The dentist

Author – speedy’s friend

In our school the normal consequence for late coming is a detention, and depending on the teacher, often includes shoes being confiscated. Since detention only lasts forty five minutes, my friends and I often choose to sleep in in the mornings – after all it is worth a forty five minute detention if we can get an extra hour or two of sleep.
On the last day before our half term holiday – a Thursday – I had all the more reason to sleep in, since I had scheduled a dentist appointment towards the end of the day, so I anyway wouldn’t be able to stay for a detention. I turned up at school and rang the bell – confident that I had a foolproof plan, when Miss MacAllan came to the entrance. Miss MacAllan is an older Scottish single, a real real tough cookie. It always amazes me how at only five foot three she literally has every single pupil listening to her.
She looked at her watch, and then primly told me to follow her to her office. “shoes please” she demanded. I thought it better not to tell her straight away that I had an appointment – that would make it clear that I was relying on the appointment not to do detention, – so I started to remove my feet from my shoes.
“will you undo your laces when you take your shoes off” she demanded. With no choice I bent down and opened my laces. I wear very simple school shoes, no pattern, a bit clompy, and was wearing solid grey school socks.
“Very well.” She said. “off you go to your classroom, and you will get them back after your detention.”
I wondered off in my socks, a bit embarrassing, but doable, feeling the scratchy carpet tiles through my socks. Entering the classroom my face went a little red, but I could already see a pair of trainers on the floor near the teacher, so I obviously wasn’t alone.
During my lunchbreak I went back to Miss MacAllan’s office. I lied, and told her that my mom had just phoned the school to say that she had made me an appointment. She looked at me up and down, as if scrutinizing a piece of dirt, and then told me to follow her. Not sure what was happening I fell into line behind her while she went striding through the school corridors.
“you shouldn’t be wearing those things on your feet.” She accosted one boy who was wearing trainers. “take them off and follow me” soon there were three sock footed boys following her in a somewhat embarrassing parade.
We reached our form’s cloakroom. “Show me where you keep your sneakers.” She demanded. Had I realized what she was up to I would have lied, and told her that I hadn’t brought them, but foolishly I took out my sports kit. She told us to follow her again, and led us back to her office. “now will all put your shoes over in the corner” Every one else put their shoes there and she glared at me “yours too” she said. “No reason why a different set of rules should apply to you and a different set to everyone else”
“But I wasn’t wearing my sneakers” I protested
“neither was I” she said sarcastically. I tried to protest again but she cut me off. “unless you would like to give your socks you had better stop arguing. I had little choice but to leave her my trainers. Now I realized that none of my friends would lend me theirs either over the half term. Anyway we had sports at the end of the day, so everyone needed their trainers.
Miss macAllan informed me that I would receive my shoes after doing a detention, which she assumed would not be until Tuesday.

My mom came to school to take me to the dentist, I went out to the car, feeling the pavement through my socks. It was the first time in my life outdoor without shoes.I told her what had happened, expecting a least little sympathy, but all she said was “you made your bed, now lie in it.”
We arrived at the dentist, Mom parking a full block away, probably on purpose, and the receptionist asked me if I suffer from any allergies or conditions, and then continued “not taking any blood thinners, or diabetes medication? Just simple feet sores?”
Mom didn’t give her an opportunity to make a mistake. “he forfeited his shoes as aschool punishment” she said pointedly. The same story repeated itself as soon as we came in to the dentist, who asked what happened to my shoes, so mom happily explained.
“On, I thought you had a cavity on your feet,” he said, leaning close in with his drill and pressing the button to turn it on. He thought it was an absolute joke, and didn’t stop approaching my feet with any instrument.
Finally we were finished. I thought the jokes were over, and I suddenly felt a wet gloved finger reaching into my socks. “you will forfeit your socks for latecoming.” He was tittering with laughter at his joke, while I stood there, way too embarrassed to go outside, my grey socks in his wet gloved hands.
Eventually I walked on the ice cold tiles to the waiting area hoping no one would notice my bare feet – exactly what the dentist had wanted. A minute later he announced over the PA system “you left your socks in my office, causing everyone waiting to take a peek. I shuffled back to his room, my facr beet red, put on my socks, and now returned to the waiting area, where everyone peered again.

