The next day – part 2

Author – Jman

Adam and Taylor has been called up to the bench in the front of the class for talking. The bench is where students go to take off their shoes when they break the rules as the school takes the shoes of those who break the rules and auctions them off to get needed things for the school. Having to sit on a bench and take off your shoes in front of everybody, sign them and put them on shelf was designed to be a gesture of humility. The shoes on the shelf above the bench were also intended to be a warning for those who would break the rules. Adam and Taylor then began to unlace their boots which took a while because work boots have lots of laces to untie. Eventually the boots came off exposing white dirty socks visible for everyone to see.

As the two sockfooted students returned to their seats, Lisa’s cell phone went off in class. Lisa was told to come up to the desk and turn in her cellphone. As Lisa went back to her seat, the teacher said, “Are you not forgetting something?” Lisa then went to the bench and took off her high healed shoes and placed them on the shelf. The teacher then called the number on the cell phone and Bonnie’s cell phone when off. Bonnie was called to the bench and was told to take off and turn in her ugg boots along with her cellphone.

Class ended and the students went into the hall for their next class. Several students were in sock feet making it clear to everyone that they were rule violators. It was now time for geography class. Doug and Luke did not have their homework and they knew it so they both turned in their shoes to the teacher. Luke had brown loafers and Doug had tan skate shoes. Each were wearing white socks that seemed in good condition. They figured that since they were going to lose their shoes that they would cooperate and surrender theirs to the school. At least they would not have to face having to go to the bench and take off their shoes in front of everybody.

During the latter part of class, while everyone was supposed to be working quietly on their homework, Jason, Wendy and Cindy were talking. The teacher had said nothing. The bell rang and the class was excused for lunch as the class was being let out the teacher said, “Jason, Wendy and Cindy, you can have a seat on the bench and turn in your shoes since you were talking.” Off came Jason’s brown deck shoes, Cindy’s white flats and Wendy’s brown flats. Jason, Wendy and Cindy were normally well behaved students but broke the rules to day and as such they dreaded having other students and all the teachers seeing them in their sock feet and the whole school knowing they got in trouble.

How will the rest of their day go?


