First time

Author – Benj

So, I just found this site. I was searching for the things that led me here because it looks like I’m kind of stuck missing a shoe for a while and I’m not really sure how to handle it.

I was taking the train to work this morning, but it was the first time I’d ever tried to use the subway during morning rush hour and I didn’t realize how busy it would be. Someone stepped on the back of my shoe, just a Nike Flex-Contour sneaker, and it fell off. I got off the train to get it back but I couldn’t see it anywhere; I thought it had fallen all the way down onto the track. I decided to wait and try to get it back somehow after the train left, but when it did my shoe was still nowhere to be found. I couldn’t be late to work, so I just bit the bullet and took a cab.

Work was humiliating all day. A few customers even asked what happened, but most just gave me a pity look. Thankfully my coworker gave me a lift home so I wouldn’t have to take the subway wearing one shoe, but it’s only now that I’m home that I realized how much trouble I’m in.

I just recently moved to a big city (I won’t say which, but a really big city) to start my first semester at a new university. I have no family here and they don’t have a lot of money, but this school offered me a scholarship for tuition and housing in the dorms so I pretty much had to come. I only brought what I could easily pack, so I only brought one casual pair of everyday shoes. So now I only have this one shoe in my dorm. I have no flip flops or slippers or dress shoes yet. I do have a job at a (insert brand here) coffee shop, but since I just started it will be a few weeks before I get my first paycheck, which I need because that stupid cab I took to work depleted me. I could tell my family, but I just moved here and I don’t want to tell them I screwed up already.

Anyway, there’s nothing I can do about it right now, so I better get ready to go back to work tomorrow with only one shoe. I hate that my shoe is black with a white sole, so no matter what color sock I wear it will be obvious.

Me in your Stories – the Subway

Author – Lovetoshoeswap

original story subway by evan

One day me and a few friends decided to head into town so we had to take the subway in for a change. I was wearing my favorite pair of Reebok classics which happened to be a little too big for me as they kept sliding off my feet as I was walking. The subway was shaking quite a lot more that usual which caused one of my shoes to come off my feet, I hadn’t noticed it come off as I was too busy talking to my friends but I happened to notice my other shoe come off but didn’t know how it came off as the subway was rather crowded today.since I had no shoes I went looking through the other subway cars when a random guy happened to offer me his shoes which were a pair of Adidas superstars ,at first I wasn’t sure but decided to try them on, they were quite comfy but a little too big so I told him to keep his shoes . as me and my friends left they mocked me for having no shoes on I couldn’t help but wonder what had happened to my shoes.


Author – Evan

Was riding the subway yesterday wearing a worn pair of Adidas superstars. On comes this group of teenage boys and one of them was wearing really loose Reebok classics with black crew socks. His white shoes were sliding off his feet every time he took a step and as he was standing on the rather crowded train, he was slipping his sneakers on and off. At one point the train jerked and his right sneaker got kicked to where I was. I had been playing with my own shoes at that point and I accidentally put his shoe on instead of my own. His sneaker felt warm and soft and I didn’t want to take it off. I stepped out of my other shoe and put my sneakers into my backpack. As the guy was distracted I walked by him playing with his remaining sneaker and kicked it off his foot and out of his reach, before quickly slipping my foot into the loose sneaker. I quickly walked off into another train car with the shoes slipping off my feet. I sat down to examine my new shoes, they were size 8 which was a little small since I normally wore a 8.5 in Reeboks. Still they were pretty comfortable. I take the shoes off and put them in my bag, swapping them for my Adidas. The guy came into the train car looking for his sneakers in his black socks and I felt excited so I decided to offer him my worn sneakers, I slipped them off and said hey why not you have my shoes instead they’re pretty worn and I’m off to buy a new pair anyway, I took my shoes off and let him try them but he declined them in the end as they were big on him. I wore my shoes as I watched him exiting the train at the next stop with no shoes on his feet and friends laughing at how he managed to lose his favourite sneakers.

The Subway

Author – Sockboy


I was at a party at my friends house. When the party was ended I went home. It was about 3:00 in the morning when I got to the subway station. The train was emty when I got in and I found a place in the back. I sat down and when it started moving I took off my sneakers and put my feet on the bench in front of me.

My eyes felt kind of heavy so I closed them for a moment. After a few minutes it stopped in the next station, I opened my eyes and I saw some guys getting in. It seemed to me they were a little drunk. I didn’t pay attention to them because they got into another compartment. The train started moving again and I thought, don’t fall asleep now. But as it was moving I closed my eyes again. I had this dream about how some guys made fun of me because I sat there in my socks and they were laughing. Laughing?

I woke up in a panic and there they were, the guys who came in just before. One of them had picked up my sneakers and asked, “Are you comfy?” I was a little confused and could only say yes. And they were laughing again. Then he said,  “If you are comfortable now, you don’t need these anymore, I guess, what shall we do with them?” I said I would like to get them back.

Then one of the other guys said, “We can throw them out the window.” I got a little scared at that moment and said, I would really like to get them back. Then the first guy said, “but you are comfy now, aren’t you? You just said that”. I confirmed it and I said that I needed them to get home. He said “then, you can go home in your socks too” and they were laughing again.

In the meantime the train had stopped again and I could see in a glimp that I had to go for six more stations. I asked the guys for my sneakers again but they only made fun of me. They said things like, “look at him in his snowwhite socks” and “must be nice to walk in socks”.

I got more scared because I really got the feeling I wouldn’t get my sneakers back. In the next station there were three girls boarding and the guys started chatting with them and pointing at me. One of the girls started making pictures of me and I felt embarrassed at that moment.

I asked once more for my sneakers but I didn’t get a reaction. They were just talking with eachother. At the next station my thought became reality, the guys got out and took my sneakers with them. I was afraid of saying or doing anything because they were four of them. Then the doors closed and the train moved on, when I looked outside I could see this guy holding up my sneakers and he was laughing. Those three girls had moved to the other compartment and I was alone again. I could only think of my lost sneakers and the way home.

Finally I got to the station where I had to go out, and I started walk home. It was a twenty minute walk, at first I felt embarrassed but when I got out of the station it felt pretty good. I was lucky it was dry and not too cold.