The next day – part 2

Author – Jman

Adam and Taylor has been called up to the bench in the front of the class for talking. The bench is where students go to take off their shoes when they break the rules as the school takes the shoes of those who break the rules and auctions them off to get needed things for the school. Having to sit on a bench and take off your shoes in front of everybody, sign them and put them on shelf was designed to be a gesture of humility. The shoes on the shelf above the bench were also intended to be a warning for those who would break the rules. Adam and Taylor then began to unlace their boots which took a while because work boots have lots of laces to untie. Eventually the boots came off exposing white dirty socks visible for everyone to see.

As the two sockfooted students returned to their seats, Lisa’s cell phone went off in class. Lisa was told to come up to the desk and turn in her cellphone. As Lisa went back to her seat, the teacher said, “Are you not forgetting something?” Lisa then went to the bench and took off her high healed shoes and placed them on the shelf. The teacher then called the number on the cell phone and Bonnie’s cell phone when off. Bonnie was called to the bench and was told to take off and turn in her ugg boots along with her cellphone.

Class ended and the students went into the hall for their next class. Several students were in sock feet making it clear to everyone that they were rule violators. It was now time for geography class. Doug and Luke did not have their homework and they knew it so they both turned in their shoes to the teacher. Luke had brown loafers and Doug had tan skate shoes. Each were wearing white socks that seemed in good condition. They figured that since they were going to lose their shoes that they would cooperate and surrender theirs to the school. At least they would not have to face having to go to the bench and take off their shoes in front of everybody.

During the latter part of class, while everyone was supposed to be working quietly on their homework, Jason, Wendy and Cindy were talking. The teacher had said nothing. The bell rang and the class was excused for lunch as the class was being let out the teacher said, “Jason, Wendy and Cindy, you can have a seat on the bench and turn in your shoes since you were talking.” Off came Jason’s brown deck shoes, Cindy’s white flats and Wendy’s brown flats. Jason, Wendy and Cindy were normally well behaved students but broke the rules to day and as such they dreaded having other students and all the teachers seeing them in their sock feet and the whole school knowing they got in trouble.

How will the rest of their day go?

Eight pairs in one class – part 2

Author – Jman

Class was now over and the eight sock-footed students took one last look at their former shoes before leaving the room. George and Christ were very upset. George was looking forward to showing off his brand new expensive Converse and now they are being displayed on the wall in the classroom to be viewed by potential bidders at the shoe auction. Christ was upset because no one would give him a pencil to keep him from losing his shoes. Dan and Pamela were okay with losing their shoes. They knew they broke the rules and accepted the consequences even though they were not thrilled about their shoes being gone. It was the first time they had lost shoes.
Larry and Jeff were indifferent to the whole situation. Barry and John showed a mixture of frustration and shame.

It was no lunch time and some of the classrooms were so far away from the lunch room that students would often run in the halls to get to the lunchroom before the “good” food ran out. Bill, Rodney and Aaron were running in the halls and as they turned the corner they were caught by a teacher. “Halt, gentlemen, those who run in shoes get to walk in socks. Shoes please.” Aaron pleaded with the teacher to give him another chance. The students were reminded that they were warned that anybody running in the halls would have to give up their shoes so no second chances. “These are the only pair of shoes that I have.” The teacher replied, “I guess you will have to run to the store and buy a new pair.” Aaron then took of his somewhat beat up white sneakers. Rodney took off his deck shoes and Bill took off his brownish orange tennis shoes. The shoes were then carried to the shelf to be joined with the other lost shoes for the day.

Aaron, Rodney and Bill proceeded to the lunch room in their socks. Also in their socks in the lunchroom wiping the tables were Todd and Rick. Todd had white socks and Rick had grey socks. They had lost their shoes for throwing food in the cafeteria. Todd was a sockie (someone who liked being in socks) and lost shoes all the time. In fact one of about every ten pairs of shoes in the auction belonged to him. Todd came from a wealthy family so losing shoes and having to buy new ones was no big deal. Deep down inside Todd actually liked losing his shoes and would sometimes break the rules on purpose. Rick was a combination of a bully and a clown. When his shoes were demanded from him he took of his old beat up sneakers and said to the teacher, “Are you sure that you really want these. You will be lucky to get a dollar for these at the auction.” Rick was basically a good guy who allot of times just did not think about his words and actions.

