Me in your Story, Shoplifter – Apprentice

Author – Mickey

I like the story of the shoplifters shoes being taken so I’ve written another ‘Me in your stories’.

Shoplifters shoes -The Apprentice

I started a new job as an apprentice on a building site, it was good wearing my hard hat, high viz jacket and my new black Timberland work boots. I looked the part even though I was new and just learning. I was concious of pranks being made on new apprentices and kept my wits about me, much to the dismay of others.
At lunchtime some of the guys decided to go to the shop for a sandwich, I was asked to come along. In the van Dave asked if I had ever stolen anything before. I acted cool and said ‘Always when at school’ but really I hadn’t. ‘As an initiation I want you to steal me a sandwich from that shop’ he said. ‘If you don’t then we’ll have to start some initiations on the building site which will be far worse than stealing a sandwich ‘ he said menacingly. ‘You could lose them nice boots too’ said Harry. Acting the big man I said ‘ Nobody is getting my boots’ I got out of the van thinking I’ll just buy his sandwich when Harry said ‘Empty your pockets we can’t have you pretending to steal’. I put my money on the dashboard. ‘Shit’ I thought, I really do have to steal a bloody sandwich.
I entered the shop and went to the chiller and picked up two sandwiches and quickly putting one of them in my pocket. I wandered around before going to the till. The shopkeeper asked for payment and I said I have left my money in the van and would just go and get it. I headed for the door when another guy stopped me. He asked me to empty my pockets. I gave him the stolen sandwich as I apologised. He walked me back to counter and pointed at a sign. My face drained as I read it ‘Steal from us and we’ll take your shoes’. ‘Take them off’ said one of them. I tried to explain I’d been set up but they still demanded my boots. ‘Police or your boots, your choice’ said the other shopkeeper. Some kids in the shop started laughing as I sat on the floor to unlace my Timberlands. They stopped laughing when the shopkeeper took sweets out of their pockets and they where soon relieved of their footwear too. He placed the school shoes on the shelf and was trying to make space for my size 10 boots. The school kids left in their socked feet as I stood in my socks pleading for my boots back. ‘If you have been set up, go get the guy and we’ll see what we can do’ said one of them.
I walked out of the shop, Dave and Harry where laughing in the van. Then they drove off leaving me stranded in the street, stood in high viz jacket and jeans tucked into my bright red football socks, no boots and no money. If the high viz jacket didn’t make me noticeable then the red socks did as everyone stared at my shoeless feet. After a few minutes the van returned with my so called workmates still laughing. I asked Dave to return to the shop with me to explain the prank or they will call the police. He refused at first as he wanted everyone on the building site to see me without my boots and that he was the victor in the prank. Then he reluctantly agreed leaving Harry in the van. He was laughing at my red socks as we walked, he reminded me of what I’d said earlier ‘Nobody’s getting my boots’.
‘Here’s the guy who set me up’ I said to the shopkeeper. Dave explained that he was the instigator of the prank and offered to pay for the sandwich and not to call the police. ‘We won’t call the police unless you refuse to cooperate. Dave looked puzzled, the shopkeeper said ‘You told him to steal, the stolen sandwich was for you so technically your the thief’. Dave could see where this was going as he looked down at his own boots, worrying that he was about to be relieved of them. ‘I’ve stolen nothing’ he said. Dave was a tough guy but not as big as the two shopkeepers who where now surrounding him. ‘Boots or the police, your choice’ they said. Dave could see the smirk on my face as he sat on the floor to unlace his black DeWalt boots. His jeans where tucked into thick grey boot socks. The shopkeeper picked up Dave’s boots and placed them on the shelf next to my Timberlands. I smiled at my sock footed workmate, revenge was sweet, he now had no boots and I was to get mine back. I asked for my boots. ‘No’ said the shopkeeper ‘You could of said no to your workmate but you didn’t and stole anyway, so we’re keeping your boots too’.
As we where about to leave without our footwear Harry appeared. He looked at Dave and burst out laughing ‘Where’s your boots man’. Dave’s face went pink with embarrassment. The shopkeeper looked through some printed video stills in a folder named ‘The one’s that got away’. He recognised Harry in one of the photos. The shopkeeper showed the photo to Harry. ‘That’s you stealing beer last week’, Harry denied it was him. ‘You’re wearing the same clothes and those distinctive Caterpillar boots too, which we’ll be taking’ said the shopkeeper. Harry tried to leave but his path was blocked. ‘Boots off now’ demanded the shopkeeper. It was Harry ‘s turn to sit on the floor and remove his boots. The shopkeeper quickly grabbed the Caterpillar boots and put them on the counter. Harry stood up revealing black socks on his feet. There was no space for anymore boots on the shelf so he threw Harry’s boots into an empty trolley cage instead and then took mine and Dave boots off the shelf and threw them in too. He then padlocked the cage with our boots inside. ‘We’re going to make an exception to the rules, as you stole from us one week ago we’re going to keep your boots locked in this cage for one week’. Dave said that we needed our boots for work. The shopkeepers where unsympathetic as we watched them push the locked cage with our boots inside to the stockroom.
All three of us left the shop in our socked feet, Dave expected me to return to work without my boots and not for his prank to backfire so badly for him and Harry to be shoeless too. Losing my boots was a price worth paying to see my workmates getting their boots confiscated and seeing their socked feet.

