My amazing boyfriend

Author – a girlfriend

This all starts off with my amazing boyfriend. He puts up with me everyday l. Today in school he was wearing a red sweatshirt, jeans, and cowboy boots. In first block he sets diagonal from me. When the teacher wasn’t looking I reached back and grabbed his right foot. I then pulled of his right boot revealing his white Hanes sock with grey toes and heel. I then shoved it in my desk and thats how it stayed for the rest of class. When class was over he asked can I have my boot back. I said no I’m going to keep it. He said ok it’s fine and walked to his next class. I then walked to my locker and locked his boot inside it. I really did not want to give his boot back because I liked to see him in one shoe. Halfway through the day he told me that his sock was getting very dirty. I told him to let me see and he lifted up his right foot. His sock was really dirty with a few hairs on it. I laughed and went to my next class. After a few more classes it was the end of the day. When he came up to me to walk me out he asked for his boot back. I then asked if can I can keep your boot. He the said well my boots are my only shoes so if I let you keep it I would be in one shoe. I then said that’s why I want to keep it, I like you in one shoe. He then said really? I said yea, can I please keep it. He said ok you can have my boot. He then said Well Looks like now I someone who wears one shoe and a sock. I said you look better that way. He smiled and I then put his boot in my backpack and we walked out of the school. From that point on he only wears a left boot and a sock. My dream has come true. It’s been 3 weeks since that has happened and it has been great. He lives on a farm and hates it when he walked in hay because it gets all over the bottom of his sock. I can’t say he loves being in one shoe but he likes that it makes me happy. I hope he never needs his boot back because I threw it in the trash lol.

First time

Author – Benj

So, I just found this site. I was searching for the things that led me here because it looks like I’m kind of stuck missing a shoe for a while and I’m not really sure how to handle it.

I was taking the train to work this morning, but it was the first time I’d ever tried to use the subway during morning rush hour and I didn’t realize how busy it would be. Someone stepped on the back of my shoe, just a Nike Flex-Contour sneaker, and it fell off. I got off the train to get it back but I couldn’t see it anywhere; I thought it had fallen all the way down onto the track. I decided to wait and try to get it back somehow after the train left, but when it did my shoe was still nowhere to be found. I couldn’t be late to work, so I just bit the bullet and took a cab.

Work was humiliating all day. A few customers even asked what happened, but most just gave me a pity look. Thankfully my coworker gave me a lift home so I wouldn’t have to take the subway wearing one shoe, but it’s only now that I’m home that I realized how much trouble I’m in.

I just recently moved to a big city (I won’t say which, but a really big city) to start my first semester at a new university. I have no family here and they don’t have a lot of money, but this school offered me a scholarship for tuition and housing in the dorms so I pretty much had to come. I only brought what I could easily pack, so I only brought one casual pair of everyday shoes. So now I only have this one shoe in my dorm. I have no flip flops or slippers or dress shoes yet. I do have a job at a (insert brand here) coffee shop, but since I just started it will be a few weeks before I get my first paycheck, which I need because that stupid cab I took to work depleted me. I could tell my family, but I just moved here and I don’t want to tell them I screwed up already.

Anyway, there’s nothing I can do about it right now, so I better get ready to go back to work tomorrow with only one shoe. I hate that my shoe is black with a white sole, so no matter what color sock I wear it will be obvious.

From shock to sock

Author – GS42

So, I’ve got an interesting story about me and how my life changed forever.

