Shoe stolen at school

Author – Nicole

Okay so this happened when I was walking to the canteen for lunch and the way I had gone I had to go outside and then around the building and back into the canteen, the door leading outside was a one-way glass door with a push bar in the middle and also had a small lip just in front of the door. at the time I was wearing some flats with nylons just normal schoolgirl stuff and completely in a world of my own as I went to step through through this glass door and in my haste my foot hit the small lip at the bottom of the door causing me to trip over it and stumble through the door falling into some railings outside, and as you might have expected I lost my shoe during this.

Normally that would be fine just get my shoe and go on with my day but not so simple as my shoe had dropped behind the lip behind the door, which had by now shut itself…yaaay for me! So my though process was that if I went around the building to get my shoe then by the time I get to my shoe someone might have taken it by then, so to avoid that I thought I’d wait by the door to see if someone could open the door for me so I could get my shoe. solid plan I thought but it all came apart when some little snob from the year or two below me came past with his friends and saw my flat on the floor he saw me and looked back and fourth between me and my shoe, I asked him if he could open the door so I could get my shoe but noooo he had better ideas as he picked it up and his friends were telling him to take it he waved my shoe in my face by the glass taunting me saying if I wanted it why not come get it etc. They were staring at my foot literally laughing I dare say had his friends not been there he probably would have given it back but I guess the peer pressure got to him as his friends egged him on that they should take my shoe, which is exactly what they did they picked up my flat and continued walking down the hallway laughing and giggling whilst I shouted at them through the door and that’s the end of the first time someone stole my shoe, I didn’t know who they were or where they went even with teachers help I never got it back 😦


Shoeless Salesman part 2

Author – Shoeless guy

A few weeks into my new job working for the local Council Tax Office I was required to visit homes who’d failed to return their yearly declaration form. I had been dropped off in a certain area of town with a list of houses to visit, I had to get the forms completed or leave a card if nobody was at home. I would be collected later by my colleague. After several visits, leaving mostly cards, a door was opened by a casually dressed man. I explained who I was, he invited me in to complete the form. He asked me to remove my shoes and follow him to the kitchen where he was making coffee. I undid the laces of my black brogue shoes, removed them and padded in my grey socks to his kitchen. It seemed strange but thrilling walking around a strangers house in my socks. As we completed the form I felt like we had met before, he left me to finish my coffee. He returned wearing a suit, black socks but no shoes. “Need to leave for work” he said with a big grin. I followed him to the front door and he proceeded to put his feet into my shoes.
“Excuse me, but they are my shoes your putting on” I said.
“No, they are most definitely mine” he said with an even bigger grin on his face. “I recognised you when I opened the front door and seen your shoes.. er.. my shoes”
The penny dropped as I remembered him, the fair haired salesman who’s shoes I’d stolen and now he was stealing them back.
He pushed me out the door in my socks. “I can’t return to the office shoeless” I said. “Am I bothered” he shouted, “You made me and my colleague walk a mile in our socks after stealing our shoes, it was embarrassing, see how you like it”. He demanded I return that evening with the stolen loafers or he’d report me to my employer.
I was too embarrassed to visit any more houses in my stocking feet so I waited for my ride back to the office, the salesman walked past wearing the shoes I’d arrived in. “Have a nice day” he said staring at my shoeless feet.
My colleague arrived and couldn’t stop laughing at my predicament “Wheres your shoes dude” he kept saying as he drove me home to replace my missing footwear. I told him some guy mugged me for my shoes. He promised to keep quiet and spare my embarrassment if I bought him a pint on pay day. I had no choice but to wear the stolen loafers, I put my Nike trainer’s in my back pack knowing I’d be returning home without the black slip on shoes.
After work I walked to the salesman’s house as I had just enough money for the bus ride home afterwards. I hoped nobody would answer the door and I’d just leave the shoes on the doorstep but the door opened, both the salesmen where stood there. “He’s returning my shoes but has the cheek to still be wearing them” said the rightful owner. “I needed to wear them for work” I said with a red face. “In here now and get them off your feet” said the dark haired salesman. I stepped inside and took the shoes off and handed them over and said I was sorry. As I attempted to leave the door was closed and locked. They insisted that I let them practice their new product sales techniques on me. I was marched reluctantly to the sitting room in my suit and socks, two hours later they decided to let me leave. I stood on the doorstep and removed my Nike trainer’s from my back pack and put them on. I was about to leave when the dark haired salesman asked for a donation for charity. “Sorry I only have enough for the bus home” I said naively. He smiled and said “The charity will appreciate your donation” as he looked down at my feet and said “Nice trainers”
It was a long walk to the bus stop, my feet where cold, everyone stared at me as I quickly got on the bus. I felt less uneasy as I hid my grey socked feet from view. I reflected on the day, Karma had well and truly bit me on the arse. Not once but twice in one day I had been left shoeless. Now I had no trainers but worse I had no shoes for work tomorrow.

