YouTube library meet up PT.2

Author – shoelover

I went looking through my email again to find that guy that stole my shoes previously. I emailed him back saying that I would love to do more with him stealing my shoes and socks. So we made plans again and this time he told me to go to my closest Target store. So I went to Target wearing my usual footwear attire, black nikes and white socks. I get another email from him telling me that he sees me and wants me to leave my shoes on a shelf and walk away in my white socks. So I did as he told me to do so I walked around the store casually with people giving me funny glances. I decided to go back to where I left my shoes. And I started to panic, he stole my shoes! I ask one of the ladies if they found a pair of nikes and when she checked around, she came back giggling and said no. I walked home excited thinking what that man was going to do with my smelly nikes. At least he didn’t steal my white socks haha.

The Gym

Author – Micky

I worked evenings at a local gym whilst at University. Another student about my age used the gym most evenings, his name is Jay, he was about 6ft with blond hair and quite athletic in build. The reason for noticing him was his very distinctive blue Asics running shoes with orange soles which he always left on the locker room floor when he used the wet rooms after his workout. Everytime I seen him in the jacuzzi I would check the locker room and his shoes would be on a bench. It was if he wanted them to be taken.
One particular night it was busier than normal and I was on reception when Jay approached and asked if anyone had handed in any trainers. His face was red with embarrassment as he stood in his size 11 white socked feet. I asked if his locker had been robbed, he told me he had accidentally forgot to put them in his locker. My suspicions where correct, he secretly wanted them to be taken as there was nothing accidental about leaving them on a bench every night. Tonight he got what he wanted but now he was embarrassed by his shoeless predicament of his own making. I checked ‘lost property’ to no avail. My only other suggestion was that someone may of put them in another locker as a prank, I told him I do a locker sweep at closing time if he wanted to wait, which he did. He sat in his socked feet for over an hour in reception until the gym closed. I gave him the bad news that all the lockers where empty.
We left the gym together and got the same bus, his embarrassment continued as more students on the bus laughed at his now very dirty white socks. He actually lived in the same student accommodation block as me. I watched him climb the stairs in his dirty socks as I went to my room and removed a pair of size 11 blue Asics trainers with orange soles from my bag.

The Great Shoe Robbery – pt2

Author – Micky

The angry pals walked along the cold pavement in their socked feet as the mini bus reappeared. Brian stopped and told them to get in. He was laughing “It’s not fucking funny” shouted Archie as they put on their trainers. Brian said “I had to check if the toy gun was convincing, it worked well dumping you two in the street in your socks”. He dropped them off around the corner from the arranged meeting point and told them to join the others, after 10 minutes he would pick them all up.
Archie sat up front next to Brian, Franky and the six United supporters all wearing their smart gear and trainers climbed into the back.
They where loud, Brian asked them to be quiet, one of them called Mac shouted “Just fucking drive” the others laughed even louder as they cracked open cans of beer, Franky chatted away with them.
Stopping at a service area, the United fans went to the toilets. Brian said the robbery was off because Franky talked too much about himself, “They practically know where you live” he said. Then Brian suggested they pretend to be victims too. Archie wanted the pleasure of robbing them of their shoes and leaving them stranded. Having his shoes taken too would kill the enjoyment and he didn’t want to spend more time with those guys than necessary, plus they hardly knew Brian, could they trust him. Franky was keen so Archie reluctantly agreed to follow the new plan.

