Duped by fake policeman

Author – Adidas boy

It was the summer holidays and me and my mate Glen had been climbing trees in the park our other pal Leo stood and watched as he didn’t want to scuff his new Nike Air Max trainers. We had been sat on a branch when we heard a crack, suddenly the branch gave way and we landed on ground. Fortunately we weren’t very high up and landed In a flowerbed. Leo said the park keeper is coming so we hid behind a bush. We watched as he removed the broken branch and said “bloody kids I’ll be glad when they’re back at school”. We sneaked off over to the other side of the park and sat at a bench. My Adidas Sambas and Glens Puma trainers had mud on them from falling into the flower bed. We weren’t too bothered as they weren’t new unlike Leo’s Nikes. As we sat there two men approached and claimed to be undercover police officers. They flashed their I.D. but we wouldn’t know what a police officers badge looked like. We where accused of damaging park property and like any 14 year olds we denied it. “You match the description given by the park keeper” said the policeman. They said they found footprints in the flowerbeds and needed to see our shoes. We lifted up our feet and showed the soles of our trainers. They claimed they matched but the photos weren’t very good and would need to take our shoes to the crime scene. We stood up to follow and we’re told to sit back down. We don’t want you contaminating the scene they said. Take off your trainers and we’ll go and check them against the actual footprints. Leo said he’d done nothing wrong as his Nikes were clean but the policeman said he didnt want anyone leaving as we could be arrested. Being 14 we did what the policeman told us. We removed our trainers and handed them over. As we were all wearing white socks we put our feet on the bench to not dirty them. The policemen said not to move from the bench and they would be back. We watched the two policemen walk off with our shoes. We sat there worried what our parents would think. We sat on the bench in our socks with all the other kids staring at us. It was getting late and the policemen still hadn’t returned when the park keeper appeared. “Have you seen the policemen that you called as they have our shoes” said Leo. The park keeper said he hadn’t called the police. He looked at our shoeless feet and said this happened yesterday with some older boys, they claimed some policeman took their shoes too. We had to leave the park as it was getting dark, it didn’t take long for our white socks to get dirty on the long walk home. Leo said his mum had thrown away his old trainers and he had nothing else to wear for the rest of the school holidays.


Library theif strikes again

Author – Shoelover

I went to the library the other day wearing my favorite pair of Nikes, white socks, jeans, and a hoodie. Now when I go to the library I always see people taking their shoes off and walking around leaving their shoes behind. I always get a thrill whenever I do that because I always wanted someone to just take my shoes and run off with them, leaving me in my white socked feet. So I go in one of the cubbie areas where you can see under the table across from you. I noticed a pair of feet wearing black loafers. I looked over and I find out it’s a man around his 50s. So I sit across from him. I slipped off my shoes revealing my white socks and used my foot to slide my shoes closer to where this guy’s feet were. I waited and waited but nothing happened, I don’t even think he looked down to find out that there were a pair of Nike sneakers waiting for him. So I decided to be daring and walk over to him and ask him if he knew where the restrooms were. He looked at me and looked down and saw that I didn’t have my sneakers on, he gave me a creepy smile and just pointed to the direction and I thanked him. As soon as I left he sneakily got up from the table and checked the floors around him. I stayed behind one of the library shelves instead of the bathroom because I was curious if he would find my shoes and take them. He finally found my shoes and he used his foot to kick them away from under my side of the table and closer to his side. Then he snatched them up, smelled them, and put them in his bag. I started to get horny and excited but also nervous that he actuallymight walk out. He was really stealing my shoes! I go chase him down and tell him I want my shoes back. He said I don’t know what you’re talking about but maybe you should get new shoes since you like walking barefoot. I was so stunned as I saw him walk away nonchalantly with my sneakers. I walked home in my white socks never to wear those sneakers again.