It all starts a few years ago, when, whilst walking home, I somehow fell down some stairs, shattering my leg in the process.
Having gotten to the hospital to hear the diagnosis, I found out I’d done the job properly, and was going to require extensive surgery to get any use of it again. For the next year, I was stuck in an Ilizarov frame from hip to toe, being able to wear nothing more than a sock on the end of my foot due to the frame holding my leg together. Eventually, I managed to progress out of the cage, and into a full leg cast instead, which, was honestly a relief, as at least I could get back to wearing normal trousers. I spent a further 3 months in the long leg casts, before eventually getting into a short cast, as the doctor said the top of my leg was now strong enough to use again. My ankle, however, was still a different story…
A further 4 months down the line, and 3 more surgeries later, my ankle had still not quite healed, however we realised I needed to start getting some proper use back into my leg otherwise it’d be forever unusable. I then began trying to walk, whilst still in the short cast, purely to get back into the habit of walking again seeing as I still had the extra protection and strength needed to help the ankle fully heal. Throughout all this time, my right foot had never seen anything more than a sock to cover it (ignoring the casts).
After what seemed like a lifetime, I was eventually told my ankle had healed as well as it ever would, and, as such, I was now able to walk “normally” (as normally as you can after such a disaster). This is where things get interesting.
Having gone to the hospital to get the final cast removed, I suddenly thought “Oh, you know what, I don’t even have anything more than a sock on me to cover my foot with when I leave here! Wait a second! I don’t actually have any right shoes anymore.” (This was because, knowing I was going to spend at least a year without use of my right foot, I’d decided to help a local charity who help amputees and people with odd sized feet out by selling single shoes. I had completely forgotten about this generous moment until I was sat, waiting for the doctor to return just after I’d had the cast removed.) Anyway, having talked to the doc some more, and been given the all clear, I got up and hobbled back to my car, wearing my favourite Red Nike Janoski on my left foot, and a plush, white cushioned Converse trainer sock with grey and green accenting on my right foot. Having not been able to properly move my ankle in years, driving home without a shoe and being able to flex my ankle was a really weird experience, but I enjoyed every second of it.
Now, there’s one little bit of info I haven’t yet mentioned. As it happens, I’ve always wanted to break my leg, just to see how it feels. I’ll be honest, I hadn’t quite wanted to do it to that level, although it was a really interesting experience.
Having got home, I relaxed and enjoyed a good bath, seeing as that was something I hadn’t been able to do properly in a long while. It was whilst I was in the bath that I really began to think about my new predicament of having no right shoes to wear. I realised there was no way I could leave the house again without having to go out in just my left shoe, with only a sock covering my right foot, at least if I wanted to look “normal”. I then remembered I hadn’t taken my crutches with me to the hospital, which meant I still had access to them, so I decided I’d go out with my one shoe, but take my crutches to make it seem more reasonable that I wasn’t wearing a right shoe.
The next day came around, and off shopping I went, wearing a light blue Osiris High Top and a cushioned red DC ankle sock, to at least give my right foot a modicum of comfort whilst I looked for a new pair of shoes.
