The stranger

Author – Nike Mike

At the end of the deserted pier I kicked of my white Nike AirMax trainers, the cold concrete soothed my aching feet after my long walk. I climbed the steps of the wall  to view the sunset leaving my trainers down below.
I was interrupted ‘These yours’ a voice shouted. A cyclist was holding my discarded trainers aloft. Embarrassed that a stranger had my shoes I hurried back down the steps.
‘Nice trainers, my size too’ he said before looking at my white socked feet. He gave them back, he looked disappointed as I quickly put them on, I was relieved but wierdly disappointed too.
Asking if I enjoyed being shoeless in public, my blushing face answered his question.
‘Am I who you want?’ he asked. I was puzzled.
‘The person to steal your deliberately unattended shoes’ he said smiling. Too embarrassed to look at him I looked at his feet, he was also wearing Nikes, black/grey AirMax with grey socks.
He was very confident, telling me he would leave, if my shoes where again abandoned upon his return he would take them and I would have to walk the half mile length of the concrete pier in my socked feet to retrieve them. It excited me.
‘How can I trust you?’ I asked him. 
‘You can’t’ he said ‘That’s what makes it thrilling’.
I told him he could of easily taken them now without me knowing, ‘That wouldn’t of been fun’ he said.
‘The sun must disappear below the horizon before I turn around and look for my shoes’ he said or I  won’t get them back tonight. He’d be watching!
To retrieve them I would have to return tomorrow at sunset, shoeless! If I cheated and wore shoes hiding them nearby he would steal them too, as he’d be watching!
He suggested that as an incentive if he doesn’t just steal my shoes then I might get to take his AirMax Nikes some other time.
‘My decision’ he said, if my shoes where not there to take when he cycles back he’d leave and never return. I watched him ride away on his bike.
I liked his confidence and wanted to meet up again but to do so he had to take my shoes.
What would you do?

Shoe theif at Walmart

Author – Adam

I was at Walmart looking for a pair of shoes for whenever School opens up and as I went to try on shoes some weirdo came over and he grabbed my shoes and I asked him to put them down, and then he started running with my shoes.

I gave chase to the shoe thief but I was running in Walmart in my socks and the floor was slippery and there were so many dumbass people in the way and I ended up slipping and falling on my face nearly crushing my glasses as I could hear some shoppers laughing at me.

My Mom caught up to me and went to go find an employee as my knee was bruised up from the fall as a Walmart Employee approached as we explained what happened. My socks were dirty from running and my knee was sore since I wore shorts today and I kind of thought I looked hot with my nice legs and socked feet in walmart.

Walmart decided to sell me a new pair of shoes which was good and all but i’m so pissed and so are my parents, and I hope that creepy man who stole my shoes in Walmart gets caught.

