Dream lost

Author – Shoelossfan

For starters this happened in a recent dream I had last night so not everything is remembered to the best of my ability.

So in the dream I was walking into a movie theater to meet up with two friends i have made on my new autism group (I recently joined on RL), as we were meeting up to go to the movies and just enjoy ourselves with a good film. After greeting one another and getting our tickets along with refreshments we head into the theater and start to settle in.

The opening trailers started to play and I was getting relaxed in my seat although a little bored by some of the ads so I start to slip off on my right blue Nike sneaker and start to dangle my shoe in the air while resting my right leg on the right knee, completely exposing my black socked sole with a blue heel. After a minute or two a better ad came on and during it my shoe slipped free from my blue socked toes and fell to the floor, though I didn’t hear it hit the ground because it was a loud scene.

Knowing my right socked foot was completely exposed and a little nervous I brought my foot down and started to hide it behind my left foot, though the girl who was sitting on my left side must had seen the shoe by her foot or something as when I looked over to her feet just as the movie was about the start I saw that she had trapped my shoe under her chair with her sneaker clad feet between me and it. I was a little embarrassed but tried to keep my cool and rubbed my socked foot against my still shod one in a bit of nervousness.


As the film continued to slowly started to play with my left sneaker since for whatever reason my left foot is looser in my shoes than my right, and I think the girl saw me doing this as she looked down and giggled since my left blue socked heel was a little exposed.

But around the midway point when there was some boring scene, I felt something start to tug on my left sneaker which I had slipped my foot back into though the heel was crushed down. and what I saw was the girls black right sneaker clad foot was pulling my foot towards her, thinking she just wanted to be playful I played along and let her pull my foot, though while she did I felt my left shoe slip off.

At this point I was really nervous since I didn’t know wat to do, but with one good tug she pulled my left sneaker off completely and set it beside my other sneaker, leaving me in my black sock feet’s with blue toes and heels and incredibly embarrassed as I rubbed my feet together.


Later as the credits rolled and the lights came the guy of the group Nate said he had to get up to use the bathroom and left me and the girl alone to wait for the end of credits scene. While I sat there ignoring all the names that worked on the feature I turned to the girl and whispered to her. “Say can I have my shoes back?”

“I don’t know do you want them back?” The girl whispered back with a little tease in her tone as I was completely red hearing that, But I soon said to her in a worried tone. “Please my mom will get really upset if I don’t have them.”

At which point he girl just smiled and slipped the left shoe back towards me using her feet, but not before taking out a not from her bag and putting it inside the sole of the shoe, which I only noticed when I started to put the shoe back on and find her number inside, I blushed but then my heart sank as I saw her pick up my right shoe by the laces and hear her say to me. “by the way I’m Emily and you really have some cute socks, I think you should show them off more.”

“Ah well thanks.” I blushed feeling completely crushed on as I watched the girl zip up her tote bag before she got up to leave leaving me one shod as my dream ended and I woke up.

