They took my shoe

Author – Rick

This was back when I was in the 7th grade. We had what we called the snack shack a place we could buy snacks and hang out. On that particular morning I got to school early and went to the snack shack to wait on friends. I was the only one there. when a couple of guys I didn’t know came in and sit down. After about 10 mins. They walked over to me and said give use your left shoe. I said what they repeated it. I ask why? One of the guys said because we ask nicely. I started untying my left shoe and slide it off and one of them picked it up. They walked out the door with my left shoe leaving me sitting wearing my right black DC and a white no show sock on my left foot. I just sit there looking at my sock foot I didn’t believe they just took my left shoe. A few mins. My friends got there and of course, ask me why I was wearing one shoe. I told them two guys took it. They didn’t believe me. They thought I wore one shoe to school. The bell rang and I had to go to class, so I took my right shoe off I thought that was better. I walked down the hall in my socks and one of the teachers stopped me and said you have to wear shoes. I explained what happen she said then you have one wear it. I went back to my locker and put my right shoe on and went to class and spent the day wearing one shoe. I got home and explained what happen. The reply was you took your shoe off and gave it away well it will be Friday before I have money this was Monday. I spend the week missing my left shoe I never seen those guys again I think they came from a nearby private school.

He should hate me

Author – Bailey

This is based off a true story. I moved to a new town and I met this guy. We started texting and then, Mason, ask me to come over for the first time. We played Apex Legends for a while.
Mason: want to walk to Red Bluff.
Me: What’s that
Mason: It’s a place we hang out.
Me: Think I will get to meet some of your friends.
Mason: Maybe
Me: can I take my camera
Mason: it’s your camera
(I love to take pictures. We arrived at Red Bluff there was a swing in a big tree Mason pushed me for a while Then we went to the old well. Mason said legend says if everyone closes their eyes and you throw a coin in you will have good luck.)
(Mason sit down on the edge of the well.)
Me: let’s go look over the cliff
Mason: wait I have sand spurs in my sock
Me: give me your foot (I took his shoe off, then I picked the sand spurs out)
I started teasing him by holding his shoe over the well. Mason just ignored me. Mason was on my left side so I dropped his shoe on my right side outside of the well so he couldn’t see it.
Me: Can I drop your shoe in the well instead of a coin
Mason: Sure who needs two
I stood up to get a coin out of my pocket to toss in the well (why not) when I dropped Mason shoe by the well there was a hole in the ground where the ground had washed away that led into the well and his shoe had really fell in the well. I didn’t see the hole when I dropped his shoe
Mason: We could go look off the cliff if I had a shoe.
Me: (I just looked at him I didn’t know what to say) you said I could drop it in the well.
(He thought I was still kidding)
Mason: “O” guess I’ll hop come on
(there were sand spurs everywhere. He got up and hopped to the cliff)
Mason: see, who needs two shoes (He stopped standing on one foot and kissed me)
Me: I’m sorry I was just messing around
Mason: sorry for what?
Me: your shoe
Mason: I just got them today.
Me: You told me your new shoes were blue.
Mason: They were but my dog chewed one of them up I never got to wear them. gram took me to get . these this morning she was not happy
Mason: can I have my shoe yet?
Me: (almost crying) I dropped it in the well when I was teasing you, I swear I did not mean to.
Mason: you’re kidding.
Me: No, I swear I didn’t mean to.
Mason: I can’t ask Gram for new shoes again. she will think I lost them on purpose
(I started crying I felt so bad)
Me: please don’t be mad, I will figure something out just don’t tell your Gram, when you get home just . take your shoe off and walk around in your socks.
Mason: don’t cry
Me: I’m so-so sorry please don’t hate me
Mason: I don’t but I can’t wear socks everywhere.
(We headed back to his house the sand burs were so bad Mason had to hop most of the way, He acted like he wasn’t mad, but he had to be)
(That afternoon, Mason texts me to come over. We were sitting in his room and his Gram walked in)
Gram: What did you do today.
Mason: went to Red Bluff.
Gram: guess you’re bored just sitting around I can find something for you to do. (I think she didn’t like us being in his room alone)
Mason: let’s go hang out on the porch, she means it.
Me: the park is better. (it’s a block away)
Mason: I don’t have shoes someone threw them in the well
Me: wear, mismatched shoes this one and the one the dog didn’t chew up. Until I think of something
(Mason grabbed the shoe the dog did not chew up)
Mason: there both for the same foot. I can’t go in my socks. The ground hurts.
Me: just wear one shoe. (He looked so cute he kept trying to hide his sock.)
Me: You can wear like a cover sock in place of a shoe.
Mason: what?
Me: an extra sock
Mason: one shoe and two socks on my other foot
Me: it’s better than nothing (I liked seeing him missing his shoe it is kind of crazy, I mean I didn’t lose it on purpose. I didn’t know he would look so cute without his shoe. I do feel bad.) (We walked to the park. We came up with all kinds of ideas, but nothing that would keep Mason out of trouble if his Gram found out she would not let us see each other plus he has lost two right shoes in three days neither his fault.)
(Mason’s house about noon the next day.)
Me: Did you tell your Gram?
Mason: No If I can think of a reason, I’m going to wear one shoe it’s better than being in trouble.
Me: (trying to make him feel better but with a lot of truth) That’s gucci.
Mason: if you say so.
(Gram finally saw Mason wearing one shoe)
Gram: Mason why are you wearing one shoe?
Mason: just am.
Gram: somehow, there is more to it.
Mason: I just didn’t wear it.
Gram: Does your foot hurt?
Mason: No, it’s a new thing guys do
Gram: you better hope it is some teenage boy thing, Mason the whole point of life is learning to live . with the consequences of the bad decisions you’ve made. (she walked out.)
Mason: it’s never good when Gram uses quotes.
Me: I thought you were in trouble
Mason: me too
Me: did the cover sock work
Mason: a shoe would be better
(I had to spend the weekend with my dad and couldn’t talk to or text Mason, so I didn’t know what was going on. I didn’t know
if he was mad at me after he thought about what I did. I got home late Sunday night. I text Mason he never answered. Monday was the first day of school. I couldn’t wait to see Mason and just hoped he was not mad and in trouble)
(Mason was already at school when I got there, He was sitting on the retainer wall, I walked up behind Mason he leaned back and said you did this to me the bell rang, he got up I looked down, Mason was wearing one shoe and a cover sock)
Me: I’m so-so sorry. Don’t hate me?
Mason: I get to come to school the first day wearing one shoe and sit in class with just a sock on my . foot all day why I would hate you and now pictures really
Me: I didn’t mean to I’m so-so, sorry.
Mason: I think you did this on purpose.
(Mason walked past me and just looked at me)
Me: I know you’re embarrassed
Mason: For now, but it is kind of funny I have two brand new left shoes and no right ones. Come on . you may as well be embarrassed right along with me. (He took my hand then kissed me)
Me: I can’t believe you don’t hate me
Mason: Maybe
(He walked into his first block)
I have to say I’m so lucky I met Mason most guys would be so mad.

