Don’t mess with the concrete guys

Author – Debbie Keds

Back in the 1970’s, my god mother Beverly had some guys enlarge the concrete patio around her swimming pool by pouring additional concrete. During the process, Beverly got into an argument with the guys about how they were doing the work. Fortunately, everything worked out fine with the work; however, Beverly had left an older pair of Sears Jeepers Sneakers near her back door. She found them filled with concrete that had dried solid like a rock. It was hilarious!

My Canvas Tretorn Nylites Boiled!!!

Author – Debbie Keds

As a “revenge” prank on me, a couple of my sorority sisters boiled my canvas Tretorn Nylite sneakers in hot water and dried them in the oven. My size 8’s felt like size 7’s on my bare feet! However, they did stretch back to about a 7 1/2. Lol.

Playground Football

Author – Wunshu

When I was ten years old I was at a town centre school in England. We didn’t have playing fields, just a tarmac yard, but we did have a bit of a football game in the lunch break. We just played in our usual school clothes, no fancy sports kit.
At one point I was tackling a couple of other guys and I lost my shoe. Before I could retrieve it two boys started to use it as a ball, kicking it between them. One of the boys who had the real ball kicked it high and it went over the wall and into a garden of one of the adjacent houses. There was a crash of breaking glass and the boys thought that it had broken glass in a greenhouse. One of the boys picked up my shoe and threw it over the wall where the ball had gone. I was furious! I had to go into class with one shoe, which was pretty embarrassing, going to two different classrooms. Near the end of the last class the head master came in and asked if anyone had lost a shoe. I went scarlet in the face and had to own up. The owner of the house had found the football and my shoe and put two and two together. I had kicked the ball!
No amount of explaining would convince them what had really happened, and the boys were not going to own up.
My parents got the bill for replacing the broken glass. I couldn’t convince them that I was innocent.
The headmaster didn’t let me have my shoe back until it was time to go home; A shame really because I was really looking forward to going home wearing only one shoe!

School fun

Author – Sockedboy 

 Yesterday at school I was walking between rooms with my class. We had to go 2 floors up to another room to follow lessons. When we were almost at the first floor one of the guys thought it would be funny to take a shoe off my foot. I almost fell on the stairs as he took it off. When I turned around he was already downstairs trying to throw my shoe up on a ledge at the wall. This would not be such a problem if it was not so high. I think it is about 10 feet. At the third throw he managed to get it up there. Everybody was laughing because I could not reach it. I tried to throw my backpack but it was not a success. Then one guy said come on I’ll help you. He foulded his hands together so I could step up and reach it but half way up I lost my balance and fell down. He held on to my foot and of course that was the one with the shoe still on. Then this other guy shouted take that one too. I struggled but it was no use, he pulled it off my foot and threw it up the stairs to this guy. He ran off with it and now I stood there in my socked feet. There was no time anymore to try and get my shoe down. I had no other choice but going to class without shoes. I had to spend the rest of the day in socks. By the end of the day I retrieved my shoes at the janitor’s office. 

Gym teacher Miss Carey

Author – Debbie Keds

Miss Carey was the girl’s gym teacher at my middle school.  She almost always wore canvas Tretorn Nylite tennis sneakers with short socks not unlike many of us girls.  Miss Carey did not always have a pleasant disposition and could be pretty hateful to the students.  Her office was beside the basketball gym.

Usually once a year, the school refinishes the gym floor, and no one could walk on the floor for a few days.  I asked Miss Carey why we could not walk on the floor.  She chuckled and said that the floor was so sticky that it would suck our socks and sneakers right off of our feet if we stepped on it.  Miss Carey also bounced her Tretorn clad foot and crossed leg around as she gave her explanation.  

Later that day, I was at after-school cheerleading practice when Miss Carey left school wearing high heels.  I snuck into her office found her Tretorns under her desk and put them on.  Then I stepped onto the sticky gym floor.  Sure enough, Miss Carey was correct as her Tretorns would not budge from the floor.  

I had to put my hands over my mouth so that no one would hear my laughing as I stepped out of her Tretorns and threw her short socks onto the sticky floor.  

Miss Carey was furious when she found her sneakers stuck to the gym floor and questioned everyone in the school about the prank.  The maintenance man had to cut them off of the floor.  

Years later, I ran into Miss Carey in a parking and told her that I was the culprit.  At first, she flew mad.  Then Miss Carey calmly put her arm around me and asked me if my cute little Camaro was very fast.  I proudly stated that she was really fast, especially since it was a stick shift car.  Miss Carey said with a devilish smile, “it’s not very fast without four flat tires.”  

Debbie Keds

Prank gone wrong

Author – Al Wunshu

From the age of about eight I repeatedly dreamed about being chased and losing a shoe and having the embarrassment of going home with only one shoe. I found this very exciting. At that time it never happened to me, so I would hide other boys shoes and get excited seeing them look for them in socked feet. One day a bunch of us were at the local park and having fun rolling down a hill in long grass. I let one of my shoes come off as I was rolling down and then had to look for it in the long grass. One of my friends thought this was fun and did the same and some of us looked for his shoe. I found it, but I hid it under my sweater; it was a soft leather school shoe and easy to hide. My friend was getting more and more anxious not being able to find his shoe, and it was getting late so I said that he would have to go home without it. He eventually agreed and I got really excited seeing his discomfort walking home with one shoe on. I intended to give him the shoe back once we got to his house, but unfortunately we met his mother on the way and he had to explain about losing his shoe. Then I couldn’t own up to the prank in front of his mother so I kept the shoe and the incident was never mentioned again. A couple of years later I wore his shoe with one of my own and ‘lost’ his and walked home with one shoe on. I got very excited!  

In the tree

Author – AJS

Today I was with some friends in a park messing with eachother. At some point we got tired and sat down at this picknick table. We got bored quick and one said what to do next? We all lifted our shoulders like we don’t know. Then one boy started untying the lace of my right shoe. I was sitting on the table with my feet resting on the bench where he was sitting. I pulled back my foot saying what are you doing? He laughed and said can’t you see I’m untying your shoe. I said why? Because I’m bored he said and laughed again. He  grabbed my left foot and untied that one too but now he started taking out the lace and I tried to pull back my foot but I felt my shoe sliding off my foot. He noticed that and he took off my shoe and ran off with it. A few yards further he stopped and said if you want it back you’ll have to get it. The other boys were just laughing as I sat there with one socked foot. Then one of the others grabbed my right foot and started unlacing that shoe too and said laughing you can’t go with one shoe , it’s all or nothing and he pulled the shoe off my foot. I said come on guys give me back my shoes but they just ran off with them. They were throwing and kicking my shoes around and got further away from me. The two boys that were still with me said we’re afraid you will have to follow them. I said yeah I think so to. I finally got up and started following them in my grey socked feet. I could still see them throwing my shoes to eachother. They stopped by some trees and they were doing something I couldn’t see. Then I saw my shoes tied together flying through the air and they were laughing again. I came closer and asked again for my shoes but they kept tossing them around and I ran after them. At some point one of them said okay now it’s enough. He held them up like he wanted to give them back but then he tossed them high up in the air as I came closer. I watched them go up and when they went down they got hooked in the tree. I only thought at that moment oh no. I looked at the tree if I could climb it but the first brenches were too high, there was no way we could reach them. We searched for stones and stuff to throw up and try to get my shoes down but nothing worked. We finally gave up because we had to go home. The boy who threw my shoes said he was sorry. I said it’s okay, shit happens. We’ll try tomorrow to get them down. We went home discussing how to get them down… I guess we’ll see tomorrow…