Found and stolen

Author – Irsocks

Kaz was all set for his first weekend in the new house without parents. He had chips, wings, soda, pizza, video games, and movies. There was a knock on the door. Kaz opened the door to find Oliver standing there with his hands full of games and snacks wearing a blue tank top, blue and white cargo shorts, white crew socks, and blue and white DC Court Graffiks. Kaz couldn’t help but stare because he had on the same clothes just in a different color. Oliver slid in beside Kaz and kicked off his sneakers letting them fall next to Kaz’s DC Commands revealing the blue stripe and orange heel and toes of his socks. Kaz closed and locked the door and then followed Oliver into the living room. Oliver dumped his load on the floor in front of the couch and plopped down next to it. It did not take them long to make the living room look like a tornado had came through and stayed a while. They both had fallen asleep, Kaz on the sofa and Oliver on the floor. Kaz was awakened by a noise. He raised his head up just in time to  see a sock foot disappear around the corner. He thought he heard someone say, “Where are my shoes?” He went back to sleep thinking it was Oliver.
The next morning Kaz woke up to find Oliver gone. He called out his name, but there was no answer. He walked to the front door and noticed that Oliver’s sneakers were gone. One of his sneakers was gone too. He thought Oliver was playing a joke, so he just went upstairs and showered. When he came back down, he noticed a note on the table that read, ‘Gone to work be back later.’ He went up to his room and grabbed his DC Pure sneakers and left the house. When he returned, Oliver was waiting at the front door wearing the same thing from yesterday. Kaz asked him where was his sneaker. Oliver said that he did not take it. He noticed that it was gone this morning. Kaz let Oliver in, and they started there weekend all over again until they heard a noise coming from the hallway.
There was that sound again, “Where are my shoes?” They both looked around the corner and saw a teenager standing near the basement door in his socks pointing to what appeared to be Kaz’s missing  sneaker. “Where are my shoes”, the guy said again. Oliver watched as Kaz walked toward the guy, picked up his sneaker, and slowly walk back to him. The guy pointed to Kaz’s sneaker and said again, “where are my shoes?” Kaz looked down and saw a key in his sneaker. It must have been the key to the basement that no one could find. He walked over to the basement door, pulled out the key, and unlocked the door. The guy smiled as Kaz opened the door and walked in. Oliver walked to the door but did not follow Kaz inside. Kaz turned on the light and noticed a pair of sneakers at the bottom of the stairs. He went down and grabbed them and walked back up the steps. They were DC Character sneakers. Oliver smiled and so did the guy.
Kaz placed the sneakers in front of the guy and waited to see what would happen. The guy slipped his feet into the DC sneakers and looked up at Kaz and Oliver with a huge grin on his face. Oliver broke the silence with, “I told you he was the one that could find your sneakers.” Kaz was confused. Oliver explained that they could not leave the house because Mark, his brother, could not find his sneakers. He told Kaz about the robbers finding Mark and him at home alone. They had taken Mark’s shoes and threw them down the stairs into the basement and hid the key in his sneakers by the door. They knocked them out and set the house on fire to cover the robbery. He woke up just in time to try and get out but only made it to the edge of the grass outside the door. Now that Mark had his sneakers, they could both leave the house together.
Oliver grabbed Mark’s hand, and they both walked towards the door. The door opened and they both waved at Kaz and said, “Thank you.” Kaz noticed that Mark had a pair of DC Commands in his hands while Oliver had a pair of DC Pure in his. They smiled again, turned and walked out the door. Mark disappeared as he walked out the door. Oliver disappeared when he stepped off the concrete into the grass. Kaz could not believe what he just saw. He looked down at his sock feet realizing that both his DC Command and his DC Pure sneakers had been taken. He still could not believe what just happened. He started thinking about it. He never did see Oliver come up the driveway; he was just at the front door. He never saw him eating or touching anything. He looked on the floor and noticed that the things he thought Oliver had brought were not there anymore. He looked at the note on the table, but there was no writing on it. He never really saw Oliver come back because he was already on the doorstep when he returned. He never really saw Oliver in the daytime either. He may have helped Mark find his sneakers, but his sneakers were now lost.

