated, with one loafer on . I asked what the problem was and he told me someone had taken his shoe. I commiserated with him and told him that it had happened to me once at the cinema. We got off the train and walked down the platform together. I couldn’t take my eyes off his pale grey socked foot and got very excited.
Little did he know that his loafer was safely tucked in my backpack. I sometimes wear it with one of my almost identical ones. I like wearing odd shoes!


Author – Leon

I live in the South of England and recently I had to go for an interview in London. I arrived in time on the underground but as I was getting off, with other people, I tripped and almost fell off the train. I picked myself up and found that, although I hadn’t noticed it, my shoe had come off. I thought it must have fallen between the platform and the train, which by this time had left the station. I looked down at the track but couldn’t see my shoe. By this time I was feeling very uncomfortable. I went to find a member of staff and reported what had happened. He went with me to the platform and looked for himself, but no shoe. He said it must still be on the train and if so I would be able to enquire at the lost property office in a couple of days time! I explained the situation but he said there was nothing he could do. By this time it was getting near to my interview time. There were no shops in the area and , in any case, there was no time to do anything. I arrived at the office on time and explained to the PA what had happened and, obviously amused, she advised me to leave the one shoe with her and go into the interview in my socks. She said that probably no one would notice. I slipped my shoe off and she put it behind her desk. I went in and was seen, but I don’t think anyone noticed my absence of footwear. On the way out I collected the shoe but didn’t put it on. I rather liked the feeling of walking in my socks so I didn’t buy any shoes. I just carried on in my socks on the underground and on the main line train home in broad daylight. I did get the lost left shoe back a week later. I went up to get it wearing just the one right shoe. I must lose a shoe more often!! I didn’t get the job by the way.

Left on the train

Author – Joop

I live in a small town in Holland. For entertainment I have to take a bus to the nearby town then a train to the nearest big town. It is only twenty minutes away so it isn’t to bad. Last week I went there to the cinema. I was wearing dark blue jeans with white socks and my new vans. But after I got to the cinema my left shoe was hurting my heel so when in my seat I took the left shoe off. The first thing was some guys came into the row and I had to stand up to let them pass. After they had gone I couldnt find my shoe. It had been kicked away. It gave me a strange feeling thinking I had lost my shoe. After the film I found it some way away so I was OK after worrying about not finding it and having to go home without it. I found the idea a bit sexy though! I went to the station and got the train back. The left shoe was hurting so much that on the train I took it off again. I must have dozed off to sleep and I woke up with a jump and saw that i was at my stop. I jumped up and got off the train just as the doors closed. As my feet hit the concrete platform I suddenly noticed that I had left my shoe on the train! There was nothing I could do. I went to the bus station which is outside the rail station and waited for the bus home. I tried to hide my foot, but with white socks it was hopeless and a few people noticed my foot without a shoe. This very strangely made me feel a bit aroused and I had to pull my sweater down a bit to hide the bump in my jeans.

More people noticed on the bus and I was feeling very uncomfortable by the time I got home. I couldn’t stop thinking about doing something about the bump that wouldn’t go away!

Cheeky Lad

Author – Wunshu

A few years ago I was travelling by train through Europe. On a train in Italy the seats were arranged so that four people sat in two’s facing each other. I was sitting with two other people when, at one stop a fourth person sat opposite me. He was a guy in his late teens/ early twenties. I had my legs crossed at the knee and had mt right shoe half off and dangling on my toes. The guy opposite seemed to be enjoying seeing me moving my foot and swinging my shoe around. Then he moved his feet and hit my hanging shoe sending it falling and sliding across the floor. I was embarrassed and flushed. Then he got up and picked up my shoe, which had ended up in the aisle, and handed it back to me, at the same time having a good look at it. I took it from him but didn’t put it on. I uncrossed my legs and put the shoe on the floor next to my feet leaving my right foot in a pristine white sock. The guy obviously liked that and several times moved his foot and gently brushed the sole of my socked foot with his. I looked to see what he was wearing and he had dark brown loafers. After a while he slipped one shoe half off and played with it moving it from side to side all the time watching to see what my reaction was. I was getting pretty excited and worked up and started to get hard. Just as I was thinking of getting up and finding the toilet we pulled into a station and the young guy leaped up losing his shoe in the process. He picked it up and held it in his hand as he got off the train wearing one shoe. I watched him through the window and he waved his shoe at me! It was the most erotic train journey I’ve ever had!  

Public Transport

Author – NikeAirMax

The stories about the train tracks who take shoes made me think of a bus ride i took years ago. Back then all shoes i had were Nike air max’s, and i had a lot of them. The newer ones i kept really clean and in good shape, the older they got, the less i took care of them. Somewhere in their lifetime, i no longer tie the laces and just step in and out of the shoes without touching the laces ever again.

With very old Nike’s this meant they’re loose-fitting. Well, this day i was wearing my oldest pair and went to a friend who lives a couple of hours away. It would only be an hour and a half by car, but by public transport it would take at least double that, but after a weekend there, i went home and at the very first transit from one bus to the next, i step out the first one, my backpack snags something. This caught me off guard so i stumble and the stupid thing gives way so i almost fly out of the bus and during my flight i somehow lost my shoe. Now before i regain my balance i had to make two steps and i realize i’m outside the bus but my shoe is not!

I turn around to grab it but the doors close to my face. One of the passengers inside now sees me through the doors, looks at my shoe inside, looks back to me, but does nothing!!! Not one word to the driver!

So the bus drives off, and i’m banging the door by now but somehow the driver didn’t hear, of didn’t care and took off. With my shoe inside and i stood at a highway bus station wearing only one shoe.

It took ten minutes for my next bus to arrive and i asked him if he could reach the other bus to ask them about my shoe but there was nothing he could do. The only thing he gave me was a phone number for the lost and found. At first i was in one shoe but when i got to the train station i didn’t want stay in one shoe so the only choice i had was to take it off as well and walk along without it.

Unlucky student

Author – Leo

This is now a bit of ancient history, but I still feel guilty about it. 

Some years ago I was getting a train to go to Dover to get a ferry to Calais en route for Holland. It was fairly busy and there were several people in front of me waiting to get on the train. A young guy was in front of me and as he stepped up onto the train I lifted my suitcase to put it on. Unfortunately I was a bit too quick and caught the back of his foot. His shoe came off and fell, you guessed it, right between the platform and the train. He was frantic at the thought of travelling through to Italy with one shoe. I asked him to take my case on board while I went to find someone who could help. I found someone very quickly and explained the situation. He said that he couldn’t do anything about it as the train was about to leave. Very helpful. I ran back to the train and saw a group of people seeing someone off and one of them had an umbrella. I asked if I could borrow it for a minute and he let me have it. I went to where the shoe was and hooked it up with the handle of the umbrella. The look of relief on the students face was amazing! He was so pleased that he kissed me, which was most embarrassing. The train started to move before he could put the shoe on! I had noticed that the shoe was a Timberland loafer and in my size too. I would love to have been able to try it on!