The Prefects part 3 – Detention

Author – Shoeless Guy

After school and waiting near the detention room where Jimmy and Dave.
“Come to watch us in detention in our socks” said Steve
“No” replied David. “We’ve deleted your photos and you can have your shoes back, after you retrieve ours in detention”
“There is no reason why you can’t give us our shoes back now and collect your own shoes in detention”
“But we can’t as we’re Prefects, we’ll lose our badges”
“You’ve humiliated us enough today, duping us into the Sin Bin, taking our shoes and the embarrassment of walking around school all afternoon in our sock, I don’t care about being a Prefect anymore, just give us our f***ing shoes” shouted Ben as he leaned his tall athletic frame over David. The two prefects took off the shoes and kicked them over to their real owners. Ben and Steve put them on but didn’t have time to fasten the laces when the detention teacher interrupted them.
“What’s going on here?” asked the teacher. “They’re stealing our shoes” said David. Before Ben and Steve had chance to reply the teacher demanded all four follow her to the detention room. “Take off the shoes and hand them over” she said. She placed the two pairs of shiny leather shoes on her desk and told the four teenagers to sit and place their feet on the desk in front of them. She inspected their socked feet and said to Ben and Steve, “your socks are very dirty compared to the Prefects therefore I agree that you stole these shoes”.
Andy and Billy walked shoeless in to the detention room and where not only puzzled by the fact that students had their socked feet on the desks but that two of them where their nemisis, the Prefects.
“Go sit down” said the teacher to the two newcomers. As Billy walked past Ben he couldn’t resist tickling his raised foot. “Can we put our feet down” asked Jimmy. The teacher said no. Andy laughed accidentally as he found it highly amusing seeing the two Prefects being subject to the same embarrassment he suffers from them.
“If you find it amusing, you can put your feet up on the your desk too” she told Andy.
The others all looked over to Andy as he lifted his black socked feet off the floor and placed them on desk. “She must have a foot fetish” whispered Billy to Andy.
“Quiet, put your feet up too” she shouted at Billy.
As the teacher got out the box of confiscated shoes there was a knock at the door and Jason walked in, he too looked puzzled by all six teenagers sat displaying the soles of their socked feet. How embarrassing he thought, glad I’m not in detention. “I have money belonging to Andy and Billy” he explained to the teacher. She told him to leave it on her desk, he pulled the money out of his pocket and Billy’s cigarettes fell out onto the floor. “What are those, you know smoking is banned anywhere on school premises” she screamed at him”. Warning him of the dangers of smoking she told Jason to pick them up and put them on her desk aswell as his shoes. He said “But ……. ” She interrupted “No buts, you can stop for the remainder of detention, now take off your shoes” He removed his shoes and put them next to the black leather brogues. His warm moist socks could feel the cold floor beneath as he walked to a desk and sat down. “Feet up” she told him, he lifted his feet onto the desk just like the others. ‘A moment ago I pitied everyone sat in this embarrassing position and now I am too’ he thought.
She proceeded to place the box of confiscated shoes on her desk. “When I lift up a pair of shoes, shout if they belong to you”. Andy and Billy accounted for two pairs, leaving a pair of black lace up shoes and a pair of black loafers. “These must be yours” she said to Ben and Steve, the suspected shoe thieves. Like a scene from Cinderella she tried putting them on their feet, totally embarrassing the two 19 year old students. “They’re too small, those shoes you confiscated off our feet earlier are not stolen and are actually ours. Those scruffy shoes you tried forcing on to our feet belong to those Prefects” said Steve angrily. She took the two pairs of brogues off her desk and put them on the Prefects feet. They where clearly too large.
“She put all seven pairs of shoes in the box and said nobody gets their shoes back until the truth comes out. It did and the Prefects where told to be at the Headteachers office first thing in the morning along with Ben and Steve, the two wannabe’s. Everyone put on their shoes and left.
The next morning in the Headteachers office, Jimmy and David admitted to falsely detaining Ben and Steve in the Sin Bin, they where stripped off their Prefect badges. Ben and Steve where given their Prefect badges and became the school cops.

Footnote: Please feel free to continue the story as you wish, it would be nice to see other interpretations of this story.
Shoeless Guy