Stalker stole my shoes and socks

Author – Shoelover

So I was sent an email by one of my followers to go to their apartment after he found out about my fantasies to get tied up and be in a shoeless state. I didn’t even know the guy but I gave him a chance. He also knows that I love walking around in my white sneaker socks so he said he wanted to have some fun with me. I felt like a part of me shouldn’t go and be around a stranger but I couldn’t let this exciting opportunity bypass. So I took the train and a bus to his apartment and I found his place. He texted me his number and said that the door was open. So I walk right in and I saw no one in the apartment. I got really spooked and I decided to wait for him on the sofa. I kicked off my sneakers and wriggled my toes while I waited. Then I saw the guy, he must have been 20 years older than me and had a devilish smile when he gazed at my long slender feet on the table. “Ah I see you made yourself comfortable my dear”, I slowly got a bit nervous because I then saw him sit next to me crawling his fingers up my leg. He said “Aw look at your poor tired feet, let me rub them for you”, I nodded nervously not knowing where it is going. So he took my socked feet and rubbed them, then he stripped me of my socks and tickled my feet. I couldn’t stop laughing and giggling. Then he was about to take my jeans off and I screamed “NOOO”. I ran away from him but he then whipped out rope and said “I haven’t tied you up yet!” I ran as fast as I could not realizing that I left both my socks and sneakers in his apartment. I was then running in the street and headed towards the train only to have people give me weird looks of why I was not wearing shoes or socks.

My School experience

Author – pardes boy

when i was boy in school in london, shoe confiscation was used a punishment for almost everything, talking back, coming late to school, running in the corridor ….

I was one of the first boys it happened to, i was in sixth grade when a new principal came, and he introduced the punishment, and shortly after he came, he called a boy from a yunger class and me to the office and took away our shoes for a day.

The school unifrom was basically grey, and although socks were not officailly included, virtually everyone wore grey socks.

When he took our shoes i was in tears, i had t to go to the classroom in my grey socks, and for recess we had to go outdoors, and i was stuck in socks the whole day.

he gradually started doing it more and more, until there was often a third of the class walking round in socks, by which stage it was much less embarrasing, and i even remeber boys playing soccer without their shoes.

For PE you were expected to particiapate fully in your socked feet, climbng ropes etc … the same applied to boys who had forgotten their sneakers at home.

It happened to me a second time on a wednesday, which was pe day, but by then i was more used to it, and that week there were so many of us without shoes that the teacher didn’t bother with the wallbars and ropes.

Eventually the parents and governors made the principal stop this punishment, saying it was abusive. [he was eventually forced out by government inspectors.]

Later, in high school boys would often wrestle each other to the floor, and then pull off the shoes. by this stage i started to find it exciting, and i often started wrestling with other boys knowing that one of us would end up in our socks.

Video project gone wrong

Author – Evan

 I was helping a friend record a video project for one of his college classes. After helping him shoot the project we hung out at some shops down the street. We sat down outside an ice cream store eating some ice cream. After he finished his ice cream, he sat up, grabbed my foot and pulled off my right shoe. Surprised I said “What are you doing? Gimme back my shoe.” My friend just responded with “You’ll get it back,” before continuing to run off with it. I sat around thinking he’d bring it back, but he never came back with it. I wound up having to walk the rest of the way home in the city wearing one shoe and a white sock, and it was about an hour and a half walk back.