6 hours, umpteen shops, and I don’t even know how many pairs of shoes later, my right ankle was throbbing and swollen like a balloon, and I had completely failed to find a single pair of shoes that were even remotely comfortable for the newly freed right foot. I thought that, maybe, it was just because I had only recently got the cast off, and because I’d been wandering around for hours, it was swollen, and therefore I maybe just needed a couple of days more without a shoe on it for it to better recover and be compatible with wearing a shoe once more. In the meanwhile, I realised I needed to find a better solution to cover my right foot, and make it more comfortable whilst I was walking around, seeing as I couldn’t find shoes, and I’d learned the hard way that just wearing one sock on your foot whilst walking around caused quite a bit of discomfort. This was when I struck upon the idea of wearing the other half of whatever pair of socks I was wearing on my left foot as normal over on my right foot, just as I’d already been doing, along with another sock of some form as a kind of “cover sock” (I guess that’s what you’d call it.)
I tried the idea out whilst wandering around the house the next day, after the swelling in my right ankle had subsided somewhat, and realised that the normal sock, along with a single cover sock still didn’t quite seem to cut it for me, so instead I tried 2 cover socks, and that was very comfortable. The next day I thought I’d try 3 to see whether that was more comfortable again, however I realised quite soon on that, although 3 cover socks was extremely comfortable, the best of all the tests, it also happened that 3 cover socks was just a little too tight for my foot to really cope without beginning to cramp up a little. So, back to 2 cover socks I went. For the next week, I went around with whatever left shoe took my choice that day, along with my socked right foot, and one crutch just to make it seem fairly “normal”.
This was the point where I began to realise something was perhaps off. I suddenly realised that, for the entire time I’d been walking around with my socked right foot, I hadn’t really once missed wearing my right shoe all that much. This, I now realise, was clearly the biggest revelation, and turning point, of my entire life.
After the week or so of walking around with my left foot in its normal shoes, and my right foot all nice and cosily socked up, I thought I’d best try the shoe shopping again, as, after all, I really couldn’t spend the rest of my life wearing only a left shoe, and leaving my right foot just socked up instead. Could I??
Well, after trying the shoe shopping farce once more, I again came to the decision that actually, I still couldn’t find a shoe that was even remotely comfortable for my right foot, even though there must have been hundreds of them that were immensely comfortable on my left foot. This was the biggest, most heart stopping moment I think I’ve ever had. All of a sudden, I realised that maybe, just maybe, the incident had caused irreparable damage I hadn’t even realised existed, and that maybe, I wasn’t ever going to be able to find a right shoe that would ever be truly comfortable again. Then, like a big flashing neon sign, it hit me. Maybe, just maybe, the solution to all my problems had been staring right up at me from its little cosy palace on the ground all along.
By now, I was able to walk entirely normally, excluding the limp caused both by the damage to my leg which had been left a few millimetres shorter than it once was, along with my left foot now being higher up, due to it being in a shoe, whilst my right foot sat exposed in its socked glory on the floor alongside it.
I realised I had quite possibly the hardest decision of my life to date, that needed clearing up and deciding very promptly. I could just buy shoes that at least fit my right foot, even if they weren’t comfortable on it, just so long as at least my left foot was nice and comfy. Or, and this seemed like an idea only a total loon would ever think of, I could actually just continue as I had been doing ever since that fateful day when I destroyed my leg, not actually wearing a shoe, and only ever wearing socks on my right foot.
I knew I needed to make the decision, but I really couldn’t think straight with this wacky idea coursing through my head, almost shouting at me that it was in fact the right choice. So, instead of forgetting about it and ignoring the fact a little longer, I called my best mate, and asked whether he happened to be somewhere around town, and did he fancy going to the pub for a couple of drinks. My plan was to get him somewhere where we could just sit and talk about my 2 options, and see whether perhaps he could shed some clarity on what he thought might be the best idea for me.