The Prefects part 2 – The Wannabe’s

Author – shoeless guy

Jimmy and David underhandedly prevented anyone else from becoming Prefects, they don’t want anyone else muscling in on their ‘cash for shoes’ extortion racket. Prefects had to be of good character which meant no records of detention.
Two 18 year old students had asked about becoming prefects. Ben and Steve where 6ft tall and athletic, two ideal qualities for being a prefect.
At lunchtime, the usual easy prey of Jason, Andy and Billy where in Jimmy’s sight. He jokingly said “Anyone for the Sin Bin today” Withou thinking Billy shouted back “F*** Off Jimmy”. “Swearing and being disrespectful, you’re definitely going to the Sin Bin” said Jimmy as he photographed Billy. “Leave him alone” shouted Andy. “You can join him too” Jimmy proceeded to photograph Andy. Jason kept quiet he didn’t want to spend a third day in the Sin Bin. Andy gave Jason all his money, so did Billy and his cigarettes too. Jimmy asked why they’d given everything to Jason, “We’ll have nothing for you to extort in the Sin Bin” replied Billy as Jason ran away.
In the Sin Bin, Andy and Billy handed over their shoes and sat on the empty floor, there was still time for others to join them. David said to Jimmy “Go find the wannabes” referring to Ben and Steve the ‘Prefect want to be’s’
It didn’t take long to spot Ben and Steve, there wasn’t many athletic 6ft students in the playground. Jimmy introduced himself “You both applying to be Prefects?” he asked.
“Yes” replied Ben “We quite like the idea of being school cops” said Steve.
“Come and experience the ‘Sin Bin’ from a students perspective, it’s a good way of seeing how a Prefect performs his duties” Jimmy was convincing as they agreed. “We photograph everyone who attends the Sin Bin” He said “It’s a tool used to maintain discipline” he explained as he photographed the two unwitting wannabe’s. They followed Jimmy to the Sin Bin. Sitting on a desk was David, sat on the floor where two shoeless teenagers. Next to David was a plastic box with the teenagers shoes inside.
“We have two more guests” said Jimmy as he winked at David. “Take off your shoes” said David. The 18 year old’s stared at each other and one of them said “Is this really necessary”
“Give up your shoes, you both agreed to the experience” said Jimmy.
“Do as your told and remove your shoes” demanded David.
The two guys looked at each other again, shrugged their shoulder then sat on the floor to unlace and remove their shoes revealling dark grey ribbed socks. They stood up and handed over their shoes, both pairs where highly polished, size 10, quality leather black brogues, “Nice shoes” said David as he threw them in the plastic box with the other confiscated footwear. Go sit down on the floor and be quiet.
“Really!” said Ben “Yes” said David “You’re here to be punished so do as you’re told and sit down”
“No we’re not here to be punished” said Steve as he looked at Jimmy “You asked us along for the experience”
“You’re experiencing it now” said David “Comply or you won’t see your shoes again until detention. The tall students took back their shoes from the box and squared up to David and Jimmy, “We’re leaving” said Ben agressively. ” If you leave, your photographs will trace you, your shoes will be taken and detention will await you” said David. “Follow the three simple rules of the Sin Bin and avoid detention. Rule One, Surrender your shoes. Rule Two, Sit on the floor. Rule Three, Be quiet, very quiet”.
The 18 year old wannabe’s felt cornered, the photographs where a threat not a tool for disciplne, to avoid detention they had no choice but to return their shiny shoes to the box. They walked defeated across the floor in their socks and sat down, crossed their legs and stared at the floor and remained quiet.
Andy and Billy sat bemused watching the older guys being subdued by the prefects. The bell rung and everyone stood up and walked over to the desk.
“Give us our shoes” demanded Ben. You both failed to follow the rules, regardless of why you’re here. If you can’t follow the rules how can you enforce them as Prefects” said David. ” Therefore your shoes are further confiscated and can be retrieved in detention.
“We have done nothing wrong, we volunteered to be here, not forced to spend lunchtime on that dirty floor shoeless” said Steve.
“Ah I get it, we’ve been set up” said Ben. “If we get detention there is no way of becoming Prefects” Billy said “They will extort money or other things or force you into detention” Andy agreed “You’ll leave here with no money or no shoes”.
Jimmy told Billy and Andy that they weren’t getting their shoes back for their outrageous comments, they had to leave for class in their socked feet.
David’s greed got the better of him saying to Ben they could come to some arrangement.
“Those lads where right, you are gonna force us to exchange something for our shoes” said Ben
“No! We literally want your shoes”
“What” said Steve
“You both have nice expensive shoes, we want them, you can have ours”
“I’m not putting your scruffy dirty shoes on my feet” said Ben.
“Your shoes or detention, otherwords, our shoes or walking around in your socks all afternoon, not a good look on senior students”
“Wearing your scruffy shoes won’t be a good look either” said Steve
“I will delete your photos from the camera too” said Jimmy.
They reluctantly agreed if only to get the photos deleted. The prefects removed their shoes and kicked them over to the wannabe’s with their black socked feet. Ben tried on Jimmy’s black loafers. They where tight and uncomfortable “I can’t wear these they’re too small” he said.
Steve had similar issues with David’s scruffy black lace up shoes. He then tried on the black loafers but his feet where too big.
Jimmy had already placed Steve’s black Brogues on his feet, they are a bit loose but an extra pair of socks should make them fit and jokingly asked Steve if he wanted to give up his socks too. Steve unamused picked up both prefects shoes and threw them at him, they missed but three out of the four shoes landed in the box with Andy and Billy’s confiscated shoes. “Good shot” said Jimmy as he picked up the rogue shoe and placed it with the others.
Ben’s shoes where too big on David’s feet, he was about to remove them when the door opened. It was a teacher coming to collect the box of confiscated shoes. She looked at the four teenagers, two wearing shoes and prefect badges and two stood in their socks. “Get to class” she told the sock footed pair, “you can collect your shoes in detention, hope you learn your lesson spending the rest of the day in your socks”.
The ‘wannabe’s’ walked out, fuming, “We’ve been conned big time” said Ben “Duped into being detained, losing our shoes, detention and getting unwearable shoes afterwards. They walked to their afternoon lessons in their socks.
David and Jimmy walked the corridor in the oversized brogues, they where falling off their feet. “Think we need to get our own shoes back” said Jimmy. “How when the teacher has them” said David. “I’ll think of something” said Jimmy.