The Prefects – Pt. 9

Author – Shoelossfan

The bell rung, the pupils where officially told their shoes where confiscated until detention. “F***ing great” said Ryan as he and Shane walked away in their socks. Noah and Ricky where upset too, their efforts of getting out writing lines had backfired big time, they too where now shoeless with detention too.
Having waited until the pupils had gone, the teachers walked up to the desk. “Where are our shoes?” demanded Mr. Johnson. “The head teacher confiscated them thinking they where pupils trainers” said Ben. Mr. Johnson felt annoyed believing the Prefects had intentionally allowed this to happen. “We cannot take lessons in our socks” said Mr. Steel. Mr. Johnson demanded that the Prefects give them their shoes to wear. They refused reminding both teachers they where still in the Sin bin. Both teachers, angry and embarrassed stormed out into the corridor in their socked feet.
As they headed along the corridor Ben and Steve where ambushed by the shoeless teachers. With roles reversed the teachers again demanded the boys’ shoes. “They won’t fit you” replied Ben, “and we’ve broken no rules”. Mr. Johnson said “You just have, you’re disobeying a teacher”.
“What!” said Ben, “Refusing to give you my shoes is punishable by giving you my shoes, seems more like I’m being mugged”.
Reluctantly the two 18 year olds removed their black leather brogues in the busy corridor. The teachers immediately tried putting their cold feet into the warm shoes without success. “Told you they wouldn’t fit, I checked your shoe size earlier when I confiscated your shoes Sir” said a smug Ben rather loudly bringing more attention to the teachers’ shoeless predicament in the busy corridor.
“Can we have our shoes back?” asked Steve.
“No” replied Mr. Johnson “I’ll be keeping them”
“You’re stealing our shoes” said Ben “I’ll report you”
“Don’t get clever with me boy, theft is to take something and not give it back. To take something and give it back later is confiscation”
Ben and Steve where told to collect their shoes from Mr. Johnson at home time. They walked away in their grey ribbed socks to class, although Ben had suffered this indignity many times, Steve hadn’t since becoming a prefect and was feeling rather embarrassed going to lessons in his socks.
Both teachers had no choice but to visit the Head teacher’s office. “Why are you carrying your shoes” asked the head as he looked down at their shoeless feet. The situation was explained with great embarrassment. The Head wasn’t impressed, “You had no right meddling in the Sin Bin and if we lose the respect of the Prefects then we’ll have to police the school grounds at lunchtime ourselves”. He told them to give the Prefects back their shoes and apologize. The young teachers where told that their trainers will remain confiscated making an example of both of them to staff and pupils that inappropriate footwear will not be tolerated. You can attend tonight’s detention where you’ll have your shoes returned”.
As they left Mr. Johnson said ”If the Head thinks I’m going to apologize and give the prefects their shoes whilst I’m without mine then he can think again. He took the prefects shoes and headed to his classroom. Mr. Steel found it surreal, walking around school in his socks, shoes confiscated and awaiting detention and he was a teacher. Both teachers walked to their classrooms wondering how their pupils would react to them being in socked feet.

Worth the trade?

Author – Shoelossfan

It was the start of a new Monday morning for Mathew as he was currently at his school locker grabbing his supplies for his first period math class, he was wearing a brown tee-shirt with some punk bands logo across it, while wearing a pair of gray jeans and on his feet were a pair of white adidas skate sneakers with black laces and logo. Once he grabbed the last of his items he walked towards his classroom like the rest of his classmates, his sneakers slightly slipping off his foot exposing his black sports socks with blue toes and heels with each step.

Soon after he entered the classroom and took his seat near the back row, though he like most of his classmates noticed that their teacher wasn’t there yet, which was odd since most mornings he was in the classroom before them, but it was still a minute or two before class started and Mathew figured he was just running a little late. as he laid back in his chair and waited hear head his friend Millie from the seat next to his ask. “So you have a good weekend Mattie?”

“Hm yeah for the most part, what about you?” Mathew asked looking over at his friend for a second to notice she was wearing a light blue jacket over a black tee-shirt with an apple logo on it, a pair blue jeans on her here feet were a pair of new looking yellow Nike sneakers with a blue logo, outlines and laces and a pair of somewhat dirty looking pink socks since she was already shoe playing with her loose sneaks. Though after a quick look at his friends’ outfit for the day Mathew started to set up his stuff when Millie replied. “Oh pretty good, got to get some new sneakers on Saturday.”

“ah that’s good seeing how you seem to have a problem keeping them on.” Mathew teased since he knew all about his friends clumsy nature, as Millie pouted when she heard that and remarked. “oh come on you like it when I play with them, and you know it. Also mind if I borrow your pencil? I forgot my case at home”

“Yeah….sure besides I can just borrow one from the teacher once he shows up.” Mathew sighed as he handed over his only pencil for the period over to his friend as their teacher entered the classroom just as the bell rang to signal the start of the period, commenting as he entered with what appeared to be something rolled up under his arm. “Sorry about being late class but I had stop by home depot on the way here.”

Mathew just rolled his eyes at the comment as some of his classmates started to wonder about the roll under his arm as Millie raised her hand and asked straight out. “Mister Montgomery what’s that under your arm?”

