Park walk

Author – Shoelover

Today I decided to do a nice park walk at my nearest park. Now my park is very nice but it’s in a bad neighborhood. I wore a t-shirt, jeans, white crew socks and a pair of Nike air max 720s. As I was walking my eyes met a middle aged man wearing khakis a blue shirt and a pair of new balance sneakers. He looked at my feet and asked how much would I be willing to sell my shoes and socks for. I told him sorry they aren’t for sale. He gave me a disgusted look and said “you’ll pay for that”. I kept on going and lost sight of him. I was walking through the woods and I felt like someone was following me. I could have been imagining it because of the squirrels a d birds rustling. So I continued on the path and saw a nice green patch of grass where I could lie down and rest. I passed out and was out cold for a bit. Suddenly I felt something tugging at my feet, I kept one eye open to see what was going on while I was “sleeping” and I see that same man pulling my sneakers off my feet, he throws them in a backpack then he goes after my white socks. I was in a shock but I was afraid to move so I let him do his dirty business. He peeled off my sweaty socks and started to smell them. He muttered under his breath, “this is payback” and he stuffed the socks in his backpack too. He liked my bare feet and gave me a tickle and whispered, “I hope you come back soon”.

If you are in NY and want my socks and sneakers email me at:

YouTube library meet up PT.2

Author – shoelover

I went looking through my email again to find that guy that stole my shoes previously. I emailed him back saying that I would love to do more with him stealing my shoes and socks. So we made plans again and this time he told me to go to my closest Target store. So I went to Target wearing my usual footwear attire, black nikes and white socks. I get another email from him telling me that he sees me and wants me to leave my shoes on a shelf and walk away in my white socks. So I did as he told me to do so I walked around the store casually with people giving me funny glances. I decided to go back to where I left my shoes. And I started to panic, he stole my shoes! I ask one of the ladies if they found a pair of nikes and when she checked around, she came back giggling and said no. I walked home excited thinking what that man was going to do with my smelly nikes. At least he didn’t steal my white socks haha.

YouTube library meetup

Author – shoelover

I was on YouTube one day as I was finishing posting a video, I received quite a few emails of people who want to steal my shoes and socks so I saw one particular email and decided to write back to them. His name was John and he said that he would love to meet up at a library so he can steal my shoes and socks. I told him I’m excited to meet so we made plans to go to a library on this particular day. I head into the library in a hoodie jeans white socks and black Nike Air max. I walk inside the quiet library and no one was downstairs in the quiet area. I sit in one of the study carrels by myself and there was no sign of John. I messaged him asking him where he was and he said he was watching me Now with the study carrels you can’t see the person on the other side but there is a opening under it where if you are lucky you can find an opportunity to steal some unattended sneakers. I suddenly hear creaking footsteps coming in my direction and someone sat on the opposite side of me because I could see someone wearing 2 black loafers under the table. I waited to see what would happen if I extended my feet out in this person’s footspace. Next thing I know I feel someone touching my shoelaces. I felt my sneakers becoming very very loose. I felt something go around my ankles but I thought it was the person’s foot playing with me. I take a peek of what was going on underneath the table and I see an older man in his 50s tying my legs together with my shoelaces! This man took apart my sneakers so fast I didn’t even feel him take the shoelaces off. I then feel him pull off my sneakers and my white socks were now in full display and my feet also smelled up the place so I’m sure he had a good whiff of them. Next thing I feel is his nose and tongue smelling and licking my white socked feet. I got a little more excited so then I did a lot of sock play even if my ankles were tied to see what happens next. I feel him strip my socks off at this point and he then started tickling me even harder. I tried so hard to control my laughter in the library but it was unbearable. So then I think he gave me a break to calm myself down from laughing. I look back under the table and I see him throw my sneakers and socks in a bag and he bolted out of the library. And I was left barefooted and ankle tied for anyone else to tickle my feet. If you want to meet up with me and live in New York area email me and let me know if you want to steal my shoes and socks too 🙂