Platform Shoes – The revenge

Author – Shoeless Guy

The shoeless students arrived at college and explained the situation to their superiors who discovered the missing footwear had been placed in the lost property office at the railway station. This didn’t stop them having to walk all day in their socks. On the return train all the shoeless students descended upon the lost property office to collect their shoes. To their dismay they had to pay a fee to reclaim their shoes. Due to the large amount of students needing their shoes and save time they where allowed into the property room and retrieve them of the shelves, also in the room where some rail workers jackets. Some of the students decided to borrow the jackets and sneaked them out of the room, revenge was at hand and a plot was quickly being hatched as the high school pupils train was due to arrive. The students who had borrowed the railway jackets headed for the platform for the arrival of the high school pupils train. Upon arrival the carriage doors opened and out poured the pupils and other passengers. They spotted the two ‘high viz’ guys from this morning, they where quite distinctive as they where quite tall and probably the oldest, about 19 years of age. The disguised students approached them and asked them to follow them, which they did. They took them to an empty room near the end of the platform that they had discovered earlier. They where told about the hazardous liquid, the 19 year old boys laughingly claimed it was just food coloring poured over the flooded walkway. They stopped laughing when the disguised students claimed the water was already contaminated before they had colored it. ‘We need to take your shoes and get them tested, “our school shoes are in our bags, the sneakers we are now wearing where in our bags this morning so you won’t need them”. They took the shoes out of their bags “You may have contaminated everything in your bags so we’ll need them too”. They handed over the bags and their school shoes, “we’ll still need your sneakers too just in case of cross contamination” the 19 year old boys looked at each other then at their feet and slowly took the Adidas and Nike athletic shoes off revealing white sports socks. Struggling, the students carried the school boys bags, two pairs of school shoes and the still warm Adidas and Nike sneakers towards the door, “wait here and we’ll be back shortly” they said as they closed the door leaving the boys stood shoeless in their white socks. After an hour of waiting they where desperate to leave but the platform was busy and they where too embarrassed to be walking around the platform shoeless displaying white socked feet. They went back inside and closed the door. Another hour had passed and they noticed a sheet of paper being slid under the door. It read ‘Although the deadline for April Fool has passed so has the opening hours for the lost property office, where will be your bags and your school shoes, for each item there is a reclaim fee, we’ve saved you money by not having to reclaim your sneakers as we’re keeping them to cover our costs of retrieving our shoes earlier. Oh and good luck getting them tomorrow before your train to school as the lost property office is closed until 10am. Now who are the fools on this April Day?’ “I cannot believe we fell for our own prank” said one of the boys looking down at his socks. Arriving by train with two pairs of shoes each to leaving with none, the two 19 year old boys opened the door, the platform was still busy as they walked towards the exit and could see everyone staring at them walking in their socks. They then realized that their money was in their bags so they were going to have to walk the several blocks home shoeless.

Platform shoes

Author – Shoeless guy

Each morning the school kids had to use the train to go to the high school in the next town to the north, also the college students used the station to get to lessons in the town to the south, there was always rivalry between them but they where always separated by the rail track on opposite platforms. The college students used a side entrance to the station down a narrow walkway. This particular April morning they where confronted on the walkway by a red liquid which covered several metres of the path. To avoid this they would have to use the main entrance which would of meant a ten minute detour. Rather than do this the boys decided to just walk through the liquid to get to the platform. Upon entering the station they where stopped by two young guys wearing ‘high viz’ jackets telling them that the red liquid they had just walked through was a chemical spillage and there shoes needed to be specially cleaned. So that they did not miss their train they where told to remove their shoes, they would be cleaned on the same train by specialist cleaners and then given back to them on the platform at the destination station. Each boy took off their shoes and handed them over to the guys in the ‘high viz’ jackets, they where each handed a receipt for their shoes, to which the boys placed in their pockets and continued walking to the platform edge in their socked feet. The pupils on the opposite platform where laughing and jeering at them as per usual but more so as they where shoeless. The ‘high viz’ guys collected all the shoes in a large flatbed trolley and wheeled it along the platform. The train arrived and the students boarded it in their socks. As the train pulled away they could see the ‘high viz’ guys still on the platform, removing their high visibility jackets to reveal the school uniform of the opposing school. Also still on the platform was the trolley full of their shoes. The shoeless students pulled the receipts out of their pockets and on the back of each receipt was written ‘APRIL FOOL’S.