Party shoe stealer

Author – lucylex

This is a pretty brief story from this past weekend. I went to a party with some friends that turned out to be pretty packed! It was a good time and people were getting very drunk and wild. One of the boys that was at the party had a tinder date show up as the party went on. The girl walked in with loose boots on and something was telling me those boots of hers were not going to be staying on her feet for very long. Mind you this apartment where the party was taking place was kinda run down and there weren’t any rugs in the main room where everyone was. The floor was filthy. Despite that, this girl ended up slipping out of her shoes and playing beer bong in her thin blue socks. She literally kicked her shoes off toward the bathroom for some reason and not by the front door where there was a blatant shoe mat if you wanted to take your shoes off. No one had taken there shoes off the whole time so automatically she looked a bit out of place. Other people noticed her shoes and people joked about hiding them because they were literally in the middle of the floor and people were tripping over them. She didn’t seem to care though. So anyways, seeing all of this happen I decided to take it upon myself and hide just one of her boots in the cabinet in the bathroom. I didn’t want to steal it all together but just have her hunt for her shoe lol. So I did.. and she ended up coming looking for her shoes shortly later and to her dismay she only found 1 😂. I sat back at the party sipping my drink watching her frantically look around and ask people for her other boot as she wore one boot and continued to give everyone a sock show 😍. As the night went on she basically gave up and by the end of the night she called an Uber and left in her socks. It was the cutest thing. I didn’t take the boot with me and I left it in a pretty visible place so hopefully the host of the party finds it and knows who to call to give it to 😂. Moral of the story, don’t leave your shoes places where you don’t know to many people or you might just end up going home in your socks 😍☺️

Please feel free to check out the picture from that night and check out more pics from my deviant art 😊