Highway Robbery

Author – Mickey

I was driving to the city to pick my best mate Darren up from the railway station. On route he called to tell me his train was delayed by an hour. So I decided to pull into a picnic area and wait rather than paying to park at the station. I started browsing Where’s My Sneaks on my phone. A story about a guy leaving his shoes at the roadside had me intrigued, especially as I sat in my car in a similar location. I looked down at my feet, my white Reebok trainers where worn but still in a decent condition. I got out of the car and walked over to a picnic bench, the area was deserted. I took off my trainers and put them on a table. I walked back to my car in my white socked feet. I wasn’t going to leave them and drive off but watch my shoes and imagine someone taking them, it was as thrilling as the story I had read. Then a lorry pulled into the rest area and I felt awkward about retrieving my shoes so I waited hoping he’d drive off. Darrens train was due so I left leaving my shoes on the table.
I got excited at the thought of them being stolen but worried what Darren would think. I hoped he wouldn’t notice my shoeless feet. I would take him home and drive back and retrieve my trainers.
A suited and booted Darren got in the car, he hadn’t noticed as he discussed his job interview and the delayed train journey. He said he was hungry and insisted on going to Nando’s whilst we were in the city. I declined but he was persistent so I told him I was shoeless, he looked at my socked feet on the pedals as I drove the car. He was still laughing as we left the city.
He said we should go retrieve my trainers, I think he secretly wanted them to be gone to embarrass me more. As I pulled into the picnic area the lorry was still there blocking my view of the picnic bench. We got out and walked over to the table, my trainers were gone. Disappointed I walked back towards the car passing the lorry, Darren shouted “There they are”, wedged between the windscreen and dashboard inside the lorry are my trainers. I banged on the drivers door, as the driver opened his window I asked for my shoes. He said they are his, I demanded them and he asked me to prove whose they were. “My socked feet are a giveaway” I said telling him they are a size 10. He said they are indeed a size 10, his size too and anyone could hide their own shoes and pretend to be shoeless. He closed his window so I climbed up the steps to reach his window and banged on it shouting “Give me my trainers”. He opened the door and I fell to the ground, Darren laughed at me sat on the ground in my socked feet. The driver got out holding a huge wrench and shouted “Why don’t you and your mate fuck off” I got up and hurried back to my car as the driver climbed back in his lorry. “Looks like he’s keeping your trainers” said Darren laughing. I went to start the engine but couldn’t find my key, we got out again and traced our steps to the picnic bench. The lorry driver opened his window and shouted “Looking for these” as he waved my car keys in the air. I must of lost them as I fell down from the lorry. Darren laughed again amused by the fact he now had my keys and my shoes.
Before giving them back the lorry driver insisted I apologised for demanding his trainers and banging on his window  he also wanted a thank you for finding my keys. I didn’t want to apologise for wanting my own shoes and told him so. He started his engine, I started to apologise begrudgingly, he shouted it was too late and now wanted a finders fee for my keys. I swore at him, he started to pull away. “OK what do you want” I shouted telling him I haven’t got much money. He didn’t want money but he did want Darren’s leather shoes. “Fuck off” said Darren. The driver said that we could both drive home shoeless or I’d be walking home shoeless. Darren called him a wanker as he took off his black leather shoes and deliberately threw them at the open window leaving him standing in his suit and grey socked feet. The driver wedged Darren’s shoes into the windscreen next to my trainers. “Give me my fucking keys you wanker” I shouted. That’s not very nice said the driver, I need compensating for my hurt feelings he said. “Fuck off you have our shoes now give us the keys” shouted Darren. “I want that suit too to match my new shoes” said the driver. “Piss off you wierdo” said Darren.
“Looks like you both will be walking home in your socks” laughed the driver as he moved the lorry forward. Darren took off the jacket and passed it up to him, “Trousers” said the driver. As Darren started unbuckling his belt I told the driver he was a modern day ‘highway robber’. He smiled and said “I’ll have your joggers too”. I hesitated but pulled them off before he demanded anything else. As we both stood in our boxer shorts the lorry driver shouted “Thanks lads” and threw my keys into the long grass next to the picnic benches. He drove off with our clothes and shoes leaving us scrambling in the grass in our bare legs and socks searching for my keys.
If only I hadn’t read ‘Where’s My Sneaks” in that picnic area!