“Well as you kids Know their seems to be a lot of you that keep stealing pencils from my classroom when you borrow them so.” Their teacher soon spoke up as he walked over to a blank part of the wall behind his desk and started to hang up the poster with some tape, unrolling it to reveal the following words that made Mathew worry. “If you want to borrow a pencil then leave one of your shoes”

Under the text there was some images showing a generic shoe and some pencil images, some of the students were shocked as one nerdy looking girl near the front of the room asked. “Sir is it even legal for you to do this? I mean these shoes belong to us.”

“in fact it is since it’s something of an even trade, besides maybe it will teach more of you to be ready for class before it starts.” Mister Montgomery stated with a bit of a cross tone as one of the jocks of the classroom, Evan sanders asked in a snobbish tone. “Oh yeah and what if we don’t want to trade one of our shoes for your stupid pencils?”

“then you will just have to trade with someone else, and I will be making sure everyone has a pencil before we start each lesson to make sure none of you are missing your supplies.” Mister Montgomery stated clear as day with Mathew gulping a bit since he loaned his pencil to Millie as he quickly leaned over and whispered. “Say can you give me my pencil back please?”

“no way since I don’t want to lose one of my new sneakers already.” Millie replied back with a whisper while another boy asked a in a concerned tone. “Is there some way for use to get our shoe back?”

“Yes these is, just return my pencil and you get the shoe back. Easy as that!” Mister Montgomery remarked before he looked over his class and asked as he took out his class roster from the desk. “Alright then when I call out your name let me know if you have your supplies and if you need to borrow any.”

With that the teacher started to call out each of his student’s names from A-Z, though when he reached Evan it turned out he didn’t bring his pencil and so had to give up one of his red and white Nikes to borrow one. After a few more names and a few more shoes on the teachers desk he finally hit Mathew who sadly walked up to the teacher’s desk, who soon slipped off one of his skate shoes before his Montgomery said simply. “alright you can borrow a pencil though remember to bring it back at the end of class and be more prepared next time.”

“Yeah I know…” Mathew sighed as his black and blue right socked foot felt cold on the classrooms tile floor as he took a pencil from the mug on the desk before heading back to his desk. As the teacher called out the remaining names and got about three other students handing in a shoe for a pencil, leaving mister Montgomery with a dozen single shoes at the start of the period.


Midway through the lesson Mathew was doing his best to focus on what the teacher was saying when he heard the familiar sound of a pencil hitting the ground from the desk next to his, glancing over he noticed that Millie had somehow lost the pencil he loaned her, and by the look of things it seamed to roll back behind the back row of the classroom, hearing his friend say in a quiet manner since mister Montgomery was strict about no talking in class. “ohh…not good. Where did it go?”

(“heh same old Millie.”) Mathew thought to himself as he glanced over to see that her left sneaker was completely off her pink socked foot while her right sneaker was on only by her toes. Though he soon set his pencil down in the little engraved slot on the desk to try and follow what his teacher was writing on the board, however the engraving happened to be on the side of the desk that faced Millie’s. smirking a bit she quickly snatched up the pencil from her friends desk while he was distracted.

With Mathew only noticing when he needed to take some notes again and notice the pencil was gone, though he first looked around under his desk in case he might of accidently knocked it down only to notice it gone completely while Millie kept it hidden from Mathew thinking to herself. (“I’ll be sure to return it before class ends”)


Later as the period ended Millie had somehow forgotten that the pencil in her hand was the one Mathew borrowed from mister Montgomery as she set it into her math book as a sort of bookmark while clearing off her desk and slipping her sneakers back on before starting towards the classroom door. While Mathew looked all around his desk franticly for the pencil he borrowed to no Advil while the other students who borrowed a pencil returned them to the teacher. So, sighing in defeat Mathew gathered up the rest of his school supplies and walked up to the teacher’s desk as mister Montgomery asked. “So, Mathew will you remember to have your pencil next time?”

“Um yeah….i’m not sure how but…I kind of misplaced the pencil I borrowed..” Mathew sheepishly said rubbing his slightly dusty and dirt black socked right foot with blue toes and heels against his still shoe foot as Mister Montgomery replied picking up Mathew’s skate shoe before he said. “well in that case your not going to get your shoe back since you can’t return the pencil”

“L…look I’ll give you another pencil tomorrow so please give me back my shoe please, this is my only pair.” Mathew begged in a desperate tone before mister Montgomery remarked in a very stern manner. “Sorry kid but you need to learn to also take better care of things people loan out to you, so your not getting your shoe back.”