Give us your money, and your nike

Author – Mark

My teacher sent me to the park to take pictures for her class during lunch, I had been there about a half hour and I had taken about 20 pictures and these three guys came up and ask if they could see the pictures
I showed them, and they talked about how good they were. I was worried they were going to steal the camera it belongs to the school. They were in high school I think, I’m in middle school
After about 5 minutes the guys walked off, so I went back to taking pictures. The guys came back and ask for $10.00. I told them I didn’t have $10.00. One of the guys said well how much money do you have. I don’t have money. They walked off a few minutes later they came back and said We know you have money. I told them I didn’t have any money. One of the guys said give us your Nikes then. I tried to walk off and they surrounded me, and He said give us $10.00 we seen you at the store before school you had a twenty. I told them I had to pay a lunch bill at school. He said the Nikes are the money. They grabbed me and went to take my Nikes off me I tried to stop them jerk my legs back, but my right Nike came off I yelled ok I’ll give it to you. They stopped. I reached in my pocket and took my money out and said all I have is $5.00. One of the guys said we told you $10.00. I don’t have $10.00. He looked at me and said then you don’t have a Nike. I told them I really don’t have any more. He said sorry it is $5.00 a Nike. They walked off with my right Nike. I sit there watching them walk off tossing my Nike back and forth.

I walked back to school missing my right Nike it was kind of exciting I had to spend the rest of the school day wearing one Nike and my sock after school I walked home real slow knowing I was in trouble with my stepdad. Looking down the whole time at my sock foot. I git home and my stepdad surprised me he wasn’t mad he said at least they didn’t take that camera. He said I would have to wear one shoe till his next payday. I ask him when that was he said I get paid bi-weekly and just got paid five days ago it will be 9 days. He said that is the best I can do sorry, I went back to the park today after school and the three guys where there and one of them said I seen you wore one Nike to school today. I told them I had $5.00 if I could have my Nike back I would go get it. One of them said we tossed it in the pond your out of luck. It is kind of exciting for some reason getting dressed and putting on my socks and knowing I only have one Nike and have to go to school.

The boot risk

Author – Blake

I always kind of like the ideal of losing one of my boots never tried it or did anything about it but I read a story by shoelossfan last night so to today I was sitting in my last class of the day. and the teacher said we had to go to the library For whatever I took my right boot off, and went with just a white sock on that foot to see what it was like nobody noticed are at least didn’t say anything when the bell rang for school to be out I walked back to class to get my backpack and boot my backpack was there but my boot was gone I panicked and looked everywhere but it was gone so I finally headed to my bus with my sock foot thinking I’m in trouble I don’t have another pair to wear. But was kind of excited at the same time I got home nobody noticed because I took my left boot off. This morning when I was getting ready for school I went to put my boots on and remembered I only had a left boot to wear. I set and looked at my socked foot thinking I have to go to school missing my boot it was kind of weird walking out the door to the bus wearing one boot and even weirder walking in to school I guess it stuck out just wearing a white sock cause everyone ask what happen I told them it was stolen they thought that was funny by lunch I guess everyone was used to it because nobody said anything. I looked in lost and found but no boot, so I guess I have a new look for now anyways not sure how long I will have a sock foot and the girls all feel sorry for me so that is good. once my dad finds out it maybe a long term look he is pretty stick

