There’s a reason for laces

Author – Country Lad

The three of were spending a fairly aimless day wandering about and we found ourselves on an old deserted railway line and we were just kicking stones along the track. Phil gave the stone a particularly good kick and his right trainer flew off down the embankment. Stood there in his one remaining Reebok Classic and one white sock he had no choice but to scramble down the embankment to hunt for his other trainer. The embankment was full of rocks and brambles which made progress slow and painful. He asked if Pete of I would lend him a right shoe while he looked. Pete felt sorry for him, unlaced his right Nike trainer and threw it down leaving him standing in one grey trainer and one stripey sock. Phil kept searching but had no luck at all. He climbed back up the embankment in odd trainers feeling very sorry for himself, I guess it broke the mood of the day so we turned round to head for home Phil in one socked foot as he had given the trainer back to Pete, who was pleased as he had not enjoyed walking even a small distance in his socked foot. Phil kept moaning about having only one trainer and I said he was soft for complaining, Right said Phil if you think its so easy lend me your trainer and you walk in your sock – no better yet walk in both socks and give me both trainers I bet you darn’t. I’ve never refused a dare so I handed over my size 8 Air Max trainers and walked on in my grey sports socks. Phil tried to put on my right trainer but he was a size 10 so he had no chance so he just carried them. Only Phil had both his shoes on and I am sure that’s how he wanted it to stay.  We came off the old railway track to head home and were soon at the edge of some farm land with about half an hours walk home to go and being a country lad walking in my socks did not bother me. Phil was still moaning about being in one shoe and Pete suggested he should throw the remaining one away and stop moaning, You take yours off and I will yelled an exasperated Phil. Pete Took his shoes off laughing and we waited for Phil to throw his remaining shoe away, We started chanting “throw it” to further wind him up and after a few moments he did so by that time all three of us were in our socks and that’s how we stayed till we got close to home when Pete and I put our shoes back on leaving Phil to finish the journey in his white socks.

Stupid bet

Author – loser

Steve and I were at the club playing pool and we had played 4 or 5 frames and were pretty evenly matched. Lets make it interesting. First one to do a break over 100 gets to take the other guys shoes, loser goes home in his socks. I tried laughing it off but Steve was serious, he was twice as far from home than I was so I said “what the hell “ – we shook on it. I was wearing black work shoes with charcoal socks and Steve had an old pair of TNs on with his usual white socks, we were both size 9.
We played a few more frames and no one passed the 100 break, guess we were both going home with shoes on which was good as it had started to rain. We racked up and Steve broke and the balls were well spaced, one red rattling loudly in the pocket. Steve slowly but purposefully built his break not letting a single ball go astray, he had reached a break of 97 and was lined up on a pink to the middle pocket, he looked at me grinning “get ready to hand them over Mike “ he struck the pink slowly and there was no doubt where it was going. “One hundred and three” yelled Steve in triumph. I took my shoes off and walked out, it was light outside at 3pm and loads of folk about to witness my embarrassment. I decided to jog the mile or so home as it was less obvious . My socks got wetter on the journey and were positively soggy by the time I got home. I don’t think I will bet my shoes again.

The food stand in the park

Author – Jman

Shelly and Angela were at the food stand at the park. As as usual they were in their socks. Shelly had blue and white patterned socks and Angela had blueish purple socks on. As they were sitting there Justin walked by wearing work boots as he had just gotten off work. Shelly and Angela invited him to sit down at the table with him. They mentioned that they had new socks that they were showing off that day. Justin said to them, “You’re in your socks.” Angela replied, “That’s right. We don’t wear shoes.” Angela looked at Justin’s boots and said, “Those boots must feel miserable. They look like they weigh a ton and your feet must be roasting in them.” The more Angela talked, the more Justin realized how uncomfortable his boots were. “Why don’t you take them off,” said Shelly. Justin was not sure about that but Angela and Shelly convinced him that the boots needed to come off.

