Hobo steals my socks and shoes

Author – Shoelover

One rainy day I decided to take the train home. As soon as I boarded the train though I decided to take my shoes and socks off because they were soaking wet. The socks that I placed down on the seat were white fruit of the loom socks and a pair of size 9 womens black nikes. There weren’t too many people on the train but I put my sneakers and socks on the opposite seat so they could dry.  There were about 9-10 train stops until I got home, so I propped my bare feet up on the other seat in front of me.  I must have taken a nap because I was so tired from jogging around the park. I woke up because i felt someone tickle my foot and I saw who it was, the hobo then took my sneakers and socks right off of the seat in front of me! I quickly ran in my bare feet to chase him but I was too slow. Out of breath, I saw in the train window, the hobo waving my nike sneakers in one hand and my crew white socks in the other.  I was so distraught that a hobo stole them and that I had to walk home in the rain without even socks to wear.


Creepy old guy stole my shoe

Author – Shoelover

This is my friend Amy’s story but I’ll share it on here. 

One day I was studying in the library and I wore white cotton crew socks, blue denim jeans, a white blouse, and my black/white Nike air max. I usually slip off my nikes if it gets too warm in the library and today was one of those days. Sometimes I show off my socked soles by shoe playing or by dipping in and out of my nikes. So here is what happened. I was deep in my studies sliding in and out of my nikes because the cotton socks were making my feet feel warmer. A middle age man with a creepy smile comes to the top floor of the library to the same table that I was at and says to me “Hello cutie those are some good looking sneakers, where did you get them?” I just replied where I got them and he snickered and asked what size foot I am, I replied “9 “and he said “oh my a little girl like you has big feet hehehe” and I just nodded and things got awkward when he asked me if my feet smell and I moved my stuff and said I got to go. I didn’t leave the library but I moved my possessions to another table while the weirdo seemed to have left the other area. I was wondering to myself why this weirdo was talking to me and was infatuated about my shoes and feet. Anyway I was starting to get a little warm and it was quiet where I was, so I kicked off my sneakers and since I was the only one on the top level(or so I thought) I propped my socked feet up on the table. As I was deep in my studies I thought I saw a shadow by me but it vanished when I looked in that direction. I shrugged it off and then I decided to peel my sweaty cotton socks off because they felt sweaty they from jogging earlier. Now at this point, my sneakers and white socks were strewn randomly on the library floor but I didn’t care. Then I started to get a little hungry so I got up and walked barefooted to the vending machine. I left my shoes and socks vacant thinking no one would take them because there was no one around. Then to my surprise, I see the middle aged man come out of nowhere again walking by my study area and then I was shocked to find him picking up my sneakers and socks off the floor!!!! I waited beside the vending machine to see what he was going to do with them and he literally took off his own sneakers and socks so he could put mine on. I was in a state of shock, I didn’t know what to do, but as soon as I saw him walk in my Nike air max I was running towards him to get my sneakers and socks back, he disappeared with my shoes, socks, handbag, and his own shoes!! I just couldn’t believe my handbag, white socks, and favorite Nike sneakers were gone to a creepy old man!

One shoe walk

Author – Al Wunshu

I live in a small town in England. In the hot weather I like to walk up into the hills behind town and sunbathe in a favorite spot. This very warm day I put on a T shirt and a very small pair of bikini briefs that I wear for sunbathing, and a pair of athletics shorts, white socks and my Converse trainers. I walked the two miles to my spot and settled down taking everything off except my briefs and stuffing my clothes into my shoes. All was well for a while, until a dog came along and wanted to play. I tried to shoo it away but it just got more anoying. Then it dashed in and grabbed one of my shoes and ran off with it. I chased after it but had no hope of catching it. It disappeared into the woods and I gave up and went back to my spot. When I looked to see what I had lost I found that the shoe that was missing was the one with my shorts and one sock in. When it was time to go home I put my shoe on one foot and the one sock on the other and went into the woods to see if the dog had dropped my shoe with my shorts in, but no luck. I started to walk home but when I got near to the first houses I got a bit scared. Could I walk down the road for some way like this? It was bad enough having only one shoe, but with no shorts and only briefs which barely covered my masculinity I started to get excited which made things even worse. Eventually I calmed down and started to walk home. Fortunately I didn’t meet anyone I knew, but I got some strange looks from a few people. I never found the shoe or the shorts.  

My Girlfriend

Author – Laramie


When I was in the sixth grade I had this girl I really liked she was at my house one day and we we’re sitting in my room talking and she Ask me to give her my foot, so I put my foot in her lap and she untied my shoe and took it off and started rubbing my foot, (I never went without shoes I hated not wearing shoes).

She rubbed my foot about 15 mins and then got up got here backpack and but my shoe in it and walk to my closet and got the rest of my right shoes and put them in her backpack and come and sit back down and picked my foot up and started to rub it again. I ask her what she was doing she said, ” I like your foot like this i don’t want you to wear your right shoe.”

I said I need my right shoe she leaned over and kissed me my first kiss and said can I have them I said no she pushed me on my bed and kissing me and ask again can I have your shoes I said yes we kissed a while longer and she had to leave and go home. She took the backpack and left.

The next morning when I got dressed for school I had to go wearing my left shoe and just a sock on my right foot. It was hard not having my shoe. I got to school and Kim meet me out front and kissed me an said I was waiting so I could walk in with you I ask her did you bring my shoes she said no my boyfriend only wears one shoe and laughed that was my first day of going in public wearing one shoe.

When we got inside to class the guys ask me where my shoe was I didn’t know what to tell them so I said I lost it they gave me a hard time but by lunch no one was saying anything.

After school I ask Kim could I please have my shoe back she smiled and said I don’t have them anymore. I ask her what happen to my right shoes she said it doesn’t matter all you have is left shoes now and kissed me come on I’ll walk you home. I got home and walked in my mom ask me why are you wearing one shoe did you hurt your foot. I told her no I just didn’t what to wear it she gave me a lecture and I went to my room.

The next morning it started all over.