Work Detention PT.2

Author – unlucky lad

After spending all night in a very small cell, Danny was cold, hungry and desperate for the toilet. He heard activity outside his cell so he starting kicking the door, banging and shouting. The cell door opened and a rather shocked security guard said “What you doing in there, you should of been transported to prison with the others yesterday”
“I need a toilet desperately” said Danny. The guard escorted him to the toilets, they had just been cleaned and the floor was wet, Danny didn’t care about his socks getting wet, he needed the toilet.
The guard locked him up again until he could identify Danny was looked like a prisoner without any I.D. or shoes. He was given coffee and biscuits, after another hour an apologetic senior court official released him from his detention. He was told a Judge would investigate the incident and he would be given an official apology by the court. He was taken upstairs still in his socks and was repatriated with his boots and other belongings. His phone was dead so he put his tools into his van and headed to his boss’s office. He got no sympathy from his boss who was in tears of laughter listening to Danny’s story of his overnight incarceration. “Remember you must wear your boots at work at all times” said his boss jokingly. He was given the day off but had to return to the Courthouse the next day and complete the job he failed to do yesterday.
The next day at the Courthouse no apology was given from the security guard as he escorted Danny to the room with the defective barrier. After an hour it was repaired and needed testing, Danny asked the guard to go through the barrier to test its sensitivity. The guard said to Danny that his cell ordeal was unfortunate. “Is that your attempt at an apology?” said Danny to the 25 year old guard. The guard didn’t reply as he walked through the metal detector, activating the alarm. The guard emptied his pockets and tried again, the alarm went off again.
“It must be your shoes” said Danny “Take them off”
“I’m the guard, don’t tell me to take my shoes off”
“You want the barrier to detect correctly for everyone’s safety” asked Danny.
“Yes” replied the guard. “Then wind your neck in and take your shoes off” said Danny.
The guard sat down and unlaced his shoes, took them off and placed them on the desk with all his other stuff. He walked through the barrier again, feeling uncomfortable in his socked feet, activating the alarm once more. “Are you sure you have nothing else metal on you?” said Danny.
Danny convinced the guard that the studs in his black denim style jeans had activated the alarm and needed him to remove his trousers. Reluctantly he took his trousers off and walked through again in his shirt, boxers and bright red football socks. Unbeknown to the guard Danny had been setting off the alarm remotely with his test kit. Danny placed all the guards belongings including his shoes and trousers into a tray and said “I’ll get your colleagues to xray your stuff to ensure every test has been done correctly”. Danny left the room but didn’t speak to anyone, he discreetly hid the tray under a counter out of sight and returned and informed the guard that his colleagues would scan his stuff and bring them to him shortly. The guard sat in his shirt, underwear and football socks and watched Danny pack away his tools . “I’ll remind your colleagues that your still waiting” he said as he left the room. He didn’t speak to anyone has he headed for the exit. ‘That’ll teach him to leave me without my boots the other day’ he thought to himself.
As he was about to leave he was stopped by a court Usher, “Glad I caught you, Judge McIntyre wants to publicly apologise in front of the court for your unauthorised detention”
The Usher asked the guards to look after Danny’s tools, but he had to remove his boots to return through the security barrier. The courtroom was full, after a short while Danny asked an official what was happening “The Judge wants to reprimand both guards responsible for your detention but it appears one has lost his uniform”. The two guards appeared, one red faced as he walked into the dock in white shirt, boxers and red football socks. The courtroom filled with laughter, the shoes and trouser less guard’s face went as red as his socks. Danny enjoyed watching the guards discomfort. Everyone stood up as the Judge appeared. The Judge asked the security guard why he had no trousers and shoes, he immediately pointed to Danny and said he’d taken them. Danny explained why he’d done it and the court adjourned until the guard retrieved his trousers and shoes.
An hour later back in the courtroom, Danny stood at the stand and Judge McIntyre apologised for the events that lead him to being locked up overnight. But then said “I understand your frustration with the guards but I cannot allow you to dish out your own justice and holding the court in contempt. Go and join the guards in the dock. ‘Great’ thought Danny as he walked across the courtroom, ‘Now I’m going to be told off in front of the court’. The Judge told the two security guards that their lack of professionalism and disregard for public welfare was of serious concern and brought the Courthouse into disrepute. “Therefore to learn from your incompetence I am going to give you the same experience as this young man endured and be detained in the court cells for one day. As we are halfway through today you will be immediately taken into custody then released to return tomorrow morning to the cells and be summoned back here tomorrow afternoon to see if you have learnt from your mistakes”. The two guards looked at each other in astonishment, we are guards not prisoners. Danny stood next to them with a big smirk on his face. The Judge noticed Danny’s amusement and said “Do you find this all a joke young man”
“No your Honour” said Danny, now with a stoney face like a child being told off at school.
“A warning for your actions this morning would of sufficed after your unintended detention. However I feel your contempt in this courtroom deserves further punishment. I therefore subject you to the same punishment as those stood next to you, fail to surrender to the court bailliff tomorrow morning and you will be arrested, that goes for all three of you” said Judge McIntyre. “Take them down” he said. Danny’s jaw dropped as he was placed in handcuffs along with the two guards as they where escorted to the cells.
The guard who had locked up Danny had his property confiscated, although he was a tall muscular 28 year old man he had tears in his eyes as he removed his boots. He placed them next to a cell door and said to his colleague locking him up, “One hour ago, I was the jailer and now I’m the prisoner”. He was emotional as he walked into the cell in his socked feet. “Sorry Eddie” said the new guard as he locked him in and chalked ‘Jackson – Daytime Only’ on the cell door. Danny still handcuffed watched the younger guard stripped of his property, red eyed with tears, he too took off his shoes revealing his red football socks again and was placed in the adjacent cell. “Just relax Tom, it’ll be over sooner than you think” said the guard sympathetically as he locked his colleague in the cell. ‘Mason – Daytime only’ was chalked on his door.
“Your turn” said the guard abruptly to Danny as he removed the handcuffs, he was told to empty his pockets, remove his belt and jacket. “Now take your boots off” the guard demanded. “Calm down” said Danny.
“You caused me to have to lock up my work mates” said the guard “So shut up and take your f***ing boots off”
Danny pulled off his boots and placed them next to his cell door. “Do you think I want to be here” said Danny. “Shut the f*** up” said the guard as he pushed him into the cell. Danny stumbled in his socked feet as the door behind him locked. The guard chalked on the cell door ‘Parker – Remand’
Danny could feel the cold from the stone floor penetrate his socks, he climbed onto the bench and laid down. ‘Shit’ he thought ‘My boss won’t be happy, I should be on another job now, gonna be difficult explaining I’m locked up again and tomorrow’. Several hours passed as he laid there staring at his socked feet then the ceiling then his socks again, he really wanted to be out.
Finally the cell door opened “Great” he said “Get me outta here”
Stood outside the cell was a different guard, “Wheres my boots” said Danny.
“Prisoner’s go shoeless in the prison transport vehicle” said the guard.
“What has that got to do with me” said Danny.
“Your going to prison” said the guard “Paperwork says Danny Parker on remand – Return to court next day” The prison guard slapped handcuffs on his wrists.
“I was put in the cells by the judge for contempt I’m not a criminal, I can’t go to prison” shouted Danny.

