There’s a reason for laces

Author – Country Lad

The three of were spending a fairly aimless day wandering about and we found ourselves on an old deserted railway line and we were just kicking stones along the track. Phil gave the stone a particularly good kick and his right trainer flew off down the embankment. Stood there in his one remaining Reebok Classic and one white sock he had no choice but to scramble down the embankment to hunt for his other trainer. The embankment was full of rocks and brambles which made progress slow and painful. He asked if Pete of I would lend him a right shoe while he looked. Pete felt sorry for him, unlaced his right Nike trainer and threw it down leaving him standing in one grey trainer and one stripey sock. Phil kept searching but had no luck at all. He climbed back up the embankment in odd trainers feeling very sorry for himself, I guess it broke the mood of the day so we turned round to head for home Phil in one socked foot as he had given the trainer back to Pete, who was pleased as he had not enjoyed walking even a small distance in his socked foot. Phil kept moaning about having only one trainer and I said he was soft for complaining, Right said Phil if you think its so easy lend me your trainer and you walk in your sock – no better yet walk in both socks and give me both trainers I bet you darn’t. I’ve never refused a dare so I handed over my size 8 Air Max trainers and walked on in my grey sports socks. Phil tried to put on my right trainer but he was a size 10 so he had no chance so he just carried them. Only Phil had both his shoes on and I am sure that’s how he wanted it to stay.  We came off the old railway track to head home and were soon at the edge of some farm land with about half an hours walk home to go and being a country lad walking in my socks did not bother me. Phil was still moaning about being in one shoe and Pete suggested he should throw the remaining one away and stop moaning, You take yours off and I will yelled an exasperated Phil. Pete Took his shoes off laughing and we waited for Phil to throw his remaining shoe away, We started chanting “throw it” to further wind him up and after a few moments he did so by that time all three of us were in our socks and that’s how we stayed till we got close to home when Pete and I put our shoes back on leaving Phil to finish the journey in his white socks.

Me in your Stories – the Subway

Author – Lovetoshoeswap

original story subway by evan

One day me and a few friends decided to head into town so we had to take the subway in for a change. I was wearing my favorite pair of Reebok classics which happened to be a little too big for me as they kept sliding off my feet as I was walking. The subway was shaking quite a lot more that usual which caused one of my shoes to come off my feet, I hadn’t noticed it come off as I was too busy talking to my friends but I happened to notice my other shoe come off but didn’t know how it came off as the subway was rather crowded today.since I had no shoes I went looking through the other subway cars when a random guy happened to offer me his shoes which were a pair of Adidas superstars ,at first I wasn’t sure but decided to try them on, they were quite comfy but a little too big so I told him to keep his shoes . as me and my friends left they mocked me for having no shoes on I couldn’t help but wonder what had happened to my shoes.


Author – Evan

Was riding the subway yesterday wearing a worn pair of Adidas superstars. On comes this group of teenage boys and one of them was wearing really loose Reebok classics with black crew socks. His white shoes were sliding off his feet every time he took a step and as he was standing on the rather crowded train, he was slipping his sneakers on and off. At one point the train jerked and his right sneaker got kicked to where I was. I had been playing with my own shoes at that point and I accidentally put his shoe on instead of my own. His sneaker felt warm and soft and I didn’t want to take it off. I stepped out of my other shoe and put my sneakers into my backpack. As the guy was distracted I walked by him playing with his remaining sneaker and kicked it off his foot and out of his reach, before quickly slipping my foot into the loose sneaker. I quickly walked off into another train car with the shoes slipping off my feet. I sat down to examine my new shoes, they were size 8 which was a little small since I normally wore a 8.5 in Reeboks. Still they were pretty comfortable. I take the shoes off and put them in my bag, swapping them for my Adidas. The guy came into the train car looking for his sneakers in his black socks and I felt excited so I decided to offer him my worn sneakers, I slipped them off and said hey why not you have my shoes instead they’re pretty worn and I’m off to buy a new pair anyway, I took my shoes off and let him try them but he declined them in the end as they were big on him. I wore my shoes as I watched him exiting the train at the next stop with no shoes on his feet and friends laughing at how he managed to lose his favourite sneakers.