YouTube shoe theif

Author – shoelover

When I was looking at my Gmail I noticed one of my followers on YouTube wanted to meet me. On YouTube I post videos of me kicking off my sneakers always exposing my white socks and sometimes I expose my barefeet too. This particular guy was someone in his 50s and said that he would love to meet me and was a big fan of my videos. So I said sure why not, we met in a library and he told me to go in the library first and he will follow me in from a distance. I sat at one of the tables to read a book and I waited awhile for him to come in. I slipped off my bright white nikes in the mean time and my smelly white socks filled the air with their aroma. Soon after I did that, I hear someone sit in the chair on the opposite side of the wall where I was at. All I could see under the table were two feet in black loafers. Then as I saw him scooch closer to where my vacant nikes were he quickly scooped up both my shoes and stuffed them in a bag. I was thinking okay this is exciting and I expected him to do something naughty like that knowing that he wanted them for his pleasure, but then I was caught off guard even more when he yanked off my white socks before I could utter a sound. He ran out of the library never to be seen again. If you want to see videos of my feet or want to steal my shoes and socks ask me in my email. My email is

Dressing room mishap

Author – shoelover

One day I was walking in the mall changing in a dressing room, now you can peek under each dressing room to see people’s shoes, socked feet, etc. This particular day I was wearing jeans with white socks and adidas ultraboosts. I went into one of the rooms to change and I kicked off my shoes, peeled off my socks and tucked them in my shoes, and started changing into the other clothes. My sneakers were right by the door of the room and I heard footsteps outside. I didn’t think much of it but then I heard a person pacing back and forth in front of my door. Then I saw a hand reach down to the floor and snagged my sneakers!! I was in a panic because my socks were also in my shoes!! I ran out barefoot trying to chase the thief but I didn’t see anyone in sight! I’m my embarrassment I walked back to the car and drove barefoot. It was pretty exciting and embarrassing but I find it so much fun when someone tries to steal my sneakers. If you want to steal my shoes email me at

Train Theif

Author – Shoelover

I was coming home from my friend’s house and I was wearing my adidas Ultra Boost white socks jeans and a T-shirt. I like to shoe play a lot and apparently so did the guy across from me because he gave me a smirk and a wink when I plopped my shoes on the floor exposing my white sock soles on the bench seat across from me. I knew he wanted my shoes because he stared intensely at them, so I wiggled my toes in my socks to see what he would do. He was getting very antsy and said to me that I better be careful where I leave my shoes because someone might take them. I replied saying it’s okay I always do this and no one ever takes them. He smirked again and got up, moved closer to me and started asking me what shoe size I wear and how long I’ve been wearing my socks with my sneakers. So I told him I’m a size 10 or 10.5 depending on the shoe and that I wore these socks for a couple days straight. He got a bit of a thrill so I slid my feet out of my sneakers again out of habit and he said that it was nice meeting me and before I knew it he scooped up my sneakers the second I turned my head away from him and he ran off the train with my sneakers without me noticing. I couldn’t believe my eyes and I ran off the train trying to find the thief and I was left stranded in my socks. I felt excited but also sad too because they were my favorite sneakers. Contact me if you are in the New York area and want to steal my sneakers! 😊

Library theif strikes again

Author – Shoelover

I went to the library the other day wearing my favorite pair of Nikes, white socks, jeans, and a hoodie. Now when I go to the library I always see people taking their shoes off and walking around leaving their shoes behind. I always get a thrill whenever I do that because I always wanted someone to just take my shoes and run off with them, leaving me in my white socked feet. So I go in one of the cubbie areas where you can see under the table across from you. I noticed a pair of feet wearing black loafers. I looked over and I find out it’s a man around his 50s. So I sit across from him. I slipped off my shoes revealing my white socks and used my foot to slide my shoes closer to where this guy’s feet were. I waited and waited but nothing happened, I don’t even think he looked down to find out that there were a pair of Nike sneakers waiting for him. So I decided to be daring and walk over to him and ask him if he knew where the restrooms were. He looked at me and looked down and saw that I didn’t have my sneakers on, he gave me a creepy smile and just pointed to the direction and I thanked him. As soon as I left he sneakily got up from the table and checked the floors around him. I stayed behind one of the library shelves instead of the bathroom because I was curious if he would find my shoes and take them. He finally found my shoes and he used his foot to kick them away from under my side of the table and closer to his side. Then he snatched them up, smelled them, and put them in his bag. I started to get horny and excited but also nervous that he actuallymight walk out. He was really stealing my shoes! I go chase him down and tell him I want my shoes back. He said I don’t know what you’re talking about but maybe you should get new shoes since you like walking barefoot. I was so stunned as I saw him walk away nonchalantly with my sneakers. I walked home in my white socks never to wear those sneakers again.