“You have to be kidding me! You can’t just keep my shoe from me!” Mathew exclaimed looking a bit angry as mister Montgomery calmly stated. “it’s not your shoe anymore Mathew, you traded it to me for a pencil which you lost.”

With that and no other argument to give Mathew just groaned as he stormed out of the classroom, stuck with his right sock exposed and only wearing a left skate shoe as he wondered how he was going to get his shoe back after this, though when Millie saw this she giggled and blushed at the cute sight of her friend walking off like that.

(to be continued?)

Careful what you wish for

Author – Shoelossfan

It was the first Monday of February 2019 and it had been raining for the last two days here with no real sign of the rain appearing to let up. I was currently making myself some lunch in the pizza oven and figured it would take care of some of the pets around the house, since that’s my job for just about every morning. (woke up late) anyway I went to take care of my sister’s pet bunny since I promised I would while she was away in England, however I notice the bunny was out of hay. So sighing a bit I slipped on a coat and my new black sneakers with red laces and head out to the barn to get some hay.

Now if you guys remember my last story the barn is barely a building, it’s more a suspended roof over some pens. And when I gout around front of it I saw that between me and the hay was just completely swamped, though the area by the back steps looked shallower. So making by wat around the hillside the barn was built into I headed down the steps, it was indeed shallower and with some careful walking I was about to get across, but noticed the ground was soft as I walked over it. Once on the small island of loose hay in the center of the barn I sighed and figured I would continue on my mission. So I go to the pallet and take out a sleeve of hay before I start to make my way back.

Though when I reached the water between myself and the stairs I noticed that the path I took wasn’t there , most likely sunk under by me stepping on it. Though I did my best to follow the path I took and as I stepped up onto the step with my left sneaker clad foot I noticed that my right foot was stuck and partly underwater, so I tugged slightly and thanks to the sneakers looseness I stepped right out of my right sneaker exposing my black sock with red toes and heel to the elements. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw this since I wrote about a month ago as a joke about losing my shoe in a situation like this and now it happens.

Sighing a bit as I saw that my shoe was going to be a hassle, and I had a sleeve of hay that I didn’t want to drop in the water along with there not really being anywhere dry to set it down thanks to the downpour, I just made my way back to the house quickly. with one black sneaker on my left foot and my black and red sock on my right. I don’t think anyone went back for it before nightfall and sine it’s a pair I got from Walmart that was already falling apart I doubt it will last the next few days of rain ahead. So looks like I’m stuck with two left shoes and nothing but socks to wear on my right foot.

Swamped shoe

Author – Shoelossfan

Today I went out to the barn to help my parents put down woodchips in one of the pens since the last two days have been nothing but rain and the barn was completely swamped, some places had ankle deep water. So we moved most of the horse’s into the arena which wasn’t completely flooded and we were getting one of the not so completely swamped pens ready.

So I just took two large bales of woodchips out of the car and put them into the wheel barrow to be moved to the back of the barn where the pen was, It was the second to last load of these since there were still two bales in the back of the car. As I started towards the rear of the barn I had to go over a rather large and deep puddle and there’s no real avoiding it. As I start to go through the puddle all seams fine at first until I reach the second hand and then it gets really deep, as I feel my right foot just sink down into the puddle well over my ankle.

(next part is fantasy since I was able to get my foot out without losing the shoe RL)

As I started to pull my foot out of the puddle since I didn’t want to ruin the sock, I noticed that my sneaker was partly stuck thanks to the mud. that was hidden by the water, of course I couldn’t call to my parents since they were talking about work on the other side of the barn and were spreading the flakes that were already in the pen while one of our horses was in there with them. So I pulled harder to try and pull my foot out of the mud puddle as I felt my sneaker start to slip off my black socked foot with red on the toes and heel.

Granted the new shoes were already pretty loose but soon enough my socked foot popped out of the water soaked and my shoe stayed at the bottom of the puddle. Sighing since there was no way to find the shoe now, I finished taking the bales to the back of the barn, unloaded them, and luckily they didn’t notice since there were talking about some work related thing, and told me that they didn’t need the last two bales and said I could head back up to the house. So I went back to the car and hopped over the puddle on my way back. Though I unloaded the last two bales of woodchips first and set them over a dry patch before I walked back up to the house, sighing about the fact that in 3 weeks I have lost two right shoes.