The game

Author – Tony

I was reading about some of the shoe games on here this isn’t really a shoe game but kind of fits. I have a group of friends. Mark, Luann the only girl, JJ, Jake, Omar, Jesse, Alec and me Tony. We hangout and do everything together. We stay in trouble for ruff housing just general teen stuff. We harass each other all the time.
We grab and take off with and a white no show sock that said DC on it. Luann came back without my shoe. I ask for my shoe back. Alec said you know the rules. The bell rang and I just sit there. The guys started walking to the building. I ask for my shoe Jake said you know the rules get over it. I got up and caught up with them it was so crazy walking down the hall and then going to class without my shoe. I tried to find something to take so I could have my shoe back. My sock was getting so dirty.
each other’s stuff but like each person has something we take from them. Mark, we take his phone, Luann her purse thing, JJ his headphones, Omar his board, Jesse his cap, Alec his backpack. And me my shoe. I’m not sure why it’s always the same thing every time but it is not even sure how we decided what to take . Alec is the smart one and has to have order to everything which does keep us out of trouble sometimes. Alec came up with a Rule if someone took your stuff you couldn’t have it back till you took someone else stuff but it had to be one of the things I mentioned earlier I was sitting outside before school on one of those big green electric boxes and Mark and Luann snuck up on me. Mark and Omar grabbed me held me down and Luann grabbed my leg and took my shoe and ran. Mark and Omar held me until Luann was out of site. They let me go and said were save for the day and walked off leaving me sitting there with my left black DC Plaza TC SE

Girlfriend’s son steals my shoes

Author – lovetoshoeswap

One day my girlfriend came over to my place for a visit with her teenage son , we spoke for a while and had a laugh but her son was not so interested in the conversation so i suggested that he could go and use my computer to keep himself amused while I spoke to my girlfriend/his mum, he agreed and went through to my room and left us to have our conversation. Some time later she had to go so she called on her son to go, as they left I quickly caught a glance at his feet and thought that he had Adidas sambas that looked a lot like mine but never thought much more about it. Later that day I went through to my bedroom and happened to fined to find a pair of green Adidas gazelles and a pair of black socks lying in my cupboard and thought to myself “I thought that those sambas looked a lot like mine” as I noticed my sambas were missing, as I started to get angry I thought if he has my sambas and a pair of my socks we must have the same size feet so I decided to try on his socks and shoes, as I slid his still somewhat warm socks and shoes I got a text from my gf son saying “I borrowed your sambas and a pair of socks as well as my feet were a bit sweaty, they fit great so I will keep them for a while”. After I got the text I thought to myself that I could wear his shoes around for a while then the next time I go over to see his mother I could steal some of his shoes.