With all the loud behaviour they hadn’t noticed the minibus leave the motorway. It was only when the minibus stopped and a gun pointed at Archies head that they all became quiet.
“Do as your told or blond guy here gets a bullet in his head” said Brian as he told Franky to bind Archies hands behind him. Archie was furious, being tied up wasn’t part of the plan but he couldn’t say anything. The cable tie was heavy duty, once fastened it wasn’t coming off without being cut. Franky then refastened Archies seat belt leaving him totally immobile. He was a sitting duck, he knew and so did everyone else. “If you all obey then there will be no need to shoot or tie anyone else up” he said.
He then gave Franky a plastic bag and told everyone to empty their pockets and place everything in the bag. Franky was nervous as they where only supposed to be stealing their shoes and nothing else, Archie was furious but there was nothing he could do. Mac shouted at Brian “You can’t fucking do this”. He warned Mac to shut up or he’d be tied up too.
Franky gave the bag now full of chains, watches, wallets and phones to Brian. “Right guys one last thing before you all get out of the minibus, those nice expensive trainers your all wearing, take them off.” The six United supporters looked at each other then down at their shoes. Again Mac couldn’t resist opening his mouth “No fucking way are you taking my shoes”. Brian pointed the gun at him “Yes I am” he replied. He shouted “Take off your fucking shoes now”. The smell of new trainers and warm feet filled the minibus as the guys removed their shoes. Franky passed them all forward as Brian placed them between the dashboard and windscreen. There was a variety of colours and brands. Adidas, Nike, New Balance. Brian said there was only five pairs and demanded the other two pairs. Franky and Mac where still wearing their trainers, after a few moments the youngest lad on the bus, Richard, 17, grabbed hold of Macs feet lifted them in the air and pulled the Red Adidas trainers off the mouthy guys feet revealling red football socks. He threw the trainers towards the windscreen. The teenager sat shaking in his black socked feet that where once shod with the grey New Balance trainers that where now on the dashboard.
Franky was still wearing his blue Adidas Classics, if he acted reluctant like Mac nobody would suspect him of assisting in the robbery. Then suddenly another guy called Jake grabbed his feet and pulled off his trainers and gave them to Brian. Everyone in the rear seats where ordered to get out of the minibus. “You can’t fucking leave us in the middle of nowhere in socked feet” shouted Mac. Brian pointed the gun and said “Yes I can”. For the second time today Franky stood in the road without shoes on his feet.
The seven shoeless guys where left stranded on the quiet country lane as Brian drove off with Archie still tied up in the front.
Archie asked to be untied, Brian refused telling him he would be dumped in the next lay by minus his shoes and belongings too for authenticity.
They passed a broken down van and further along the road it’s occupants, two workmen stood in the road causing Brian to stop. They asked for a lift as they had no phone signal to summon help.
They noticed Archie tied up, Brian pointed his gun…..

To be continued.

YouTube library meetup

Author – shoelover

I was on YouTube one day as I was finishing posting a video, I received quite a few emails of people who want to steal my shoes and socks so I saw one particular email and decided to write back to them. His name was John and he said that he would love to meet up at a library so he can steal my shoes and socks. I told him I’m excited to meet so we made plans to go to a library on this particular day. I head into the library in a hoodie jeans white socks and black Nike Air max. I walk inside the quiet library and no one was downstairs in the quiet area. I sit in one of the study carrels by myself and there was no sign of John. I messaged him asking him where he was and he said he was watching me Now with the study carrels you can’t see the person on the other side but there is a opening under it where if you are lucky you can find an opportunity to steal some unattended sneakers. I suddenly hear creaking footsteps coming in my direction and someone sat on the opposite side of me because I could see someone wearing 2 black loafers under the table. I waited to see what would happen if I extended my feet out in this person’s footspace. Next thing I know I feel someone touching my shoelaces. I felt my sneakers becoming very very loose. I felt something go around my ankles but I thought it was the person’s foot playing with me. I take a peek of what was going on underneath the table and I see an older man in his 50s tying my legs together with my shoelaces! This man took apart my sneakers so fast I didn’t even feel him take the shoelaces off. I then feel him pull off my sneakers and my white socks were now in full display and my feet also smelled up the place so I’m sure he had a good whiff of them. Next thing I feel is his nose and tongue smelling and licking my white socked feet. I got a little more excited so then I did a lot of sock play even if my ankles were tied to see what happens next. I feel him strip my socks off at this point and he then started tickling me even harder. I tried so hard to control my laughter in the library but it was unbearable. So then I think he gave me a break to calm myself down from laughing. I look back under the table and I see him throw my sneakers and socks in a bag and he bolted out of the library. And I was left barefooted and ankle tied for anyone else to tickle my feet. If you want to meet up with me and live in New York area email me and let me know if you want to steal my shoes and socks too 🙂

Shoes stolen while shopping

Author – lovetoshoeswap

It was that time of year when all the shops were having a big sale so I decided I would treat myself to a new pair of shoes. I headed into town wondering what shoes I wanted but my mind started to wander and I got to thinking about this website where people posted stories of losing their shoes and I got to thinking “what if someone were to take my shoes”. My heart started to race just thinking of the idea so I thought “let’s see if someone will take my shoes”. I get to the shoe shop and decide to sit down near some people in the hope that they might take my shoes (my shoes are a pair of black low top converse). As I slipped off my converses I kicked them nearer to the other people that were sat near me and I went browsing the aisles in my socks. After a few minutes of looking I notice this guy looking at my shoes. He then pops off his shoes which were a pair of trashed Nike air max and slip his feet into my converses, I thought to myself “finally someone else is wearing my shoes” but then reality sinks in and I see him making off towards the exit in my shoes with his own shoes in hand so I run after him and say “excuse me but your wearing my shoes”. He turned to me and said “I think you’ll find these are my shoes now and they’re really comfortable so I’m keeping them “. He left with my shoes leaving me to continue my journey back home shoeless which was embarrassing but I was also full of glee as I knew someone out there was wearing my shoes.