A Real Grammar School boy

Author – Kevin and James


I work in a convenience shop in a rural area, and opposite the store is a real english grammar school. it’s real cute to see all the boys go along every day in their grey school caps and blazers.

One day I’m looking at the videa at the back of the store and I see this kid looking at the shelf were the pringles should be. I take a box and go to restock the shelf, and then i wander round till I meet the fellow. he asks me if know where the pringles are so I’m like “yeah, on the shelf where they always are” and he’s “I just checked there.”
He looked like a real real goody goody type, the sort who never gets into trouble, and i’m good for a tease, so i say, “you know what let’s bet.” Hw doesn’t seem too bothered – after all he is sure tha the prigles are not there, and he agrees. For good measure I take off my white sneakers and give them to someone to hold, and i take out my remote control and lock the doors, just to make sure that no one runs off with them.
we go round to the crisps aisle, and there the pringles are. I take back my shoes and ask him for his. He’s really reluctant, and it takes a minute or two, but he realises that i am serious, and then he asks if he can buy them back. i say “Definitely, but im not selling you somehting on your feet, First give them over, then we will talk.” He hands them over, they area good pair of shoes, and i turn them over and knock oon the soles. the labels are still on, Clark’s the shoe type gadwell, and i read it aloud and then say c’mon how much will you give me for them.
there are a few people gathered round already, and eh looks really comical, school cap, grey blazer, blue school shirt, grey trousers and socks, and no shoes. He rummages in his pocket and pulls out a fiver, and offers it to me.
I’m like “five pounds for a pair of shoes like this?” Then i offer im a deal. “you know what, if you promise to wear nothing on your feet for the next 48 hours – no old shoes, sneakers, slippers, nothing, just one pair of these grey school socks, – ten i will give it back to you in 48 hours for a fiver.” We shake hands, and i assure him that i trust him. He pays for his pringles and off he goes shoeless, back to school.


I simply could not believe what i got myself into. i was so so sure there were no crisps on the shelf and i ended up losing my shoes.
I returned to school shoeless, and all my friends had already heard what had happened.
I was primarily worried about one of out two things, 1) one of the teachers giving me a detention, – which i had never been in before – because after all I missing a basic part of school uniform, 2) my mother, who would probably go mad if she found out.
Thankfully the teachers either didn’t notice or ignored. After school i took the bus home; there were a few older ladies who stared, but all in all it past peacefully, and i was homw before my mother. Later she came home with loads of shopping, and she texted me to come out the car and help her. I went out to the car in my grey socks, my mo noticed stright away, she asked me where my shoes were, so i lied and said upstairs, in the bedroom. After I lied to her she accepted it, and i relaxed a bit, i started feeling all the different surfaces under my feet, the gravel drive where she parks the car, the soft, slightly wet lawn, the paved path to the front door, the abrasive mat in the porch, the hall carpet and the kitchen lino, and in all honesty it was quite enjoyable.
The next mrning i slipped out without my mom noticing. But now i was little worried, because we had sports that day and if i wouldn’t wear my sneakers i would end in detention – plus i would definitely come home after my mother.
At the end of the first period Mr. Parson, our form master called me and asked why i wasn’t wearing shoes. i was too embarrased to say anything, then he asked what are the story with my sneakers. Again i didn’t answer, and he said did you bring them to school. i nodded, and he asked if i can’t wear so i nodded again. [i didn’t realise that Kevin had spoken to him.] He told me that i definitely will not get a detention if i brought my sneakers. He then told that the sports teacher didn’t show up, so he’ll be taking us for an hour, after which the older class will join us for another hour, and we will go together ot the playing field.
For sports he made me participate in my socks. towards the end of the lesson, just when we were on the ropes kevin turned up. [the school call him in when they take us out of the premises, sinde legally they need more adults out of the school grounds. I was just halfway up a rope and keving started tickling my feet, i was holding on for dear life – as it was the rope was cutting into my hands and feet.
At the end the older calss filed into the gymnasium. Our class all changed to their school shoes and we put on our blazers and caps, and lined up by the school entrance joined by the older class. There were another two boys there who had forgotten their sneakers, and Mr. Parson decided that we all should walk at the back in our socks. It was a kilometre walk and when we got there everyone changed back into their sports stuff, we did a few laps, hopped a bit, and then mr. parson decided to do wheel barrow races. he piared the other two boys in socks, and then told Kevin to be my partner. I was stuck being the barrow, with Kevin stopping every now andthen to tickle my feet. When we walked back he let eveeryone wear their schoolshoes, except for me of course.
That night was the same story – with me pretending to my mother that i had my shoes, and slipping out in the morning. During break uwent over to the store and received my shoes back, and kevin didn’t even take the fiver.