Author – Irsocks

I decided to catch the bus to run my errands. On my way I passed the school just in time to see a guy get his right black DC Plaza skateshoe taken off his white sock foot. The thief put it under the bush next to the fence. Lucky for him it was on the other side of the fence out of reach. As I waited in front of the temple to cross the street, this guy slipped off his penny loafers and walked into the temple in his white and black polka dot socks. He didn’t realize that the person behind him slipped off their old run down loafers and slipped their blue argyle sock feet into his loafers leaving their old ones behind. What a day so far. The car wash was a little different. I walked up just in time to see a guy put a left black and white Nike shoe with black, purple, and blue laces near the back. Because it was a nice shoe, I picked it up after he walked away. This day was getting better. As I approached the bus stop, I noticed something drop out of the window of the bus pulling away. I looked down to see a right black and white Nike shoe. I scooped it up placing it in my bag. As I was looking out the window on the bus, I noticed a left Gray Nike SB sneaker on the sidewalk near the theater we were passing. It’s owner was going in the opposite direction in his left gray and red sock foot. I had to do some research at the library. As I got off the bus to go into the library, a guy came out missing his right New Balance black and red shoe revealing his red and black ankle sock. I decided to go to the very back of the library to do my research. There in the last cubicle at the very back was the missing New Balance sneaker. One more prize for me. As I put my prize in the bag I saw the Nikes that I had claimed earlier. I decided to put them on. They were a half size too big and the laces didn’t match, but I didn’t care. After I put my Adidas in my bag I left the library. I decided to take the subway next. It was crowded as usual. The subway jerked a few times in between stops and I was startled by something hitting my feet. I put my feet up on the seat and looked down to see a pair of feetless Reebok classics staring back at me. I guess they wanted to go home with me, so I put them in my bag. I got off the subway and noticed the owner of the Reeboks standing in his Nike elite black and white socks. He was not happy at losing his sneaks. I felt bad, so I tried to return them, but by the time I got to where I saw him, he was gone. I tried didn’t I? I stopped by the mall. It was hard trying to keep the Nikes on my feet. I changed back into my Adidas. As I zipped my bag up I noticed a left black and blue Nike high-top all alone under the bench next to the trash can. A few guys ran by laughing. Then a guy missing his left sneaker wearing  black and blue Nike elite socks ran after them. It was too late to catch them so I placed that one in the bag. I had no idea that I would be shoe shopping that day.

It was time to head back home. I passed the amusement park. It was noisy and crowded. As I passed on the sidewalk a light-brown suede wallabee boot almost hit me in the head. I seemed to be a shoe magnet today. I picked it up knowing it had to have come from the amusement park. Then it’s companion came flying towards me too. They obviously wanted to go home with me, so into the bag they went. I decided to cut through the woods as a short cut home. I heard a crow overhead and looked up just in time to see a DC Court Graffik drop from the sky. I put it in my bag and continued on my way. I didn’t really notice this one guy shoeless in his socks or the guys who had taken his other shake shoe. Before I got out of the woods I almost tripped over a left gray Vans sneaker with black laces. Another prize. Near the well I noticed a guy had pulled up a bucket discarding stuff. A right high-top black and white DC sneaker flew my way. Another prize. It was dark now. I had to get home. I noticed a guy in his yard looking around like he had lost something. His friends were not helping him at all. He finally gave up and they left. I found what he was looking for which was a left red Janoski near the sidewalk under a bush in the yard. I could have left it, but honestly would you have? I never thought my errands would include free shoes.

Park walk

Author – Shoelover

Today I decided to do a nice park walk at my nearest park. Now my park is very nice but it’s in a bad neighborhood. I wore a t-shirt, jeans, white crew socks and a pair of Nike air max 720s. As I was walking my eyes met a middle aged man wearing khakis a blue shirt and a pair of new balance sneakers. He looked at my feet and asked how much would I be willing to sell my shoes and socks for. I told him sorry they aren’t for sale. He gave me a disgusted look and said “you’ll pay for that”. I kept on going and lost sight of him. I was walking through the woods and I felt like someone was following me. I could have been imagining it because of the squirrels a d birds rustling. So I continued on the path and saw a nice green patch of grass where I could lie down and rest. I passed out and was out cold for a bit. Suddenly I felt something tugging at my feet, I kept one eye open to see what was going on while I was “sleeping” and I see that same man pulling my sneakers off my feet, he throws them in a backpack then he goes after my white socks. I was in a shock but I was afraid to move so I let him do his dirty business. He peeled off my sweaty socks and started to smell them. He muttered under his breath, “this is payback” and he stuffed the socks in his backpack too. He liked my bare feet and gave me a tickle and whispered, “I hope you come back soon”.

