The Prefects – Pt. 9

Author – Shoelossfan

The bell rung, the pupils where officially told their shoes where confiscated until detention. “F***ing great” said Ryan as he and Shane walked away in their socks. Noah and Ricky where upset too, their efforts of getting out writing lines had backfired big time, they too where now shoeless with detention too.
Having waited until the pupils had gone, the teachers walked up to the desk. “Where are our shoes?” demanded Mr. Johnson. “The head teacher confiscated them thinking they where pupils trainers” said Ben. Mr. Johnson felt annoyed believing the Prefects had intentionally allowed this to happen. “We cannot take lessons in our socks” said Mr. Steel. Mr. Johnson demanded that the Prefects give them their shoes to wear. They refused reminding both teachers they where still in the Sin bin. Both teachers, angry and embarrassed stormed out into the corridor in their socked feet.
As they headed along the corridor Ben and Steve where ambushed by the shoeless teachers. With roles reversed the teachers again demanded the boys’ shoes. “They won’t fit you” replied Ben, “and we’ve broken no rules”. Mr. Johnson said “You just have, you’re disobeying a teacher”.
“What!” said Ben, “Refusing to give you my shoes is punishable by giving you my shoes, seems more like I’m being mugged”.
Reluctantly the two 18 year olds removed their black leather brogues in the busy corridor. The teachers immediately tried putting their cold feet into the warm shoes without success. “Told you they wouldn’t fit, I checked your shoe size earlier when I confiscated your shoes Sir” said a smug Ben rather loudly bringing more attention to the teachers’ shoeless predicament in the busy corridor.
“Can we have our shoes back?” asked Steve.
“No” replied Mr. Johnson “I’ll be keeping them”
“You’re stealing our shoes” said Ben “I’ll report you”
“Don’t get clever with me boy, theft is to take something and not give it back. To take something and give it back later is confiscation”
Ben and Steve where told to collect their shoes from Mr. Johnson at home time. They walked away in their grey ribbed socks to class, although Ben had suffered this indignity many times, Steve hadn’t since becoming a prefect and was feeling rather embarrassed going to lessons in his socks.
Both teachers had no choice but to visit the Head teacher’s office. “Why are you carrying your shoes” asked the head as he looked down at their shoeless feet. The situation was explained with great embarrassment. The Head wasn’t impressed, “You had no right meddling in the Sin Bin and if we lose the respect of the Prefects then we’ll have to police the school grounds at lunchtime ourselves”. He told them to give the Prefects back their shoes and apologize. The young teachers where told that their trainers will remain confiscated making an example of both of them to staff and pupils that inappropriate footwear will not be tolerated. You can attend tonight’s detention where you’ll have your shoes returned”.
As they left Mr. Johnson said ”If the Head thinks I’m going to apologize and give the prefects their shoes whilst I’m without mine then he can think again. He took the prefects shoes and headed to his classroom. Mr. Steel found it surreal, walking around school in his socks, shoes confiscated and awaiting detention and he was a teacher. Both teachers walked to their classrooms wondering how their pupils would react to them being in socked feet.


The prefects – pt5

Author – shoeless guy

The next day three13 year old pupils had their shoes confiscated and where ordered to sit on the floor and be quiet. No sooner had they sat down Steve was back with Shane, Ryan, Dave and Jimmy. They had deliberately been abusive. Steve left again as Ben told the four pals to remove their shoes. “Only when you’ve taken off yours and put them in the box” said Shane. “Not in front of these other pupils” whispered Ben. “Don’t worry about them” said Dave as we walked over to the younger pupils. “How much money have you got boys?” he said menacingly. Ben told the13 year olds to collect their shoes and leave. Which they did without hesitation. Jimmy said to Ben that he had just cost them some potential cash and wanted to know how much he had to compensate them. Ben reasserted his authority and told Jimmy and Dave that he was the Prefect now and he wasn’t going to let them extort money from anyone. “Take your shoes off Ben” said Shane “We kept our promise not to tell the teacher, now keep yours and take them off”. Ben kept his word and undid his laces and slipped his expensive leather shoes off his feet. “Nice pair of shoes” said Ryan who kicked off his own shoes and tried them on. They where too big for his feet so he gave them to Shane. He kicked off his shoes and put Ben’s leather brogues on. Shane and Ryans shoes where placed in the confiscation box by Ben. He then told Dave and Jimmy to remove their shoes and put them in the box. Shane sat on the floor wearing Bens shoes grinning at the shoeless Prefect. Ben felt uncomfortable in his grey ribbed socks and frustrated watching his nemisis wearing his shoes. “It was agreed to put my shoes in the box and not for you to wear them” said Ben even though he’d worn Shane’s trainers last night. It was nearing the end of the lunch period, Ben demanded his shoes. “Make me give you them” said Shane. Ben jumped off the desk, Ryan grabbed Ben’s socked foot and pulled him to the floor, Shane got on top of Ben and said “Try and take them off my feet” but he couldn’t as the others had pinned him down. In the scuffle Ben’s prefect badge had fallen off his jacket. Shane grabbed it as he stood up. Ben was still pinned to the floor as the door opened, it was a teacher coming to collect the box of shoes. He was early. “What’s going on here” he demanded to know. “Who’s the prefect?” Ben had no badge and on the floor without shoes. Shane looked at Ben and realised his dilemma, he quickly put the prefect badge on his jacket and proclaimed he was. The teacher had no reason to disbelieve him as he had a badge and was wearing shoes. “You need to have some discipline in here” he said as he looked at the four shoeless students sat in disarray on the floor. “I was about to tell them that their shoes would remain confiscated for the rest of the day and they can collect them in detention later” said Shane. The teacher stared at the four students and said “I’ll remember your faces for detention later”. He picked up the box and carried it out of the room.
Ben sat on the floor with his head in his hands as the other three demanded to know why their mate had just given them detention. “You let the teacher take our shoes” said Jimmy. “I had no choice you where all grappling on the floor when he entered”. They weren’t pleased having to spend another afternoon shoeless and getting detention again, Shane laughed at them. Ben stood up and demanded his shoes and badge back. “You heard what the teacher said, he is going to remember your face for detention and what will I wear as he has taken my shoes” said Shane “I’ll pretend to be you and you can be me”. He liked the idea of being a prefect as he told the others to hurry along in their socks and don’t be late for class or detention. Ben told Shane to wait behind after school so they could swap shoes after detention. “No” said Shane “I like your shoes, they’re quite comfortable and I’m not waiting around school unnecessarily so I’ll walk home in them seeing as I have no trainers, I might give you them back tomorrow”. He had a big smile on his face as he walked off. Ben stood in his grey socks watching his shoes disappear on someone elses feet along the corridor. He hoped that once again he wouldn’t be caught out in detention later. His second day of being a prefect and another afternoon of being shoeless. Not a great start to being a ‘school cop’.