Forgot to mention that the boys all wear ties too. Cannot describe how comical it was o watch a group of boys in ties blazers school caps and all with lace shoes, followed by three bys walking along in their grey socks.


Since those 48 hours i have become much more aware of my feet. before then i never walked without shoes, even at home, since then i ahve started appreciating it and i do it both indoors nad out

Shoeplay dare

Author – sockedboy

Yesterday at school I was playing with my shoes in class. I was popping my heels out and in and take them off every time and dangle them around under my desk. At some point I saw a classmate next to me waving at me and pointing at my feet. I ignored him at first but he kept on doing it so I looked at him and then he made a gesture I should shove over my shoe, I guess. I looked at him with a questioning face pretending I didn’t know what he meant. Then he started writing a note and he threw that on my desk. It said, I dare you to shove your shoes over to me… I looked at him again and he made this gesture again. I felt reluctant and I shook my head. Then a second note landed on my desk saying, I still dare you… All this time I was sitting there with my heels popped out. Then a third note came saying, come on do it, I just want to look at them from nearby… I looked at him again and at the same time I thought, what can happen, we’re in class we can not go anywhere. So I took off my left shoe first and shoved it quietly over to him. At the same time I felt uncertain about this action. He picked up my shoe and looked at it and then he pointed at my other shoe, he wanted that one too. With a little hesitate I shoved my right shoe over too. Now I sat there in my blue socked feet not knowing what he would do to my shoes. He held them for a moment and then he gave them to the guy next to him. Now I really got the shivers because I lost sight of my shoes. I quickly wrote a note I want my shoes back but he only laughed at me with the guy next to him. At the end of the lesson I asked for my shoes but they only laughed at me and said we don’t know where your shoes are, we guess you have to search for them yourself. As everyone was leaving the room I walked around looking for my shoes but they were nowhere to be found. Then I saw this open window and I tought, oh no they would’nt… I opened the window further and looked down and I could see my shoes laying on the ground. I was on the second floor and now I had to cross half the school to get to my shoes. The only thing I worried about was that it was break time. I walked out of the room into the corridor to the staircase. A lot of schoolmates saw me and made fun of me. When I reached the place where my shoes should be they were gone. Now I really got worried because I didn’t know who took them now. I got back inside to follow the next lessons. I asked this guy again for my shoes but he said that he really did not have them anymore. I spend the rest of the day without shoes. After the last lesson I walked to my locker to get my jacket on and go home. On my way to the exit I ran into the janitor, he asked me why I was in socks. I told him about the dare and he only grinned and said, you’re lucky it’s not that cold today, I would have borrowed you some shoes but there aren’t any in the lost and found, I’m sorry. I pulled up my shoulders and I walked outside. I walked for a while towards home when suddenly the two guys from class showed up, holding my shoes. I said can I have them back now? One said shure, and he held one in towards me and just when I wanted to grab it he threw it over to the other guy. This went on for a little while and finally I got my shoes back. I think after all it was a funny dare…