He turned up in some beat up green puma trainers, with his white Nike socks poking out over there top, whilst I was stood there in my left black Vans shoe and orange Polo Ralph Lauren trainer sock along with grey cushioned DC trainer socks as cover socks for my right foot, as well as my crutch to cover the odd appearance. We then headed over to our favourite gaffe, sat down and after a couple of drinks, we got down to brass tacks. I slowly explained my current predicament, and why I was still wandering around looking “like a chuffing tramp” as he so delicately described me. I told him my option A (the uncomfortable right shoe but look normal), and then got onto the wacky option B (sticking sock footed) that I still couldn’t shift from my head. When I finished covering the options, he sat and thought for a good long while, then asked me “Well, there’s 2 things here. Could you actually cope with the constant discomfort of wearing that right shoe if it’s actually as bad as you say it is, and, do you actually seriously believe that option B might even seem like the better plan.” I just said I really didn’t know, and that’s why I’d come and asked him.
Throughout all this, I was realising more and more by the second, that, actually, I was really quite enjoying the whole shoe covered left foot, socked right foot combo thing, and that maybe, even though I’d never known before, this was actually something I really wanted to do forever more. I refused to let my mate know this critical piece of information though, because I didn’t want to seem like a complete nutcase in front of him, even though he knew full well I was a little crackers at the best of times.
After a couple more drinks, and some more discussion on the matter, we mostly concluded that maybe option B was the right idea all along, and that my right foot would forever remain sock footed, never to see a shoe again. As we left to head our separate ways, I said I’d sleep on it. In reality, I think my mind was made up a while back, after the first shoe shopping saga, but I’d refused to admit to myself that I had wanted just that and nothing else.
A couple of days later, I phoned my mate again, and asked whether he fancied another trip to the pub, to which he obliged as usual. He showed up in his beat old purple Nike SB High tops he loved so much, and I turned up ironically also wearing my left purple Nike SB High top trainer, paired with the most comfortable pair of grey, blue and green Adidas cushioned trainer socks as my cover socks for my right foot. This time, however, I’d left the crutch at home, because quite frankly it was driving me insane by this point, as I had literally no use for it other than as a prop to try and hide from both myself and everyone else that I was walking around with one shoe and a socked foot for practically no real reason.
As soon as he saw me, he just rolled his eyes and subtly shook his head. I already knew his opinion. He greeted me with a sarcastic, yet caring “Alright Hoppy McTramp”, to which I replied, “Yeah, I’m good you scruffy git. It’s not like you can talk after all, I mean, look at you…” (To be fair to him, he’d been decorating somewhere else all day and just rushed out to meet me). He quickly snapped back “Well, at least I have 2 shoes on, muppet!” We then nattered as we wandered down to our favourite bar, and after we’d grabbed a drink, we sat down and he immediately said “Well, I guess I know what you chose then eh? I guess, so long as it makes you happy, and you’re comfortable to boot, then it doesn’t really matter does it.” I just gave him ‘that look’, and we laughed.
Anyway, 5 years on, and here I sit, with my now exceptionally battered favourite red Nike Janoski on my left foot, along with my old faithful Nike cushioned trainer sock against the skin of my right foot, along with the comfiest pair of black, grey and orange Bombas cushioned trainer socks covering my foot in lieu of where a shoe (now affectionately known as a disgusting foot prison) once sat, now feeling confident to share my story with the world. I guess the moral of the story is listen to your heart, no matter how weird it may at first seem! Also, sometimes, dreams really do come true, even if you never quite knew that was your dream to start with!

