No noisy footwear allowed

Author – Jman

Bradley was was on his way to the library to do some studying. The library has a policy that no noisy footwear is allowed and must be removed upon entering the library. The library has hard wood floors and boots and shoes make too much noise.

Bradley walked past the circulation desk where Shelly was on duty. As he walked by Shelly said to him, “You have to take off your boots.” “Why?” asked Bradly. Shelly replied, “They make too much noise and library rules say noisy footwear must come off. Either you take off your boots or you have to leave.” Bradley did not want to take off his boots for fear something might happen to them. “Take off your boots or leave,” Shelly said once again. Bradley needed to do research and realized he had no choice but to remove his prize black cowboy boots. He took them off revealing white socks with grey heals and toes. “I can take those for you, ” Shelly said. Bradley handed her his boots and she placed them behind the desk.

Bradley then entered the reading area in his sock feet and did his research. Another student was in the library and she said, “I see you are in your socks too.” “Yea, the girl at the counter took my boots because they were making too much noise,” said Bradley. The girl replied, “Yes, I had to turn in my clogs also. But it’s okay because I like how my sock feet feel on the wooden floors.” Bradley did have to admit to himself that the wooden floors felt good on his shoeless feet.

Bradley had then finished his research and was ready to leave the library. He went to the desk to get his boots but Shelly was no longer working there but another gentleman. Bradley told the gentleman that he was leaving and wanted to pick up his cowboy boots. “What boots?” the gentleman asked. “The lady that was working here told me I had to my cowboy boots off because they made too much noise and to give them to her for safe keeping.” The man at the desk said, “I’m sorry but there are no boots back here and I don’t know who was working when you walked in. I don’t know what to tell you.” Bradley then left the library in his socks trying to figure out what happened to his boots.

Shoeplay in a bar

Author – Mickey

It was early evening as I sat on a stool at the bar and ordered a drink, there was only one other guy in the place. I hadn’t realised that I was shoe playing until my dangling loafer fell to the floor. I noticed the guy sat at a table staring at my socked foot. I put my shoe back on and turned my back to him. A few minutes later my mate texted, he was gonna be late. I ordered another drink and put on my headphones and listened to music whilst looking at my phone. Again without realising I started to shoe play and let them come off completely. I only realised when my mate tapped me on the shoulder and I removed my headphones and he said “Where’s your shoes”. I looked down and used my socked feet to search the floor beneath the stool for my shoes. They weren’t there and neither was the guy who had been watching me earlier.

Shoes on a edge

Author – Alexander

Yesterday at school we had to change rooms for the next lesson. Our school has 3 floors and we had to go from groundfloor to the second floor. When we walked towards the stairs one of my classmates stepped on my left heel and made my shoe come off. He gave me a push and picked up my shoe and ran up the stairs. When I came to the stairs I saw him half way the stairs trying to throw my shoe up an edge in the wall. Before I could do or say anything he managed to put it up there. He and a few other guys were laughing as I walked up the stairs. When I came up there I realized I couldn”t reach it because the edge was about 10ft high. All the others walked by and laughed at me and I asked them to help me get it down. Nobody responded and after a short time the guy who picked my shoe offered to help me. He came to me and foulded his hands together like a step and he said here stand on my hands so you can reach your shoe. Automatically I stepped up with my right foot and when he lifted me up I got out of balance and fell back. With my left foot on the ground and my hands to the wall I was balancing not to fall down and in the meantime the guy held on to my foot. He looked at me and grinned and I thought oh no he will not…. But it already happened and he took my right shoe off. I shouted no come on give me my shoe back but he ran up the next stairs and the few guys waiting were only laughing. There I was in my dark blue socks, one shoe unreachable and the other I didn”t know. After a few seconds this guy comes back at the top of the stairs empty handed and was laughing and said good luck with retrieving your shoes and he and the other guys left. When I walked up the next stairs to the second floor I could see my right shoe also on the same kind of edge. I knew now I couldn”t reach them and the bell rang for the next lesson and I had to hurry to the classroom. When I walked in most of the class was laughing and I felt little embarrassed and I sat down at my table. I had to follow five more lessons and change rooms three times and in lunchbreak I tried to find the janitor to help me with my shoes but I couldn”t find him. After the last lesson I walked to the stairs where my shoes should be but to my surprise they were gone. I got the shivers and was afraid I had to go home shoeless. I tried to find the janitor again and after a walk through half the school and asking several teachers I found him standing outside at the bicycle shed. He was helping another student with the lock of his bike. I walked towards him and noticed the ground was still a little moist from rain the day before. I asked the janitor if he took the shoes off the edge, he looked at me and said no I didn”t take no shoes off an edge but maybe somebody else did and brought them to the lost and found office. I walked back into the school to the lost and found office but I didn”t see any shoes. I tried the door but it was locked. A teacher walking by said the lost and found will be open tomorrow he had to leave early today. I sighed and walked towards the lockers to get my jacket and go home. I had to go with the bus and people were watching me. I tried to hide my feet but that was no success. At the end it felt a little exciting and today I got my shoes back, they were found in a trash bin….

