Shoeless at the mall

Author – Evan

About a week ago, a friend and I were hanging out at the mall. While we were sitting by one of the stores, he grabbed my foot and pulled off my right shoe. I lost sight of him through the crowd. It took me around 30 minutes before I found him and when I did, he said that he hid my shoe and I’ll get it back later. Had to spend most of that day walking around with one shoe and my white sock


The bully

Author – Roper

I hate a bully more than anything maybe because I have been on the receiving side more than once I’m a little guy for my age we have a few bullies in my school I know I can’t beat them in a toe to toe fight but I don’t have to let them win, The tell an adult thing, I’m not in to.

It makes it worse in my country boy world, you deal with things yourself and this is how I dealt with mine:
This new guy started my school, from his first day he just singled me out for some reason. He would trip me, bump in to me walking down the hall, push my stuff off my desk as he walked by. I ask him what his problem was he said I don’t like you.
This went on from the first day he started. He is like 6” tall and 190lbs. I’m like 5”6’ and a 100 lbs. At lunch we can eat outside at the picnic tables my teacher had what they call lunch room duty, so my class got out early for lunch I grabbed my lunch and went out to get a table for me and my friends. I see the bully coming He sees me at the picnic table eating lunch, I had my foot on the seat/beach on the opposite side He walks over and sits down and told me to move the foot or lose the boot so I moved my foot but he keeps on being mouthy grabs half my fries tried to push my cup off the table. Then he kicked my foot
it was on the ground under the table and said I told you to move that foot are lose that boot, you must want to lose it bad. I told him I did move my foot. He said I told you move your foot, I finally got pissed and put my foot in his lap under the table and he grabbed my boot I pulled my foot out of my boot before he could pull it off me I got up, and hopped to building missing my right boot and went to the lunch room my friends were there and we decided to just eat inside. After the bell rang, I headed to class. I got to B hall and my bully was coming down the hall He just walked past me never said a word are for once didn’t push me. After school I was heading to the bus and he was already there I hopped by him and got on the bus he just looked at me and still never said a word. May have not been the best way but he left me alone

Convention centre mishap

Author – Lucylex

This past weekend I was working at a convention center for a dance competition and there were a few other girls beside my self working. It was a 3 day job and it called for us to be on our feet for most of the day and considering everyone was wearing dress shoes you can imagine how bad everyone’s feet were hurting. This story takes place backstage and this is where all the dancers lined up before going out to the main stage. There was two was one entrance and then a separate exit. I was working the entrance and my co worker was working the exit and kind of directing traffic. I could tell her shoes were very uncomfortable and she eventually slipped out of them and into her sheer black socks. You could see her toenails peeking through her socks and she kept kinda reserved by the exit. Her shoes were off to the side and there was a lot of traffic coming and going. She even left her post in her socks and walked elsewhere to run an errand all the while leaving her precious shoes behind. I made it a point to get over to where she was and see if I could snag her shoes while she was away. Finally during some busy traffic of people coming and going I managed to kick them out the exit and pick them up and hide them near by. It took her a very long time to realize her shoes were gone but it wasn’t until she had to go out on to the dance floor to make an announcement that she looked for them. I saw her panicking looking under the table and around the exit. Patting around in her thin socks lol. She never found them and looked shocked she now had to go out infront a crowd of hundreds of People being the only one missing her shoes and showing off those cute little sheer black socks. She ended up going out there and doing her announcement. I could tell people were a little surprised to see her in her stocking feet as she was trying to look professional. It was the cutest thing. She finally came backstage and told me someone had snagged her shoes. I just stared at her stocking feet:) she never got her shoes back and I picked them up on my way out when I left the job. They are still in my car! Again, don’t leave your shoes unnatended in public unless you like going home in your socks 🙂

Car service nightmare part 2

Author – Shoelover

Today I was in school and I didn’t have the car on me today so my mom dropped me off. I called up a different car service because I had a bad experience last time with a creepy driver who stole my sneakers. So I waited for the car to come and I got into the back seat, because I don’t want to experience the same situation like before. I wore my shiny white socks, blue jeans, new nikes, and a pink hoodie. I didn’t get a clear view of the driver because he wore sunglasses and a Boston Red Sox cap but I hoped he didn’t mind the smell of my sweaty socks when I took my sneakers off hehe. As he was driving, my sneakers were in the well below me and I lied down in the back seat. We stopped short and my sneakers slid from the well in front of me, under the seat in front of me, and ended up next to the driver. I was timid and slightly embarrassed of what to say so I decided that when I got out of the car I will ask him to pass my sneakers. So as I told the guy where to drop me off he said there’s a policy to pay before I get out. I heard his voice and it sounded so familiar. He took his sunglasses and cap off and turned to me and said, “Remember me?” I broke into a cold, because now I’m vulnerable in white socks and my new nikes are next to him in the well below. So I asked for my sneakers back from the other day and the ones that fell where you are. He said , “I’ll make a deal with you, I’ll give you the sneakers back but you have to pay me 150 bucks for them and the ride. I was in a state of shock and I said I don’t have that money on me, then he said “oh that’s too bad sweetheart, you know what, now I’ll have to take you on a joyride. So he revved up his car and sped through the streets while I was screaming. He stopped his car by a run down neighborhood , he got out of the car and I saw him wearing my other nikes from the other day, and he grabbed me by my feet and legs and said “get out of my car”. There I was stranded in a bad neighborhood with my shiny white socks, blue jeans, and a hot pink hoodie. I eventually found a bus back home, and all the people on the bus were snickering at me when I was scrunching or wriggling my socked feet. It was kind of embarrassing but I felt excited hehehe. Next time I’m taking an Uber and not some sketchy car service.