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He should hate me

Author – Bailey

This is based off a true story. I moved to a new town and I met this guy. We started texting and then, Mason, ask me to come over for the first time. We played Apex Legends for a while.
Mason: want to walk to Red Bluff.
Me: What’s that
Mason: It’s a place we hang out.
Me: Think I will get to meet some of your friends.
Mason: Maybe
Me: can I take my camera
Mason: it’s your camera
(I love to take pictures. We arrived at Red Bluff there was a swing in a big tree Mason pushed me for a while Then we went to the old well. Mason said legend says if everyone closes their eyes and you throw a coin in you will have good luck.)
(Mason sit down on the edge of the well.)
Me: let’s go look over the cliff
Mason: wait I have sand spurs in my sock
Me: give me your foot (I took his shoe off, then I picked the sand spurs out)
I started teasing him by holding his shoe over the well. Mason just ignored me. Mason was on my left side so I dropped his shoe on my right side outside of the well so he couldn’t see it.
Me: Can I drop your shoe in the well instead of a coin
Mason: Sure who needs two
I stood up to get a coin out of my pocket to toss in the well (why not) when I dropped Mason shoe by the well there was a hole in the ground where the ground had washed away that led into the well and his shoe had really fell in the well. I didn’t see the hole when I dropped his shoe
Mason: We could go look off the cliff if I had a shoe.
Me: (I just looked at him I didn’t know what to say) you said I could drop it in the well.
(He thought I was still kidding)
Mason: “O” guess I’ll hop come on
(there were sand spurs everywhere. He got up and hopped to the cliff)
Mason: see, who needs two shoes (He stopped standing on one foot and kissed me)
Me: I’m sorry I was just messing around
Mason: sorry for what?
Me: your shoe
Mason: I just got them today.
Me: You told me your new shoes were blue.
Mason: They were but my dog chewed one of them up I never got to wear them. gram took me to get . these this morning she was not happy
Mason: can I have my shoe yet?
Me: (almost crying) I dropped it in the well when I was teasing you, I swear I did not mean to.
Mason: you’re kidding.
Me: No, I swear I didn’t mean to.
Mason: I can’t ask Gram for new shoes again. she will think I lost them on purpose
(I started crying I felt so bad)
Me: please don’t be mad, I will figure something out just don’t tell your Gram, when you get home just . take your shoe off and walk around in your socks.
Mason: don’t cry
Me: I’m so-so sorry please don’t hate me
Mason: I don’t but I can’t wear socks everywhere.
(We headed back to his house the sand burs were so bad Mason had to hop most of the way, He acted like he wasn’t mad, but he had to be)
(That afternoon, Mason texts me to come over. We were sitting in his room and his Gram walked in)
Gram: What did you do today.
Mason: went to Red Bluff.
Gram: guess you’re bored just sitting around I can find something for you to do. (I think she didn’t like us being in his room alone)
Mason: let’s go hang out on the porch, she means it.
Me: the park is better. (it’s a block away)
Mason: I don’t have shoes someone threw them in the well
Me: wear, mismatched shoes this one and the one the dog didn’t chew up. Until I think of something
(Mason grabbed the shoe the dog did not chew up)
Mason: there both for the same foot. I can’t go in my socks. The ground hurts.
Me: just wear one shoe. (He looked so cute he kept trying to hide his sock.)
Me: You can wear like a cover sock in place of a shoe.
Mason: what?
Me: an extra sock
Mason: one shoe and two socks on my other foot
Me: it’s better than nothing (I liked seeing him missing his shoe it is kind of crazy, I mean I didn’t lose it on purpose. I didn’t know he would look so cute without his shoe. I do feel bad.) (We walked to the park. We came up with all kinds of ideas, but nothing that would keep Mason out of trouble if his Gram found out she would not let us see each other plus he has lost two right shoes in three days neither his fault.)
(Mason’s house about noon the next day.)
Me: Did you tell your Gram?
Mason: No If I can think of a reason, I’m going to wear one shoe it’s better than being in trouble.
Me: (trying to make him feel better but with a lot of truth) That’s gucci.
Mason: if you say so.
(Gram finally saw Mason wearing one shoe)
Gram: Mason why are you wearing one shoe?
Mason: just am.
Gram: somehow, there is more to it.
Mason: I just didn’t wear it.
Gram: Does your foot hurt?
Mason: No, it’s a new thing guys do
Gram: you better hope it is some teenage boy thing, Mason the whole point of life is learning to live . with the consequences of the bad decisions you’ve made. (she walked out.)
Mason: it’s never good when Gram uses quotes.
Me: I thought you were in trouble
Mason: me too
Me: did the cover sock work
Mason: a shoe would be better
(I had to spend the weekend with my dad and couldn’t talk to or text Mason, so I didn’t know what was going on. I didn’t know
if he was mad at me after he thought about what I did. I got home late Sunday night. I text Mason he never answered. Monday was the first day of school. I couldn’t wait to see Mason and just hoped he was not mad and in trouble)
(Mason was already at school when I got there, He was sitting on the retainer wall, I walked up behind Mason he leaned back and said you did this to me the bell rang, he got up I looked down, Mason was wearing one shoe and a cover sock)
Me: I’m so-so sorry. Don’t hate me?
Mason: I get to come to school the first day wearing one shoe and sit in class with just a sock on my . foot all day why I would hate you and now pictures really
Me: I didn’t mean to I’m so-so, sorry.
Mason: I think you did this on purpose.
(Mason walked past me and just looked at me)
Me: I know you’re embarrassed
Mason: For now, but it is kind of funny I have two brand new left shoes and no right ones. Come on . you may as well be embarrassed right along with me. (He took my hand then kissed me)
Me: I can’t believe you don’t hate me
Mason: Maybe
(He walked into his first block)
I have to say I’m so lucky I met Mason most guys would be so mad.