The shoeless wonder

Author – Evan

Me and a friend of mine were walking to a grocery store to pick up a few things a few mornings ago. When you get close to the store, you have to go down this incline. To the left of that incline was a car wash among other stores. While we were walking down the incline, my friend steps on the back of my right foot, making me fall out of my right shoe with me and my shoe rolling down the side of the incline. I stopped at the edge, but my shoe rolled of the edge and landed into the parking lot of the car wash, which was about maybe 5 feet down. “Way to lose your shoe again,” my friend said as he ran down the incline. I got up, and looked down off the edge to see that my friend was already in the parking lot, picking up my shoe. I immediately ran down the incline and met with my friend, who I noticed no longer had my shoe.
“What’d you do with my shoe dude?”
“Don’t worry about it now. Lets go get what we came for,” my friend said as we both walked towards the grocery store which was across from the parking lot. I decided to hop towards the store when I saw a friend of mine who worked there. He noticed my shoeless foot. “Bro where’s your shoe,” he tells me as we both walk into the store to buy like 3 things. After we left the store, I went and asked my friend “Dude seriously, wheres my shoe?”
“oh you’ll get it back later. Let’s keep walking.”
We were basically walking around town, passing nearby stores, neighborhoods, and whatnot. A couple of people would see me and give me odd stares at my white socked foot as I would alternate between walking and hopping. After about an hour, my friend says “I should head back.” Before he walks away, I grab him by the arm while standing on one foot with my socked foot in the air. “Not without my shoe you arent.” He pulls his arm away from me, and I lost my balance and fell to the ground, keeping my socked foot still in the air. “Nah its fun seeing you be the shoeless wonder. Its entertaining seeing you without your shoe all the time.” Before I could get up, my friend started walking away. “I got things to take care of today, we’ll hang out later. See ya you shoeless wonder.” He left me on the ground and I still didnt get my right shoe back. Wound up having to walk back home in one shoe…again

Uncle Henry pt2

Author – Speedy

First, a bit of background.

My Dad and Mom were divorced by the time i was born, in fact i use my Mom’s family name.
Dad has one older boy from another previous marriage, and he has twin boys about twenty months younger than me from a third wife, Maggie. I go to Dad on weekend’s sometimes – often with James – and i find Maggie a really pleasant and generous person.
Mr. Henry is dad’s brother, but as i use a different name, most people don’t realize the connection between us.

So Dad’s older boy, Will, was getting married, and James and i were invited. Problem is i had priceless little to wear. in the end mom bought me a grey blazer and a matching tie, which i was wearing with a white shirt and my school trousers and shoes. By way of comparison, Maggie’s twin boys were outfitted in white Tuxedo’s and trousers, bow ties, and gorgeous party shoes.
their shoes:

So there we are by the wedding. They had rented a pub, so there was a bar with unlimited drinks, all sorts of cocktails and spiked punches and who knows what. As the evening went along a couple of people became rowdy, and the bar staff politely escorted them outside. One person started screaming racist slurs at people around them, but the staff very capably handled it. There was also a DJ with various dances going on etc…