As the students were leaving the lunch room Scott decided to spit on the floor. He was caught and his cowboy boots were demanded from him. Scott tended to bully other students and now the big tough guy was in his socks and did not look so tough anymore. At the auction his boots were purchased by someone whom he bullied. One of the things that make shoes go for a good price at the auction is the former owner. People always wanted to get the former shoes of someone they did not like.

The warning bell to get back to class has rung. So far there are 14 pairs of shoes for the auction. How many more will be added to that during the rest of the day?

Eight pairs in one class

Author – Jman

Our school takes the shoes of those who break the rules and auctions them off. One teacher in the school is very strict and takes more shoes than any other teacher. At the front of the class there sits a bench with a shelf above it. It is at this bench that offenders take off their shoes to forfeit them.

The bell rang and the teacher entered the room. The rules are that all talking ceases when the bell rings but Barry and Jeff were still talking as the teacher wanted to begin the class. The teacher told them to stop talking and come up to the bench. They were told to sit down and then they heard the dreaded words, “Shoes please.” As was the procedure Barry unlaced and took off his red sneakers and Jeff unlaced and took off his white sneakers both expressing frustration. They were given magic markers to write their names on their shoes so everyone would know who lost their shoes. Then they had to hold them up high for all to see and then place them on the shelf above the bench joining the other confiscated shoes waiting to be auctioned off once the shelf was full.

Barry and Jeff then returned to their desks in their white socked feet. Larry and George starting laughing at the sock-footed lads. The teacher heard this and said to them, “Since you think it is funny when someone loses there shoes you can give yours up as well. Come up to the bench.” Larry, frustrated, took off his white Addidas and placed them on the bench. George was wearing a brand new expensive pair of converse that he was showing off to everybody. He saved up for these shoes all summer and was very upset that he had to forfeit them and that they would now be auctioned off. As he placed his shoes on the shelf, the teacher said, “These will go for allot at the auction.”

The teacher then told everyone to get out their English books. Dan, John and Pamela did not have theirs. They had left their books in their lockers since the teacher had not used the books for quite a while. They explained that this was the reason they did not have their books. The teacher replied, “This is English class, bring your English book.” The teacher then told them to go to their locker to get their books but first stop at the bench to hand over their shoes. The three sat down on the bench. Dan took of his tan deck shoes. John took off his skate shoes and Pam took of some pink sneakers. The three added their pairs to the four that were already on the shelf.

Then it was time to start taking notes for the class. Chris thought that he had his pencil but did not have it. The teacher announced that Chris’ pencil has disappeared. He he two choices: Either borrow one from a classmate or get one from the teacher and lose his shoes for not being prepared. He begged the whole class for a pencil but no one would give him one. Finally, conceding defeat, he went up to the bench and took of his shoes. The teacher handed him the pencil and said the first thing you can do with this is to write your name on your blue sneakers and put them on the shelf.

There were now eight pairs of white socked feet in the class. Everyone else manged to keep their shoes but for how long.

Shoe auction 2

Author – Jman

When rules are broken at our school they take our shoes. When enough shoes have been taken the shoes are auctioned off. Here is the latest group of shoes.

  • one pair brown cowboy boots – spitting
  • one pair brown leather shoes – walking on gym floor
  • one pair blue sneakers – running in the hall
  • one pair white sneakers – running in the hall
  • one pair orange sneakers – running in the hall
  • one pair of purple sneakers – late for class
  • one pair of mary janes – late for class
  • one pair of ugg boots – disrupting class
  • one pair of white sneakers – disrupting class
  • one pair of work boots – in the hall without a pass
  • one pair of tan cowboy boots – disrupting class
  • one pair of brown cowboy boots – disrupting class
  • one pair brown leather shoes – unprepared for class