Hope I can get my shoe back once the water dry’s up, but deep down I hope that I don’t get it back.

Ripped at the toe

Author – Shoelossfan

(warning story ahead features horse dung)

It was the Thursday after Christmas day for me at my family ranch on the outskirts of Springville California, or rather the early morning as I was up and about since I’m the only one of my family to really wake up during AM hours, and one duty I have is to clear out the barns horse pens of well crap. You see my family owns about eleven horses at the time and the pens had really been let go thanks to a combination of bad weather, myself being sick and other reasons.

Anyway, I’m out there working hard on one of the pens, and something you should know is that the barn is one of those that is really just a roof over an area, no real outside walls what so ever, and the pens are what can be called jail cell for lack of a better word. Since they had a rocket dirt floor, strong slightly rusted steel pipe walls, and on the inside of the walls there is a layer of heavy duty chicken wire which I think is to keep wild animals from attacking the animals inside. Now the pen I am working on had had it’s chicken wire pretty much wrecked on one side thanks to having horse’s that don’t get along in both this and the adjoining pen.

Granted I don’t think much of it as I just continue to shovel the crap into a nearby wheelbarrow when I shift my right foot a little and suddenly, I feel it get caught on something. So dumping what I had into the wheelbarrow I look down to see a half buried piece of this heavy duty chicken wire snagged to the top of my sneaker. Now something you should know is that I only have one pair of sneakers and their black with some red outlines and laces, though a good pair of the front half of the sneaker is this weird wed like mesh.

So I pull back on my foot trying to get it free with little give, making me pull back harder, to the point where I am pushing back on the side of the pen to pull away when all of a sudden I hear a very loud rip. Looking down at my foot I see that my foot is free but I can see to red toe of my black socks with red toes and heels (yes I own those in RL) peaking out from the large hole at the toe of my sneaker, what also didn’t help was that the shoelace snapped in two places as well. As I looked over the damage my heart sank a little since these were the only shoes I have at the time. Though looking at the jagged piece of wire I figure I should take care of that first before someone else gets caught, So I dug it up and dumped it into the dumpster with the rest of the crap, after I took off the ruined right sneaker and dumped in it ahead. Before I head up to the house with just one shoe and one socked foot.

For the next few days I make an effort to hide my one sneaker status by keeping my still good left shoe hidden in my bedroom while the others are up, and going out one shod during the earlier morning when it isn’t wet out. I keep my one shod status hidden all the way through new years only revealing what happened the Monday after since I get a disability check from the government on the first weekday of the month (I have autism in RL) and pretty much soon after my parents took me shopping for new shoes soon after. Still being stuck one shod for a while was a bit fun and I do hope maybe it could happen again.

Eight pairs in one class extra

Author – shoelossfan

After lunch we find Alex sitting himself down in the science classroom for his first afternoon period, he was slightly concerned after seeing just how many of his classmates were in their socked feet already. But to be fair he had little to worry about as since the new rules went into effect he had done everything he can to be a model student at this school, and hasn’t even lost a pair of shoes yet. Alex himself was currently clad in his normal outfit which included his red t-shirt, black jacket, black pants and on his feet were his favorite black sneakers with red outlines and laces that he kept in near perfect condition.

With the teacher walking in after his lunch Alex knew class had started so he got his homework out like any other good student, and waited for the teacher to come and grab it. While the teacher started to make his way through the classroom Alex heard him ask stopping in front of a desk belonging to a Female student named Kasandra. “Where is your homework Kasandra?”

“Look sir it’s not my fault I thought I had it on me when I came into the classroom.” Kasandra admitted before the teacher said in a rather stern tone as he took a magic marker out of his pocket. “Yeah well you know the rules go sit down at the bench and take off your shoes.”