Justin then began to unlace his boots. Angela then said, “Let me help you” and she unlaced his left boot and removed it from his foot while Justin removed his right boot revealing solid white socks. The three of them visited for a while. The food stand manager called Justin up to get his food order that was now ready. He reached for his boots but Angela grabbed them and said, “Just go up there in your socks.” Justin agreed and left the table. While he was gone Shelly put his boots into her bag.

“Let’s go.” Shelly said, “We got the boots.” But Angela wanted to stay and visit some more with Justin and so Shelly left with the boots but Angela remained. Justin returned to the table with his food. Angela explained that Shelly had to leave and then said, “Isn’t it fun to walk around in your socks?” Justin said that at first he was not sure but is glad that he took off his boots. After a while Justin was getting ready to leave and could not find his boots. “Where are my boots?” he asked. Angela replied, “What do you need them for?” You’re right,” Justin replied. Both of them left the park in their socks hoping they might see each other again.

The shoe auction

Author – Mickey

Andrew volunteered to assist in the shoe auction. He’d had his Nike AirMax trainers taken from him a week earlier so he wasn’t allowed to bid in the auction. His job was to prepare all the forfeited shoes in the school hall ready for bidding, he would also be holding each pair of shoes as they are auctioned. Whilst he was placing all the shoes on temporary tables he came across his confiscated Nikes so he hid them behind the stage curtain. The hall filled up with students hoping to bag a bargain. The teacher stood at the podium with gavel in hand and the auction commenced. Andrew held up the first pair of black lace up shoes, plain and ordinary, this was the same for the first 25 pairs. Each time Andrew would leave the stage and give the shoes to the winning bidder and collect the payment and return to the stage and give the money to the auctioneer. After all the school shoes had been auctioned it was time for the confiscated sport shoes. Most of the students had come along specifically for this part of the auction as most of the trainers where nearly new just like his Nikes that he had hidden. The most popular trainers went for high prices especially Nikes followed by New Balance. A few pairs of Adidas trainers went for next to nothing. Andrew said to the teacher it was the last pair as he held up yet another pair of black Nike AirMax trainers. Andrew took them to the successful bidder and returned to the stage. As he gave the money to the teacher he was told to get the trainers he’d hidden. “We have one last pair of trainers, size 9 Nike AirMax”. Andrew stood holding his own trainers up and with every bid he knew they where gonna be on someone else’s feet before the end of the day. Again he got off the stage and reluctantly handed his trainers to the winner. He got back on the stage and gave the money for his trainers to the teacher. As he was about to leave the teacher shouted out “We have one last pair of shoes that have just come up for auction, size 9, black leather brogues”. Andrew looked at the teacher and said “We have no more shoes to auction” The teacher looked down at Andrews feet. “Yes we have, take them off”. Andrew stared out into the hall, every pair of eyes where watching him as he unlaced his shoes and removed them. He picked them up and raised them in the air just like all the other pairs before. The teacher announced to the hall that Andrew had broken the school rules for hiding a pair of trainers, his deceit has cost him his shoes aswell. May this swift punishment of him losing his shoes and selling them whilst they are still warm from his feet act as a deterrent to you all. His shoes went under the hammer and he walked off stage like each time before, only this time he was in socked feet. He handed his shoes to a guy and took the money. The guy said “The teacher was right they are still warm”. Those around him laughed as he watched the guy take off his own shoes and put on his newly acquired leather brogues. Andrew walked back to the stage and gave the money to the teacher. He sat on the edge of the stage with his socked feet dangling. He watched everyone leave, all wearing shoes and some carrying shoes whilst he had none. He watched his Nikes being carried out and then watched his leather shoes walk out on somebody else’s feet. The teacher still wanted to see him the next day about trying to steal his own trainers.
He walked home in his black socks to explain to his parents why he had not only lost his expensive trainers but also his dads expensive leather brogues which he had borrowed that morning.