If you are in NY and want my socks and sneakers email me at:

Shoeless at the restaurant

Author – Evan

This happened about 4 months ago.

I’ve been friends with a guy who works at a restaurant I eat lunch at during my lunch breaks at works. His name’s Jack. He’s a pretty chill guy and we get along well. There was one day as I was heading to that restaurant, I tripped on the sidewalk, and my shoe flew off and rolled into a storm drain. I was almost there, and I couldn’t get to my shoe, so I decided to walk/hop the rest of the way there in one shoe and my white nike sock.

I ate my lunch there as normal, well except without my right shoe. As I was getting a refill for my drink to leave, my friend Jack notices that I was without a shoe. As I’m passing him wishing him a good day, he stops me. He points down to my shoeless foot and asks, “Yo man, what happened to your shoe?” I simply told him it fell in a drain and I couldnt get it. He patted me on the shoulder and said “Not gonna lie, you look really funny, but hey at least you have your other shoe.” As I said bye to him again, he responded with, “See ya man. Don’t lose your other shoe!”

A few days later, I stop by the restaurant again, wearing my DC shoes, only except I went at the end of my work shift instead of during lunch (mid-afternoon). Jack was there as usual, and after I ate lunch, it was time for his shift to be over. He suggested that we walk home together since we live nearby each other (my neighborhood is further up the road from his). As we approached the street his neighborhood was on, he started to look down at my feet. I thought he was gonna tie my shoe, but instead he grabbed my right foot, and yanked my shoe off. It caught me by surprise, and I fell to the ground the moment my shoe came off. “Wait why did you take my shoe,” I asked. All Jack said was “Like I mentioned, you look funny without your shoe. Its no biggie, I’ll give it back soon.” Jack runs off into his neighborhood with my shoe. I tried to hop after him, but I lost sight of him after a bit. I just looked down at my shoeless foot with my white and blue nike elite sock, and just decided to go home the rest of the way with only one shoe.