Upstairs there was a “bridal suite” which had one way glass looking over the pub, and opened on a balcony, which then led down wide sweeping stairs to the middle of the pub, next to the dance floor. At the right moment Will had come down with his bride, having signed the registar’s book in the suite. There was a banister about five feet high round the stairway, with a lower railing. So James and i, along with Maggie’s boys were running up the stairs and sliding down the banister , climbing over the end and using it as a pole, and then running back up.
One time as i come down, my uncle Mr. Henry was at the bottom. He was giggling like a small child and clearly under the influence of way too much alcohol, and as I approached, he put down his glass on the end of the banister, and he grabbed my foot, opened the velcro straps and pulled off my shoe, and then reached out for the other one.
Before i knew was what happening a small crowd had gathered, with Mr. Henry announcing between giggles, “This is what we do to Speedy in school.”
He then lifted a cake of a raised stand and placed my shoes there, for all to see.
In the meantime i was stuck on my perch, because the only way down was over the end of banister, and his glass was there. Meanwhile Maggie’s twins had come flying behind me with James, and their weight was on me, while a crowd had gathered round.
Next thing i knew, the video guy saw a commotion and came along. He asked what was going on, and when he heard, he promptly suggested to Mr. Henry to put my shoes on my feet and take them off a second time for the camera. Mr. Henry complied, but in his drunken state it took him a few times to get them on my feet. the vidoegrapher reached in and tightened them, while Mr. Henry started again opening the velcro and taking them off. he announced again “This is what we do to Speedy in school.” and then said “In fact they are in perfect condiitons, because speedy never gets to wear them!” He reached to put them back on the cakestand and announced “In fact they are so new and clean that the teacher even puts them on his desk”
He proceeded to take the shoes off maggie’s boys, – their laces were long open, – briefly commenting on their nice new shoes. They also started giggling, i think they had a little bit of alcohol too. James school shoes were next.
Then he reached for my socks “in fact Speedy actually does sports barefoot.” Thankfully someone moved his glass so i was able to get down before that happened.
Meanwhile everyone around started asking questions. “Do you really have to take your shoes off in school?” “don’t you have trainers for sports?” etc… [i do have trainers, but if you lose your shoes they don’t let you wear trainers either]

Eventually Mr. Henry decided he is taking our shoes to his car, to give to the principal in the morning. the whole crowd followed him, so next i knew he was outside. followed by four boys, me in black socks, James in grey socks, both totally mortified, while maggie’s twins, who looked like little angel’s with white tuxedos trousers and white socked feet were giggling away. outside numerous people had retched so we had dance round the puddles, and tried also to keep as close as possible to our shoes.
After a few tries he manged to press the remote to his car, and put all the shoes inside, but before he managed to lock it James and i took out our shoes. “It won’t help boys, you have anyway got a couple of shoeless days ahead, i bet you will come late tomorrow, and i’m sure you haven’t done your homework.”

We wandered back inside, both wishing the floor would swallow us up, while maggie’s boys straggled in their socks.
Just then James’s Dad turned up to take us home. On the way to his car we walked past Mr. Henry who was still standing near his car cackling like a hyena.

I slept over in james’s house, thankfully his father wtoe us a late note and explained abput the homework, or we would have lost our shoes for the next two days.

Unlucky lad in the library

Author – Omar

I was in the library scouting out people playing with their shoes and giving sock shows and happened to see a young boy in the corner sitting at one of the booths that had a connected foot space to the booth on the other side. As far as I knew no one was on the other side and this boy was playing with his shoes ALOT. They didn’t stay on his feet for more then a few seconds at a time lol. The more he played with them they would fall a bit father away and one of the times they fell out of reach of his feet. Showing his little thin white socks off to the whole library. I’m guessing I wasn’t the only one watching because someone came from the other side of the room out of the poor boys line of sight and sat on the other side of the booth. The poor boys loafers had fallen right in to the other sides foot space and the new guy who sat down practically kicked the errant loafers lingering under his side of the booth. The new guy who sat down didn’t waist any time and slowly slid the loafers completely over to him using his own feet and slowly picked them up and put them in a plastic bag he pulled out of his jacket pocket. He quickly got up and pushed his chair in walking away from the booth and leaving the poor boy on the other side in his stocking feet. I was getting excited just watching the situation transpire. I watched where the guy went after he walked off with his loafers. At the entrance of the library He met up with his friend and they were laughing over holding his loafers. They left and headed toward the buss stop. The poor boy sat there for atleast another half hour before realizing he was left there in his stocking feet. He had to go home in his little white socks to. His face was bright red when he realized someone nicked his shoes while he was sitting there. Panicking frantically looking under the table like they were there and he just wasn’t seeing them lol. It was exciting. He finally packed up his stuff and started walking out. One of the librarians asked why he was leaving in his socks and he asked if anyone had turned shoes in, obviously no one had and the Librarian couldn’t help but smile and giggle at his little white socks. He ended up leaving in them. I honestly couldn’t believe I had actually witnessed that.