Search and seizure

Author – Irsocks

I volunteered for a research job not realizing that I had to go to the library to do the research. I thought I could do it all online. It was too late to get out of it, so there I was in my blue, black, and white striped socks and blue, black, and white Vans. I was at one of those desks with the divider working and reading away. When I am really concentrating, I tend to tap my foot really fast. I didn’t realize I was doing it on the chair leg and making a lot of noise until an employee tapped me on the shoulder and asked me to be quiet. I apologized, and as I turned back to my work, I notice this guy watching me and giggling about what just happened. I did notice that he was only wearing one white Nike shoe on his left foot while the other foot had only a white sock on it. I shrugged it off and went back to work.
Before I knew it, the guy was back tapping me on the shoulder again. This time he asked me to leave. I couldn’t go back without the research, so I begged and pleaded for him to let me stay. I didn’t realize what it would cost me. He sayed I could stay, but on one condition. I sayed fine. He bent down, took a hold of my right shoe heel and slipped my sneaker off. My striped sock foot was out for all to see. Before I could object, he told me that I would get it back when I was done. I was shocked and embarrassed, but I had to finish the research.
Being embarrassed thinking everyone was watching me, I couldn’t concentrate wearing only one shoe, so I stretched out under the desk to hide my now shoeless right foot. I thought my foot had hit the divider under the desk, but I had kicked the guy on the other side. I apologized and moved my feet back some thinking everything was okay. Before I knew it, the guy grab the heel of my remaining sneaker and slowly started slipping it off. I was helpless because I could not move up or I would fall out of the chair. I couldn’t move back or my foot would slip out even faster. The guy must have known this because he went ever so slowly removing my sneaker.
I couldn’t say anything because I would be kicked out. I sat helpless as my sneaker was slowly being stolen. It seemed like time had stood still as I felt my sock foot slip slowly out of my sneaker. Once my heel was free he took his time letting the back of my sneaker slide up the sole of my sock foot. I didn’t know what to do as the back of my sneaker slid up the ball of my foot, under my toes and then off my foot. My heel hit the carpet floor. I was now shoeless in the library.
I had to get my sneaker back. As I rounded the corner, I got a glimpse of the thief as he walked out the room door. He was wearing one white Nike sneaker and one blue, black, and white Vans sneaker. I had no choice but to go back to the desk. I knew who the thief was because the giggler was gone now. At the front desk the employee gave me back my sneaker. It was embarrassing to say the least putting on one sneaker while the employee laughed at my situation. I walked out of the library with my head down.
My mind could only go back to the story I read about another guy losing his white Nike sneakers and socks in the library. I looked down at my one sock foot and one Vans sneaker thinking at least they only got one sneaker. Suddenly in front of my feet appeared one Nike sneaker and my other Vans sneaker. Before I could look up, I heard the guy say ‘you won’t be needing that one’, and my sneakered foot was grabbed and my sneaker was ripped from my foot leaving me shoeless on the sidewalk. I could do nothing as I watched the thief run away with my Vans. It was a long walk home.

YouTube shoe theif

Author – shoelover

When I was looking at my Gmail I noticed one of my followers on YouTube wanted to meet me. On YouTube I post videos of me kicking off my sneakers always exposing my white socks and sometimes I expose my barefeet too. This particular guy was someone in his 50s and said that he would love to meet me and was a big fan of my videos. So I said sure why not, we met in a library and he told me to go in the library first and he will follow me in from a distance. I sat at one of the tables to read a book and I waited awhile for him to come in. I slipped off my bright white nikes in the mean time and my smelly white socks filled the air with their aroma. Soon after I did that, I hear someone sit in the chair on the opposite side of the wall where I was at. All I could see under the table were two feet in black loafers. Then as I saw him scooch closer to where my vacant nikes were he quickly scooped up both my shoes and stuffed them in a bag. I was thinking okay this is exciting and I expected him to do something naughty like that knowing that he wanted them for his pleasure, but then I was caught off guard even more when he yanked off my white socks before I could utter a sound. He ran out of the library never to be seen again. If you want to see videos of my feet or want to steal my shoes and socks ask me in my email. My email is