Work detention

Author – unlucky lad

30 years old Danny is a 6ft blond electronics technician and some of his work involved security barriers, mostly the type in shops and supermarkets for detecting shoplifters. Others included airports and buildings.
This particular day Danny was sent to a Courthouse where an airport style security screen was defective. It was in a side room away from the main entrance where any person who activated the main security barrier would be directed for further security checks.
Even though Danny was there to repair the secondary barrier he like everyone else had to go through the main entrance security. His tools and jacket went through the xray screener and Danny walked through the barrier activating the alarm, it was assumed his steel toe capped Timberland boots had sounded the alarm. He was told to take off his work boots and walk through the barrier again in his socks, again activating the alarm. He was asked to follow security to the side room where a further search would be conducted. He put his boots back on and grabbed his tools and jacket and followed the security guard. In the side room the security guard explained to Danny that the barrier was broken and a thorough search was required. Danny thought he’d humour the guard and let him search him then tell him it was unnecessary as he was the repairman. He was asked to empty all his belongings on to a tray including his phone. He told to take off his boots again and everything including his tools and jacket went next door for further screening. The security guard came back empty handed, Danny explained who he was, the guard was unamused. “You could of explained first instead of wasting my time” he said. Spitefuly he still frisked Danny thoroughly aswell as his socked feet. He was told to sit and wait for his belongings and boots to be returned. The guard left the room leaving Danny sitting in his work shirt, trousers and socks. After 10 minutes Danny decided to go find the guard as he needed to start work on the repair. He left the room through the same door as the guard earlier and found himself in a corridor the door locked behind him. He couldn’t return so followed the corridor, his only way out was down some concrete stairs, the steps where cold on Danny ‘s socked feet. He ended up at basement level and managed to exit the stair well into another corridor. A guard spotted Danny stood in his socks and said “What you doing out”. Danny puzzled by his reaction tried to explain “I was searched and a guard took my stuff and left me”
“Come with me” said the guard. They proceeded through another locked door into a hallway with shoes on the floor.
“In here” the guard gestured Danny into a room, Danny walked in and the door slammed behind him it was actually a detention cell. He banged on the old solid cell door, tried kicking it with his socked feet. It was a small cell 8ft x 6ft with concrete walls and no windows. It was used for defendants who had either been found guilty or remanded in custody by the courts. Danny assumed he’d been mistaken as a prisoner being shoeless and the guard placed him in a cell, the mistake would be rectified and he’ll be out of the cell shortly. It was cold in the cell and the concrete floor on his shoeless feet didn’t help. He sat on the bench and waited then fell asleep.
The guard that locked him up had gone to investigate but had been distracted and forgot. The security room guard had finished his shift and Danny ‘s belongings including his boots remained in the scanner room remaining undetected due to the equipment and room not being used for the rest of the day.
At 6pm the remaining prisoners in the cells where transported to prison. All cells have prisoners names chalked on the door and their confiscated shoes outside the cell door.
Danny’s cell had no name or shoes outside and it was naturally assumed it was an empty cell especially as the unlucky occupant was asleep inside.
Danny woke up about 8pm, he didn’t know the time as his watch was with all his stuff upstairs, he was cold and hungry, the cell was in darkness, he banged on the door in his socked feet. Unbeknown to him the building was empty and he was going to be there all night.