Shoes of the shoplifters’

Author – unluckylad

The twins had only recently bought the shop, they had no idea just how bad the shoplifting is but they where going to stop it. Bart was thinking on his feet when he took away the boy’s shoes yesterday, but it had some impact, the boy was ashamed and remorseful. Hopefully doing the same to others might deter them from stealing. Bart had cleared a shelf behind the till to display shoplifters’ shoes and a sign ‘Steal from us and we’ll take your shoes’. He had already put the shoes of the school boy and those of the teacher with his photo on the shelf.
That morning Dillon overheard some boys in the next aisle discussing stealing comics. He intercepted them at the door and said “Hiding something?” The boys looked at each other with blushing faces. He marched them to the till and ordered them to open their coats. Tucked inside each coat was a comic. Dillon took them “Because you stole them the price has doubled to £6 each” he said. One of them, Ethan, managed to pay for his comic with coins, his mate Dean paid with a £10 note and given change but the tall blond boy, Brad, had only £2. “Sorry I haven’t enough” he said and became upset after reading the sign about shoplifters’ shoes. “Please Dean, lend me that £4, I don’t want to lose my shoes”. Dean replied “No, you can walk to school in your socks” he and Ethan laughed as Dillon ordered Brad to take off his shoes “Pay tomorrow and you can get your comic and shoes”. His mates stopped laughing when Dillon refused to give them their comics. “We’ve paid for them” said Dean. “Yes but only after you stole them, you’ve obviously not understood the sign ‘Steal from us and we’ll take your shoes’, I want your shoes too”. They became upset having to remove their shoes in front of the other school kids. After taking photos of the boys holding their shoes, Dillon escorted the grey socked shoeless trio out of the shop. The school kids watched as Bart placed the boys’ shoes on the shelf and told them all “Let that be a warning to anyone attempting to steal from us”.
Later that morning a man appeared at the counter demanding his colleague’s shoes. He was wearing a rugby top, black sports shorts, white football socks and cheap black trainers; his name was Ricky, a P.E. instructor. He was of athletic build, slightly taller than Dillon and came across very bullish.
“You have embarrassed my colleague by taking his shoes” he said.
“He shouldn’t steal from us; he also owes us £40”
“He owes you nothing, are you going to give them to me or am I going to have to take them” demanded the P.E. Instructor as if he was intimidating one of his pupils.
“I’m not giving you anything” said Dillon
“Then I shall just have to take them”.
“Do you know why we took your colleagues shoes?”
“I’m not interested” replied the instructor rather arrogantly as he stepped behind the counter and removed the pair of brown leather brogues from the shelf.
“That will be £40 please” said Dillon
“I told my colleague I will not leave without his shoes”
“Then pay. If you don’t pay then no shoes, if you take without paying then you too will have no shoes” warned Dillon.
The instructor wasn’t backing down. Bart had overheard everything from the stockroom and intercepted the P.E. Instructor as he left the store carrying his colleague’s shoes.
Bart told the P.E. Instructor to return inside the shop.
“Have you paid for those shoes?” said Bart.
“Err… No” replied the instructor “Are all school teachers arrogant and stupid” said Bart “You’ve demanded something that’s not yours and believe you can just take it and done exactly what your friend did yesterday and stole them” The instructor was told he had to wait for the police.
“Please don’t call the police; teachers cannot have a criminal record, take my shoes but please let me take my friends shoes, he desperately needs them”
Bart put the brown leather shoes back on the shelf then looked up and down at the instructor, “More shoes for the shelf, take them off” said Bart.
The instructor kicked off his trainers then bent down and picked them up. Bart attempted to take a photo but the instructor deliberately hid his face.
Dillon took the trainers from him and said “They aren’t worth £80, have you got money”
“No, search me, you’ve took my shoes now let me go, but please let me take my friends shoes”
Dillon thought something was not quite adding up, the Instructor repeated exactly what his friend did yesterday, quite relaxed about handing over his cheap trainers. What P.E. Instructor would wear cheap trainers! He made him stand next to the till so customers could see him in his white socked feet, more noticeable when wearing shorts. Dillon left the shop and walked around the block and then he saw the reason for the instructor’s actions.
Stood nearby was the teacher from yesterday holding a pair of black Reebok trainers. Dillon approached him; “Those trainers look too big for you” said Dillon explaining his mate was waiting for him at the shop.
“I told him to meet me here”
“Probably didn’t want to get his white socks dirty” joked Dillon. They both walked back to the shop. Once inside the teacher gave the P.E. Instructor his Reebok trainers, he quickly slipped them on his cold feet. Bart said to the teacher, “You must be here to pay us as your pal here insisted that you needed your shoes”
The teacher said “I do desperately need them for school”.
“It’s still £40 to get them back, perhaps you could loan your friend £80 or we’ll have to call the police on him” said Dillon
“I don’t have £120” he said nervously looking at his instructor colleague.
“I believe you and your colleague tried to set us up getting us to swap your leather shoes for a pair of cheap nasty trainers” said Bart. “Your both as bad as each other, not good examples to set as teachers, we should really just call the police”
Bart gives the instructor his cheap black trainers to hold again and tells him “Now you are going to allow me to take your photograph”. The P.E. Instructor let him. Dillon takes the black trainers and puts them back on the shelf. “As you both where in on today’s deceit you are both responsible for today’s shoe theft” and points at the sign ‘Steal from us and we’ll take your shoes’. It was now lunchtime and school kids where beginning to enter the shop.
Bart looks over the counter and notices the teacher wearing black New Balance trainers and his Instructor mate now wearing black Classic Reebok trainers.
“Take off your shoes or we’ll call the police” both teachers had no choice and took off their trainers. Bart took a photo of each of them holding their sports shoes, then took the trainers and placed them on the shelf. With both teachers stood in their socks and school kids sniggering behind them, Bart advised them that to get their shoes back tomorrow will cost them £120.
“You’ve accused me of stealing shoes that belong to none of us; you’ve then taken my shoes, then accused me of stealing my own shoes and taken more shoes from me. Then you want me to pay £120 to get my own shoes back, my brown leather shoes cost no where near that when bought brand new” said the teacher.
“Dillon said “But you’ll be getting four pairs, that’s £30 a pair. So your original pair brown leather shoes will only cost you £30, that’s £10 cheaper than this morning” he laughed as he escorted the shoeless teachers out of his shop.
Ricky the Instructor argued with his colleague as they walked in socked feet back to the school. “Why did I let you talk me into losing my own trainers”.