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Shoeless at the mall

Author – Evan

About a week ago, a friend and I were hanging out at the mall. While we were sitting by one of the stores, he grabbed my foot and pulled off my right shoe. I lost sight of him through the crowd. It took me around 30 minutes before I found him and when I did, he said that he hid my shoe and I’ll get it back later. Had to spend most of that day walking around with one shoe and my white sock

Shoe Thrown on Building

Author – Cahillikekale

The other day I was coming out of a theater late at night and decided it wasn’t too dark yet. There was enough sunlight left for me to make it home safely cutting through a little alleyway, or so I thought. About half way down the alley, a group of teenage boys tried to jump me. I’m not sure what they wanted; I didn’t have anything of much value other than a few dollars, and they were fairly young, but we struggled and I fell to the ground. They weren’t strong enough to keep me down, though, and I managed to get on my feet and run away.

I kept sprinting towards the end of the alley, but it wasn’t until I stepped right in the middle of a big deep puddle that I realized: my sock was now sopping wet. I looked down at my shoeless foot and realized my right Adidas must have fallen off in the struggle.

I looked up and the boys had given up and were running back into the alley. I watched sadly as one of them picked up my fallen sneaker and threw it onto the roof of a building, laughing at me. I had to walk home wearing only one shoe, and a very obvious colored sock on my right foot.

Worth the trade?

Author – Shoelossfan

It was the start of a new Monday morning for Mathew as he was currently at his school locker grabbing his supplies for his first period math class, he was wearing a brown tee-shirt with some punk bands logo across it, while wearing a pair of gray jeans and on his feet were a pair of white adidas skate sneakers with black laces and logo. Once he grabbed the last of his items he walked towards his classroom like the rest of his classmates, his sneakers slightly slipping off his foot exposing his black sports socks with blue toes and heels with each step.

Soon after he entered the classroom and took his seat near the back row, though he like most of his classmates noticed that their teacher wasn’t there yet, which was odd since most mornings he was in the classroom before them, but it was still a minute or two before class started and Mathew figured he was just running a little late. as he laid back in his chair and waited hear head his friend Millie from the seat next to his ask. “So you have a good weekend Mattie?”

“Hm yeah for the most part, what about you?” Mathew asked looking over at his friend for a second to notice she was wearing a light blue jacket over a black tee-shirt with an apple logo on it, a pair blue jeans on her here feet were a pair of new looking yellow Nike sneakers with a blue logo, outlines and laces and a pair of somewhat dirty looking pink socks since she was already shoe playing with her loose sneaks. Though after a quick look at his friends’ outfit for the day Mathew started to set up his stuff when Millie replied. “Oh pretty good, got to get some new sneakers on Saturday.”

“ah that’s good seeing how you seem to have a problem keeping them on.” Mathew teased since he knew all about his friends clumsy nature, as Millie pouted when she heard that and remarked. “oh come on you like it when I play with them, and you know it. Also mind if I borrow your pencil? I forgot my case at home”

“Yeah….sure besides I can just borrow one from the teacher once he shows up.” Mathew sighed as he handed over his only pencil for the period over to his friend as their teacher entered the classroom just as the bell rang to signal the start of the period, commenting as he entered with what appeared to be something rolled up under his arm. “Sorry about being late class but I had stop by home depot on the way here.”

Mathew just rolled his eyes at the comment as some of his classmates started to wonder about the roll under his arm as Millie raised her hand and asked straight out. “Mister Montgomery what’s that under your arm?”

“Well as you kids Know their seems to be a lot of you that keep stealing pencils from my classroom when you borrow them so.” Their teacher soon spoke up as he walked over to a blank part of the wall behind his desk and started to hang up the poster with some tape, unrolling it to reveal the following words that made Mathew worry. “If you want to borrow a pencil then leave one of your shoes”

Under the text there was some images showing a generic shoe and some pencil images, some of the students were shocked as one nerdy looking girl near the front of the room asked. “Sir is it even legal for you to do this? I mean these shoes belong to us.”