Target Fun

Author – Lucylex 

 I went to target to pick up some Christmas gifts amongst other things. As I was there i gradually got sucked over to the shoe section. Im just a sucker for shopping and shoes. I browsed around and it was quite busy with the holidays. I slid my socked feet out of my shoes and left them to the side. I tried on a few different pairs of shoes and kept walking around in my socks. Shortly after being in my stocking feet, an older women who worked in the shoe section started scanning the floor for trash and shoes. she took note of my loafers that I left behind and strolled over to the aisle I was in to get a better look at my stocking feet. As soon as I looked up at her and we met eyes she was smiling at the sight of me walking around away from my shoes in my socks. My face turned bright red and I felt almost vulnerable. It was so embarrassing but so exciting. Anyways i kept on walking around and the place got busier. I went to put on my shoes and take them to another aisle to hide them and keep on in my socks. I kicked them off with a bunch of other shoes on the floor and kept browsing. Before I knew it, the women who worked in the shoe section was back and she was picking up loose shoes again. she eyed up my shoes and noticed me in the middle of the section just looking at a pair of shoes in my socks. She comes over to me and asks me if those are my loafers on the ground over there. Not expecting her to come up to me, Im super embarrassed and I just reply with a really timid ‘yes’. She smiles once more and continues on doing her job. I decided to get a bit more exciting when I moved my shoes once more out of sight and into a bin full of basketballs and volleyballs. Knowing this was a much higher risk of actually losing my shoes I kept on with it because I was just so excited. I went back over to the women in the shoe section and asked if she had moved my loafers anywhere. She looked at me in dismay and said they should be right where I left them. We both walked back over to the aisle of where she remembered seeing them and her mouth dropped. She was completely surprised to see them gone. She just stared at my socks and me and said she couldn’t believe that someone would walk out with them. She looked under everything in the shoe section and it was just exciting following her around in my socks as she tried to find my lost shoes. she finally took me upfront as I showcased my blackened White socks at this point, to the whole store. Other employees giggled as I waited for her to check the lost and found. She came back with the inevitable news of finding nothing as I knew she would hehe. Finally I go back to shopping and she smiles as usual as i walk away. I go back a few aisles away to get my shoes from the bin full of basketballs and they aren’t there anymore. My shoes went missing after all.. 

I literally left the store in my thin white socks ->

Library mishap

Author – Kamron 

I’ve been dying to walk in my socks lately in public. My urge has been through the roof. So everyday I’ve been going different places, like target, Walmart, Ross, library’s. Well anyways today I went to the library and wore super loose slip on loafers with nylon thin white socks. Every area of the library I went and sat down in, my shoes were coming off hehe. After a half hour or so I got a little to comfortable and left my shoes behind to walk around the library. They were in a corner by some chairs so I had hoped people that saw them would understand that I was coming back to that seat. After walking around a bit, one of the librarians, an older women in her early 40’s semi attractive was starting to make her rounds around the library to check on people. I have no clue how many times she saw my errant loafers but she circled around the aisle I was in quite often and always made it a point to stare at my stocking feet. It really turns me on when a women sees me in my socks. She also wears slip on loafers and I’ve seen her stocking feet resting in the library to. It’s heavenly, and she probably understood why I had my shoes off. Anyways I kept browsing and she wandered off. I finally decided to go back to my shoes a few aisles back but as I got closer I realized the women was over by my loafers. I saw back in a near by aisle and all of a sudden she picks up my loafers with her two hands and practically runs to the back where only employees can go. After witnessing her take my shoes I wait for her to come back out and I ask her if she’s seen and loafers laying around. To my dismay she says she HASNT. She giggles at the sight of my bare stocking feet and says she get some staff to check the floor and see if they can find my shoes… long story short I wait for about 25 minutes just to have her come to me and say nothing’s turned up. Needless to say she took my loafers and does god only knows with them haha.