My girlfriend

Author – Chad

The other day my girlfriend game to my house. We are both in 8th grade. When I let her in we both immediately went to my room. Right away she said your room is a mess and started to clean my room. I said you don’t have to clean my room but she insisted so I just let her go. That day she was wearing a sweatshirt with blue skinny jeans and white vans and I was wearing a grey sweatshirt with black joggers and some air Jordan 1 high tops. After she was done cleaning my room she got on her phone and we watched some tik tok. After a little while later she said are your air Jordan’s new and I said yea I got then a week ago. She then grabbed my right foot and started to untie my shoe. She then pulled off my right Jordan revealing my white and black nike elite sock. She then looked at my shoe for a minute and then took a sniff of my shoe. She then told me you have only had these for a week and they already stink. We then both laughed and then she chucked my shoe across my room and then grabbed my shoeless foot with just a sock on it and started to rub it. After a little while longer it was almost time for her to go. She then went and got her backpack and got her things ready to go. While she was packing up I noticed her grabbing all my right shoes. She then started to place them in her backpack. I then asked her what are you doing. She replied I’m taking all your right shoes, I like you better with just one shoe and a sock, you look more cute. I had no choice but to go with it. My girlfriend then hugged me and said we you at school tomorrow. She then said bye to my mom and then got in her parents car and went home. For the rest of the night I pretty much forgot about the whole thing. The next morning I took a shower and got dressed. Then when was going to put on my shoes and get on the bus but then it hit me. I have not right shoes. I stood there for a minute looking at all my left shoes. I then just told my self to suck it up just role with it. So that’s what I did. I got on the bus with a left Jordan 1 high top and a white and blue sports sock. When I got on the bus I took notice immediately that everyone was staring at my shoeless foot. I didn’t really care and just walked to my seat and sat down. My friend Zach asked me where is your right shoe. I decided just to tell him the truth and told him that my girlfriend took all my right shoes because she says I look better with one shoe and a sock. My friend just laughed and said well good luck. When I got to school I got off the bus and walked into the auditorium and sat down with my girlfriend. The first thing she said was aww you look so cute with one shoe. We then hugged and she talked about some girl drama for a while. After she was done with that I asked what did you do with all my right shoes. She then replied I took them home and put them in my closet. She then went on to say that after she put my right shoes in her backpack that it smelled terrible and that she had to wash her backpack it smelled so bad. We then both laughed and I then asked her so when can I have my right shoes back. She replied with a little giggle and said I don’t know probably never but who knows. I then said I’m going to need my right shoes. She then said you don’t need your right shoes you have socks. The bell rang and she then said se ya. We then hugged and I then walked to my first class. When I walked in my teacher saw my shoeless foot but never said anything. The next 3 classes were the same. At lunch my girlfriend was telling her friends that she took all my right shoes and that I only have socks to wear on my right foot. All her friends laughed and said let us see. She then grabbed my socked foot and set it on the table. Everyone laughed and started taking pictures. Of my blue and white sports sock. My girlfriend then said for me to give her my socked foot. I sat it on her lap and she then said your sock is dirty and then began pulling off hairs and dirt. After she was done she then rubbed my socked foot for the rest of lunch. After lunch everyone knew about my story with my girlfriend and everyone was asking me about how it is like in one shoe. I just told them feels weird but anything for my girlfriend. The day ended and I saw that everyone had posted pictures me with one shoe and a sock on instagram. My girlfriend even did. This is how my life is now I guess I’m someone who wears left shoes and socks on my right foot. I’ll right another story if something else happens. Comment if this has happed to you.


Author – Brian

Just before we went on spring break, Gavin, a new guy, started coming to our school it was his third day I have him in gym first period and math sixth period. He is one of those guys that is kind of full of himself  all the girls talk about how cute he is, and he carries around this deck (has some brand new  Court Graffik SE DC’s. I like them a lot.)  He acts like he is better than everyone else type guy.
Gavin sits behind me in math and kicks my seat. I ask him to stop. He just looks at me. In gym class, he talks about nothing but skating and how good he is and how in LA he went to some skate park every day. After the third day. I overheard Mark in the gym say he was sick of Gavin and was going to steal his shoes, not sure why his shoes. Mark usually just picks a fight, and you do what he says after it is over.
The next day I made sure I finished in the locker room early, walked out sit down on the bleachers.’ Mark and Jeremy came running out and sit down close to where I was sitting and started talking, Jeremy said, did you get them, Mark said I got one before the coach came in. Mark said, let’s get out of here before Gavin says anything.
I wanted to see what happen, so I stayed, Gavin walked out carrying his stuff and sit down he opened his bag and pulled out his left shoe and put it on and reached in his bag for his right shoe and then picked up the bag and started going through it like crazy. He looked at me and said, watch my stuff and headed for the locker room. Gavin finally came back, grabbed his stuff, and said I hate this F*&#@ place and walked out the door.
I didn’t see him till sixth period. He walked in, wearing his left shoe and a dirty white sock. He was wearing shorts, the DC was Grey/Black/Grey, so it kind of stuck out. I ask him. Why are you wearing one shoe? He just looked at me and said, I F&%$ threw it away, so I had to walk around school all day without it. What do you think?
The next day we only had a half-day because Springbreak starts, and we get out early, so we just had roll call in the gym and sat in the bleachers till the bell. Gavin walked in after the bell and came over, sit down behind me. I couldn’t tell if he got his shoe back are had a different pair. I finally turned around and asked another friend sitting behind Gavin a question and looked down Gavin had on Jeans that same left DC and just a black sock on his right foot. I saw Mark walk in and sit down by Jeremy, so I moved over by them to see if they said anything. Mark asks Jeremy if Gavin said anything Jermey said no, but he only has one shoe. Mark started laughing and said, okay. Making sure He only has one from now on is my goal in life. (Mark is a bully and the popular guy) Jeremy asks Mark what did you do with Gavin’s shoe. All Mark said was which peace.
Gavin walked into sixth period and sat down I couldn’t help but look at his shoeless foot. Gavin said I will get even with whoever did this. I ask him, don’t you have other shoes? He said if I did, would I be sitting here with just a F&#$ sock on.
Spring break started, and so did the lockdown another story. I seen Gavin about five days later, turns out he lives one street over are backyards touch. He was in his back yard. He asks if I want to come over I said sure after a while I ask if he wanted to go to the park, he asks if I skate I told him I have never tried so we decided to see if I could, I can’t. Gavin grabbed his deck, and we walked threw his house to the front door, and he stopped and slid that same DC on he had worn at school. I said you still only have one shoe. Gavin said we went to get new ones, and everything was closed for the virus, so my dad ordered them online, and then I got an email saying they are on backorder, and we don’t have money to get any. I told him I had a pair he could borrow. I feel bad for him, but he said it was good he would wait.
He has turned in to a good friend, but I have never told him what happen because he may get mad at me. It has been fun watching people when they see him walking around, missing his right shoe, and they ask why? He says I threw it away are I’m saving for the other one. You can tell it embarrasses him. To be honest, I think it is kind of cool