Kasandra sighed as he got up form her desk slowly and walked over to the bench, Slipping off her cherry red Mary janes off her white socked, as another boy named Eliot who was sitting a row behind Kasandra chuckled as he watched the girl write her name on the toes of the janes before getting up and standing on her tip toes to place them onto the shelve that had several other pairs already there waiting for the upcoming auction. Of course, the 40’s something teacher heard Eliot’s chuckling before stating. “If you think it’s so funny then you can go sit down and take off your shoes too Eliot.”

“y…Yes sir…” Eliot said not wanting to argue as Alex watched at the boy got up form his desk and sat on the bench, before he undid the laces of his brand new looking Nike all-stars. The teacher commented as he walked back to his desk after getting the last few homework papers, as Eliot put his name onto the toes of each sneaker. “I bet those will fetch a huge price at the auction.”

Eliot said nothing as he placed the Nikes onto the shelf next to Kasandra’s Janes before walking back to his seat, his feet clad only in his black socks that were partly hidden thanks to his baggy jeans. With two shoes already forfeited class started while Alex and his classmates started to take notes.


Later as class continued Alex felt a kicking against the back of his sneakers from Mathew who sat behind Alex, who was normally a bit of a normal student, though today he seamed to trying to annoy Alex who didn’t say anything and figured that Mathew would get noticed sooner or later by the teacher. Though after a minute or two Alex had just about enough as he looked back at Mathew and asked in a quiet tone so he wouldn’t be noticed. “Look just knock it off already.”

But Mathew said nothing as he just continued to kick Alex who had already looked back towards the teacher since he didn’t want to be noticed, noticing the teacher look away from the class for a second Alex looked back again and asked in a polite manner but not as quiet as before. “Look just cut it out, all your going to do is get yourself in trouble.”

“Something you want to share with the rest of the class Alex?” The teacher asked in annoyed tone of his own, making Alex’s blood pretty much freeze before Alex looked forward and answered the teacher. “Yes sir Mathew here has been kicking me for the last few minutes.”

“Is that so, Mathew come up here and sit on the bench, same for you Alex.” The teacher quickly said as Mathew got up from his desk without trouble before Alex exclaimed. “wait what? But why I did nothing wrong?”

“Yes you did Alex, you talked in the middle of class, and now you’re talking back to me” The teacher corrected with Alex grumbling to himself as he got up from his desk and walked to the front of the classroom, sitting down at the bench under the shoe shelf that Mathew was already sitting at before the teacher handed both boys a magic marker each before he said. “Now take off your shoes please.”

“Yes sir…” Mathew said as he reached down and started to untie the black laces of his white skate shoes before Alex pleaded with the teacher. “Look I’m sorry for speaking out in class please don’t make me take off my shoes!”

“Look rules are rules and you broke them now take them off.” The teacher exclaimed getting annoyed with Alex who just moaned sadly as he slowly reached down and undid his black sneakers red laces. As Mathew had taken off his skate sneakers and wrote his name on the toes of them with the marker, before standing up in his white Hanes socks with gray at the toes and heels and setting his sneakers on the shelf next to the others.

Alex however Took another minute before he slipped his black sneakers with red laces and highlights off his red socked feet with black at the toes and heels. Picking the shoe sup Alex wrote his name on the toes of each sneaker before setting them up on the shelf next to Mathews. Once done both boys walked back to their desks in their socked feet, with Alex quite upset to have lost his sneakers while Mathew snickered under his breath since he must have known just how much Alex loved those sneakers.

After class the four shoeless students left with the rest of their class to head to next period, Kasandra wasn’t too upset to have lost her janes it seemed, while Eliot looked quite upset since he just got those all star Nikes as a birthday gift last week. Meanwhile Mathew really didn’t really seam to care what so ever about the loss of his sneakers and most likely wanted to lose them anyway. While Alex was quite upset and uneasy walking out of the classroom without his shoes, he looked back into the classroom one last time towards the shelf at wat was formerly his sneakers, knowing most likely someone else would by them for a good price at the upcoming auction. And with no other shoes on hand Alex was stuck for the new few days coming and going to school shoeless until his sister could get him a new pair.

And now with 18 pairs forfeited for the auction. How many more will be added to that during the rest of the day?

(authors note: before you ask I am just making this as an extra to jmans story as it came to mind while I read it, I love your storys and shoe loss happens jman and I hope to see more from you in the future.)