Army Cadets – pt 2

Author – Shoeless Guy

As they began their descent from the hill Gary glanced back at the flagpole, the dangling boots swung in the breeze. Marty got well ahead of the others and as he approached camp he spotted a pair of black socked feet resting on top of the kit bags. “You fallen asleep Will?” he said. He walked nearer and realised the feet where tied together. Then he went down.
Gary said to the others “Where has Marty gone?”
“He was ahead of us” said Baz.
They halted their approach to camp and waited, Gary commanded Ross to move forward slowly to the right and Sean to the left. Ross could see the camp ahead, he spotted Will tied up on the ground and Marty being held by two of the sergeants with Nick talking to him.
“Where are my boots?” said Nick, Marty didn’t reply. “Tie him up and take his boots”
Sean saw Marty’s wrists being tied and thrown to the ground then his boots removed. He was so fixated watching Marty’s boot confiscation that he didn’t notice two Sergeants creep up from behind. They pushed him to the ground, Amrit wrapped his hand over Seans mouth as Ian tied his hands behind his back. They marched Sean towards the others. Sean tried to free himself from his binds but knew his fate, he saw Will and Marty bound on the floor, he knew he would shortly be losing his boots and joining them.
Ross watched and said “shit” as watched a tied up Sean placed on the ground and getting his boots removed. He turned to get up and his foot was grabbed, Kev had sneaked up on him, his grip on Ross’ boot was strong. He had no choice but to get out his army knife and rip the laces on his boot. His brown socked foot fell out of the boot and he ran off to warn his remaining team mates.
Nick demanded to know where their boots where, the tied up Corporals where not answering. Kev returned holding up a boot in his hand. Nick tried on the capture guys boots, they where all too small. He knew he couldn’t return to the main cadet camp without his boots or the flag.
Ross returned to Gary and Baz, they captured Will while we got the flag, Marty was ambushed walking back to camp and they grabbed Sean, they’re all tied up. I nearly got captured too but escaped unfortunately I lost a boot as he looked down at his socked foot. “This is getting out of hand” said Gary “We are supposed to capture the flag, not each other”.
“What we going to do with the prisoners” said Mike.
“We are going to wait until their mates attempt to rescue them” said Nick.
Gary knew he had to sacrifice himself to save the others. He walked into camp hands in air “Let my men go and you can have your boots and the flag” he said to Nick
“Where are the others” said Nick.
“Watching and waiting”
“Let my men go” Gary said again
Nick looked down at his now rather dirty socks then across to Gary’s booted feet. “Not until you give me your boots” he said.
“No deal” said Gary
“Take off your boots and your men can go”
Gary sat on the ground unlaced and removed his boots then threw them over to Nick. The Corporals where untied. Gary sat in his grey boot socks watching Nick putting on his boots. “God Damn it” said Nick “Is nobody else a size 11” he shouted as he threw Gary’s boots on top of the other confiscated footwear. The newly released corporals went to retrieve their boots but where stopped by the sergeants. “You’ll get your boots once we have ours” said Nick who told Gary to beckon his two remaining men to the camp. A few minutes later Baz and Ross walked into camp. Nick demanded they take their boots off or boot with Ross. They looked at their leader, Gary said “Just give them your boots” with a look of defeat on his face. They sat on the ground and removed them and threw their boots to Nick. The Corporals all stood together in their uniforms and socked feet. “Where are our boots and the flag” said Nick.
“Your boots are tied to the flag pole at the top of the hill” said Gary.
“How can we trust you” said Nick
“We’ll take you to them” said Gary “And you also have our boots as ransom”
Nick told Amrit to place all the Corporals boots in a sleeping bag and hide them in the trees. “Just in case they try and double cross us” he said.
“Before you hide our boots” said Gary “I want your men to take off their remaining boots and place them in another sleeping bag so we can hide them til we return, then we’re all shoeless and equal as we climb the hill, if not the flag remains hidden and no team wins”
Reluctantly Nick agreed to Gary’s demand and ordered his men to remove the boots off their right feet. Baz got a sleeping bag and one by one the sergeants placed their boots inside. They looked down at their feet, each had a clean right socked foot and a dirty left socked foot. Amrit disappeared in one direction and Baz in the other, after a few minutes they both returned empty handed.
Now all 12 cadets where in their army uniforms and stood in socks. “Where is the flag?” said Nick.
“The flag is in Will’s boots which we mistakenly left up with your boots” said Gary
The climb to the top was slow wearing just socks. They eventually reached the flagpole.
“What game are you playing Gary” said Nick as he looked up at the empty flagpole.
“They where definitely there” said Gary “I’m not playing any game, after all you have hidden our boots. We are on open land, any member of the public could of seen them and stole them”
“Great” said Nick “Thanks to you guys my boots have been stolen”
“Game over for both teams” said Gary. “The flag was in Will’s stolen boots, we’re all going to be gunged as neither team captured the flag”
As they sat a dogwalker appeared Nick looked at him and asked “Have you seen anyone carrying lots of boots”
The dog walker laughed as he looked at the 12 uniformed cadets sat in their socks and said “What sort of army do we have when our soldiers have their boots stolen” as his dog sniffed Nick’s socked feet.
The walk downhill was just as hard without boots, they arrived back at the Blue team’s camp. All the kit bags where missing. “Go get the sleeping bags with the boots in” said Gary to Amrit and Baz. They reappeared empty handed. “They’ve gone too” said Amrit. “Somebody has been watching us and taken everything” said Nick.
All 12 cadets walked back to the main camp, marching in their socked feet, no boots or kit bags. It had been decided that only the two team leaders would be gunged. Their men had suffered enough at their lack of leadership. The flag had not been in Will’s boots but in Gary’s jacket all the time, where it remained. He saw the disappointment on the 17 year old Nicks face, his last Cadet camp, no glory of winning. He’d had his revenge on Nick, without his boots all day. He was now prepared to share the humiliation in camp as joint loser.
Gary the Corporal and Nick the Sergeant where paraded through camp in uniform, no boots, their socks dirty and worn. They where tied to a tree and gunged with water, mud and the gunk from paint balls.
As they stood there tied to the tree, being covered in crap, Gary thought to himself, Who had been watching them? Who had their kit? Where where their boots? A lot of unanswered questions ran through his mind.
With no kit bags or boots, the rest of their stay in camp was going to be uncomfortable.