Dress guys dilemma

Author – shoeplayer

David was on his way to an important meeting. Normally he liked to wear casual clothes, jeans and t-shirt, but today he wore his finest dress. He was not used to wear a tie and he felt uncomfortable. He took his tie off and pulled his shirt out of his trousers for the long drive. He started very early. It took about 2-3 hours to get to the city, where the meeting was held. So he had a lot of time, when he came near the hotel, where the meeting took place. He decided to stop at a rest area near the motorway. He sat a table by a window, drinking a coffee and immediately started to play with his loose loafers. He loved to play with his shoes, slipping them off, sometimes even leaving them completely abandoned and unattended at public places. He loved the thrill, that his shoes might get kicked around and away, maybe even get hidden or stolen, leaving him stranded at a public place, in his stocking feet. But he only loved the imagination and the risk, it really could happen. And now, of course, he couldn’t risk the loss of his shoes.

David didn’t notice the guy, sitting behind him, enjoying his little ‘shoeplay’. He loved the white socks, a nice contrast to the black dress. He even thought, if he could kick one of Davids shoes down the aisle, when he left them completely off some times. But he didn’t dare. After some time David payed and left the restaurant. The guy observed David, as he walked back to his car.

Dave enjoyed his loose loafers, his heels often slipped out, when he walked to fast. David passed an old phone booth, which he already had seen from his place at the restaurant. He needed to go to the restroom, before he continued his drive. The phone booth obviously didn’t work anymore. People had mobiles and they maybe forgot to dismantle it. He entered the phone booth and got a crazy idea. He could leave his shoes save in the booth and run to the restroom, which was nearby …. in his stocking feet! The restaurant was far away. People who looked at him would think, he wore some white sneakers to have a more comfortable trip. He looked at the feet from people entering the restaurant. He couldn’t see, what kind of shoes they had on, so they likewise wouldn’t notice his stocking feet! Could he risk that? Slowly he slipped of his loafers and left them in a corner of the booth. No one was nearby and he didn’t see anyone entering the restroom. The restaurant had his own toilet, so this small hut seemed abandoned. Slowly he left the phone booth and hurried to the restroom hut. He quickly entered a stall. OMG, he did it! He was in his stocking feet, shoes left behind, close to a meeting, far from home! He was trembling!

The guy in the restaurant always had his eyes on Dave. He noticed, when he left the phone booth. He immediately knew what happened! He just saw a shy ‘sockwalker’, who ran to the restroom in his stocking feet! He was fascinated! He wanted no more, than steal this guys shoes and waiting for him, to come back! But he was sure, the guy quickly would come back and he had not enough time, to get to the booth. It was to far away. Suddenly he saw a mother with her two boys coming to the restaurant. They passed the both and the boys were chasing each other around it! Then they stopped and looked into the booth. They opened the door, one went inside and came out …. with the black loafers!!! They ran to their mother, who already had entered the restaurant. Before the boys followed their mom, they threw the shoes onto the roof of the building! The guy couldn’t belief his luck! He soon would see a shoeless guy, hopping back to the phone booth, to find out …. he was stranded in his white socks!!! He got his camera out, which had a good zoom, placed it on the table and zoomed the phone booth in as good as possible …. and waited!

David got very nervous in the stall! He heard some voices outside and didn’t dare to get back to his shoes! But he couldn’t wait to long. He had to get to the meeting and the longer he stayed at the restroom, the higher was the risk, somebody maybe really would find his shoes! Finally he sneaked to the door of the hut and peeked outside. Nobody was around. He hurried back to the booth …. and got the shock of his life!!! Oh NO! His shoes were gone! Frantically he entered the booth and looked everywhere for his loafers! Gone!!! Terrified he looked around! OMG! Someone found his shoes and picked them up! Maybe him or her had already continued their tour with his shoes, not knowing they left him behind, in his stocking feet! David got panic! He couldn’t go the meeting like this! He couldn’t go anywhere!!! Trembling and sweating he remained in and near the booth for a long time! Shit!!! Why couldn’t he stop his crazy ‘shoeplay’? It was a chilly day and his feet got cold! Before some people from the restaurant might get notice of him – a strange guy – sneaking around an old phone booth, he hurried back to his car …. only to find out, his nightmare would continue!!! A group of bikers had just stopped beside his car! He quickly turned around and ran as fast as possible, in his thin socks, back to the restroom! He heard them laughing! Hiding in a stall again, he desperately was pleading and praying, that the bikers wouldn’t follow him ….

The guy in the restaurant stopped his camera, left the rest area and drove home …. with a big grin on his face!

Well, fiction …. or truth??? 😉 (pw: shoesloser)