Threatened for my sneakers

Author – Shoelover

So I was taking the train last night and I was wearing shiny Nike’s that seemed to have bright reflectors on the sneakers’ design so they catch your eye from a distance. I was walking home by myself and I encountered a guy that was a few inches taller than me wearing all black and he said that if I don’t hand over my sneakers I’ll get beat up. So I handed over my sneakers and he pushed me to the ground and he ran off with my shiny new sneakers. I had to walk through my neighborhood back home in my white socks.😓

Embarrassing “game”

Author – shoeplayer

I had a chat with a guy. I told him about my strange hobby, to sneak around public places in my socks, leaving my shoes behind, when no one is around. he wrote, that he would like to see my shoes disappear, seeing me stranded in my stocking feet! he asked me where I live and if I was in with a little ‘game’. I was thrilled and told him the city where I’m living. he told me to take the train to a bigger city nearby. I should find a big building, trying to get in and hide my shoes somewhere and sneak to the top floor in my socks. It was cold outside, so it would be an embarrassing situation, if my shoes would be found and taken! I wrote ‘OK’ and left my apartment. while sitting on the train, I got a message on my mobile. he told me, he would observe me (with a smiley). of course he couldn’t. he was living in another country. but the imagination got me excited! I pushed my shoes under my seat and wrote back; ‘then take my shoes! I have slipped them off! lol” “later, my friend! later!” he wrote back. when I arrived and left the train, I looked around, if someone was observing me! “stupid” I thought and was grinning. surely he was sitting somewhere in his apartment at his computer, far away. I walked around the area, looking for an open front door to a big building. finally I found an apartment building, at least 12-15 stories high. I wrote him, I’m ready to start and he asked me to send him my position! I was not sure, if I should risk that, but what could happen? he was not here! so I did. he told me to find a good place to hide my shoes and then take the lift to the top floor. I looked around. of course at a stairwell, there is no place to hide your shoes, without anyone would find them. I sneaked down to the basement. under the stairs was a small gap. perfect I thought. who would look under the stairs? I send him a picture of my shoes. he told me to leave my coat with my shoes! if I was cought I could tell, I lived in the house and just was running to the post box in my socks. he was right. so I dropped my coat on my shoes. he then told me to take the lift to the top floor and then to send the lift down. I was very nervous, when I left the lift at the top floor and send it down. now I was really far away from my shoes and coat, in a strange city, far from home! I wrote him, it happened! he wrote me, that the game begins now! I should stay at the top floor for at least 15 minutes. meanwhile he would confiscate my shoes and coat. I would have to get back to the train station like this! he would drop them in a locker at the station. he would give the key to the lost-and-found office at the station! OMG! the way he wrote it seemed, as if he really was here! I tried to relax. of course he just enjoyed, to tease me! after 15 minutes, which felt like an eternity I called the lift. when it opened at the basement I hurried to get my shoes and coat back! GONE!!! NOOOOO! oh shit! shocked I looked at the empty gap under the stairs! I just stood there and couldn’t believe it! panic set in! quickly I wrote him, that my shoes and coat really were gone! “of course!” he answered! “you know, where they are!” OMG! this couldn’t be real! he caught me! I stayed at the building for a long time, before I carefully sneaked out! my face must have been deep red, when I tiptoed to the train station, trying not to be seen in my socked feet! the real ‘walk-of-shame’ began, when I got to the station! it was very crowded and I got a lot of laughs, while scampering around, trying to find the lost-and-found office! finally I found it. trembling and shivering from the humiliation, I asked if they found a key to the lockers. grinning brightly a young woman came to the desk … with my shoes and coat!!! “yes! seems these are yours!” she laughed. they already hat opened the locker!!!

Neighbourhood nightmare

Author – shoelover 

So I was wearing my old nikes when I sneaked in an apartment building one day. I wanted to be very daring and leave my shoes behind and see if they are still there when I got back. So I walked around in my sheer thin white socks and I got some catcalls from a few people saying “Ooh baby you lookin so hot in those socks, where are your shoes?” I paid no attention and I kept walking around. Then I was thinking “Oh my, what if my shoes were taken by them hehehe”. I quickly ran across the tiled floor and they were not where I left them. I got spooked because here I was in a apartment building in my socks with no proper footwear and then I saw the catcaller with my sneakers in his hand. I tried running after him but he was too quick and I lost sight of where he went. I was so embarrassed but excited now because I had to walk around a deserted neighborhood in my bare socked feet. Then a homeless person with a knife saw me along the way in my socks and asked me if he could have them. I freaked out pulled my socks off and ran as fast as I could, it was bad enough I lost my shoes and now my socks too!