Shoeplay in a bar

Author – Mickey

It was early evening as I sat on a stool at the bar and ordered a drink, there was only one other guy in the place. I hadn’t realised that I was shoe playing until my dangling loafer fell to the floor. I noticed the guy sat at a table staring at my socked foot. I put my shoe back on and turned my back to him. A few minutes later my mate texted, he was gonna be late. I ordered another drink and put on my headphones and listened to music whilst looking at my phone. Again without realising I started to shoe play and let them come off completely. I only realised when my mate tapped me on the shoulder and I removed my headphones and he said “Where’s your shoes”. I looked down and used my socked feet to search the floor beneath the stool for my shoes. They weren’t there and neither was the guy who had been watching me earlier.

Shoeless job interview

Author – Jman

James was on his way to interview for a job at one of the most prestigious computer firms in the city. There were several applicants that wanted the few positions that were being offered. James arrived at the CEO’s office and sat in the waiting room with the other applicants. One by one each was called in for his interview. As the interviews went on and James waited for his turn to go in, he noticed that the applicants went into the office wearing shoes but came out in their stocking feet. A few left the office wearing shoes and left the building but most were in their socks and sat back down in the waiting room in their shoeless feet.

It was finally James turn to be interviewed. As he walked into the room, he noticed two tables with pairs of shoes on them. James was told to sit down and take off his shoes and put them on the interviewer’s desk. James asked why he had to do this. The boss said that he liked to interview people with their shoes off because it makes them more relaxed and they speak more honestly and he gets a better picture of their true selves. James figured that made sense so he took off his black dress shoes and placed them on the desk.

The boss then said to James, “After you are finished with the interview, you will be asked to place your shoes on one of these two tables. On table contains the shoes of those who have been hired and the other table contains the shoes of those who will not be hired. Only I know which is which. After I have done all the interviews, the table containing the shoes of those who have not been hired will be cleared and the shoes on it will be thrown away. I will then call everyone in to the office and those who have been hired will come in and retrieve their shoes.” James replied, “So those who are not hired will lose their shoes?” “Correct,” the boss said, “We have so many applicants that are clearly not qualified or do not interview seriously because they really do not want a job but have to apply for one to meet requirements. Therefore anyone who is serious about working hear and confident in his qualifications and abilities is willing to risk losing his shoes If you want to withdraw your application, you can put your shoes on and leave. Otherwise we will begin the interview.”

James then did the interview in his solid black socks. He was then told to place his shoes on the appropriate table. James then returned to the waiting room and joined the other sock footed applicants. After everyone was interviewed, the boss called everyone into his office. One table still had shoes on it and the other had been cleared of shoes. The boss said to all the applicants, “If your shoes are on this table, you have been hired. You may pick up your shoes and show them to the personal manager and you will get your offices and assignments. Those of you who have not been hired. Your shoes have been thrown away and you will not get them back.” James shoes were among the shoes thrown away.

The new hires then started their jobs while those not hired left the building in their socks.

“I’m sure you understand that I would prefer not to have to do this”