Careful what you wish for

Author – Shoelossfan

It was the first Monday of February 2019 and it had been raining for the last two days here with no real sign of the rain appearing to let up. I was currently making myself some lunch in the pizza oven and figured it would take care of some of the pets around the house, since that’s my job for just about every morning. (woke up late) anyway I went to take care of my sister’s pet bunny since I promised I would while she was away in England, however I notice the bunny was out of hay. So sighing a bit I slipped on a coat and my new black sneakers with red laces and head out to the barn to get some hay.

Now if you guys remember my last story the barn is barely a building, it’s more a suspended roof over some pens. And when I gout around front of it I saw that between me and the hay was just completely swamped, though the area by the back steps looked shallower. So making by wat around the hillside the barn was built into I headed down the steps, it was indeed shallower and with some careful walking I was about to get across, but noticed the ground was soft as I walked over it. Once on the small island of loose hay in the center of the barn I sighed and figured I would continue on my mission. So I go to the pallet and take out a sleeve of hay before I start to make my way back.

Though when I reached the water between myself and the stairs I noticed that the path I took wasn’t there , most likely sunk under by me stepping on it. Though I did my best to follow the path I took and as I stepped up onto the step with my left sneaker clad foot I noticed that my right foot was stuck and partly underwater, so I tugged slightly and thanks to the sneakers looseness I stepped right out of my right sneaker exposing my black sock with red toes and heel to the elements. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw this since I wrote about a month ago as a joke about losing my shoe in a situation like this and now it happens.

Sighing a bit as I saw that my shoe was going to be a hassle, and I had a sleeve of hay that I didn’t want to drop in the water along with there not really being anywhere dry to set it down thanks to the downpour, I just made my way back to the house quickly. with one black sneaker on my left foot and my black and red sock on my right. I don’t think anyone went back for it before nightfall and sine it’s a pair I got from Walmart that was already falling apart I doubt it will last the next few days of rain ahead. So looks like I’m stuck with two left shoes and nothing but socks to wear on my right foot.

I lost my shoe (a day without a shoe)

Author – Evan

I decided to spend a day walking about the city. I took a train north to the next stop and was going to walk back to my apartment, so it would be like 2-3 hours. While I was on the train, I had my feet stretched out along the seats. There was this kid across from me, probably around 18-19, who occasionally glanced at me. Then out of nowhere, he grabs my right shoe and starts trying to pull it off. He pulled so hard to the point I fell out my seat. He took my right shoe and ran off just as the train stopped. Luckily this was my stop too, so I got off the train, but the kid was nowhere to be seen. So I started the long walk back in one shoe and my white sock.

Along the way, I decided to stop into a game store to pick up a game. I paid for it and as I was about to leave, the cashier stopped me and yelled out “People normally wear two shoes, not one. Wheres your shoe at”? I told him someone stole it, to which he said, “Well you look stupid”. He started laughing at me as I walked out.

I had to cross the parking lot of a supermarket, and then another neighborhood before I got home. I figured cutting through the parking deck would reduce my chance of people seeing me, so I hopped towards the elevator to go to the lower deck. I thought I was gonna be the only one until a guy rushed into the elevator at the last second. As we were riding down, he looked down and saw my shoeless foot. He pointed and laughed and said, “Hahahaha you only have one shoe.” As the door opened, I started to hop out when he said, “And youre hopping too? You look like a bum,” as I slipped and fell as he was passing by. Had to continue the rest of the way home alternating between walking and hopping.