YouTube library meet up PT.2

Author – shoelover

I went looking through my email again to find that guy that stole my shoes previously. I emailed him back saying that I would love to do more with him stealing my shoes and socks. So we made plans again and this time he told me to go to my closest Target store. So I went to Target wearing my usual footwear attire, black nikes and white socks. I get another email from him telling me that he sees me and wants me to leave my shoes on a shelf and walk away in my white socks. So I did as he told me to do so I walked around the store casually with people giving me funny glances. I decided to go back to where I left my shoes. And I started to panic, he stole my shoes! I ask one of the ladies if they found a pair of nikes and when she checked around, she came back giggling and said no. I walked home excited thinking what that man was going to do with my smelly nikes. At least he didn’t steal my white socks haha.