To be continued.

Physical education lesson

Author – Lostshoeguy

Today at the physical training class, we had to run for 12 minutes without stopping in a small school stadium, during my run my sneaker flew off and I had to run in one sneaker and one sock, my sneaker were picked up by the girls sitting on the bench and started to laugh, initially I hoped, that they will steal or throw it somewhere, but they did not do it, on the contrary, some of them even decided to try it on, later the teacher noticed the lack of shoes on my leg and allowed me to wear it, in the end I got excited, and my classmates funny moment

Lost to Penelope

Author – shoelossfan

(This takes place after Homework shoes)

After a long day of walking around sockfooted in school, Alex was walking to Mrs. Parker’s classroom after grabbing his backpack to get his sneakers back. As he walks across the 7th grade area, Alex happened to run into a familiar redhead leaning on a locker next to the door to miss parkers classroom, of course it was none other than Penelope who quickly exclaimed in an excited greeting. “Hey Alex!”

“ah hey there Penelope….” Alex responded in a nervous manner as he stopped in front of the door, noticing Penelope looking down at his black socked feet with red on the toes and heels before asking. “Let me guess: are you heading back to Ms. Parker’s room to get your sneakers back?”

“Yeah luckily I was able to stay out of trouble for the rest of the school day.” Alex said a bit nervous while he sighed a bit before he continued. “I just hope she doesn’t come up with some stupid reason to keep them as they’re the only shoes I have right now.”

“Hehe…..I hope so too. Though you never know with Ms. Parker.” Penelope smiled as she said that making Alex worry as he entered the classroom.

— [two minutes later.] —

After about two minutes Alex walked out of the classroom with his black reebok sneakers with brown laces back on his feet with alex turning over to look at Penelope who glanced down at his now sneaker clad feet before asking. “So now that you have your sneakers back you want to walk home together?”

“You mean like we have been doing every day since we met.” Alex chuckled as he replied while Penelope giggled as she stopped leaning on the locker, with the pair started to walk towards the hallway out of the 7th grade area.

“So Alex since this is the end of your first week of school, how are you enjoying it so far?” Penelope asked with a huge grin on her face while Alex sighed a bit before he answered. “To be fair I have enjoyed it, along with being happy to have made some many new friends already, although…I still don’t like that I lose my shoes with these rules.”

“Don’t worry. You’ll get used to it.”, Penelope said while she giggled. “You just need to stop forgetting your homework, or your books.”

“Look today was a onetime thing because I left my social study’s book in my locker overnight.” Alex said annoyed while crossing his arms, before he admitted. “Though I have to still get used to these stupid heavy text books.”

“I’m just joking with you. I know you love your sneakers too much to forget your assignments that easily.” Penelope Giggled while she and Alex stepped out of the 7th grade area and started down the hallway that ran along the auditorium with a good number of their fellow classmates.

“yeah…at least it’s not as bad as what happened during second period on Wednesday.” Alex said with a slight sigh while looking down at his reebok sneakers while Penelope asked. “That reminds me how are things between you and that Samantha girl?”

“Huh? Oh were doing fine. She had some fun with me during second and third period after asking what happened to my sneaks.” Alex admitted with a blush that he did his best to keep hidden from Penelope who just snickered as she commented. “It’s good to see that your making best friend aside from myself.”

“Yeah I guess…it could be seen that way.” Alex said with a bit of worry in his voice since he couldn’t help but think of Samantha as something a little bit more. As he and Penelope continued to chat about some school things while making their way out of the school.

— [about four minutes later outside the school.] —

As the pair exited the school through one of the two sets of double doors that made the front entrance to the school, with Penelope stating. “Well whatever the case is I’m just happy that you have another friend to hang out with when you’re not with me or Natalie.”

“I guess, I just well…wish she wasn’t so interested in my Shoes.” Alex said with a nervous look on his face while grabbing ahold of his backpack strap since he worried his back pack was coming loose, with Penelope taking a second to glance at Alex’s reeboks before stating. “To be fair, those are some nice sneakers.”

“Ugh not you too…I’m going to have to go shoe shopping this weekend at this rate…” Alex responded with a sigh as he pinched the bridge of his nose after removing his glasses, with the two of them of them turning and walking on the sidewalk alongside the school’s parking lot towards the street.

“Hey. That was a complement.”, Penelope said with a huge smile. “You’re not thinking that I’d actually steal your shoes, aren’t you?”

“not really though I hope I don’t lose these before i get some other pairs of shoes my size…” Alex stated with a sigh while looking down at his sneaker clad feet while walking with Penelope.

“You know, since those shoes mean a lot to you, how about going around in just your socks?”, Penelope suggested with a smile, making Alex look at her quite shocked by the suggestion as he stated quite angry. “Are you mad!? It’s bad enough that Megan does that with stockings, but I would never see myself out of the house without my shoes, except at school but still.”

“Yeah well if you did lose them, you’d still have to walk in your socks regardless since their your only pair other than that one red and black sneaker.” Penelope explained with of a smirk before she continued. “And besides, you’re not the only kid in school who’d be in socks. Take that Brianna girl for instance. She could care less about walking around in her socks.”

Alex however just sighed while the cross the street once they reached it, before Alex stated with a upset tone. “yeah well she’s a bit of a weird loner, besides I don’t really like to go around in socks, it just doesn’t feel right.”

“Well Maybe if you give it more of a chance you would grow to like it.” Penelope stated with a chuckle while Alex rolled his eyes and reminded her. “ugh yeah well did you forget that I spent all day in socks.”

“huh good point, also I am still a bit sorry that you lost one of your special sneakers the other day.” Penelope replied with Alex sighing before he admitted “it’s alright…besides it could have been worst…”

“Oh, How’s that?” Penelope asked before Alex remarked. “well I could have lost both shoes on Wednesday and had to walk home in my socks.”

“oh of course, it is a good thing you haven’t lost the remaining sneaker.” Penelope giggled slightly while Alex sighed. “well that’s because I kept it in my closet at home…where I also have the trainer Natalie gave me after our first art period together.”

“Natalie gave you her trainer, I didn’t know that?”, Penelope asked, a bit surprised. ” though that sure was nice of her.”

“well she saw that i was admiring it a bit while drawing it for this week assignment in miss Allen’s class.” Alex replied while taking a second to look at Penelope’s converse clad feet, since she was stepping out of them slightly while walking making him ask. “Say don’t you think you should tie those tighter so you don’t lose them?”

“Oh! These? I guess I should”, Penelope said as she stopped to tie the laces of her converse a bit tighter, however while she did shoe she glanced over at Alex’s sneakers since he was standing on her left side and noticed that his right sneaker had its lace come undone, though Alex didn’t notice as he was glancing over at Penelope’s blue converse sneakers asking her. “those look pretty worn, how long have you had them?”

“Oh, these? I’ve had these converses since the holidays, although I’m pretty hard on them.” Penelope said as she finished tying her shoes, while just sighed and shook his head before Penelope asked with a bit of a smile coming across her face when she looked back at Alex’s right reebok sneaker. “Say Alex mind if I try something as your right sneakers a bit untied?”

“Huh…great guess I didn’t tie it tight enough.” Alex replied with a groan before he sighed asked a bit concerned. “um like what?”

“don’t freak out I just want to check something out.” Penelope shot back with a grin as she quickly lifted up Alex’s right leg slightly off the ground, making Alex grab ahold of a nearby mailbox to balance himself. And suddenly without warning Penelope slipped off Alex’s loose right reebok sneaker before standing up with a smile on her face.

“Ah hey! Alex shouted in surprise as he quickly backed slightly away from Penelope in surprise as he did his best to hid his black sock with red on the toes and heel behind his left still sneaker clad foot while keeping his hand on the mail back to keep balance since he didn’t want to dirty his sock.

“Come on. Don’t be shy! You have cute socks!” Penelope smiled as she kept Alex’s shoe in hand while getting her backpack off.

“We…well that’s because I like them too…. but give me my shoe back please.” Alex asked with a worried look as he held his hand out towards Penelope as she leaned forward to try to look at Alex’s socked foot while holding her backpack by its arm strap

“I’ll give it back in a sec. I just want to check something.” Penelope said as she looked closely at his socks with a bit of a blush, while Alex did his best to keep his socked foot hidden from Penelope while he said quite nervous since there were still school mates passing them. “Please just hurry up…”

“So….why are you so foot shy in the first place?”, Penelope asked still admiring Alex’s cute little hidden socked foot.

“Honestly I’m not sure, maybe all that time with my ex has made it rub off on me.” Alex replied in a nervous manner as he noticed that Penelope had then zipped open her back pack and put his right sneaker inside it before closing up the bag, before starting to put it back onto her back.

“Ooooh….so your ex was foot shy too?”, Penelope remarked with a giggle. “How cute! ”

“Yeah so please give me my shoe back.” Alex asked again knowing that she put it into her bag already but Penelope just smiled before she replied with a giggle. “Nope I’m going to hold onto it for the weekend to help get you off this foot shyness, after all your socks are too cute to keep hidden.”

“Just my luck….” Alex sighed while hearing that, while looking down at his one shod state.

“Don’t worry about it! In fact, if it makes you feel better, you can hold onto one of mines too!”, Penelope said as she Used her left foot to step down the heel of her right converse sneaker, making herself step out of it before she leaned forward to pick up the shoe and handed it towards Alex.

“Ah…thanks I guess…” Alex said. Long a bit sad but blushed as he took Penelope’s shoe in hand and looked down at her cute white bobby sock clad right foot commenting. “By the way you have cute socks too.”

“Awwww! Thank you!” Penelope said, blushing a little bit herself, with Alex soon asking while a bit of nervous manner as he moved his right black socked foot with red on the toes and heels out from behind his still sneaker clad foot. “Your welcome…so should we continue home?”

“Sure!”, Penelope simply answered while she smiled at Alex, As the pair continued on their walk home together, soon splitting up at the normal spot as they said their good byes and continued to their respective homes, with Alex wondering what he was going to do this weekend now that he was one shod.

(To be continued….)

Homework shoes

Author – shoelossfan

It was another Friday morning at J.W. Smith middle school and for 7th grader Alex Carmen it was hopefully another normal school day, after having dropped off his backpack into his school locker and grabbing the stuff he needed for his first period class. Alex was clad in his normal attire which included a blood red jacket, black t-shirt, black pants, and on his feet were a pair of black rebook sneakers with brown laces he had back hair and in front of his teal eyes were a pair of glasses. Soon enough Alex entered his social studies classroom (history class for those outside the states) and walked over to his desk, which was on the second row in from the back and one desk to the left from the right side of the classroom.

“Alright one last period of this and then on to the weekend, hm..i wonder if ether Penelope or Natalie want to hang out this weekend?” Alex asked himself as he laid back in his chair setting down his text book, note book and pencil case that contained his pens and pencils onto the desk, before watching his fellow classmates filter into the classroom through the single door at the back-left corner of the room, whilst the teacher named Jen parker who was a mostly kind women in her early 20’s was writing something on the chalk board in the front of the room for the upcoming lesson.