Author – Derek

“Derek”, a boy from a younger class poked his head round the door into the third form’s classroom. “Derek, Mr. Hunter would like to see you”
It was Derek’s first year in this private school. His father had started a new job with a large company, and the company were corporate sponsors of a large private school, so Derek’s tuition had for the school had been a part of the renumeration package. And it was very different from his previous school. In his previous school the boys had worn whatever they wanted, normally wearing jeans and sneakers while this school had uniform black blazers and trousers – basically a suit – with a blue or white shirt and matching tie, with school shoes. Although Derek had found it a bit uncomfortable at first – especially the footwear – he was starting to enjoy walking around like a businessman.
Derek went along to Mr. Hunter’s office. This too was a far cry from his previous school experience. While his previous headmaster was a red faced surly fellow, full of sarcastic insults and rude monikers, Mr. Hunter was a soft spoken fellow.
“Derek,” Mr. Hunter asked “Please bring your sports kit.”
Derek wasn’t sure what was happening, but he went to fetch the kit nonetheless. Did Mr. hunter suspect that he was keeping something wrong in his kit?
He returned to the office, where he was told to put his kit in the corner. “Now bring a chair round here.” Instructed Mr. Hunter.
Derek did as told and sat down next to the headmaster – a far cry from his previous school where the headmaster had always screamed at them from over the desk.
Mr. Hunter opened a ledger, where he showed Derek the black marks against him, patiently telling showing him which teachers’ homework he had missed, when he had come late etc… Derek nodded. He knew the rules. Eight black marks and he would be given rubbish duty.
But he was surprised at what was coming. Mr. Hunter opened another ledger, pointed to a line and told Derek to read it out loud.
Derek read. “If a pupil is assigned rubbish duty a third time in one term, he shall do it without footwear. His footwear will be returned to him at the end of the following school day.” Derek felt his face go white. In his previous school he had lost his sneakers a couple of times, but for relatively short amounts of time. Now he was talking about a whole day, plus cleaning up the schoolyard.
Mr. Hunter asked Derek to lift his feet. To his amazement Mr. hunter undid his laces and then put Derek’s black socked feet on his lap. Derek felt himself grow hot and cold as the headmaster did this.
“I’m sure you understand that I would prefer not to have to do this” Mr. hunter said. “it is probably more difficult for me than it is for you” Derek doubted it but he was grateful for the sympathy. Then Mr. Hunter continued “thankfully it is already December so I assume this will be the only time I have to do it this term.” Derek blushed, realizing that the headmaster had politely told him that he was the only pupil to have received twenty four black marks since September.

Derek returned to the classroom shoeless. The corridors were tiled and were cold, if not uncomfortable. The classroom was carpeted with carpet tile, which were abrasive rather than comfortable, but above all Derek felt he would die from humiliation.
It was almost the end of the schoolday and after a short while the bell rang. Derek remained seated for a few minutes, hoping that less people would notice his socks. After a few minutes when he felt confident that there would be less pupils in the corridors, he rose and went to the janitor’s room.
The janitor, a jolly fellow known as Mike was expecting him. “Ooh, we’re in socks today,” he said playfully pressing his heavy boots onto Derek’s toes. “Such fun” He handed Derek a broom and followed him to the classroom.
Derek knew the procedure. First he lifted all the chairs onto the desk then he swept the floor, and then vacuumed. Then he swept the corridors, leaving them for Mike to mop. Finally time to do the schoolyard. With little choice he walked out onto the gravel, feeling every pebble through his black socks. Wearing gloves he collected all the wrappers and put them into garbage bags, then he fetched the raked and gathered the leaves. Finally finished he returned to Mike.
He then left the school grounds and walked to the nearby tube station, where he had to travel a couple of stops to get home. He felt embarrassed of the passengers, although there were only a few, and incongruous in his expensive suit without shoes. He alighted the train at his stop, secretly praying that he wouldn’t meet any boys from his previous school. They had anyway started acting a bit like bullies, and mike was scared of what might happe if they would meet him without shoes. Thankfully he met no one.
He wandered into his home, acting innocent. Thankfully his father wasn’t around, and his mother was in the kitchen, and she didn’t notice him until he came in to the kitchen, so she was sure that he had simply taken his shoes off when he came in.
His mother told him that she was going to visit an aunt of hers, but Derek excused himself as having too much homework. Since homework was very important to his mother – especially due to the massive gap between his previous school and his present one, – she didn’t press the issue, and Derek remained home by himself.

The following morning he made sure to arrive early in school, reckoning that that way he could get to his desk without anyone noticing his socks. He survived the first two periods and recess, and a short while into the third period he received a message to go to Mr. Hunter’s office again. He felt his heart thumping, although he knew that he had done nothing wrong since yesterday.
He came to the office where he found Mr. Hunter in his normal soft spoken mood. After telling Derek to bring a chiar round next to him, he said “Mike said that you did a mighty good job yesterday.” He asked for his feet. “I hope you feet survived their ordeal.” He said, before reaching for Derek’s shoes and putting them on. He told Derek to tie his laces, and then commented “Nice pair of shoes you have there.” He paused a minute and then added, “you are such a good boy, it’s a pity such things have to happen.” For everyone’s sake try to keep out of trouble.”

Derek’s shoes: