Sneaking out of school

Author – AJ

A bar room brawl erupted, everyone got arrested including me, wrong time, wrong place. Taken to jail in handcuffs was scary having never been arrested before. All my stuff got confiscated and I was taken to a cell where they stripped me of my Adidas trainers leaving me standing in my socked feet as they locked me inside. I walked around the cell in my socked feet, having my shoes confiscated brought back memories of my teenage years at school when me and my best mate Glen regularly sneaked out of school after registration. We often went to the seafront arcades to have some fun. Our absence went unnoticed until one day a fire drill and register check caught us out, we got punished with detention. A few weeks later we where caught sneaking out again and given more detention. We where warned that preventative measures would be used if we absconded again. One warm sunny day we did sneak out again but we got caught at the school gates. In the Headteachers office we expected to get more detention until the headteacher said “Take off your shoes”. We couldn’t be trusted anymore, so to prevent us from leaving the building during school hours our shoes would be confiscated. With great reluctance and embarrassment we took off our shoes and handed them over. We walked to our first lesson in our socks, being late everyone noticed that we where missing our shoes, the class where laughing, my embarrassment was overwhelming, as if I was naked. This shoe confiscation punishment was new, so two 16 year old boys walking around in their socks became the talk of the school. Every day having to give up our shoes, every lesson in socked feet, every lunchtime avoiding our feet getting stood on as we queued for food. It was humiliating but we became quite infamous. At the end of each day we had to wait outside the Headteachers office to retrieve our shoes. Standing shoeless in the corridor became a pain as the younger kids deliberately walked by for their own amusement just to see us older students standing in our socks. As teenagers, trying to act cool was never going to happen being without shoes. Our punishment lasted til the end of that term. We didn’t sneak out again. After spending the night in the cells I was released without charge. My property and trainers where returned. As I put on my shoes I thought no matter what age you are, young or old, you can still get your shoes confiscated.

The dentist

Author – speedy’s friend

In our school the normal consequence for late coming is a detention, and depending on the teacher, often includes shoes being confiscated. Since detention only lasts forty five minutes, my friends and I often choose to sleep in in the mornings – after all it is worth a forty five minute detention if we can get an extra hour or two of sleep.
On the last day before our half term holiday – a Thursday – I had all the more reason to sleep in, since I had scheduled a dentist appointment towards the end of the day, so I anyway wouldn’t be able to stay for a detention. I turned up at school and rang the bell – confident that I had a foolproof plan, when Miss MacAllan came to the entrance. Miss MacAllan is an older Scottish single, a real real tough cookie. It always amazes me how at only five foot three she literally has every single pupil listening to her.
She looked at her watch, and then primly told me to follow her to her office. “shoes please” she demanded. I thought it better not to tell her straight away that I had an appointment – that would make it clear that I was relying on the appointment not to do detention, – so I started to remove my feet from my shoes.
“will you undo your laces when you take your shoes off” she demanded. With no choice I bent down and opened my laces. I wear very simple school shoes, no pattern, a bit clompy, and was wearing solid grey school socks.
“Very well.” She said. “off you go to your classroom, and you will get them back after your detention.”
I wondered off in my socks, a bit embarrassing, but doable, feeling the scratchy carpet tiles through my socks. Entering the classroom my face went a little red, but I could already see a pair of trainers on the floor near the teacher, so I obviously wasn’t alone.
During my lunchbreak I went back to Miss MacAllan’s office. I lied, and told her that my mom had just phoned the school to say that she had made me an appointment. She looked at me up and down, as if scrutinizing a piece of dirt, and then told me to follow her. Not sure what was happening I fell into line behind her while she went striding through the school corridors.
“you shouldn’t be wearing those things on your feet.” She accosted one boy who was wearing trainers. “take them off and follow me” soon there were three sock footed boys following her in a somewhat embarrassing parade.
We reached our form’s cloakroom. “Show me where you keep your sneakers.” She demanded. Had I realized what she was up to I would have lied, and told her that I hadn’t brought them, but foolishly I took out my sports kit. She told us to follow her again, and led us back to her office. “now will all put your shoes over in the corner” Every one else put their shoes there and she glared at me “yours too” she said. “No reason why a different set of rules should apply to you and a different set to everyone else”
“But I wasn’t wearing my sneakers” I protested
“neither was I” she said sarcastically. I tried to protest again but she cut me off. “unless you would like to give your socks you had better stop arguing. I had little choice but to leave her my trainers. Now I realized that none of my friends would lend me theirs either over the half term. Anyway we had sports at the end of the day, so everyone needed their trainers.
Miss macAllan informed me that I would receive my shoes after doing a detention, which she assumed would not be until Tuesday.

My mom came to school to take me to the dentist, I went out to the car, feeling the pavement through my socks. It was the first time in my life outdoor without shoes.I told her what had happened, expecting a least little sympathy, but all she said was “you made your bed, now lie in it.”
We arrived at the dentist, Mom parking a full block away, probably on purpose, and the receptionist asked me if I suffer from any allergies or conditions, and then continued “not taking any blood thinners, or diabetes medication? Just simple feet sores?”
Mom didn’t give her an opportunity to make a mistake. “he forfeited his shoes as aschool punishment” she said pointedly. The same story repeated itself as soon as we came in to the dentist, who asked what happened to my shoes, so mom happily explained.
“On, I thought you had a cavity on your feet,” he said, leaning close in with his drill and pressing the button to turn it on. He thought it was an absolute joke, and didn’t stop approaching my feet with any instrument.
Finally we were finished. I thought the jokes were over, and I suddenly felt a wet gloved finger reaching into my socks. “you will forfeit your socks for latecoming.” He was tittering with laughter at his joke, while I stood there, way too embarrassed to go outside, my grey socks in his wet gloved hands.
Eventually I walked on the ice cold tiles to the waiting area hoping no one would notice my bare feet – exactly what the dentist had wanted. A minute later he announced over the PA system “you left your socks in my office, causing everyone waiting to take a peek. I shuffled back to his room, my facr beet red, put on my socks, and now returned to the waiting area, where everyone peered again.

Zero tolerance

Author – Joshes mate

The new school year had started with a ‘zero tolerance’ approach to bad behaviour. Two boys in our class had their shoes confiscated for being disruptive. “You’ll get them back in detention” said the teacher. I stared at their socked feet as my best pal Josh said “What a nightmare, I would die if I had to walk around shoeless all day, the shame would be unbearable”.
Homework was being collected by the teacher, Josh panicked, after emptying his bag, he realised he’d left his at home. Being a good student the teacher realised it was a genuine mistake but with the new zero tolerance rules he had no choice but to give Josh automatic detention. He was upset he’d never been to detention, to him it felt like going to prison.
His nightmare was about to be realised as one of the sock footed boys reminded the teacher that he had not confiscated Josh’s shoes. Having already taken their footwear, the teacher had no choice but to take his shoes. Josh put his head in his hands.
“Give me your shoes Josh” said the teacher. Josh took off his black loafers and handed them over. He was mortified, watching the teacher walk off with his shoes knowing he was going to spend the day shoeless; I secretly took great pleasure watching my pal have his shoes confiscated and seeing him in his black socked feet.
The final bell rung; he had been shoeless all day and now he had detention. We walked to the toilets but the floor was wet, there was a leak inside “I need to pee before I go to detention, but I will get my socks wet” he said. I reluctantly kicked off my leather loafers and shuffled them over to Josh with my black socked foot. I was a size 8 and he was a 7 so they where rather loose on his feet. “Don’t pee on my shoes” I shouted as he disappeared inside the toilets. I was now shoeless in the corridor, everyone staring at my socked feet including a teacher who demanded I follow him to detention.
I shouted into the toilets for Josh to hurry up but the teacher again demanded that I follow him. I tried explaining but he just told me to be quiet. I kept looking back for Josh to come rescue me. I stood in socked feet outside the detention room with other shoeless students, I was no different to them without my shoes, I was going to be punished for lending my shoes to someone.
I hoped Josh would appear but he didn’t, so I endured his detention in my socked feet. At the end of detention everyone got their shoes returned. Josh’s where too small, so I carried them. ‘Put your shoes on’ said the teacher. I explained that they weren’t mine and didn’t fit my feet; he then accused me of doing Josh’s detention for him. ‘I want you and Josh in my office first thing tomorrow’, He took back Josh’s shoes.
I had to walk home in my socks as I couldn’t find Josh and it looked like we both where going to be spending the next day shoeless too.

Uncle Henry pt2

Author – Speedy

First, a bit of background.

My Dad and Mom were divorced by the time i was born, in fact i use my Mom’s family name.
Dad has one older boy from another previous marriage, and he has twin boys about twenty months younger than me from a third wife, Maggie. I go to Dad on weekend’s sometimes – often with James – and i find Maggie a really pleasant and generous person.
Mr. Henry is dad’s brother, but as i use a different name, most people don’t realize the connection between us.

So Dad’s older boy, Will, was getting married, and James and i were invited. Problem is i had priceless little to wear. in the end mom bought me a grey blazer and a matching tie, which i was wearing with a white shirt and my school trousers and shoes. By way of comparison, Maggie’s twin boys were outfitted in white Tuxedo’s and trousers, bow ties, and gorgeous party shoes.
their shoes:

So there we are by the wedding. They had rented a pub, so there was a bar with unlimited drinks, all sorts of cocktails and spiked punches and who knows what. As the evening went along a couple of people became rowdy, and the bar staff politely escorted them outside. One person started screaming racist slurs at people around them, but the staff very capably handled it. There was also a DJ with various dances going on etc…

Upstairs there was a “bridal suite” which had one way glass looking over the pub, and opened on a balcony, which then led down wide sweeping stairs to the middle of the pub, next to the dance floor. At the right moment Will had come down with his bride, having signed the registar’s book in the suite. There was a banister about five feet high round the stairway, with a lower railing. So James and i, along with Maggie’s boys were running up the stairs and sliding down the banister , climbing over the end and using it as a pole, and then running back up.
One time as i come down, my uncle Mr. Henry was at the bottom. He was giggling like a small child and clearly under the influence of way too much alcohol, and as I approached, he put down his glass on the end of the banister, and he grabbed my foot, opened the velcro straps and pulled off my shoe, and then reached out for the other one.
Before i knew was what happening a small crowd had gathered, with Mr. Henry announcing between giggles, “This is what we do to Speedy in school.”
He then lifted a cake of a raised stand and placed my shoes there, for all to see.
In the meantime i was stuck on my perch, because the only way down was over the end of banister, and his glass was there. Meanwhile Maggie’s twins had come flying behind me with James, and their weight was on me, while a crowd had gathered round.
Next thing i knew, the video guy saw a commotion and came along. He asked what was going on, and when he heard, he promptly suggested to Mr. Henry to put my shoes on my feet and take them off a second time for the camera. Mr. Henry complied, but in his drunken state it took him a few times to get them on my feet. the vidoegrapher reached in and tightened them, while Mr. Henry started again opening the velcro and taking them off. he announced again “This is what we do to Speedy in school.” and then said “In fact they are in perfect condiitons, because speedy never gets to wear them!” He reached to put them back on the cakestand and announced “In fact they are so new and clean that the teacher even puts them on his desk”
He proceeded to take the shoes off maggie’s boys, – their laces were long open, – briefly commenting on their nice new shoes. They also started giggling, i think they had a little bit of alcohol too. James school shoes were next.
Then he reached for my socks “in fact Speedy actually does sports barefoot.” Thankfully someone moved his glass so i was able to get down before that happened.
Meanwhile everyone around started asking questions. “Do you really have to take your shoes off in school?” “don’t you have trainers for sports?” etc… [i do have trainers, but if you lose your shoes they don’t let you wear trainers either]

Eventually Mr. Henry decided he is taking our shoes to his car, to give to the principal in the morning. the whole crowd followed him, so next i knew he was outside. followed by four boys, me in black socks, James in grey socks, both totally mortified, while maggie’s twins, who looked like little angel’s with white tuxedos trousers and white socked feet were giggling away. outside numerous people had retched so we had dance round the puddles, and tried also to keep as close as possible to our shoes.
After a few tries he manged to press the remote to his car, and put all the shoes inside, but before he managed to lock it James and i took out our shoes. “It won’t help boys, you have anyway got a couple of shoeless days ahead, i bet you will come late tomorrow, and i’m sure you haven’t done your homework.”

We wandered back inside, both wishing the floor would swallow us up, while maggie’s boys straggled in their socks.
Just then James’s Dad turned up to take us home. On the way to his car we walked past Mr. Henry who was still standing near his car cackling like a hyena.

I slept over in james’s house, thankfully his father wtoe us a late note and explained abput the homework, or we would have lost our shoes for the next two days.

Uncle Henry

Author – Speedy

Hi, I’m speedy, who James mentioned in his recent post about Joseph’s come-uppance.

Shoe confiscation is common in school. In reality I wouldn’t care so much, i actually prefer walking in my socks, but with everyone around me in shoes, plus the embarrassment, and using the bathrooms, and the cafeteria etc… it isn’t really the best idea. BTW James gave the wrong shoes for me, i wear the remi pace shoe. It is a very solid shoe. Here’s the link.

The school actually has a list of approved shoes, and they are all quite solid, unflexible style.
Recently my mom bought me a new pair, they really looked quite sturdy. Of course I manged to lose them on my first day wearing them, – my crime was failing to bring the proper writing supplies, and our form master, Mr. Slade was really excited. “What do we have here? New shoes?” he put them on his desk for all to see, so of course everyone who entered the classroom saw them. And who came in next but my uncle, Mr. Henry. Mr. Slade happily told him that they were mine. Quite embarrassing, but stay tuned for the next, far more embarassing sequel …

School detention and my mom

Author – Neil

In our school – it seems like we are the only one, detentions are done without shoes. It doesn’t really matter too much, as a general rule detentions are done in the library, which is carpeted and has a good amount of chairs and beanbags etc.. Detention depends a bit on the teacher, it can be not bad, when the teacher lets read and turns a blind eye to talking, or it can be more strict, but it is far from the end of the world.
Problem is my mom. She’s a real toughy, and when i have detention she won’t let me wear my shoes at home either … so basically i am stuck for the evening …. no going out, playing ball etc …

On Wednesdays Mr. Parker takes detention. he is a really strict teacher, – in fact he is a bit of a beast – and he also teaches our class the last period.

One Wednesday recently my friends asked me if i want to join them in detention. A classmate called Jeremiah was in detention and Mr. Parker really had it in for him. The boys told me that last time Mr. parker had threatened to force him to wear a diaper ….

I was a bit embarrassed to tell my friends about my mom, so i went along with it, and we all stayed out after break for a quarter of an hour.
We entered the room together, and mr. parker was furious. “Go to your seats and put your feet on your desks now,” he yelled at us. [normally we don’t take our shoes till later]
He came over to my seat first, opened the velcro strap of each shoe and pulled off my shoe. I started swinging my feet down the side of the desk, so he walked back to my place and picked up my grey socked feet, banging them down on the wooden desk top. He put my shoes on his desk, and then proceeded to the other three boys and took off their shoes.
He went back to look at the register and saw that Jeremiah and a couple of other boys were also in detention. Jeremiah was first, with mr. parker opening his laces and pulling off his shoes. Then he picked up the poor kids socked foor and started yelling again, “I don’t believe it” and calling him all sorts of names. Poor kid. – He was wearing two pairs of socks. the teacher made him take them off, and then told him to keep his feet raised and not put them down directly on the desk. He confiscated another boys socks too – they were not solid black, grey blue or white – the school regualtions.
I couldn’t help not look around and giggle. David feet were really white, while Jeremiah’s where very very with pinky-red soles. a couple of boys laughed more openly only earning a shoe removal and detention. After he found another boy’s colorful socks he told everyone else to take off their shoes and stand at the back of the room in their socks – earning yet another two detentions.
Eventually one the barefoot boys asked if he can put his feet down. The teacher told him to take his chair to the back of the room, and then sit at his place as if he had a chair. Poor kid – i think that it was an even more painful position. Then he just told them to all stand at the back of the room.

when it came to detention, to my amazement i saw my step bro Ryan – his father is married to my mom, He is a really good kid, so i don’t know how he got there, But poor kid when he took off his shoes the toes and heel of his socks were green. I think anyone else would have ignored it, but Mr. parker told him to remove them and told him that he would have to go home without them.
Mr. Parker then announced that detention will be in gym, off we went to stand on the freezing cold floor with nothing to do.
Soon Mr. Parker told Jeremiah to bring him his schoolbag. Mr. Parker started rummaging inside, first he found a peanut butter sandwich, he started making fun of the poor kid, telling him that if he would eat his food he would behave better etc… then he found what he was looking for – jeremiah’s sneakers, which he promptly confiscated. I noticed poor Ryan’s face going white.

When detetnion was over we realised that the door from the gym to school was already locked. Great. Now we would have to go all the was round in our socks. Eventually we re entered the building and fetched our things from the library. Mr. parker told all the barefoot boys to leave thair footwear.

Ryen asked me about wearing his sneakers. i told him to walk down the block before he put them on.

Whenwe came homewe found my mum waiting in the car for us, she wanted us to go shopping with her. We got in the car, and dad was about to drive when mom stopped him, “one second” she said “i need your shoes, neil”
OMG, i couldn’t believe she would make me go shopping in socks.
With no choice i stretched out my feet to the front of the car, and she took off my shoes. Ryan followed suit – [told you that he’s a goody goody.]

Our first stop was the optician. I’m sure she noticed my grey socks but she didn;t say anything, Then we went to try on trousers. Here the sales lady started measuring us and poking around my feet, and she commented on our socks. Later we met a couple ofkids form school, and they snickered at us. all in all it was an embarassing and humiliating experience – And poor ryan still has another day ahead of him.

Me in your stories

Author – Mickey

I’ve recently found this site and enjoyed reading the stories. Rather than writing something new I thought I could be someone within a previously written story. So here goes.

The elevator
I live on the sixth floor of an apartment building. I pressed the button to call the elevator, eventually it arrived and the doors opened and I noticed a pair of sneakers on the floor. I picked them up, they where still warm. I wondered who would take off their shoes and just leave them. I decided to take them back to my apartment, as I left the elevator a woman got in and took it to the ground floor. I put on the still warm sneakers, although slightly trashed they fitted and where quite comfortable. I decided to keep them on my feet and continue my visit to my friends home. As I waited again for the elevator two boys passed on the staircase. One was shoeless wearing grey socks. I got a thrill of excitement realising I was wearing his sneakers as he passed in his socked feet. He hadn’t recognised his shoes on my feet, I should of given him his shoes but I would of been embarrassed taking them off and of course I really liked them so decided to let him walk by shoeless.

I had gone into the local store on my way to school to buy a drink. As I picked up the bottle of cola I realised I had left home without any money. I didn’t have time to go home and get my money but I was needing a drink, I looked around and without anyone noticing I put the bottle in my pocket and went to leave the shop. The shopkeeper stopped me and took me to the cash register and demanded I pay double the price for the drink I had stolen. I have no money I told him, he said he’d have to call the police which scared me, what would my parents think. He said I could come back tomorrow and pay without calling the police but he wanted my shoes as a deposit. I need my shoes I said but he said he needed people to pay rather than steal. I had no choice but to obey him. I took off my shoes and gave them to him as the other school kids laughed at me. I walked to school in my socked feet feeling very embarrassed.
I entered my first lesson and the teacher asked me why I wasn’t wearing shoes, I explained that the shopkeeper took them, the teacher seemed annoyed and once the lesson began he left the classroom. I sat in my socked feet knowing the kids where laughing at me when the teacher returned, he was now shoeless. He was red faced and as embarrassed as me but he didn’t give any explanation as to why he no longer had shoes on his feet. At least the other kids attention had been taken away from my shoeless situation.

I’ll read more stories and try putting myself into them with or without my shoes being taken.