Platform Shoes – The revenge

Author – Shoeless Guy

The shoeless students arrived at college and explained the situation to their superiors who discovered the missing footwear had been placed in the lost property office at the railway station. This didn’t stop them having to walk all day in their socks. On the return train all the shoeless students descended upon the lost property office to collect their shoes. To their dismay they had to pay a fee to reclaim their shoes. Due to the large amount of students needing their shoes and save time they where allowed into the property room and retrieve them of the shelves, also in the room where some rail workers jackets. Some of the students decided to borrow the jackets and sneaked them out of the room, revenge was at hand and a plot was quickly being hatched as the high school pupils train was due to arrive. The students who had borrowed the railway jackets headed for the platform for the arrival of the high school pupils train. Upon arrival the carriage doors opened and out poured the pupils and other passengers. They spotted the two ‘high viz’ guys from this morning, they where quite distinctive as they where quite tall and probably the oldest, about 19 years of age. The disguised students approached them and asked them to follow them, which they did. They took them to an empty room near the end of the platform that they had discovered earlier. They where told about the hazardous liquid, the 19 year old boys laughingly claimed it was just food coloring poured over the flooded walkway. They stopped laughing when the disguised students claimed the water was already contaminated before they had colored it. ‘We need to take your shoes and get them tested, “our school shoes are in our bags, the sneakers we are now wearing where in our bags this morning so you won’t need them”. They took the shoes out of their bags “You may have contaminated everything in your bags so we’ll need them too”. They handed over the bags and their school shoes, “we’ll still need your sneakers too just in case of cross contamination” the 19 year old boys looked at each other then at their feet and slowly took the Adidas and Nike athletic shoes off revealing white sports socks. Struggling, the students carried the school boys bags, two pairs of school shoes and the still warm Adidas and Nike sneakers towards the door, “wait here and we’ll be back shortly” they said as they closed the door leaving the boys stood shoeless in their white socks. After an hour of waiting they where desperate to leave but the platform was busy and they where too embarrassed to be walking around the platform shoeless displaying white socked feet. They went back inside and closed the door. Another hour had passed and they noticed a sheet of paper being slid under the door. It read ‘Although the deadline for April Fool has passed so has the opening hours for the lost property office, where will be your bags and your school shoes, for each item there is a reclaim fee, we’ve saved you money by not having to reclaim your sneakers as we’re keeping them to cover our costs of retrieving our shoes earlier. Oh and good luck getting them tomorrow before your train to school as the lost property office is closed until 10am. Now who are the fools on this April Day?’ “I cannot believe we fell for our own prank” said one of the boys looking down at his socks. Arriving by train with two pairs of shoes each to leaving with none, the two 19 year old boys opened the door, the platform was still busy as they walked towards the exit and could see everyone staring at them walking in their socks. They then realized that their money was in their bags so they were going to have to walk the several blocks home shoeless.

Bad night out

Author – Shoe deprived guy

A few weeks back me and my college buddy went out for a few beers, both of us where typical students, plenty of energy and fun to be had but never enough money to achieve our goals. Whenever Jim had any money he could never hold on to it, he liked to speculate to accumulate, basically he liked to gamble. This particular night we’d already had several beers when we passed a bar that looked rather run down, Jim said we should call in here for a beer “Are you sure” I said. He convinced me to enter, we walked to the bar, we got ID’d then ordered two beers. As we looked around Jim noticed a secluded area at the rear where he could hear voices, like a dog sniffing out a bitch on heat Jim sensed a card game in progress and wandered over. “Hey guys can I join your game?” asked Jim. He was told it was a private game amongst friends and asked to go away. He persisted and they relented and warned him to prepare to lose all his money. I looked at Jim as he sat at their table, he smiled and I remained seated at the bar watching a football game on the tv. I took Jim another beer, he smiled as his money pile had increased. I returned to my tv game at the bar. 20 minutes later Jim was at the bar not smiling as before but asking for money. “Run of bad luck” he said. Telling him I don’t have much he took it anyway and wandered off back to the table. I bought another two beers with my remaining loose coins and wandered over to Jim and noticed his white socked feet planted under the table and his Nike Air Max sneakers actually on the table. I gave Jim his beer and walked away again. Several minutes later Jim was back at the bar ‘Shoe-less’. I stared at his socked feet then looked up at him, his face was red with embarrassment as he stared at my New Balance shoes. “No way are you gambling my shoes as well” I said, his face became more red as he told me he’d already done so. I stood up and walked towards the door. A voice shouted “You’re not leaving this bar with my shoes”. I became surrounded by a few guys from the card table. “Take off the shoes” demanded the voice. Feeling threatened I had no choice but to remove my shoes and hand them over. I headed for the door in my black socked feet and got stopped again. “You are staying until the bar closes then you and your buddy are going to clean up before you leave, in the meantime you can collect bottles and glasses. “Your buddy needs to learn to stop when he’s down, not only has he lost your shoes but he owes us work too” Most of the card game guys left taking our shoes with them. We walked the bar floor in our socks until 2am. After an hour of cleaning we where allowed to leave and walked shoe-less for several blocks back home, Jim’s white socks where as dark as my black socks with as many holes.