“in fact it is since it’s something of an even trade, besides maybe it will teach more of you to be ready for class before it starts.” Mister Montgomery stated with a bit of a cross tone as one of the jocks of the classroom, Evan sanders asked in a snobbish tone. “Oh yeah and what if we don’t want to trade one of our shoes for your stupid pencils?”

“then you will just have to trade with someone else, and I will be making sure everyone has a pencil before we start each lesson to make sure none of you are missing your supplies.” Mister Montgomery stated clear as day with Mathew gulping a bit since he loaned his pencil to Millie as he quickly leaned over and whispered. “Say can you give me my pencil back please?”

“no way since I don’t want to lose one of my new sneakers already.” Millie replied back with a whisper while another boy asked a in a concerned tone. “Is there some way for use to get our shoe back?”

“Yes these is, just return my pencil and you get the shoe back. Easy as that!” Mister Montgomery remarked before he looked over his class and asked as he took out his class roster from the desk. “Alright then when I call out your name let me know if you have your supplies and if you need to borrow any.”

With that the teacher started to call out each of his student’s names from A-Z, though when he reached Evan it turned out he didn’t bring his pencil and so had to give up one of his red and white Nikes to borrow one. After a few more names and a few more shoes on the teachers desk he finally hit Mathew who sadly walked up to the teacher’s desk, who soon slipped off one of his skate shoes before his Montgomery said simply. “alright you can borrow a pencil though remember to bring it back at the end of class and be more prepared next time.”

“Yeah I know…” Mathew sighed as his black and blue right socked foot felt cold on the classrooms tile floor as he took a pencil from the mug on the desk before heading back to his desk. As the teacher called out the remaining names and got about three other students handing in a shoe for a pencil, leaving mister Montgomery with a dozen single shoes at the start of the period.


Midway through the lesson Mathew was doing his best to focus on what the teacher was saying when he heard the familiar sound of a pencil hitting the ground from the desk next to his, glancing over he noticed that Millie had somehow lost the pencil he loaned her, and by the look of things it seamed to roll back behind the back row of the classroom, hearing his friend say in a quiet manner since mister Montgomery was strict about no talking in class. “ohh…not good. Where did it go?”

(“heh same old Millie.”) Mathew thought to himself as he glanced over to see that her left sneaker was completely off her pink socked foot while her right sneaker was on only by her toes. Though he soon set his pencil down in the little engraved slot on the desk to try and follow what his teacher was writing on the board, however the engraving happened to be on the side of the desk that faced Millie’s. smirking a bit she quickly snatched up the pencil from her friends desk while he was distracted.

With Mathew only noticing when he needed to take some notes again and notice the pencil was gone, though he first looked around under his desk in case he might of accidently knocked it down only to notice it gone completely while Millie kept it hidden from Mathew thinking to herself. (“I’ll be sure to return it before class ends”)


Later as the period ended Millie had somehow forgotten that the pencil in her hand was the one Mathew borrowed from mister Montgomery as she set it into her math book as a sort of bookmark while clearing off her desk and slipping her sneakers back on before starting towards the classroom door. While Mathew looked all around his desk franticly for the pencil he borrowed to no Advil while the other students who borrowed a pencil returned them to the teacher. So, sighing in defeat Mathew gathered up the rest of his school supplies and walked up to the teacher’s desk as mister Montgomery asked. “So, Mathew will you remember to have your pencil next time?”

“Um yeah….i’m not sure how but…I kind of misplaced the pencil I borrowed..” Mathew sheepishly said rubbing his slightly dusty and dirt black socked right foot with blue toes and heels against his still shoe foot as Mister Montgomery replied picking up Mathew’s skate shoe before he said. “well in that case your not going to get your shoe back since you can’t return the pencil”

“L…look I’ll give you another pencil tomorrow so please give me back my shoe please, this is my only pair.” Mathew begged in a desperate tone before mister Montgomery remarked in a very stern manner. “Sorry kid but you need to learn to also take better care of things people loan out to you, so your not getting your shoe back.”

“You have to be kidding me! You can’t just keep my shoe from me!” Mathew exclaimed looking a bit angry as mister Montgomery calmly stated. “it’s not your shoe anymore Mathew, you traded it to me for a pencil which you lost.”

With that and no other argument to give Mathew just groaned as he stormed out of the classroom, stuck with his right sock exposed and only wearing a left skate shoe as he wondered how he was going to get his shoe back after this, though when Millie saw this she giggled and blushed at the cute sight of her friend walking off like that.

(to be continued?)