After a few minutes of watching Alex smiled and waved over his friend Penelope who walked over towards Alex and exclaimed. “hey there Alex, how’s it going today?”

“Oh pretty good, say you doing anything this weekend?” Alex asked Penelope while she sat down in the desk on the left side of Alex’s, she thought about the question for a minute before she answered. “to be honest not really, I mean other than having fun with little sister.”

“huh I see say want to go on a hike on those paths tomorrow?” Alex asked with a bit of an interested tone while glancing over Penelope’s outfit, which included a brown t-shirt with the old Pepsi logo, a blue jacket, blue converse that looked pretty worn and loose along with a pair of white bobby socks, she happened to have long flowing red hair with a black bow halfway down and brown eyes. Penelope meanwhile soon exclaimed in her cheerful and happy way. “sure, I would like to go on a hike with you Alex.”

“Heh thanks” Alex replied with a bit of a smile and a blush on his face since right off the bat Penelope’s right foot slipped out of it’s loose converse as she started to shoeplay a bit, while the rest of the 30 students for that class filtered into the room, with Alex noticing that about three students were at the teachers desk trading in one of their shoes or both for pencil’s notebooks, textbooks or pens since they forgot said items, making Alex sigh hoping that he wouldn’t lose one of his shoes to such a thing today.
after the trio of students left two single shoes and one full pair of shoes on the teacher’s desk and went back to their own desk with their needed supplies and the door to the classroom shut by the last students to walk in, with the bell to start the first period going off over the school intercom. With just a smile on her face and not a word said Miss parker then started to go around to student’s desks to gather up last night’s homework.

While most students already had it out Alex opened his note book since he left his homework in it the night before, but his smile from his talk with Penelope faded when he noticed that he didn’t have his homework inside the textbook as planned. So instead he opened up his text book to see if he put it inside there making his heart sink when he noticed that he didn’t have his homework on hand for class, with Natalie who was another friend of Alex’s who sat in the row behind him but one desk to the right noticing.

“Psst what’s wrong Alex?” Penelope whispered over while Alex looked back over at her and sighed before admitting in his own whisper so not to be heard by the teacher. “I think I forgot my homework at home…”

“that’s not good, wish there was something I could do.” Natalie replied with Alex looking back towards miss parker who was busy talking with a student one row ahead. “so where’s your homework at Nathan?”

Nathen himself was a normal looking boy for his age with short brown hair and blue eyes, he sighed before replying to the teacher. “I forgot to do it last night miss parker…”

“Well you know the rules, please hand over your shoes.” Miss parker replied holding out her free hand as Nathen hesitated for a minute before reaching down to taking off his white and blue Nike sports shoes, undoing the laces before slipping them off and setting them onto his desk, at which point Miss parker grabbed both shoes by the laces and walked them back to her desk where she set them down explaining. “since this is the second time this week Nathen that you forgot your homework you can have them back at the end of the day Tuesday understand.”

Nathen said nothing as he just nodded to his teacher and agreed with what she said as miss parker continued to gather the homework from the other students, soon reaching Alex’s desk and asking him. “so Alex where if your homework today?”

“Look I was so sure that I had it last night when I put it into my bag, I must of just forgot it in my bag.” Alex replied a bit scared as miss Parker just sighed before saying. “well you know the rules regardless hand over your shoes.”

Alex’s heart sunk as he hesitated for a few minutes before miss parker stated a bit annoyed holding out her free hand. “I said take off your shoes and hand them to me right now.”

Sighing since he knew there was no way he was getting out of this Alex reached down and started to undo the brown laces of his black rebook sneakers, slipping them over slowly with an embarrassed blush on his face as he exposed his black socks with red on the toes and heel to the open air. As he picked up his untied sneakers and set them onto the desk with miss parker quickly snatching them up by the laces before she said. “that wasn’t so hard and don’t worry you will get them back at the end of the day.”

Looking worried as he nervously rubbed his socked feet together Alex couldn’t help but watch as Miss parker walked with his shoes in hand to her desk and sent them beside Nathen’s shoes before she continued to gather up everyone else’s homework sheets before starting class, while the foot shy Alex had a hard time with it since during class a few classmates from neighboring desks seemed to be staring at his socked feet.

School for Alex for the rest of the day was pretty normal with him having no other problems, though he didn’t like the fact he was stuck walking in his socks for the whole the school day, Luckily true to her word miss parker returned Alex’s shoes at the end of the day before he walked home with Penelope and Natalie.