Unlucky student

Author – Leo

This is now a bit of ancient history, but I still feel guilty about it. 

Some years ago I was getting a train to go to Dover to get a ferry to Calais en route for Holland. It was fairly busy and there were several people in front of me waiting to get on the train. A young guy was in front of me and as he stepped up onto the train I lifted my suitcase to put it on. Unfortunately I was a bit too quick and caught the back of his foot. His shoe came off and fell, you guessed it, right between the platform and the train. He was frantic at the thought of travelling through to Italy with one shoe. I asked him to take my case on board while I went to find someone who could help. I found someone very quickly and explained the situation. He said that he couldn’t do anything about it as the train was about to leave. Very helpful. I ran back to the train and saw a group of people seeing someone off and one of them had an umbrella. I asked if I could borrow it for a minute and he let me have it. I went to where the shoe was and hooked it up with the handle of the umbrella. The look of relief on the students face was amazing! He was so pleased that he kissed me, which was most embarrassing. The train started to move before he could put the shoe on! I had noticed that the shoe was a Timberland loafer and in my size too. I would love to have been able to try it on!

Stole my boot

Author – John

I’m in class last week and I’m wearing timberlands . I don’t usually like to wear boots to school but I didn’t care today and because it was a lazy day and my boots are ragged and used for work. There dirty Inside and out and make my socks really dirty and smelly. the laces are barely tied on one boot because my buddy’s dog tore my boot off my foot and chewed on the lace on another occasion. That’s whole other story in itself. I sit in the back row and there’s a boy in the front who i think likes feet just as much as I do. I didn’t have much of a clue of that then but I was relaxing and stretching my feet out . He always teases me and jokes that someday I’ll lose my boot if it’s not tied on tight. I didn’t really think much of it and I knew he wouldn’t try anything during class. Well on this day I had forgot I had owed him some money from the day before and he felt obligated when the teacher wasnt looking; to reach back and grip my boot heal while still acting like he was working on his assignment. I knew he got a kick out of this and some of the other classmates just giggled and stared at his antics . I was completely caught off guard and it was getting more embarrassing by the moment. If I told the teacher we would probably both get in trouble for disrupting the class . He knew I owed him but I couldn’t believe he was really trying to pay him self with my boot .. I didn’t find this amusing. Lucky for him he was tugging on the heal of the boot with the torn lace. My foot was practically wet from sweat because of how thin my socks were, my boot felt like it was sliding off like butter. It was a fight to keep it on. He knew what he wanted and he wasn’t giving it up . He had a smile on his face and I was just embarrassed. People were giggling still and the teacher looked around the room and was curious about the small commotion she heard. After not seeing anything of interest it got quiet and she went back to her work. He was still tugging on my boot and I was resisting but all the while my foot was coming out of the boot more and more . I finally pushed up on the boot and got my foot wedged in there a bit better and he saw that and reached around quietly and began to fully unlace my boot . At that point he tugged very lightly and the boot slid off into his hand. I immediately retracted my socked foot and hid it behind my other booted foot. My boots were ragged and worn so the smell from the other boot coming off was in the air . I knew he was getting a kick out of this. I could tell the other students were eyeing my feet up and it was embarrassing showing off my white socked sole. I noticed he kept the boot in his desk and acted like not much happened. He knew we had to present this day and he wanted to see me up at the class room in one boot and a socked foot. I had no choice but go up and present in my shoeless state. It was humiliating and the teacher didn’t know what to say . Not to mention they could probably smell my foot funk. When I got back to my desk I noticed my boot was wedged in his desk anymore. My heart dropped because I had a feeling I wasn’t going to get my boot back now . He told me at the end of class he was keeping it as a souviner untill I payed him his money and even then he still might keep it at interest. I Could not believe this .