One shoe at the movies

Author – Evan

Yesterday I was hanging out with one of my friends. We decided to go see Incredibles 2 together. I sat at the end of one row while he sat in an adjacent seat in the row in front of me. I kept propping my feet up on the seat in front of me on and off throughout the movie. By the time the movie was over, my friend got up and as he walked past the seat my feet were on, he grabbed my left shoe and quickly bolted out of the theater with it. I wouldve went after him immediately, but there was a good amount of people in front of me so it took awhile. I was one of the last people to leave the theater when I bumped into an usher who looked down and saw I was missing a shoe. “Lost your shoe there bud?” I just told him sorta and ran off to catch up with my friend. By the time I got outside, my friend was backing up his car and shouted out of his window, “See ya tomorrow.” He was waving my shoe at me before throwing back into his car and driving off. Had to walk back home in one shoe and my white sock.

Roofed shoes

Author – Sockedboy

Few days ago some guys from school and me were messing around in the field after school. At some point a few sat down at a picknick table. A few minutes later I went there too and sat down on the table. We were having some fun and then one of them started pushing the other one. I got a push too and fell on my back on the table. My feet came up because of that and this guy who was standing there caught one of my feet and started pulling. He wanted to pull me off the table but I grabbed the edges so he could not get me off. Then another guy grabbed my other foot and he started to untie the lace. I struggled and wiggled my foot but he kept on to it. The other guy then did the same and a moment later I was shoeless. They both ran away with my shoes and the others were just laughing. I shouted come back, please, but they kept on going. From a distant they turned around and they waved with my shoes and shouted, if you want them back, come and get them! At first I thought they will come back but they turned around again and walked on. Now I had to follow them so I jumped off the table in my red socks. The first few yards were not a problem because it was a grassfield but they kept on going and going into the streets and everything. After a while I nearly kept up with them and I could see they tied my shoes together. I asked them again to give my shoes back. They just laughed and threw my shoes to the guys that followed me. This went on a few times and then one of them said, let’s see how high they can really fly! I got the shivers because we were standing next to a high office building and I still got a long walk to get home. I said come on guys, you had your fun, give them back. They were laughing again and one of them threw my shoes high in the air. They landed back on the pavement and I wanted to grab them but another one got them first saying, let me try, I can get them higher. He threw them up in the air and I could see my shoes taking the turn to the roof. I got warm and cold at the same time and in a second my shoes disappeared on the roof. Everybody was laughing and I just stood there shoeless. After a little while some of them tried to climb up the roof but that was not possible. I now had to walk home for about 20 minutes. First I felt embarrassed but after some time it felt almost comfy to walk in socks on the streets…