The estate

Author – Peter and Sam

Sam advertised his new Vans skate shoes size 43 for sale on line and soon got a text message showing interest, a couple of pics were exchanged and the lad agreed to buy them if Sam would deliver them a price of £30 was agreed, we were not busy so agreed to take them round that evening. When the text came through with the address it was on a local council estate, somewhere we would not normally go but Sam needed the cash and said he would go asking if I would go with him, why not would not take more than a couple of hours there and back. We found the address and knocked the door,  The lad we were expecting answered the door and let us in, asking us to take off our shoes as we came in.  He tried the Vans on and they were a good fit so he was happy to buy them and – surprisingly – he never tried to barter us down. Sam put the three crisp £10 motes in his pocket and we said our goodbyes and left slipping our shoes on at the door, We set off to walk back the first half hour or so would be through the estate. As we rounded a corner we were met by a group of 5 or 6, all younger than us, and we were forced to stop, as we did so three more lads on bikes rode up behind us to block our exit. As the group were stood round us the lad we had we had sold the Vans to who was called Naz arrived grinning. One lad asked if we lived there and we obviously said no telling them the area in which we did live. Another lad asked if we had paid the tax to pass through – what tax we asked, whatever we decide it is, lets start with easy stuff phones watches cash. Sam handed over the £30 from his pocket along with his phone and the lad gave it to Naz, obviously the whole thing had been a set up from the start. I handed over my £20 cash and my watch as I did not have a phone with me. The youngest lad, Ben, was told to check our pockets which he did very eagerly both our hoodies and trackies, he found nothing else worth taking. Not much of a haul lads is it, Naz said we should hand over our trainers too to make it worth the trouble. Ben crouched down and took my white Classics leaving me standing there in white no show socks. Sam took off his own trainers and handed them to Ben leaving him in his white sports socks. That’s about it lads not much else worth having, a lad at the back started chanting socks socks socks and soon everyone joined in. Naz was laughing loudly but said he did not want our socks he wanted our hoodies, the chant changed and Ben’s help was engaged to assist us, I was wearing a t shirt under the hoodie but Sam had just thrown the hoodie on last minute so he was stripped to the waist. The chant of socks socks socks started again and this time we knew there was only one way out, we took our socks off and stood there barefoot. You had better run guys while you can and ringing in our ears as we ran was the chant losers losers losers. We sure were.